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Bridget Regan: Love on 'The Last Ship'

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"The Last Ship" star Bridget Regan discusses the romance between her character, Sasha, and Eric Dane's CNO Tom Chandler. Interview was filmed at San Diego Comic Con.
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James Dela Cruz (3 months ago)
i want to fuck you bridget...
Pat Rosenthal (2 years ago)
Nice try, but there is absolutely no chemistry between Sasha and Tom; she is useful, but just another soldier.  Tom was in love with Rachel, and the chemistry was electric; too bad the writers ruined the show by killing her off. Maybe Sasha can end up with Tex....
luke ketchum (4 months ago)
That's where you're wrong. Tom and Sasha have great chemistry together. Just watch seasons 3 and 4 and start watching season 5.

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