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ADAM LAMBERT 'Glitters' at GRIDLOCK 2010 New Year's Eve Bash at Paramount Studios

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ADAM LAMBERT (American Idol) arriving at GRIDLOCK New Year's Eve 2010 at Paramount Studios in Hollywood,Ca USA December 31,2009 © Ricomix Productions / /
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ananse77 (6 years ago)
Ha ha, you're telling Adam's female fans that he's gay, like it's news to them? So funny.
MsSharon1031 (7 years ago)
@puffin1971 I know you wrote this comment one year ago but I loved it. You're right Adam has qualities both inside and out that women would kill for. I am one.
MsSharon1031 (7 years ago)
So ironic that ppl still comment on Adam wearing makeup. Geeze don't they know men have been wearing it for hundreds of years. Even Elvis. Band members from 70' to now wear it. Some guys are so afraid of their masculinity that they won't wear it. Only Adam looks this good tho.
draconsrules (7 years ago)
@bubblegumglambert yeah, I feel sorry for him too :( poor guy.......but he kinda likes it :) but not that yelling...
Hippuska (7 years ago)
god I love his look :D
snakesrcool969 (7 years ago)
Lol at 0:25..."The old fat guy over here".
xGlamMonster (7 years ago)
''Adam to the right'', ''Adam to te left'', ''Adam straight ahead'', ''Adam, look at here'', ''Adam adam adaaaaaaaam'' , gosh, i would be sooo annoyed O.o
DarkPrinceInc. (7 years ago)
this may sound retarded, but every time i heard one of them say, to the left, to the left!!! in my head i heard, "Now bring it back now, y'all"
Gekko (7 years ago)
He is so tolerant. :) What a beautiful looking man! :)
Gekko (7 years ago)
@shinneis Don't be such a child. Fans like you give TH a bad name.
tattoojo91 (7 years ago)
OMFG those paparazzi, i'd be like F*** Off!
Hilal Belieber (7 years ago)
adaaam iis very hoot :D All PaPaaRaazzii says adaam aadaaam adaam. :DD <3 Very niice. :D
Merrida100 (7 years ago)
He HAD to have had contact lenses in. With all that flashing,...man, it was like some kind of peyote flashback mixed in with disco balls and strobe lights. I'm surprised no one up there went into a seizure. He didn't blink or squint, his smile was always natural, not forced (I've only seen ONE forced smile, it's obviously forced). He is so composed! That natter would make me laugh or smirk, and definitely make faces. He's brilliant. Literally.
congan giaothong (7 years ago)
I wanna be gay!
leaneeres (8 years ago)
Left, right,straight,here, here, Adam Adam, look this way, Adam.. OMG.. He needs a lot more than 1 head to look where everyone wants him to look lol
leaneeres (8 years ago)
Teleporter7 (8 years ago)
Celebrities must have special eyes or something. I don't understand how they don't get blinded by all the cameras
ivi995 (8 years ago)
It is so wonderful ...
Irina Kasper (8 years ago)
Einfach COOL!
Topkat311 (8 years ago)
No wonder everyone wants to photgraph him. Look at him, so georgous & original. From his hair & eyes, to that fabulous suit, my gosh, he really knows how to put a look together! Some guys just throw on a suit & brush their hair. Not Adam, he goes all out.The press can't get enough & he handles it all so graciously. Love him.
Emilee Rowland (8 years ago)
alfai01 (8 years ago)
They sound like those fish from Nemo.
Inochan91 (8 years ago)
OMG!! I just noticed that he didnt Blink even Once!!
AJ Ibanez (8 years ago)
I would've gotten really dizzy with all those flashes. I might have told them to shut up. Might have. He's just WAAAAYY TOO NICE!!
mayraliz5 (8 years ago)
love his haaaaaaaair!
Giovanna S. (8 years ago)
Adam Lambert 6 bellixximo e bravissimo I LOVE YOU =D
MissHysteriaPlease (8 years ago)
omg he must get blind O_o Adam! Adam!!! ADAM!!! ADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!!! haha xD I'd scream his name too if I saw him....;)
wavnut (8 years ago)
@iluvriver93 no he don't
wavnut (8 years ago)
8-I i had to key in 'deptorle' to post---they need to drop that posting -"can you read program"
wavnut (8 years ago)
if looks could kill... .. /:O they'd be dead-imo
3Glimpse3 (8 years ago)
poor baby
Joanie Fournier (8 years ago)
kinda like... fixing on his crotch XD
Squall Cloud (8 years ago)
Sexy sexy... that suit is amazing.
