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I'm A Virgin | Let's Talk About Sex, Virginity, And Confidence

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STD Video: http://www.iamalpham.com/index.php/topics/stds-knowing-the-risk-and-reality/ Alpha M. Confidence Course: http://www.iamalpham.com/index.php/topics/alpha-m-confidence-course/ Subscribe To Alpha M. https://www.youtube.com/user/AlphaMconsulting?sub_confirmation=1 My Website: http://www.iamalpham.com My Services and Products: http://www.aaronmarino.com Alpha M. App: http://www.alphamapp.com/ Best Hair Product: http://www.peteandpedro.com Free Hairstyle E-Book: http://http://www.iamalpham.com/ezine Pete & Pedro: http://www.peteandpedro.com FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/IAmAlphaM In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of http://www.iamalpham.com http://www.aaronmarino.com and http://www.peteandpedro.com, talks about sex, virginity and confidence. So, the other day Alpha got an email from an 18 year old virgin whose confidence is being affected because he thinks that women aren't going to be interested due to his lack of sexual experience. Alpha issues a disclaimer that he's not recommending premarital sex and not a sex or relationship expert. He just has had an applicable experience. Alpha tells his story about his virginity and how he first had sex which was uneventful and a disappointment. He regretted it because he wished it was with someone he cared about. He also talks about society, social media, and how sex is portrayed currently. He thinks that sex should not be shared casually. It's special and should be shared with someone you love. Your virginity is not something that you lose. It's a gift you give away-- and you can only give it away one time! You don't need to worry about what others are doing or reporting on social media. Having sex doesn't make you cool. Let it happen naturally. When it happens, it happens. In the meantime, build yourself to the best person you can. Sex can have lots of repercussions. And if someone doesn't want to date you because you are a virgin or you want to remain a virgin, they aren't worthy of your gift
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Sea Dog (6 hours ago)
Lost my virginity when I was 7. Misplaced it, should be behind the wardrobe or something.
Martin Kroner (13 hours ago)
Wats sex?
Viorela Grindean (16 hours ago)
Was interesting to watch tbh, Im 22 and still a v, most of the girls I know kinda arent also most of the times I talked to guys and this came up they just stoped talking to me (recent one happened today), or have such a shoked reaction "are U reAlly srs thAt u stiLl r one?" 😤...Im not one to give into peer pression or "do it to get over with it" , be it boys or girls when this comes up I get a vibe from them that I should be ashamed of this somehow😕
Son Deku (1 day ago)
I don't really care if i die a Virgin it's the least of my worries
prateek outlaw (2 days ago)
now thats a good advice.
Sayrento Artisto (3 days ago)
I'm 23 and still a virgin.Never had a girlfriend.
xxxlovesu (4 days ago)
3:20 is where the gold is
ram29jackson (4 days ago)
no one gives a fuck about an 18 year old virgin.. thats not a problem or a perceived problem.. talk about someone older
8bit Richards (4 days ago)
guys just dont loose your virginity with hooker pls
The_Harbour_Boys (12 days ago)
Im 22 and a virgin i had lots of opportunitys but didnt take it because like you said its suppose to mean something
Im Just OP (13 days ago)
Wow, I needed to see this
MegaPotatoFFA (13 days ago)
local hooker anyone?
Bobby Calloway (13 days ago)
I felt kind of pressured to lose mine before I was 18. I have an older brother and he lost his at 17 so when my birthday was in a couple of weeks I lost it with a girl I didn't know at a house party and never saw again. Before everyone was on social media so never actually got her last name. These days I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it.
Lunch (13 days ago)
Bruh, made it to 20 and only recently started dating someone serious. At least it’s better than my expectation of dying alone
X Third Eye X (14 days ago)
Just reading through the comments further proves how ass backwards we are as a society...everybody always says "I'm STILL a virgin.", as if it's something bad, when it absolutely is not...just say I AM a virgin!
X Third Eye X (14 days ago)
Wow...what a beautiful video here, such a great message, it's literally exactly what I've been saying for years...our whole society is so ass backwards about too many important things. Please do a updated/longer video about this topic.
