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Kid 'N Play, Tisha Campbell-Martin, A.J. Johnson "House Party" Mini-Reunion

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Subscribe! http://bit.ly/mrSda2 Kid ’N Play, Christopher Reid, Christopher Martin, Tisha Campbell-Martin, A.J. Johnson, Tyrone Dubois, Nicole Mitchell, Murphy, DJ Wiz, Sharon Brathwaite, Isaac Taylor, Gary Anthony Williams, Antonique Smith arrive at the red carpet screening for TV One’s UNSUNG Kid ‘N Play episode commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the movie HOUSE PARTY at Bugatta Restaurant in Los Angeles, Ca June 23, 2015 ©Ricomix Productions
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Text Comments (220)
Fire & Desire (7 days ago)
It's amazing how time is sweeping by, I love these guys.
Hayley Buchanan (2 months ago)
Love house party
Desmond Warren (3 months ago)
He looks ok but Kid has really aged
Anniya Brown Sweetie (4 months ago)
Kid look like meep meep
Lionel Kennedy (6 months ago)
They all look fantastic. Martin Lawrence should have been there tho. AJ Johnson is fine as hell!
Crystal Grose (6 months ago)
Play hasn't aged a bit!
Latasha Harvin (7 months ago)
Play is still fine ❤☺
Glenn Abraham (8 months ago)
Jesus, Kid N Play look old af. AJ and Tisha lookin great tho
...nigga PLAY looks bad.
DMILLZ TV (9 months ago)
Fuck tisha Campbell she making the reunion incomplete cause martin can't be there smh
Amira Blue.b (10 months ago)
I love them all
Amira Blue.b (10 months ago)
she still wearing that yellow
Atum 777 (10 months ago)
Seth Eheart (11 months ago)
Ladies got better with age. My oh my.
86macca86 (1 year ago)
Wer the fuck is bilal.... damn Gina fukd it up I would still Fuk Tisha an AJ tho
Tomboy Doll (1 year ago)
Play still fine mm mm mmmmmm God bless his ministry.
PlayBoy Shy (1 year ago)
Gina looks good💕
TampaOutlaw (1 year ago)
It seem like the women look better as they age and guys look worst as they age lol.
e p h (1 year ago)
play still sexy
Shama Peh Ben Yah (1 year ago)
Aj looks terrible too skinny and way too much make-up she was the bomb back in House Party but those days now are all about selling out and being fake hair nails make up personality you name it and its fake these days no loyalty whatsoever
Son~Rize (1 year ago)
Martin didn't make it cause he had Dragon breath LOL Balaue
meandemjay (1 year ago)
you guys looked so awesome....ALLAYUHS!
Old Soldier (1 year ago)
AJ is look king FABU
Darylifill Ifill (1 year ago)
AJ Johnson The Most Gorgeous Woman EVER
coltonphillips725 (1 year ago)
Nicole always has a stuck up attitude the bitch gets on my nerves. Just keep your half/breed ass in the house if you are going to have a fucking attitude problem. I would have told the bitch you are a nobody just Eddie Murphy's half/breed ex-wife.
One Quirky Individual (1 year ago)
I give anything to go back to the 90's. The golden erra
StarsMediaGroup MN (1 year ago)
These women aged very well. I Love and respect how they kept themselves up. If you ask me they almost look better now than 25 years ago.
tkotan (1 year ago)
AJ was 52 in this. She looks fantastic!
Spoiled Love (1 year ago)
martin lawerence was in house party why wasn't he there ??
damon mitchell (1 year ago)
It's amazing how we all age when time is passing,but to see your favorite actors age on film is priceless.
slugga 504 (1 year ago)
bee Lover (1 year ago)
That women in the yellow dress,baby boy mom's is so fine and so sexy I whish I had a sugar bush like her, A.J.J.
CAPTUREGRAPHY (1 year ago)
Martin is absent. They could have taken photos with just Martin. Tisha doesn't have to be there.
Martin Lee (1 year ago)
a.j looking soooooo fresh to Def. ...she look better than she did in the first house party fr fr
Ranaysia Roussey (1 year ago)
there married
Bruce Monts (1 year ago)
tisha Campbell has always been beautiful
Tracie Towner (1 year ago)
Tisha Campbell got gorgeous!
