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History Of The Predator

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More than 30 years ago, one of film’s most iconic monsters made its debut in the 1987 action classic Predator. Before you watch Shane Black's The Predator this September, Ryan dives into the movie history, background, and characteristics of the Predator. Subscribe to GameSpot Universe! http://youtube.com/GameSpotUniverse?sub_confirmation=1 Follow Us - http://twitter.com/GSUniverse Like Us - http://facebook.com/GameSpotUniverse http://www.gamespot.com
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Text Comments (976)
GameSpot Universe (10 months ago)
Which is your favorite Predator movie or comic?
Michael Fontaine (9 days ago)
I think Predator Vs Batman was good (comic book )
Richard Cupp (10 days ago)
The original
Paul Fahy (27 days ago)
My favourite is the first film but my favourite scene is the end scene from Predator 2 , my favourite comic is Bad Blood .
sandybeach1024 (1 month ago)
The 1st one, Predator with Arnold, and Predators vs. Aliens, I'm pretty sure it was the one where they find the pyramid under the ice.
Kevin Kilpatrick (1 month ago)
Predator For All Time , # 1 St
BigJo Lo (1 day ago)
When you need another Predator movie you don't make Predator bigger for sucess.. you make a better story...
jahrta (1 day ago)
H.R. Giger came up with the iconic look for the xenomorph, even though at the time the acrylic painting he did was supposed to be more of a biomechanical pseudo-sexual monster
Gfors85 (1 day ago)
Wrong, it was James Cameron who said to Stan that he would like a monster with mandables on an airplane, they worked out the design together. Also Alien is designed by H R Giger.
Richard True (1 day ago)
H.R. Geger designed the alien Stan did the ped
יניב יחזקאל (2 days ago)
ptrdator 1 the best movie!
Fight'n Woids (2 days ago)
DUDE ....I always thought that the PREDATOR WAS THE HUMANS .... that outlasted every time... proved by the movie ...PREDATORS
humanity rising11;11 (3 days ago)
Humans and preds cantbe friends??? Dude you clearly know nothing of predators
N. Bentley (5 days ago)
The predators blood doesn't neutralize a xenomorph's blood as you described and as shown in the scene at the 4:20 mark. That was the predator showing the girl that an alien's blood will burn through anything except for parts of the alien's body. The predator cut off the exoskeleton of the alien's head and gave it to the girl to use as a shield of sorts.
Mana Moonchild (6 days ago)
I grew up loving the alien and predator movies, AVP was so cool to me. You say humans and predators cant be friends, sorry to burst your bubble but in the comics ocassinally its been proven predators can befriend humans or the very least tolerate them. Warriors respect warriors in their culture.
james walsh (7 days ago)
Some of the comments concerning the intelligence and social structure of the predator race vs the Xenomorphs got me wondering something. Predators are more common with us than xeno's and they do things, build things, teach, etc... While xeno's may have intelligence, they've only been potrayed as killers and breeders. Say for example, the xeno's wipe out all life where they are, what do they do then? Just curious if they have any other traits or do they just die off until an egg finds a face again?
russel reyes (8 days ago)
Predators are smarter then alien they have good skills i like predators then alien
Michael Fontaine (9 days ago)
I would say Predator 1 is the best then AvP 1 i love the concept from then Predator 2 when I noticed the skull I told my mom look at that she loves Aliens movies . I liked Predator 2 and Predators had 4 types of Predators I think ? I forgot how many actually ! But the one Predator you feel bad for him as he's stuck in the chains , he's the original one being held buy the berserker Predators he helps the humans . Then my opinion of AvP2 it was ok I didn't have a bit of an issue with it just it sucked at the end . Now I haven't seen the new one yet I'm hoping to really soon I haven't had much time to do anything so I'll get 2 hrs to kill ! Lol
2mwillis (9 days ago)
Once a movie is successful morons get a hold of franchises and majorly fuck up sequils
Samu Figueroa (9 days ago)
Wow I am a big movie buff and there's a lot of things I did not know about these two franchises thanks for the video
Robert E (10 days ago)
I like how the first predator mimics Billy's laugh after he turns on the mini nuke to kill Ahnuld.
fps neb (10 days ago)
is it bee'sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
fps neb (10 days ago)
sound like sam
CommentCop Badge#666 (15 days ago)
whisperingwind7 (15 days ago)
And turned out The Predator movie done by Mr.Shame Block became the worst predator movie ever created and 1 of the worst movie in 2018. it made AvP movie a great film.