Gabe Bushman (14 days ago)
This alpha makes me feel so much better about being a virgin im 17 almost 18 I dont like being a virgin it has consumed me and I try to not let it get to me this has helped and i thank you for sharing your opinion and your words its very kind of you and it makes me feel much better
Meme Boi (15 days ago)
Newton died a virgin.
Jude Layman (15 days ago)
Bro Alpha help me I’m freakin 14 dude and my friends have all lost their virginity but I don’t want to yet I wanna wait but my friends keep putting peer pressure on me to do it
X Third Eye X (14 days ago)
First change ur way of thinking about it, get rid of the awful myth that it's something u "lose" ...like he said in the video, it is NOT something u "lose", it's a very special gift to be GIVEN. Now it can be completely wasted, like so many have done and completely regret, I'm older then u and I'm not wasting mine. At 14, if they're pressuring u that much for something like this, at too young of a age anyway, trust me they are NOT ur true friends...and they are not worthy of ur concern...be true to yourself.
Nevermore 721 (17 days ago)
Top 10 anime lies.
Nevermore 721 (16 days ago)
I am talking about the title.
A. William Arnold IV (20 days ago)
I lost my virginity to Tiege Hanley. It was SPECTACULAR.
James (20 days ago)
Click bait at its fucking finest
What A Spic (21 days ago)
If you get raped, you lost it
LMX6 M (21 days ago)
Awesome video good advice ✌💒
Erick Soler (23 days ago)
Im 23 and still a virgin....... no joke. Im getting married next year and Ive been just waiting for that day to make it the best experiance of my life and given the fact that Im with a girl raised in Christianity and all that good stuff for both of us it will be our first time and we enjoy the idea of learning together as we go.
Who watchin this in 2018
Frost Prost (23 days ago)
Just beat your meat 🍖
janne mahonen (25 days ago)
Based Zeus says difrently
joe Cosby (25 days ago)
Nice to know i'm not alone. Great advice alpha!!!
Red Hood989 (25 days ago)
I'm 19 years old virgin. Not because I can't find that "special" girl, but because I can't find a girl to have sex with at all. I didn't even get my first kiss. But, it's OK. I'm just a person with issues, lots of them. So, that's why I'm here on this channel. To help myself to be fixed.
Luka Goati (26 days ago)
Premarital sex? Fuck is he on about?
ThatOneDumb PS4Gamer (26 days ago)
To be real the 2017-2018 is fuck
Xaniph (26 days ago)
IN all honestly I lost mine this year. I'm 14, and out of everything i regret it, mainly because i was peer pressured into getting drunk with this girl, and to this day it still kinda messes me up, because i feel like i need it. if any advice from me would be taken i would say wait until you're 16.
shatish (27 days ago)
hi...I'm 18 years old and I'm still virgin...I think what u say about sex is correct bcuz I also think like that
Clayton Kovath (27 days ago)
You guys are all losers. Go get laid
No This Is Patrick (27 days ago)
Talking about sex Alpha:"Im just a guy with a video camera and a big mouth" Me:"GAAAAYYYYY"
Alex .S (28 days ago)
I feel click baited
YACINE SALLEMINE (28 days ago)
thanks bro I nearly lost my virginity with a girl that I even don't know her haha
:DPIE_OR_DEATH :D (29 days ago)
Wait so you aren't gay?
ZakZy (30 days ago)
This video is inspiring 😂
Last one to be a virgin? Same! I wasn't gonna do that until marriage. Not even when I messed around with multiple first semester. Then I lost my virginity to a queen second semester. I don't recommend sex until marriage, but be safe if you are going to do it.
Nick Farr (1 month ago)
Guys it’s good to remain a virgin i fucked up my life losing it when I was 12, 3 days before my 13 birthday, it’s good to wait for the girl you love who knows could be 16 anyways be patient.
