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Pork...What?! | Family Feud

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Text Comments (4670)
Ben Greensall (2 days ago)
This clip is everything that is wrong with America
Ariel Pierce (4 days ago)
i think about this everyday
Davis Phillips (6 days ago)
Steve Harvey’s face at 1:14 🤣🤣
DJ Likwid (8 days ago)
OMG Family Fued REMIX - https://www.reverbnation.com/likwid2010/song/30675787-pork-u-pine-family-fued-riddim
Ruben Anacleto (12 days ago)
Cool story bro!
Chad Freeman (14 days ago)
Pork 🦁
M J (15 days ago)
Who else came from his standup
Robin Thin (21 days ago)
Spelt LION not loin
Mr. Ash (22 days ago)
I would've guessed "cupine," too.
Breaking TEN (25 days ago)
Steve yelling WHAT is how I react to stupid ass bullshit. -TBH though, I would’ve said Porkchop.-
adhish eswaran (25 days ago)
Never before has the word "huh" been more funny than this one right here 1:06 !! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Man I lost it at Harvey's reaction !!!
Alan Liang (25 days ago)
I bet the camera man is trying SO HARD NOT TO LAUGH😂💀
IharleyI650 (21 days ago)
I could literally not have that job LMAO
Marwan Alley (28 days ago)
who's here from Steve's stand up
MrShockzine (29 days ago)
the real question is, how is pork belly 5th and loin 4th when both answers have a total of 4. belly at least should come first alphabetically
Some Gui (30 days ago)
Black folks are so LOUD. It's not a bad thing! Just sayin. Carry on.
efraim william (30 days ago)
Waduppp 😂😂😂
Indygenous (1 month ago)
Steve looking at the white family like " cmon man. Why couldn't you get better answer. Lord help me Jesus"
寒蝉王 (1 month ago)
Swear to God, I thought it was Lion😂
John Brennan (1 month ago)
Porkqupine = porcupine.
Michael Loud (1 month ago)
That simple answer wasn't just funny as hell...it also showed that he is one smart dude.... very intelligent. I'm not being sarcastic either. He's one of those ppl who thinks better than most ppl do. I'd bet he scores high on an IQ test
Ansa Hansson (1 month ago)
Veer Shah (1 month ago)
i want the toothpaste harvey uses
Peter Bronge (1 month ago)
We gon play😂
Triple P (1 month ago)
What did Will say at 1:02??
David Robinson (1 month ago)
Funny as shit🤣
Legendary the Poet (1 month ago)
" Huh???"
DoctorJay184 (1 month ago)
1:39 slays me every single time.
Gaming Soul (1 month ago)
Jonathan Bachrach (1 month ago)
L I O N ! Lio... loin...
Live Motivated (1 month ago)
This video will never not be funny.
Charge Entertainment (1 month ago)
She misspelled "loin"
Rosa Travis (1 month ago)
Chris Gentry (1 month ago)
That was too funny.
jpaokx (1 month ago)
No1 on youtube! haha.....true!
melagkomas20 (1 month ago)
Kenshin 811 (2 months ago)
Porkupine Gotta take note
KingN8Boogie (2 months ago)
Damn the answer and Steve’s reaction...wtf did he say after Steve said his name? “Wuddaamm”
RJN0607 (2 months ago)
I would've said "E Pig."
Patrick Weber (2 months ago)
"Good Answer" No it's not!
MrVvulf (2 months ago)
ffs people. LISTEN, the man said Upine, not CUpine. Steve heard him wrong, so repeated it incorrectly, but the guy said it twice. Upine. Not nearly as bad as cupine since at least the syllables are correct. :D
whoo else (2 months ago)
L-I-O-N?? Lol.
Karmen Monique (2 months ago)
TheRealStewieGriffin (2 months ago)
Came here from the stand up show
pdmrocker (2 months ago)
Does he say “What Am?”’
Breeanna Westerfield (2 months ago)
Theo Ballesteros (1 month ago)
1:03 Steve Harvey: Name something that follows the word pork...? Will: Cupine. Steve Harvey: Huh?
bella2019 (2 months ago)
The guy can’t even spell its porcupine - where is it with pork
Neej Life (2 months ago)
“Oh really?”
J Madden (2 months ago)
For the longest time I didn't even realize that she spelled L I O N , lmao. Steve didn't catch it either haha.
Tina Earl (2 months ago)
When your momma caught you twerking and your mom went like 1:15
Bexspace (2 months ago)
LAWN !! . . . huh ?