StubbsDK (16 days ago)
Wow... Please study the lore, there are MANY examples of humans and predators teaming up, and some examples of them ending up respecting eachother... Also, it’s pred-alien, not pre-dalien, and on alien, it was H.R. Giger, not Stan Winston....
Terence Smith (17 days ago)
My best monsters ...kudos the creator of them,and terminator!
Anthony Pina (18 days ago)
God rest his soul! But sorry Stan Winston did not design The Alien"! I would know I am Special F\X artist , I have worked with all people mentioned.
Spice Weasle (19 days ago)
Also Peter Cullen (voice of Optimus Prime) provided the voice and clicking sounds for the Predator.
Robert Byrd (19 days ago)
It is pronounced "Yow-Cha' Gret video dude!
Te Toka (20 days ago)
Arnold was in that Category long before Predator
Luis Alonzo (22 days ago)
You are one ugly boring video ...........!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
mark roncase (23 days ago)
Am I the only one that thinks it's weird af that literally NOBODY ever mentions that the PS2 game Concrete Jungle is in direct conflict with AVP Requiem as to how humans obtain Pred tech?
Galax-Zee (23 days ago)
And was ruined in the new 2018 movie
the truth (24 days ago)
Predators is my fav, Requiem needs to be erased from history.
john wheatman (26 days ago)
I was always under the impression that the self destruct button they press liek the one when he gets battered to arnie was nuclear like when theyre in the helicopter and they see the mushroom cloud obviously not are well what do I know lolxx
john wheatman (26 days ago)
Wo this is awesome I was glued to the screen Im a huge Predator fan but I never new any of this info at all just amazing. Ive not seen the recent version the predator yet need to get on to it soon as poss. but I thought Predator2 wasnt that bad I actualy quite enjoyed it ok it wasnt no where near as good as the first but then sequels very rarely are are they anyway great upload great info xxx lol..
Wolf Tooth (26 days ago)
0:43 that statement didnt age well.
Paul Fahy (27 days ago)
When's a good time to watch a Predator video ? ANYTIME !!
Peyton Bell (28 days ago)
That 1st predator sucked!
jack crawford (1 month ago)
Regarding humans and predators co-existing/hunting together: The novel Hunter's Planet tells the circumstances that have to happen first (Basically you have to come to their aid and /or save their lives to be considered. Then prove that you're tough enough to hang with em.) Pretty darn good read. Came out in the 90's.
Jakub pogubila (1 month ago)
Predators was an awesome movie they need a sequel picking up right after where they get the predator tech dropped off and maybe they fight the 4 armed predator from the comic
Lucion Canis (1 month ago)
Hey H.R. Giger designed the Xenomorph ! Well guess what you expect from gamesspot
deez nutz (1 month ago)
last movie sucked
Isaac Simmons (1 month ago)
My thing is after seeing The Predator, I wonder what is the future for the franchise. Bought a lot of cred with Shane Black directing, but it got weak from adding in the human element again. Olivia Munn I like but I think the way they wrote her character was trying to be "Riley", of Aliens, meets neo-feminist. Someone should write more of the backstory of all three, Aliens, Predator, Engineers, and make it a War for Earth.
Rolando Rodriguez (1 month ago)
The first Predator movie was my favorite. Also I do consider humans and yautja teaming up to be common and very old concept, at least concerning xenomorphs in the comics.
kenneth kennair (1 month ago)
These guys need to know everything about a particular universe before making mistakes in their analysis. Everyone knows the comic and paperback that shows noguchi not only teaming up with them but actually becoming part of the culture for a bit.