Kyle David (1 month ago)
This is nice tbh
Darth Vader (1 month ago)
Real men wait till marriage.
ramsan dishny (1 month ago)
I lasted like 45 min today and her parents came home so would have been going on
kappa chino (1 month ago)
Sooo my advice as a 16 and a half year old and not a virgin anymore just don't give it to someone u don't care about, i made this mistake probably and its the last u wanna regret
Marcelo Cardoso (1 month ago)
im 18 and lost my virginity with the wrong person, i just wanted to know how it feels and was ashamed for still be virgin, it was good, it boosted my cofidence but i would rather have saved it to a girl i actualy like... dont rush it guys you will regret
THE EXODUS (1 month ago)
The tie and the shirt. Goes against what his new videos say ...😂😂😂
Will's Vlogs!! (1 month ago)
This really needed to be said. I know I can always trust this channel for good advice. Great video!
chayfuo (1 month ago)
I'm 15 and I'm not a Virgin. Wow
Shanti 'Sanjay' Roy (1 month ago)
I lost my virginity at 22. To me it felt like the sex meant something as I really liked the person I was with. I fucked up that relationship though.
Da Goat (1 month ago)
True be told alpha I've only started watching at the start of this week, I thought you were just another one of these wanna be like me fit, buff, rich, pussy slaying d-bags. But I am mistaken, I can see you're a man with a heart, I respect so much more by watching this video man. I've actually taken many of your "lessons" to heart and I'm all the better for them so truly thank you brother keep making brilliant content (please). Deuces ✌ P.s. I bought my friend one of your seriously sexy beaded bracelet and it's like indie favourite accessory now. P.p.s You don't look a day over 21 man, just a little confidence boost since you make every one else feel more so.
Yamikaiba123 (1 month ago)
Hahahaha only 18 and he's worried? People live in different worlds.
SeaBass (1 month ago)
I know this video is supposed to be serious but I'm sorry, a denim shirt with a tie?
You sir are the real man
King David (1 month ago)
This was very well said and I can respect that this guy actually has common sense. So I will like the video since this was actually mature male/man and human/people advice. It is not very often you have someone give the correct advice to young people. However I will speak the full truth and be prepared for everyone to hate me since people usually hate the truth. So here we go, this video was spot on. For anyone reading who is a virgin or not this is something you need to know. Having sex with many women or men or just to have sex will NOT make you happier, sure it might feel good in the moment but realize their is a difference from love and lust. You do NOT want to have sex with just anyone, because it can do more harm then good and do you want to be one of those guys or girls who are unhappy and never find the true love you want? Who never have an awesome companion and marrige or family? Then please don't be the person who has sex just to please yourself or to be cool. If you are a virgin be proud of it, although it may not be cool in 2018, realize it doesn't make you any less of a man or woman. Actually it means you have something others don't have!!! You can give your self to a woman or man whom you fall in love with and give them that gift that not many people can say or give Let me first off tell you why you should not have sex with random people just for the pleasure #1 It is a sin, it is morally wrong, and God is the standard of right and wrong, not me, not you, and not the laws of the land. When you have sex outside of marriage and with many people you are doing what is against God and God gives us rules to make our lives better not to harm us Let's take a look out how God's rule on sex is a good thing as I have witnessed how sex with many partners or outside or marrige destorys peoples lives and themselves on the inside Sex will not make you happy or more of a man or woman. Sex is a gift from God for us to enjoy but with the person we love in a marriage, not just to anyone When you give yourself to someone realize you are taking everything that person is and exchanging each other, do you really want to take part in an act with a prostitute or woman or guy whom is a drug addict, whom curses their parents out and whom does crappy things to people all because you want sex? It's not morally right, and that is why the second part comes in When you have sex because of lust with just anyone, just to use them for your own pleasure, sure it feels good, but not everything that feels good is good... Food taste great, enough of it and it will make you unhealthy, fat and eventually kill you even though it brings you pleasure Sins are sins because God knows better than us and knows what will make us happy and hurt us or other people That is why you feel shame or guilt after watching a porn of someone being degraded or used, because it is morally wrong and sex is supposed to be loving and between two people whom love each other in a marriage not full of lust and bad intentions void of any love or commitment Look at the outcome of having sex wrongly Many guys and women get depressed because they use or get used, and they never settle down because they can't, they don't know how anymore. Their boyfriend/girlfriend they had sex with leaves after a year or month and they move on to the next relationship and repeat the having sex and breaking up and finding a new person That is the life you can expect when you have sex for the wrong reasons and intentions and just with anyone. Then you will be ashamed or feel guilty on the inside because you know it was wrong, you will always fall into the cycle of wondering why you can never find the right person, why