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Barstool Sports - AVN Red Carpet

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El Pres on the AVN Red Carpet Check out Barstool Sports for more: http://www.barstoolsports.com Follow Barstool Sports here: Facebook: https://facebook.com/barstoolsports Twitter: https://twitter.com/barstoolsports Instagram: http://instagram.com/barstoolsports
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Text Comments (133)
nash0089 (6 days ago)
12:09 girl is rolling her fucking tits off lmao
TheVJProduction (11 days ago)
is that some cum stain on ron jerermy's pants?
S Ash (20 days ago)
Lolll the sicho bob bit
jon jhon (27 days ago)
Ron Jeremy with cum on his pants...Only Ron.
Brian Z (29 days ago)
Kennedy Leigh, one bite everybody knows the rules, solid 8.1. Figure skating rules
Jay Trock (1 month ago)
Nicole Aniston is super hot, but when she did those lip injections went down. She is starting to look better, hope she doesn't them again.
Tiller Buckets (1 month ago)
6:35 what’s is fucking Snape doing at a porn convention?
Marc Blakeman (1 month ago)
Ivy Madison 😍and Nicole Aniston😍
Howie Phukterpuss (1 month ago)
Double chin Dave was a legend
Jeff Bezos Brain (1 month ago)
I have like 7 other tabs open after watching this video for "research purposes"
ATX. JCG (1 month ago)
Sloppy is an understatement..........and I love it.
Young monaco (1 month ago)
Is it me or did Dave get a chin tuck. His chin is complelty tucked in now. And his face looks much skinnier.
niles browning (1 month ago)
Plugged in my headphones for this here in 2019.
Don A (1 month ago)
7:18 Dude looks pissed.
mxamiss5 (1 month ago)
I'd like to see a brain scan of these people compared to others
Nick Nolte (1 month ago)
Evan is classic.
#TEAM TRUMP (1 month ago)
El Pres looks so much better now
Negative Qi (1 month ago)
70 avn nominations everyone knows the rules
denam3d (1 month ago)
Robin Williams lookin good
Jon Davis (2 months ago)
Any time I see AVN I’m like ahhhh my spot I know it’s a great channel lol
Dawson Rush (2 months ago)
Who’s the black chick?
Pietro Cardinali (2 months ago)
Ragazzo intervistatore simpaticissimo.........
Metty724 (3 months ago)
kobe24OBCity (1 month ago)
Jessica Lopez god bless you
Jessica Lopez (2 months ago)
Metty724 Jessie Andrews lol my fave
Koaasst (3 months ago)
i need a videopoon gf
collin sorba (3 months ago)
greatest video ever
Andrew Uhlian (3 months ago)
Wooaoow. 8:33
David Abreu (3 months ago)
ron jeremy cum stain pants
laodicea777 (4 months ago)
that black girls ass o lawd
Mike Pipes (4 months ago)
“We got a guy, who would eat so many skittles out of your ass” Classic Portnoy
TRUMPY THE CLOWN (4 months ago)
LOL! If your Dads ever speak to you again. Please, thank him for the damaged goods.
Totally missed diamond at 5:00
7:00 The worse thing may happen to a famous porn actor it whould be his wife more famous than him. Poor Toni Ribas always interviewers only ask to his wife Asa Akira but they don't even notice him. 7:00
Rashad Sims (4 months ago)
Is it just me but he seems very nervous ass fuck
音液ゥGUXX (4 months ago)
cayogator (4 months ago)
You are great ! my friend..........
Armaan R (4 months ago)
I like how these people think there real actors......lmao
Haroon Mushtaq (4 months ago)
*_Can any one tell me the "NaMe of MaN" with "aSa aKiRa"_*
Tony, The Stark (4 months ago)
*Those are gigantic boobs*
Ethan Abbott (4 months ago)
Anyone else writing down names?
Brendon brucale (4 months ago)
Million doller ideaer
Marc Pyskaty (4 months ago)
Kennedy Leigh .... dear lord
Lan Astaslem (4 months ago)
whos the black bitch!
R TJ (4 months ago)
7:14 that face you make when your date is talkin about winning the double penetration award for the fourth time.
ras124 (4 months ago)
El Presidente!!!
RODRIGO ST (5 months ago)
who is she on green? 7:26
William Pilston (5 months ago)
Ron Jeremy had white stains on his black pants by the zipper that old pig jizz everywhere
Probably prostate problems it makes him pee often outside hehehe😂
Ryan Gallaway (5 months ago)
One nut everybody knows the rules
Mumit Imperiel (5 months ago)
AVN Red Carpet
Abdul Rashid (5 months ago)
Wow more videos plzzz
dietlamp (5 months ago)
One hot Asian girl. Everyone knows the rules.
