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20 Celebs Who Are Completely Unrecognizable Without Makeup

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20 celebs who don't look the same without makeup. Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/cv6b96 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- When we see pictures of celebrities, we often see them wearing tons of makeup that took hours to put on by their makeup artists or themselves. Foundation, contouring, eyeliner, lipsticks, fake eyelashes, and more, celebrities know how to look good and continue to look good for the cameras. But even celebs have a normal life outside of stardom - you can’t expect them to walk around in full-on makeup all day every day, can you? These celebrities have been caught without makeup and to be completely honest, they’re totally unrecognizable! Wait until you see celebrities like Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Mila Kunis, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Lady Gaga, Wengie, and many more totally rockin’ the makeup-free look! You won’t believe some of these! Do you prefer wearing makeup or being makeup-free? Come let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe to TheThings for more feel-good content! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheThingscom/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thethings.com/
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Text Comments (3552)
Blue Frost (5 months ago)
Everyone is beautiful with or without makeup
Blue Frost not all
Yeganeh Alikhani (7 days ago)
Ye your right
Łøvə Ğâćhá (15 days ago)
Tiffani Current (15 days ago)
You are more beautiful.
amylea29 (16 days ago)
No im ugly as hellllllllllllll
Mary Kopp (23 hours ago)
And so does MILA KUNIS ♡♡☆
Mary Kopp (23 hours ago)
Demi lavato looking beautiful ♡♡♡♡
Pranita Ranjit (1 day ago)
I love wiengie more without makeup
Savage AF (1 day ago)
All Love to Ariana
They all rock without makeup
Susie Navarro (1 day ago)
No makeup because im a kid but I do like makeup.
Charlotte Stagg (1 day ago)
15,137 likes, 1,258 dislikes, 1,136,183 views and 3,414 comments! Everyone is beautiful and it doesn't matter what is on the inside
Briana Perez (2 days ago)
Everyone is beautiful and don’t judge the way they were born and look
myagya xx (2 days ago)
Ariana Grande is so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Veronica zhang (2 days ago)
what happened to my Wengie?
Annie McCurdy (2 days ago)
everyone is beautiful with or without makeup u r unique in ur own ways and everyone has to accept that
Lily Swarthout (3 days ago)
Dove is amazingly beautiful with and without makeup
Chris Colvin (3 days ago)
8:05 Is not ariana
Lesley Hall (3 days ago)
Y do this channel exists
turtle boy 14 (4 days ago)
Wengie is the hottest YouTuber
turtle boy 14 (4 days ago)
They still hot
Sara zulfiqar (5 days ago)
w̰̃h̰̃õ̰ c̰̃ã̰m̰̃ḛ̃ h̰̃ḛ̃r̰̃ḛ̃ f̰̃õ̰r̰̃ w̰̃ḛ̃ñ̰g̰̃ḭ̃ḛ̃ l̰̃ḭ̃k̰̃ḛ̃
Ella rose (5 days ago)
I am very ugly
Kiwi Kitten (5 days ago)
Omg wengies I mean WENDY is so ugly
“Let’s start with our absolute fave!” Like bruh, not everyone loves Dove Cameron.
MadHatter YT (7 days ago)
Wengie in the thumbnail is WAAY different then what she really looks like with no makeup
Nooroo Rules (8 days ago)
And some of us have on idea what eyeliner is
Nephicool (10 days ago)
I don’t wear makeup at all and I think makeup is over the top
Nephicool (10 days ago)
Katy perry looks like the female version of Elijah wood hehehhe
Trash Princess (10 days ago)
I feel like you at least photoshopped one little part
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Lengyel Dorina (11 days ago)
Wengie did you saw yourself with out make up reply to me!
Lia_Da Pleb (12 days ago)
Their still beautiful
ItsBea _ (12 days ago)
Demi is THE BEST ( just saying )
Death Account (13 days ago)
wengie real face not look like that her real face is better than this videos
Keira Smith (14 days ago)
Ok now that I’ve seen the whole video, everyone except the drag queens look the exact same
Keira Smith (14 days ago)
Um... the first person, Dove Cameron looks the EXASCT same! Just with pale lips
Golden BLyss (14 days ago)
What about Danielle Cohn????
Fluffy Fuzz (14 days ago)
i prefer makeup deffinitly
Missa Studios (15 days ago)
We came her for the thumbnail? Just me ok;-;
Bruce Wayne (16 days ago)
Adele scares me
Gaming J. Girl (16 days ago)
Oh my gosh I think I look prettyer then them WITHOUT MAKEUP
Eevee Gacha Studios (16 days ago)
I don't believe this
BillyBob Joe (16 days ago)
White teeth and not crooked teeth... it’s not ‘makeup’
katie o' rourke (16 days ago)
Hi random person who is scrolling down
Study club (17 days ago)
No makeup!!
Arianna Gordon (17 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks that she says to much
James Rabun (18 days ago)
Dove Camron still looks really pretty without make up she is my favriote
Ana Georgia Hasson (18 days ago)
Who are these people???