Billy Hill (1 month ago)
Wolf Predator was so bad ass.
chichiboypumpi (1 month ago)
1987 Predator still the quintessential Predator movie
Henrik Pettersson (1 month ago)
First film was the best. Even bought it a few years ago.
LaToya Farrell (1 month ago)
Nothing like he ORIGINAL Predator🙌🏽
Jose Antonio Cruz (1 month ago)
Not technically a samurai battle ... more like a yakuza w a katana (might be samurai) vs predator action film!
Jose Antonio Cruz (1 month ago)
*fight not film lol
Factual Fox (1 month ago)
0:34 - And it was shit.
David Nicholas (1 month ago)
Predator is the best. In my personal top 10 all time movies. Predator 2 and Predators is a joint 2nd position. They're over the top, fun action adventures. AVP was shit. Corny, predictable and just a cash-in movie. AVP2 was even shitter. Took for ever for anything to happen and when it did, it was all in darkness so you couldn't see anything. A truly abysmal movie. And now we have The Predator (bet it took weeks to come up with that title)... If you e heard this movie is crsp... who ever told you is correct. Its utter shit. It's like The Mummy with Brendan Fraiser. Theres just too much happening too quickly. And the plot is utter dribble. The Predator is just a stupid 'monster movie's that just so happens to be a Predator, but like it was made for kids who have never seen the first Predator movie.
Ross Gillis (1 month ago)
Still love the first one. Saw it in the theatre in 1987 and it’s still the best IMO.
The Joker (1 month ago)
11:14 what is this when Arnold met predator?
Charles Newell (1 month ago)
Convenient that the Predators labeled the tiers of their social hierarchy in plain monosyllabic English
True American (1 month ago)
outstand I Always Love the PREDATOR moves thank to you I like them even more.
Gentrak87 (1 month ago)
Only predator movies that count are 1 2 and Predators .
tom spud (1 month ago)
Irn Bru will be after you for using their colours and font in your thumbnail.
Clark Kent (1 month ago)
Correction: H.R. Giger designed the Xenomorph
Runaway Mindtrain (1 month ago)
most definitely
Baby Predaliens. That cracked me up. Just like they merge famous actors names and couples together.
Galaxy News (1 month ago)
unfortunately, predators aren't cannon in the alien universe but for some reason xenomorphs are cannon for predator
Kishan Sri (1 month ago)
The are not monster they only hunt and kill the strongest. While monster kill anything weak or strong.
designed the xenomorphs.....are you kidding me .!!!!!! h.r giger.ffs
Samuel Olmos (1 month ago)
My fav predy film is part one with Arnold Schwarzenegger
LifeasUsual (1 month ago)
Humans and Yautja can be friends. In fact in the comic books there was a human who became a hunter of the Yautja.
Dr Ganknstein (1 month ago)
The AvP movies don't count. The newest Predator doesn't count.
james739123 (1 month ago)
the fuck are you taking about, human and predator team ups are some of the best stories in the books
Walt Kowalski (1 month ago)
shane hack
Michael Kelly (1 month ago)
All the predator movies are my favorite.
Angela V. Woolridge (1 month ago)
Breske predator
Yvonne Wilson (1 month ago)
"Aliens and humans can't be friends." Umm...did you even READ the comics? Look up Big Momma and Machiko Naguchi (prolly spelled that wrong...my bad) a human chick that was welcomed into Yautia society for TWO FUCKING YEARS... and a plethora of stories with Yautja/human alliances and teamups against other enemies besides xenomorphs.
Thomas Edgington (1 month ago)
Predators and the original
Dbz Directioner (1 month ago)
Both Avp & predetors (2010) are good movies.I will recommend them.