Kristi Pryor (2 months ago)
If that was actually up there as the number 1 answer, Steve would probably be shiting himself.😂
Gnaerles (2 months ago)
Stay in school
Montgomery Lorenz (2 months ago)
PoRk LaWn
Charlie Tecumseh (2 months ago)
The face you make when you lose faith in humanity
jameslong672 (2 months ago)
Why are they saying its a good answer, everyone must have been laughing at them 😂
sweetangel2002u (2 months ago)
"It's gonna be number one on Youtube!" 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Celia Mitchell (2 months ago)
Schmidty030 (2 months ago)
Ashitaka1110 (2 months ago)
PORKLION and thought it couldn't get any more hysterical. Family member was like "hold my beer..."
Mottie Innis (2 months ago)
This is still too funny 🤪😱😂😂😂😂 can’t..
The Flash (2 months ago)
ash taylor (2 months ago)
CUPINE = best answer ever
Benjamin Tielking (2 months ago)
Whether you're BLACK, WHITE, YELLOW, BROWN, PURPLE, SILVER OR BLUE....... "somebody" needs a refresher course in *"American Literature and English Spelling"* .
Benjamin Tielking (2 months ago)
*FACT: 2 + 2 = 4* (but what if *The Popular Consensus* said that *2 + 2 = 5 ?* ) .....What if someone said that *2 + 2 = 4 is racist?* The answer...The *TRUTH* would still be: *2 + 2 = 4*
Aliboomia (2 months ago)
Watch this when you have a bad day 😂😂😂
Pdizzle Peanut (3 months ago)
That family never picked up a book a day in their life.
Holy Beast (3 months ago)
Pork CUPINE 😂😂 😂😂 😂 STEVE: HUH??
Amanda Safko (3 months ago)
I love how the guy is so casual about it; ‘mmmm yessss porcupine surely must be the answer’ 😂😂😂 But the bigger question is, what’s a cupine?!?!
Thomas Storff (3 months ago)
He said Cupine!
Altirix (3 months ago)
Cheyenne Cook (3 months ago)
Anyone else think it’s hilarious that they think Steve’s actually being serious when he says “this is the greatest answer I’ve ever heard”
Gerard Draetta (3 months ago)
That’s a perfectly acceptable answer in the black community.
gamerjohn112 (3 months ago)
Lol Pork-cupine aka Pork-coupon
Hedz B (3 months ago)
If Q-pine was a rapper he wud be bigger than Nelly
johnny b (3 months ago)
"good answer" YOU CRAZY! LOL Number one on Youtube
Purgatory (3 months ago)
Croazz B (3 months ago)
I promise "upine" would have showed up since it's "Porcupine" and not "Porkcupine"
theajtruth (3 months ago)
Full unedited episode pleaase
kingwleung (3 months ago)
Misspelled loin!!!
dani899067 (3 months ago)
She funny 😍😍😍
WinterFrost (3 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2mSV638Tl8 please watch after watching this or before if you read first!
Sam Gardner (3 months ago)
During the buzzer round shouldn’t they have had to give another answer? Loin and belly both were worth four points
KendoProdigy2111 (3 months ago)
KendoProdigy2111 (3 months ago)
2:10 “it’s going to be number 1 on Youtube, but its not going to be number 1 up there, I bet every dolla I’ve got” lol
Brittany Small (3 months ago)
"it's number one? Pow." gets me every time! lol
Karamae (3 months ago)
This the family steve tried to keep off family feud. Where pumkin?
Roid Rage (3 months ago)
0:44 not fair they were tied at 4 stupid game
iRobot15O6 (3 months ago)
iRobot15O6 (3 months ago)
I believed she spelled, ‘L-I-O-E”
ozzie rodriguez (3 months ago)
I wonder if they won. Id be shocked 😲
Chris Healey (3 months ago)
Steve...Uhhh? Fkn rolling on the floor here in England hahahaha.
WDC Partnership Ltd (3 months ago)
Steve speaks about this family in one of his stand up show's. He states that they are the most stupidest, ignorant family ever on family feud... You got to laugh
Gita Littlejohn (3 months ago)
This will forever be funny
Ryjel Destiny (3 months ago)
Why do black people talk like they’re retarded? LAWN! LINE! PORK LIME! L-I-O-N LOIN!!!!
Josh Waldorf (3 months ago)
CUPINE! CUPINE! Throw that in a Webster's Dictionary.
john angeloni (3 months ago)
Harvey said later: They air this family & they're going to set black people back 200 years...... lmao 😂
Richard Goldberg (3 months ago)
The woman that said pork loin looks like Cookie from Empire
A R (3 months ago)
I'm still laughing at them!
Splatninja (3 months ago)
My fiftieth tone watching this and I'm laughing so hard I can barely type my comment

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