every relationship you have fails and the guy or girl leaves or you leave You will cry alot and be dispapointed in the things you have done for a little pleasure Do NOT become one of those people and ruin your life, your value. Your dignity over sex I know many people whom till this day have never found the one, whom to this day have been through so many relationships it never ends, whom I see each year having a new partner It is sad and immoral and is a crappy life to live, I have a uncle like that whom has been through so many women he has man to man cried in front of me over the amount of women he has slept with and asking me why he can't find the right girl It's because of SIN, you keep picking and choosing SIN and having sex for the wrong reasons and you will get the results expected when you commit sins over and over I used to lust after women and stuff like that, but I wanted to change and be different, and my life became better I met a girl who was a virgin just like me, God is the one who made it all happen after I gave up the life style of lusting after every girl I could and having the wrong intentions I met a girl who was a virgin, whom was going to college and whom liked the same things I liked. I am still with her till this day and it has been amazing, and I have everything I could want, and the sex stuff is better when you find the one 😉 God is the creator, he can surely bring you a girl or guy who can satisfy your needs, but not when you sin against God everyday So remember, if you are a virgin, that is good, God can put you on the path to meet the guy or girl whom will be the love of your life, but not if you spit in his face and rebel against him and just go out having sex with just anyone I am lucky enough that me and my woman met each other while both being virgins, and that we can say to each other we are all each other's Not many couples can say it and mean it literally, if you are a virgin you have something that most guys or girls cannot say to their lover when they find them, that is "I truly waited to find a girl or guy like yourself to give myself too and love" Instead you have to say "I have slept with 100 other people but you are really special to me" Now the good thing is For those of you who feel bad that you are not a virgin and wish you didn't sleep around, there is hope for your too God forgives sins for those whom choose to repent and trust in him, but God does not hear your prayers while you sin against him, he ignores them Jesus can forgive every sin you have ever committed sexually and make you rightoutus in God eyes All you have to do is choose to use sex the right way, stop sleeping around and tell God that you want to use your body in the right way and you want a companion whom will love you and whom you will treat right and love God is capable and able to being such a person in your life It will be when you least expect it I am 25 years old, I have the woman of my dreams whom I can say I would never trade for. I am not displeased in any sexual way and thank God that I have not given in to my list when I was younger and slept around with women when I had the chances to If you choose to use sex the wrong way, you will go down the road of which I have told you, you won't have long lasting relationships, you will cry, you will hurt, you will watch your relationship come and go and watch as that person you had sex with goes off and shares their body with someone else as you do the same You will feel hopeless at times and get depressed So I am telling you now, for both virgins and non virgins Today you have the opportunity to let God do the work for you. Instead of you looking with lust to try to find a companion, stop sinning, change your way of thinking and let God find him or her for you while you trust in him and obey him God will set you or that person on your path if he so wills it. I was in my room playing video games when I met my woman (lol) I was broke with no job either. But I changed and wanted to change, God helped me and now I have her and a decent job where I am actually a proud of my relationship and myself I can gaurantee if I did not over God I would have slept around and have carried guilt, pain and sorrow around, I would have not been happy God is all knowing, he knows what is best for us, if he commands something of you, then do it because it is for your own happiness and good Trust and obey God and ask him to help, but don't go asking Jesus to help you if you spit in his face and commit sins every chance you get I can at least respect this man in the video for giving good advice Do NOT be decieved by pleasure or your own lust!!! Do NOT have sex with someone whom you do no plan on marrying, whom you wouldn't die for, whom you wouldn't love if they lost their legs, ext Find that one girl or man, build a relationship, then if you two really love each other, make a commitment if you claim your love is true, get married and have the best sex of your life I promise your sex and relationship will be MUCH better than unmarried people who sleep around and have a new partner every year It won't be easy, God forgives and is merciful and will help Good luck and be proud to be a virgin, that's an amazing gift to give your future husband or wife
JPlayALot (1 month ago)
I'm still a virgin
ESKAY (1 month ago)
I dont think that this tie suits that denim shirt
Sergio Zepeda Gonzalez (1 month ago)
SaVageFFA (1 month ago)
Alpha's crooked hairline
illegal2 illegal2 (1 month ago)
iam 20 year old virgen dont worry
Dumitrescu Rares (1 month ago)
This made me feel pretty bad :(
James Berryman (1 month ago)
I lost mine at 15 🤷🏼‍♂️
Adam Moore (1 month ago)
Alpha m is just an all round cool guy
Justin Massop (1 month ago)
should I be pround of being a hetrosexual virgin?