Old School (1 year ago)
play is still sexy
Crystal Quinones (1 year ago)
yeah wher was Crazy was that Felicia from Friday the tall girl
Lateshia Jones (1 year ago)
Kid put me in the mind of Peter Guns....
Lateshia Jones (1 year ago)
damon mitchell 😂😂😂
damon mitchell (1 year ago)
Lateshia Jones (Lmao) U crazy (Lol) They both have that evaporated dry look; like alcoholics,right ?
Ddd Train (1 year ago)
A.J is a goddess!
Ali Xassan (1 year ago)
What happened to his hair
Zeke Garza (2 years ago)
Them ladies are still so fine.
Anthony E. Hammond Jr. (2 years ago)
Tisha still looking good
Marvin Wade (2 years ago)
Where was Martin Lawrence? Him and Tisha Campbell still beefin'?
DJ Kevgeez (2 years ago)
Tisha smiles like a lite skinned chick. Can't stand em
Lyric Walker (10 months ago)
+Sherry Mickey 😁😂😂😂😂😂
Sherry Mickey (1 year ago)
Justin Credible lmbo...and what's a light skin smile?
DJ Kevgeez (2 years ago)
Kid is def on drugs
Henry Washington (2 years ago)
3:05 to 4:51= Guudness! Look better now.
Manny Jacquez (2 years ago)
They look great
HOTMAMA97 (2 years ago)
oh yes heyyy y'all!!!
what happened to martin?
Ddd Train (1 year ago)
for real?
Blanco Tarantino TV (2 years ago)
Tisha got a restraining order on him
J. Evans (2 years ago)
Kid could dress better..maybe more mature for a reunion?
trump wins (2 years ago)
Tisha.. ain't black... she's on our team... y'all better reckonsize...
Carey Conley (2 years ago)
AJ STILL fine as hell.
Rico suave (2 years ago)
house party reunion wish bilal an full force was there.
cineman73 (2 years ago)
man Tisha and A.J. still got it goin' on!!!!
GlamNP (1 year ago)
A.J and Tisha most definitely look great! A.J was and still is beautiful!
Keith Witcher (2 years ago)
AJ Johnson don't still got it going on LOL. Tisha Campbell still looks hot and I'm glad she lost weight because she was fat on My Wife And Kids tv show. I wanted Tisha back in the day and I love lightskin black women. I wish Martin Lawrence would've been at the House Party reunion.
theloverswineverytime (2 years ago)
Yes saaahh! ✊✊
HOTMAMA97 (2 years ago)
they sure do!
Tt S. (2 years ago)
just a fun, feel good movie, classic!!!!
Hanzo (2 years ago)
Tisha Campbell got that milf action goin.
Mr E (2 years ago)
Damn Nichole Murphy! i didnt have you for that. Damn.
INSANESWORLD6 (2 years ago)
Tisha Campbell fine as fuck man dam.
warnutztheloser (2 years ago)
Tisha still looking Fine!!
TruSol (2 years ago)
damn Aj still fine
thereal.emoneyy (2 years ago)
Kid look like an ex addict
Tisha and AJ are still beautiful
Theomite (2 years ago)
Dayum, Sharane still finer than a mutha-fuck-a!
JWJulian (2 years ago)
AJ Is FINE!!!!
Youtub for You (2 years ago)
dam why they all old as hell
Imhim247 (2 years ago)
Universal Musiq (2 years ago)
were are those 3guys the funny guys
Terrell Cole (2 years ago)
Kid.....love the dude....but please.....get a new haircut man lol. @2:20 Yo, for real. Im glad for that because many of their friends from back in the day are not.
Meela234 (2 years ago)
Nicole Murphy look like she just happened to be walking by on her way to the store and decided to pose for a few pics.
StuUngar (2 years ago)
Damn, AJ straight stole that horses entire mane
tmat2018 (2 years ago)
LOL! I'd try to pull the weave out that scalp during doggy style. Yes, that's sicK!
nextmessage21 (2 years ago)
Christopher Martin is a deadbeat dad who hasn't seen his 21 year old son or paid child support since he was a baby! No respect for Christopher Martin. He lies in his interviews. Tal Parma
Michael Jones Jr (2 years ago)
yes people along time ago HIP⭐HOP was fun
Nate Bragdon (2 years ago)
Unbelievable! First time in years!!
Hulk Smash 24/7 (2 years ago)
AJ Johnson is beautiful...
Gamer Madden07 (3 years ago)
Please Bring Back a House Party Reunion Movie One More Time with The Full Force Crew.