Isaiah Martinez (5 months ago)
Alot of those pornstars were high as hell
Marty Simpson (5 months ago)
Bush on YouTube... and you owned it. Gotta love these guys
Rawkstar (5 months ago)
Y'all see the woman in the red dress!? 8:20 Wow, Isn't that a scene in the matrix? lol
SarahPalinQuit (5 months ago)
MuffyCakeMan (5 months ago)
Evan stone with the floppy banana domg but Idc if Manny pipes the girls when i see that mouth i wanna smash in his jaw even further. Akira fkn bomb shell though lol
Timmy Gray (6 months ago)
My IQ just dropped 50% after watching this
Don A (6 months ago)
Wish Pres still did stuff like this.
This guy takes the piss with respect. ...funny dude.
Bitcoin Is Freedom (6 months ago)
Pause at 8:32. Almost positive there’s a clit on my screen. YouTube should’ve deleted by now. Beautiful oversight.
Christopher Lovelock (2 months ago)
+Shavone Kennedy If you were female and had as many 'cocks' as she probably has, not to mention a few fists as well, I expect yours would start to get a bit big. Only one snag I should have recognised her but didn't - anyone help out.............?????????
Shavone Kennedy (3 months ago)
why is it so huge? Its like a quater
vishal chauhan (5 months ago)
Well observed bro, I didn't even see that..
BDu0 (6 months ago)
who's the chick
Logan Johnson (7 months ago)
Who’s that girl in the background at 11:45
Kevin Johnson (5 months ago)
Capri cavanni
Ragz Rocco (7 months ago)
The black chick doin interviews has the best ass ever
Ragz Rocco (7 months ago)
I want nicoles ass bad
Ben Moody (7 months ago)
this might be the best video i've ever seen
Harambe Nights (8 months ago)
When I was only a young boy, a baby bumble bee crawled up my bung hole and stung my colon from the inside. It hurt like hell, but I learned a valuable life lesson that I would not have otherwise learned had that baby bumble not crawled up my bung hole and stung my colon like it did when I was only a young boy.
kris reed (8 months ago)
Fat Dave
sitka (9 months ago)
the best part is evan stone directed the infamous Pirates 2: Stagnetti's Revenge
Andrew Mason (8 months ago)
sitka bahahahaha comment of the year
Stephen Foster (9 months ago)
13:38 blue dress, who is she?
Steven Lopez (6 months ago)
Stephen Foster I think that’s Kiara Mia, the chick Jimmy Garoppolo smashed.
Tijuana iguana (9 months ago)
Get a better mic you clown
Christopher Valentin (9 months ago)
Greatest sporting event ever.
Aidan Jelveh (9 months ago)
girl with half hair is retarded
Scott Schmidt (9 months ago)
M A K O (9 months ago)
Asa Akiras guy looks at Dave like he s contemplating a 3 way later- prob used to every guy he s seen coming all over her
Chad Johnson (9 months ago)
11:33 girl in the black is on drugs for sure
ras124 (4 months ago)
are you ok?
She is high on cocaine or anphetamines but who cares?They are Hookers!
Blue See (4 months ago)
most of porn stars (females) on drugs. They fucking them and hand the money to the right hand and take it back from the left hand. Thats why most of them are living miserable life with no good or stable financial position. They brought them to the industry as slaves.
Kenneth Bone (5 months ago)
prolly zoinked on some xannys
Dean Marks (6 months ago)
Thats ok right?
Doug Ritterbusch (9 months ago)
Ron Jeremy had wazz on his pants lamo
murrrmur (9 months ago)
"I have an Asian fetish" LOL bro, that's not a compliment.
Brian Z (30 days ago)
She responded that she was up for best anal scene. So who really gives a shit lol
#TEAM TRUMP (1 month ago)
Not really ..
Dean Marks (6 months ago)
Its not? HAHA!
David Weise (1 year ago)
J beet99 (1 year ago)
“Hardoooooo” lmao
Ethan Payne (1 year ago)
Good ole sideshow Bob
Chad Brown (1 year ago)
"I know you're a pornstar, but I just saw you naked."