Charity Brown (8 years ago)
yeah haha
NytemareQueen (8 years ago)
@iluvriver93 - He's a total sweetheart. I wouldn't be surprised if it does annoy him, I'd actually be surprised if it didn't, but he's so polite and understands that these people are just doing their jobs so he just enjoys it^^ Everyone likes attention, at least now and then.
WithLoveFromKay (8 years ago)
OMG i wish i could be famous hahah so many pics! camwhore XD actually i wish i was there! beside adam hahah
Charity Brown (8 years ago)
Jeez.......I bet that would be annoying.....ADAM, TO THE RIGHT, TO THE LEFT, ADAM HEY STRAIGHT AHEAD, ABOVE.......ADAM ADAM ADAM ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my God.....he deals with it well though...he kinda has to lol
igoldiex (8 years ago)
love him!
chelsea (8 years ago)
@animefanforever06 i couldn't agree more xD
blacpurplepink (8 years ago)
loving his hair
NytemareQueen (8 years ago)
@foxyroxy298 - A "glittery alien from the planet Fierce" is the term his brother coined, and he loves it. Whatever he is, he is gorgeous.
adamlambertisanangel (8 years ago)
haha honey you wouldnt get far im pretty sure you would be headlocked by security it would be awesome to try it though
Ava Thomspson (8 years ago)
they practially screamed "ADAM NOOOOOOOOOO!! STRIGHT AHEAD!!STRAIGH AAAAAHEAD!!!!!lol i would just scream and run up to him and kiss himstraight on the lips
Mariclare DePape (8 years ago)
Lol i like when some guys "like the old fat guy over here!" Hahhaha
Chris Garcia (8 years ago)
Lol chris who?
Melinda Montoya (8 years ago)
adam's just loving this, isn't he. he's just soaking up the limelight isn't he. or should i say the glam light. man, but those camera guys are soo annoying as hell. they definitely need to get a life, instead of yelling at people, adam isn't just a piece of meat, that they can just boss around. i'm sure adam enjoyed it for a while, but come on, those guys need go.
adamlambertisanangel (8 years ago)
Adam could strut his sexy fine ass in front of my camera anyday
Majo Tomas (8 years ago)
Wow... to the left, to the right, center...Adam you look great!!! Love it! Love all performances in Gridlock.
PastaBaby (8 years ago)
are you still playing games with this impostor account?
C Carter (8 years ago)
Jeez, the shit he has to go through. Just glad to see him!
thepope (8 years ago)
Adam Lambert Whole Lotta Love - at Gridlock NYE/2010 /watch?v=tW9_OQuverI
reubensrose (8 years ago)
wow...apparently you are not supposed to blink so all your pictures are perfect! that would be tough! Adam, you suit is magnificent!!!!! Not a wrinkle to be seen! Excellent taste....and yes, you do look like a firework!!!!! One of those big booming ones!!!!! Your efforts to look great reached the optimum goal!!!! CAUSE YOU LOOK GREAT!!!!!! (AND THE VOICE HAS NOT YET BEEN RELEASED!)
Jory H (8 years ago)
@adamlambertisanangel hehehe thats right :P
Bellingham Yorkshire (8 years ago)
No Adam, to the left, Adam over here!! Adam to the right, Left, left!! Straight ahead, Adam, Adam..Adam the old fat guy over here, Adam straight ahead please one time (ok I lied, straight ahead a million times please).
Adamazingxoxo9 (8 years ago)
Haha YEAAAA Adam;)
adamlambertisanangel (8 years ago)
you have to admit though that only adam could pick his nose and make it look like it was the most glamorous thing in the world XD. That glitter must irritate his eyes the lenghts he goes to to look pretty lol
Jory H (8 years ago)
@DreamyFab hehe Nooo !! he was scratching the glitter from his eye it so obvious !! it might be a lil bit itchy in the corner of his eye thats why !!
lisamarley .lisamarley (8 years ago)
to much make up...
musiclvr1able (8 years ago)
He's so HOT! That smile and subtle smirk, that hair, that suit, that fun loving sense of humor, that voice...just can't get enough! Sure wish the stupid photographers would stop shouting and flashing, they're gonna blind my boy!
n2feelnfit (8 years ago)
What a beautiful soul! To Adam...positivity, light and love in 2010!!!
Gescajadillo (8 years ago)
ideagirlconsulting (8 years ago)
wild, how the photographers yell out what to do with his face.. crazy or what!
jade giles (8 years ago)
adam lambert is mr. perfectionist. his voice-his perosnlity and all of the above.