Anitra Orso (3 years ago)
Remember that little incident during the show "Martin?" Sexual harassment!
Alex Galicia (3 years ago)
Angel Ramirez (3 years ago)
all of them still look good, and tichina arnold, just wow
Angel Ramirez (2 years ago)
+aquarius d I mean, Tisha Campell. Tichina arnold wished she looked that good, that woman stays in shape, like wow.
Angel Ramirez (2 years ago)
+aquarius d Ummmm, they say ticha right here at the front at 3:18 dude, that's definitely Tichina Arnold, lmao. Don't nobody look that damn alike somebody, unless you're an identical twin like myself, smh. Have a good night.
da-rail smith (2 years ago)
+Angel Ramirez That's Adrienne Johnson not Tichina Arnold, they may favor but wrong actress...
Reginald Watson (3 years ago)
damn kid gotta be da white in him Makin him age quick like dat
Hunnee Bee (1 year ago)
Suzee Q.no problem...but You look in the mirror bih. White people start getting work done at age 21.. on their face. Smile, frown lines and crows feet..damn shame..
Hunnee Bee (1 year ago)
Chris'sVids79 Play is still playa it's that beige one that's aged wrong
Hunnee Bee (1 year ago)
Reginald Watson agreed..he looks bad.
Suzee Q. (1 year ago)
Look in the mirror since you like to judge
Milton Gloster (1 year ago)
the nigga like 53
Talan (3 years ago)
Jodie mamma fine!!
socallawrence (1 year ago)
Why you be datin dem thugs momma
icilmaa (3 years ago)
What has Tisha Campbell done to her face? Scary!!!!!!
Rurhie Young (3 years ago)
Tisha acting like..Wendy Williams Lmao!
RealityTVNews1 Forever (3 years ago)
Kid Isn't Aging Good
BROTHA Jeff (3 years ago)
Play actually came to Hartsfield Jackson Airport here while I was working a couple of months ago and he's a really cool laid back guy... He told me he's a pastor now at a church.
HOTMAMA97 (2 years ago)
a pastor!! wow that is what's up!
LadyGds (3 years ago)
Kid hasn't aged well at all, and that hair isn't helping the cause either. #HowIsHeStillRockingThatIsh 😞😒 Love the House Party team tho. The 80s and 90s were the best. 😝👍👌 🙌
MrChosenOne225 (3 years ago)
Tisha Campbell and AJ Johnson are still so beautiful!!!
Great One (3 years ago)
2:46 Mouth Drop!
Robert Shand (3 years ago)
kid looks like Bart Simpson
Wmm (1 year ago)
he look like the turtle from super mario, buddy ass look like a hatched baby chicken
Donte Prince (1 year ago)
Robert Shand He looks like the turtle from Finding Nemo
HOTMAMA97 (2 years ago)
J Beautiful (3 years ago)
+Robert Shand He is looking rel old an tired
detubeme (3 years ago)
I'm Still in love with Tisha Campbell from House Party. She was the perfect girl. AJ Johnson still got body, and she works hard to keep it. Love those ladies.
jandafin (3 years ago)
They should had done the dance off like in the movie
Nona Taylor (3 years ago)
Everybody looks wonderful. Got a little teary eyed.
xboyindahouse (3 years ago)
Bruh Man
Tisha saying she wants to suck dick,well cmon over baby
Fred Rey (3 years ago)
+asilsweater sweaterasil oh ok
She swings too, both ways,i like the chick in yellow better
Fred Rey (3 years ago)
+asilsweater sweaterasil lmao damn! she still fine as hell too
+Fred Rey 2:54
Fred Rey (3 years ago)
+asilsweater sweaterasil where does she say it?
Roland Bishop (3 years ago)
This almost had me in tears, the FUCKIN' memories.
HOTMAMA97 (2 years ago)
man what!
Hulk Smash 24/7 (2 years ago)
+Johnny Foam Are you actually the guy that shot ricky in the back??
sonof Peter (3 years ago)
Women age way better. The ladies are on point
Vacant email (3 years ago)
Wow, A. J. looks amazing!   And I don't miss Martin at all.   Saw HP when it came out, so that makes my ass old.   Still one of my favorites.   Reminds me of my high school.
Joshua McDowell (3 years ago)
Tisha looks so sexy
MoDz GotIt (3 years ago)
Martin got chubby

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