Balls and Sacks (1 month ago)
Man when I was 17 I lost my virginity as well,and I COULDNT orgasm,I was so uncomfortable and I remember thinking something was wrong with me,we did it a few more times and I finally climaxed! Lol it’s the best feeling in the world to be reminded you are actually human 😂
Mimi Me (1 month ago)
I'm 21 and still a virgin and honestly I'd do anything to find someone who loves me
King David (1 month ago)
You would do anything? Let's see how true that is. Obey God, put your entire trust and faith in him. Repent of your sins and ask/tell God you want to find a companion whom you will love and whom will love you back, one that he will pick and is right for you. And before you think it's a joke or sarcasm, it's not, I repented and asked God for two things a few years ago, here I am at age 25 with the two things I asked God for A decent job and a wife/companion I told God I would serve and over him for the rest fo my life if he could make it happen, I see he took me up on it since I have both a decent job and the best woman I could ask for But I obeyed God and repented before I asked that of him
Vincenzo Bertelloni (1 month ago)
im 38 an virgin. for real not just a random joke.
Hai Kazuma Desu (1 month ago)
Your virginity is a gift. You only give it to someone special to you. Don't *waste* it.
Gerasim Fejzov (1 month ago)
I think that im turning into antisocial person cause everyone avoid me after they met me especially the girls they avoid me after I get to speak with them and when they ask me about did I had sex 🤔
Ty Nguyen (1 month ago)
Like A Virgin
Blue7 (1 month ago)
MIke Kelly (1 month ago)
is the unevenness of his tie bugging anyone else
Adam Khan (1 month ago)
thank u for the advise alpha 😊
Jon SnowDZ (1 month ago)
17 ????? dude I'm almost 20 and I'm still a fkn Virgin
TheSaltMaker (1 month ago)
22 years old virgin here... I'm ugly, poor, small, unconfident and anti social never even have a female friend, never dated and never kissed and i don't like ugly girls, if some guy is ugly his money helps him, if some guy is poor his beauty helps him, if someone is small his confidence and beauty helps him, but me... i'm the whole negative package in one man so i think i have no chance love isn't simply made for me i think. but i'm getting what i deserved sometimes i'm just a selfish asshole.
King David (1 month ago)
God will help you with finding a job, and God will help you with finding a woman. But you must do your part first, repent and put your trust/faith in Jesus and obey his commandments. Then ask God ask God and he will listen. I am living proof that you can have what you want. I grew up in the projects, kinda poor. I never got taught about money, ect. The only thing that saved me is that my mom although not too smart when it comes to the Bible, at least I had people in my family whom attempted to teach me about Jesus although I grew up to find they didn't understand a bunch if things about what the Bible really taught. However, it was the few things they did get correct which lead me to look into the entire Jesus thing and see what Jesus says if he is actually God What I realized is Jesus expects more from us then we have been told from people and is more holy then you could ever imagine. The first thing I did was repent of my sins and ask for forgiveness, and I realized that God has every right to not pay attention to any of my prayers while I am a walking hypocrite I accepted the hard truth that I was taught wrong and was a hypocrite who thought God was pleased with me when it couldn't be further from the truth In fact, God was displeased with me and angry that I claimed to know him while living and committing sins After realizing I am a hypocrite, I begged God to forgive me and to give me the power to obey his word and to help me, that I don't want to be a hypocrite but actually obey his word So I repented and that's when I asked God as an obidiant servernt, as a child who obeys him, if he could work what I seen as a miracle in my life And help me find and get a decent job and help me find a wife/companion who will love me for me and whom I will love for her A year or two later I have what I prayed for You have to play your part, you first have to do what is right and obey God before you ask anything of him And when you obey God you will do things according to his will not your own, so you won't ask for a Lamborghini or a million dollars, you will ask of things that are reasonable, not selfish or greedy I know 💯 that If God is willing he can help you get a job and companion The question is not can God do it The question is will God do it and have you been obeying God in the first place to where God would want to answer your prayers and needs
UNKNOWN SOURCE (1 month ago)
Yea guys don't rush it. I'm 17 and I don't feel the need to have sex. Don't get pressured by society maybe including your friends that like bragging. Getting laid isn't everything and like alpha said it doesn't make you any more or less of a man. If its really that much of a problem just find a new hobby, or play video games, maybe binge on netflix. Usually the things you love to do fill the void whether its this or are having a hard time............ also porn helps? I think lol
Connor Joshua (1 month ago)
I lost my virginity to my hand
Joey K (1 month ago)
Dawg I was 19. Ain't that big a deal. It's weirder that humans make it such a big deal.