MissSpearmint (8 years ago)
that's so hilarious. lol. adam rocks!
Heidi Jennison (8 years ago)
OMG the down side of being so photogenic. Adam look left, Adam look to your right, to the right, no look left, look left Adam. Adam look to the middle. ADAM, ADAM....
Melinda Montoya (8 years ago)
@uraine7626 wow, i thought you said, best artist live for a sec, like adam's the best artist live you'll ever see. well, to really think about it, actually he is, because you never know what adam's going to do next. he's so unpredictable which makes him so exciting to watch.
Melinda Montoya (8 years ago)
wow, adam's an attention getter, he just loves the attention doesn't he. those people, whoever was taking pictures of him, were going absolutely crazy over him. oh, my god what has this man done to deserve this kind of attention. i know, look gorgeous and sing gorgeously ofcourse, but after all who can blame them.
rainiernew (8 years ago)
Good god, are those photographers always so crazy and demanding?! That's hysterical! haha!!
twilightsauce (8 years ago)
so shiny!
adamlambertisanangel (8 years ago)
Adam turn to the left Adam look straight ahead whoah how does he do it they would drive me mad
DarlenePB (8 years ago)
Thank you for sharing! He looks amazing and it is so neat to see him tell everyone Happy New Year and to wave to everyone. He is such a sweetheart.
Kristin Steyer (8 years ago)
yeah wow...all of them yelling...that would freak me the hell out...I would be like curled up in a ball in the corner hahaha
honeybean2 (8 years ago)
the boy knows how to dress !!! stunning !!!
luis murrieta (8 years ago)
YEAH !!!!!
Janine R (8 years ago)
KathyMMorgan (8 years ago)
He looks awesome...I watched the New Years Eve, Las Vegas/New York bash on TV.....with last minute adds of Kris and Allison...it was very bad, very boring...Allison was the only one who stood out, Britney sang Slave for you...can we get any older...Watched Adam's brothers stream...hell of a concert by Adam....much more exciting...that was what should have been on the NY bash...sad....hopefully someone will post good videos of the Gridlock...Adam absolutely killed it!!
Amanda Kurtz (8 years ago)
WOAH, he is gorgeous. DAMN.
ArsenalProFan (8 years ago)
can't those cameramen shut up already ? just move ur asses and get the right shot you fucking weasels
ROBIN Lambert (8 years ago)
Adam is the ultimate showman. He is perfect from head to toe. My New Years resoluton is to go to as many of Adam 's concerts as I can.
adamdevotee (8 years ago)
wow i don't know how he could even see to walk with all those flashes. it's so crazy how they all yell at him to get their shot. he looked really amazing, always does.
luluandniki (8 years ago)
He is sooooo amazing! How could he see to walk after all those flashbulbs?
pkr52180 (8 years ago)
For NY278, No if you look closer it was something in his eye, probably glitter. This man is so gorgeous. He is breathtakingly beautiful to look at.
jemmajemma (8 years ago)
Adam Lambert = Rockstar :P
SweetBee13 (8 years ago)
Beautiful, sparkly perfection! From what I've read his singing was f*cking EPIC!!
Shannon Kalm (8 years ago)
he's beautiful!
Amarynthine (8 years ago)
omg, i feel irritated by the photographers
jodiejo1958 (8 years ago)
A shooting star goes from 2009 into 2010 looking hot and fierce!
Charmaine James (8 years ago)
Wow, if he did that make-up on his own then I'm incredibly impressed. Those eyes, the cheekbones -- gorgeous!!!
MaximoTV (8 years ago)
I just posted the interview!
Emmuzka (8 years ago)
His makeup is magnificent, his whole face glitters! I can't wait for high quality photos!
smokunhot (8 years ago)
Poor Baby getting yelled at so much for pics, but he is just SMOKIN HOT DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!!!
Jory H (8 years ago)
thank you so much for this vid ahhhhhh what a pleasure to see BB Adam i flove him beyond words <3
Kaylie Cross (8 years ago)
ohhhhhhh my. he's so pretty.
Queen Ailene (8 years ago)
OMR!!! My glittery alien rocks!!!! There isn't a man more gorgeous than him on the planet... the camera just looooooves him!!!
hottramp (8 years ago)
Madness!!! He's looking stunning minus the few kgs!
daeloth (8 years ago)
Aww, he's sparkling...
bklynsam (8 years ago)
My God, he's so gorgeous !
karenthecanadian (8 years ago)
THank u so much for this....best shot of the night so far

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