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Outfit Idea: The Unconventional Suit

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Outfit Breakdown: Juan: Grey Suit: Estuniga Collection Shirt and Tie: Estuniga Collection Boots: http://thursdayboots.com/products/brown-diplomat-boot Jeans: Levis 513 Jose: Shuit, Shirt and Tie: Estuniga Collection Website: http://teachingmensfashion.com/ Instagram: @teachingmensfashion Email: [email protected] Facebook: teaching men's fashion
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Text Comments (69)
Sumit Singh (1 month ago)
Quite a transformation
MUNIPRASAD GUTHA (2 months ago)
Waste of time video
MarkThisWayAfter (2 months ago)
I feel like tour tie hangs too low. The bottom should be at the top of the waistband.
Shaheer Ahmed (1 year ago)
Boots color and belt color needs to match
James Bond (1 year ago)
1:17 thats what it happens when you squeeze in a fat person in a tight outfit. It seems that the dude stopped breathing throughout the duration of filming.
exec9292 (1 year ago)
Lol this joker
Ken Williams (2 years ago)
slow down take your time, you got it
bgz027 (2 years ago)
No no no.  Suit jackets should not be worn with jeans, Brochacho.  Blazer, yes.  Suit jacket, negative.
foljs (11 months ago)
For most people out there, suit jackets with jeans would be a huge upgrade -- from running pants and hoodies and all the kinds of crap they wear. Besides, in the US, nobody has any sophistication to begin with, so it's not like they can tell a blazer from a suit jacket (except if you live in affluent New England circles or something, but those don't take style advice from YouTube videos in the first place). In a place like Milan or Paris, that's another story.
average life (1 year ago)
bgz027 depends on the suit tbh. Navy doesnt really work with jeans but a grey possibly could. Also some fabriks look more casual
Sean T (2 years ago)
Ryan Brown (3 years ago)
Hey, Love your videos man! Quick question, are you sure about this? Won't wearing my suit jacket without my suit pants to often eventually cause my suit jacket to slightly mismatch over time? Hope to hear from you soon -Ryan
vpa0 (3 years ago)
you don't a video telling you can wear a jacket with jeans. at least here in europe is normal.
Tom McGrigg (3 years ago)
Wear that style just about everyday
Tom McGrigg (3 years ago)
What song is at the beginning
Luis Mazariegos (3 years ago)
Hello Jose, I'm looking for a prom suit with a classic/modern look to it. I want it to be a grey suit, is there anything that you would recommend?
Nhat Tam Huynh (4 years ago)
The new movie Kingsman showed off a lot of beautiful England's traditional suits. Theses suits look tighter and classier than the american's. By any chance, can you do a video about the england's traditional suit? (double breasted suit, stripe fabric, stripe shirt,...) 
Ivan Sanchez (4 years ago)
Hey Jose I just wanted to know your real opinion on Cole Haan shoes. I own a pair of wing tips from their brand and I love them. Just wanted to know what you thought about them.
Evan K (4 years ago)
Love how you used your brother as the example of someone looking snotty.
Brooks Gorden (4 years ago)
i do that all the time. lol
Pariah (4 years ago)
get back in the zuniga lol
Richard Martinez (4 years ago)
nice video TMF. Quick question, how do you guys feel about western boots?
Ringgiants08 (4 years ago)
Why use a suit jacket when you have a blazer/sportjacket. Is there a particular effect that the suit jacket does to an outfit compared to a blazer/sport jacket?
that•thrift•guy (4 years ago)
just got my first tailored suit. fits great. love you and your brothers videos. keep em comn homie...
Mandeep Baweja (4 years ago)
I think black is the best suit color ever! It looks best in every occasion, i hate grey and blue! Black makes a man looks sharp, btw great video thnx!
Mandeep Baweja (2 years ago)
+spndrp ok if u say it...now i'll never wear black suit in day...only in evening events...so any other suggestion which color should i buy next? Not blue or grey!
spndrp (2 years ago)
It's about style, not confidence. You should reconsider for the future. Stylish people laughs behind your back.