Zap Rowsdower (1 month ago)
Umm no... humans and predators can be friends, how do you think the elder predator got the old 1715 pistol... he helped a human. Plus the comics show it.
jason gaming (1 month ago)
There's only one question I've been asking what's the Predators lifecycle we all know what the alien lifecycle but whats the predators
MusicMatic707 (1 month ago)
It was either in one of the omnibus books or maybe one of the novels but their life cycle is uber long. Several hundred years possibly. Usually only the most skilled hunters reach this age.
Adam Brandist (1 month ago)
Predator catapulted Arnold to a name lmfao do you even know what your on about arny was already a massive name in movies, the terminator, commando,Conan all before the Predator
khartog01 (1 month ago)
Humans and Predators can be friends. There is a whole series of novels and comics of a human female joining a predator clan.
Elmer Pecx (1 month ago)
Mentioning apex predators then showing soldiers lol
Emperor Constantine 1. (1 month ago)
So...get killed by a Predator...become a skilled director? ...sign me up!!!
D Branche (2 months ago)
what what what no no no the xenomorph was originaly designed by HR Giger
Select Obvi (2 months ago)
I thought Predators self destruct when they lose to remove signs of there existence and they have a timer to give the one who beat them time to escape the blast due to there honor ...
M.E. Reif (2 months ago)
John Collett (2 months ago)
the first one is definitely my favorite though predators was really good too
Augustus McGovern (2 months ago)
Its to bad you made this before The Predator. Maybe you'll remake or amend this.
Imakepancakes (2 months ago)
Im one of those people that uses predator in mortal
Peter Price (2 months ago)
the predator = the day shane black ruined the franchise and took away the predators honor
Chief Steps-In-Poo (2 months ago)
Did anyone notice the blooper in part 2? When the original predator has his mask on his infrared has the blue background. When he removes it the background is red. In the second movie, when he takes mask off the background is still blue. Just noticed that.
JoeysSecretLover (2 months ago)
H R Giger designed the Xenomorph. Do some research.
Stelian Nikolov (21 days ago)
Stan Winston created the Xenomorph in reality with animatronics and costumes.
WayneTube78 (2 months ago)
What?? I liked AVP stop hating!!!
David Crossman (2 months ago)
Want firewalkers gun.
phoboskitty m (2 months ago)
Also watch AVP 2 do not listen to this guy.. It's not a great film, sure but if you are a fan of all things, alien or predator might as well give it a go It's a hoot Especially when the predalien finds the Maternity ward
phoboskitty m (2 months ago)
Predators and humans teaming up, comes originally from the comics, they team up again with colonial marines. Like in the AVP movie to kill xenomorphs Also in Predators where the humans help a captured predators They are not a one dimensional movie monster
The Truth Hurts (2 months ago)
@1:15 the predator version of the macarena.....
I am a predator
R. S. (3 months ago)
Most ridiculous characteristic is that bullets have little effect on them. This is a glaring factual error and cop-out by the creators of this mythical uber-beast. It has a physiology, wears no body armor, and even bleeds when shot but that hardly slows it down? Nonsense! As Dutch said "If it bleeds, we can kill it." So why the ___ not?
nobodyzero (3 months ago)
If they created Xenomorph's ? Did "The Engineers" (in 'Prometheus'), also Create "Predators" ? Because that would make sense.
Georgios Ventouris (3 months ago)
Iove original predator movie
Roger Johnson (3 months ago)
Great video right up until the dance bullshit...................
captainroger (3 months ago)
Van damme ditched them
SHERRI DORSEY (3 months ago)
If the predalien crashed the ship, does that mean he killed ALL the other ones
StationZ _ (3 months ago)
Predators 2010 is definitely my favorite. They should make a sequel to that
Jackenstein Meoffberg (3 months ago)
I didn’t care much for the story in the newest predator movie.
I accauly would rather meet predator then alien,but I like alien Abit more
magnetictheory (3 months ago)
Yeah Stan Winston designed the xenomorph like Andy Warhol painted the Mona Lisa. I've never stopped watching and thumbed down a video so fast in my life.

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