AlexanderKrah (1 month ago)
Guys who haven’t been in a relationship learn vicariously instead of through experience. My friend Noah was 20 before he had his first kiss and when he did the girl was amazed at how good he was because she knew it was his first kiss. He had just seen other people kissing whether in movies or just people on the street and he had learned by watching them. Not to mention, he’s also seen the mistakes his friends have made in relationships and had the benefit of an outsider perspective and has learned from his friends making mistakes with their relationships.
Aczear Tk (1 month ago)
>That outfit Alpha.... you can do so much better
hikari 94 (1 month ago)
That was some alpha talk right there, I don't regret subscribing to your channel.
Matthew Murdoch (1 month ago)
Waited until 25. Waited until I met 'her'. No regrets at all. It's been only her since I met her; it was only her before I ever knew her. Just throwing in my one voice. No need to rush.
Sumon Samui (1 month ago)
I just love this video
453 Grams (1 month ago)
If you're 18+ and you're worried if people know you're a virgin. Trust me.. we know, we can tell..
Mike_Eternal (1 month ago)
A lot of men deal with these issues
Albert Liu (1 month ago)
20 year old virgin whose never dated, at least not officially (had a relationship between friendzoning her and potential gf for 2 weeks/getting to know each other better. I friend zoned her in the end because I felt I wasn’t ready yet, I was in first year university). No first kiss, unless if you call two 4 year olds trying to play CPR (I suggested it so I could get a kiss from my childhood crush...didn’t work XD). What I’m doing now is just investing time in myself to make myself the best person that I potentially could be. Don’t chase girls (I’ve chased a lot back in middle and high school, all not very successful, I secretly had a crush on a girl for 4 years but never told her, but I did give her a birthday card filled with memes and puns), let them come to you naturally. Keep it up Alpha!
Sean mel Cuñado (1 month ago)
Let it happen naturally! Wooooooahh! Thanks for encouraging me man.
Kick buttocks 333 (1 month ago)
Who’s 12 year olds are having sex? I will have a word with some parents...
Taru (1 month ago)
16 still a virgin, never kissed, never dated... Virgin in so many ways...
White Magic (1 month ago)
I'm 22yr old and I'm virgin should i hold it until i get marry or just let's have it with random girl ??
TheDestroller (1 month ago)
I'm 19 and never even kissed a girl and planning on staying like this forever, focusing only on my family, goals and success. Just like Sir Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla y Sir Thomas Cavendish did.
Dylan Droll (1 month ago)
I wish I saw this in midleschool.
Elijah Garma (1 month ago)
I gave mine when I was 16. She's my first girlfriend. Until now, were together. Not YET married but were together. Im happy that i gave that gift to the person I most cared about
Enkhe Bathsaihan (1 month ago)
.. 22 yo virgin here still looking for his ideal girl.. and eventually he will find her. " -his older self from the future said to him. Nothing funny?,Yeah, that was the joke. Joke from 22 yo virgin dude.
Noemi Toth (1 month ago)
I haven't lost my virginity 'couse I never lose
Michael J Murray (2 months ago)
WOW has Alpha changed a TON since this video
Sahvendra K (2 months ago)
In my country is quick to even loose virginity at 25
micpango (2 months ago)
im 25, i fucking suck
Im 15 i lost my virginity when i was 10 with a tree i almost lost my dick

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