Leander Steele (18 days ago)
Wow so different
klym1978 (19 days ago)
who is cl
Natalie Plazola (19 days ago)
I love kpop and i really love bts and my bias is of course Jimin💗💗💗 i like bigbang blackpink cl and got7 i love kpop and can speak Korean
Lainie Ruth (19 days ago)
They r all pretty without makeup 💄 ✌️
FrancesTheFantastic (19 days ago)
I just skipped to the end for Wengie.
Annie Angumya (19 days ago)
Kim Kardashian look so different
Slime Lab (19 days ago)
Some Makeup 💄
Katherine Rodríguez (20 days ago)
Seré is wengie
Gacha_ star (20 days ago)
Thumbnail is a lie
mylee fitch (20 days ago)
i knew what ru pual looked like without make up because he is on skin wars with out make up
GLORY CATS (20 days ago)
I dont even now who kendall jenner is
Min-e San (20 days ago)
CL LOOKS LIKE SUGA!!! (Without make up)5:49
depressed kiddo (20 days ago)
1:03 *cardi b has left the chat*
Philippa Collyer (21 days ago)
Arianna is soooooo cute
Sayo Johnson (21 days ago)
I could kinda tell all of them apart but they all look beautiful
Fool Juh (22 days ago)
Tynnetta Grant (22 days ago)
I really like your videos I think there was one
Sophia Zhang (22 days ago)
Christina Aguilera looks better without makeup in my opinion.
Sophia Zhang (22 days ago)
Emilia Clarke looks the same without makeup.
Michelle Norton (22 days ago)
I am not allowed to wear makeup. My parents won’t let me
adrianna turicik (22 days ago)
i <3 game of thrones
adrianna turicik (22 days ago)
they all look fine
Nola Boeckelman (23 days ago)
I hate makeup
Erika Renteria (23 days ago)
When Dove camron has no makeup she is so cute😇 like if you agree
Leons Galaxy (23 days ago)
Ewryone is butiful with or withaut makeup😀
Isabelle J (23 days ago)
Does wengie know you did this?
Julia muhanna (24 days ago)
Dove is beutiful with and without makeup !!!wowwww!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍
Javiely Colón Mas (24 days ago)
Demi is beautiful with or without makeup
Javiely Colón Mas (24 days ago)
I totally recognize DOVE CAMERON without she look exactly the same
Mackenzie Gower (24 days ago)
They look ugly without makeup
L and A Squad (24 days ago)
Molly Penden (24 days ago)
I came here cuz Miss Wen, my absolute FAV, was in the thumbnail. She is so gorgeous and adorable with or without makeup. I love her just the same. She slays that unicorn hair any and every day! Without the dye, she looks like a different person. She is just so incredibly amazing all the time. Like if you agree. 👍 if you think Wengie is gorgeous all the time no matter what. Comment if you think otherwise.
Malak Salih (25 days ago)
Holy bird poop. . . that is Kim Kardashian?!?! *faints* (not trying to be rude)
Alisha Jordan (25 days ago)
I totes agree with Alicia Keys
Vinita Sharma (25 days ago)
wengie looks her age without makeup. (32)
Marcos Rojas (25 days ago)
Did u just say our favorite rapper nicki Minaj wow u think that bruh she my least favorite rapper SHES NOT EVEN A RAPPER IT MAKES NO SENSE u say all our least favorite people u probably think lil Tay is the best dude ur crazy I am not subscribing
Win Life (25 days ago)
Ariana is sooo beautiful
timsdoky (25 days ago)
Lori Haigh (26 days ago)
You should do James charles
Maranda Smathers (27 days ago)
Kim if ur watching you look absolutely beautiful without makeup!!!!!!
Wow dove Cameron..... she's so cute.... Wow Niki .... she so amazing... Wow demi..... she is so awesome.... WOW Kendall .... she so fabulous ... Wow Mila... she so cute... wow tana. .. she is awesome.. Courtney.... so pweTty!.. William.... awesome! CL..... WOOHOO! STILL AWESOME (DONT KNOW HER).. Emilia. ... Gorgeous! .... Adele... Wow!! Alicia keys!.... AWESOME!! Ariana.. Still adorable....! Christina... STILL BEAUTIFOOL... Katy Perry.... SHE AWESOME!.. Lady Gaga... Still rocking it! Marilyn.... Awesome! ?..... STILL AWESOME! WENGIE!!! Still beautiful and Adorable!! .... what.... they are all beautiful..... inside and out
alex be crazy (27 days ago)
OK some of these weren't even celebrities also 5.54 i was shocked they look like two differnt people the rest were recognizable tho
Sofia Semskar (27 days ago)
11:13 tumnail
Sarah Daniels (27 days ago)
I watch live in Maddie
Fin And Em Studios! (28 days ago)
Omg wait that means I saw Ariana granda srry I cant spekl
The Cool Kidz (28 days ago)
no makeup they are all so butifull
Cool Ali (29 days ago)
I would do both
Marisa Davis (29 days ago)
Lier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dov camrin. Is byoutifol
Danielle Bee (29 days ago)
Not ture
Danielle Bee (29 days ago)
Not real

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