i2Shea (1 year ago)
Madison Ivy was so fucked up lol
kchisholm25 (1 year ago)
The funniest part of this is the subtle "Hardoooo" at the 2:45 mark lmao, hilarious shit
Frank James (1 year ago)
kchisholm25 I
elsamso (2 years ago)
LMAO sideshow bob stole the show
hotneo7 (2 years ago)
Porn is the last industry to accept the times are changing. When internet speeds went from dial up to DSL, it was mp3 traded on Napster and that hurt severely the music industry, you can't find any cd or record stores now. Then as DSL went to high speed internet people did more than mp3 and did Hollywood movies and tv shows. In Blockbusters place is Netflix. Porn has been slow to evolve which is unusual because they are used to being the first to create change. Their business model still depends on people buying movies a piece when most business models now are a flat rate per month subscription and you watch unlimited in that time. Until the studios can find mainstream industry to sponsor them, they will shutter. Just going to the convention, you see the cam sites just get bigger booths and numerous brands. If Evil Angel, Jules Jordan, and Elegant Angel is like Disney, Fox, and Warner Bros, then Camsoda, MyFreeCam, and Chaturbate are like the Youtube and the studios don't control who becomes a star, it is now decentralized onto the people of cam sites. Users decide who is the next big star. The cam sites are just finishing off what the piracy started. Take away the toy booths, and the cam booths, and there isn't much of a convention left. The writing's on the wall, and big name pornstars are leaving the traditional studio model and joining Camsoda because that is where the traffic is. The studios are devastated by piracy and less revenue means they shoot less content and are more picky with their girls. The girls see that there is less work or less money, they drop out of porn in less than a year. Many do porn to get the recognition and parlay that into a simultaneous camming business model so that they leave porn and the fanbase they built is retained into camming. Because it is porn, it is one industry that can't get a government bailout like the auto industry. There has been in the last few years an exodus of talent that has gone overseas or just retired. It is a dying industry in which the costs outpace the incomes and it's amazing it has gone on at all. When you look at how few people buy dvd players and new laptops don't come with dvd players, the sales of adult dvd get impacted. If the adult studios can just cut out the dvd manufacturing and just go straight to digital library that will help them get costs down but anything digital can be copied and pirated. If you want validation just see how many adult bookstores have closed and the ones that remain open have shrunk their inventory and expanded their lingerie and toys to make up for lost revenue. In a few years what will keep the conventions alive is more toys like Fleshlight and dildos, more camming sites, and just a handful of porn websites like Pornhub. Many girls now don't even bother to contact a talent agent because it is so much easier to work in their own home, and by camming, they aren't exposed to diseases and keep a bigger cut of profit. So many talent are leaving the industry because after the studio pays their agent, the agent pays the star very little. The business model is very outdated, and it might have to shut down before it can come back in a way where the girls perform, people watch for free, sponsors pay for the content in hopes the traffic will get them to buy the ads. Now is the worst time for young girls to start doing porn and those that started have a shorter career than previous generations largely to piracy.
hotneo7 (2 years ago)
Surprised to see Alina Li and Tori Black since they retired.
lamakicker69 (2 years ago)
Funny that asa now works for Dave
B.line (2 years ago)
Alison Tyler 5:30?
youscrewber (3 years ago)
fuck that dude at 7:12
Jimmy (1 year ago)
haha thats her husband who is also in the industry. funny how asa now works for barstool.
Matthew Howard (3 years ago)
nicole aniston is so hot
dk (1 month ago)
Andre Bush (4 months ago)
Nicole aniston
ras124 (4 months ago)
So is Jennifer A.
Davis Eichstaedt (4 months ago)
Nicole best in the game
Alex Loughrey (10 months ago)
Thecapt10n YT (3 years ago)
haha 69 liked
Mohammed Ahmed (3 years ago)
go to hell
ivor Biggun (5 months ago)
Pussio mohammedan
michael hall (5 months ago)
no u
brody a (3 years ago)
+Mohammed Ahmed Watchu mad about fuckboi
Jack Dirt (3 years ago)
The female performers in order of appearance: Nicole Aniston, Jayden Lee, Kennedy Leigh, Romi Rain, Alina Li, Luna Star, Justine Joli, Misty Stone, Rachel Starr, Kendra Lust, Asa Akira, Layton Benton, Alexis Texas, Nikki Benz, Tori Black, Madison Ivy, Selena Rose, Tiffany Taylor.
Jake Cole (10 months ago)
Who was the chick right before Nikki Benz? White dress and he said I know you are a porn star but I just saw you naked.
B.line (2 years ago)
Jack Dirt Nikki Benz looked hotter than Rachel Starr
James White (3 years ago)
+Jack Dirt You forgot Hillary Clinton....
KD Harp (4 years ago)
8:33 who is that girl
InBeileinWeTrust (1 year ago)
No it’s actually Jessie Andrews
Jack Dirt (3 years ago)
+KD Harp Aaliyah Love if you mean the blonde dressed in white.
Predwards 89 (4 years ago)
Puzzoozoo (4 years ago)
Tori Black probably couldn't find a white guy to get engaged to, as well as procreate with.
Dean Marks (6 months ago)
Or just needs something bigger in her life ;)
Adam Zach (5 years ago)
Dude's a legit comic. Well done -best I've seen since Doug Stanhope hosted Girls Gone Wild and turned it into comedic art.
Matt M (5 years ago)
kennedy leigh is a cutie
Luke Roth (5 years ago)
A joy to watch, we'll done Dave.

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