Mandeep Baweja (2 years ago)
+spndrp confidence is the key...so i have gone vice versa many time...u might not be comfortable with it :)
spndrp (2 years ago)
You can go that way but not the other way around.
Mandeep Baweja (2 years ago)
+spndrp for me, charcoal suit works better in funeral then Black.
iGerebrum _ (4 years ago)
Thanks again TMF for the great quality video. Jose could you tell me what's the brand of that crisp white shirt you're wearing? Thanks.
prl08 (4 years ago)
This is my business casual uniform! I always do dark jeans and usually a logo belt, just to add some punctuation to the look.
Ragnar assaf (4 years ago)
great video.....this is what was missing...keep doing this kind of videos because we all have clothes but need ideas how to wear the clothes...outfit examples
Daniel Orozco (4 years ago)
its a good outfit but, I would say it would look better if you buy a non expensive casual blazer, it just looks how it supposed to be worn 
NickVlogTv (4 years ago)
What's the fit of the Navy suit? Slim/skinny?
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
It's a made to order suit. It's fitted based on the measurements and proportions of each individual's body. I guess if I had to put a fit on it Id say it's perfect lol
Gus Sidhu (4 years ago)
Hi Jose, what are your thoughts on pin stripe suit/blazer jacket?
Gus Sidhu (4 years ago)
Excellent. Love your work. Can't wait to purchase my Estuniga suits. Do you ship to U.K?
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
I love pinstripe! Idk if I like it as suit separates but definitely as a whole suit. We'll have one as part of the Estuniga collection😉
Sverre Wils (4 years ago)
Great video TMF, thanks for the helpful tips!
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
You're welcome man! Glad they're helpful!
2pac Shakour (4 years ago)
I hope you guys one day creat a clothing company, PERFECT !!! 👍👍👍
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
Thanks! We actually have and it'll be here really soon! Make sure to subscribe to be the first to hear the reveal!
Kristoffer P (4 years ago)
Mohammed, they did.
ROBERT CRAYFISH (4 years ago)
Where should i get my suits from?
+Adrian Garcia lmao!, good troll
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
Estuniga ;)
Adrian Garcia (4 years ago)
Jose you my dude an all hows that thrifting video coming along lol.
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
A little harder than we expected. We went to one thrift store but it was a bust lol. We will be going to another one this weekend!
LJ Productions (4 years ago)
do a video on how to dress up and dress down a chino
Julio Dionisio (4 years ago)
Good idea.
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
Mon Mi (4 years ago)
darling your tie it's too long. Check  your look before give advises. 
jeremiah160 (2 years ago)
His tie is too long. Also, you should learn proper English grammar.
Mon Mi (4 years ago)
+Gengar English its my 3rd language, sorry if my grammar isnt ok but I think thats not thr point. His tie its too long, any comment about that? Or u r just a grammar police bitch?
Eddie Jump (4 years ago)
I think it looks like that because of the way he wears his pants (personal preference above the waist) if it was at his waist the tip of the tie should sit just above the belt buckle but because of the way he wears his pants (which is fine) his tie sits below his belt buckle. Also, who calls another man darling?
Jacob McCarty (4 years ago)
Love the video I do this all the time it looks great!
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
Sartorial minds think alike!
Review Boyz (4 years ago)
Awesome video and you are successful
Asad Naqvi (4 years ago)
Just got notification of a new video from TMF... Watching this at 2:55am in the UK. Love the stuff.. Keep It up.
Asad Naqvi (4 years ago)
Well it was... And I do this style a lot.
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
Haha that's awesome man🙌 hopefully it was worth it lol
Jacob McCarty (4 years ago)
Lol well then..
Asad Naqvi (4 years ago)
It sure is 😁, have work.. Well today.
Jacob McCarty (4 years ago)
The time is that different? Dang..

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