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2 girls 1 toilet

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Watch Meredith and Laurie get into funny antics, crazy shenanigans and absurd situations. Week 1: Meredith and Laurie go to the Bathroom.
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Text Comments (30)
ahmet ali (1 month ago)
Parul Rajpoot (10 months ago)
Make original Girl drink Susu and eat tatty
Duke k Dave (11 months ago)
In the remake the blonde girl was the one who spard in the toliet and the other one who was peeing on the toliet and pulled her jeans down and seeing a tiny bit of her knickers
anis laela (1 year ago)
Oh my baby
EVEN omg (1 year ago)
Aaron Gerrard (1 year ago)
1:05 I like your butt
ItsWiFi (1 year ago)
Lewis Fearon (1 year ago)
Wtf is this shit
Aryssa Nicole (2 years ago)
Escape for the guys are not the same
John Lemus (2 years ago)
1:04 flat ass
You guys just wanna see her butt
Ethan Lamstein (2 years ago)
Super Flat ass
Gede Outsiders (2 years ago)
00:36 big pussy ah ah....
Awesome Dude (3 years ago)
Awesome Dude (3 years ago)
Maureen Perry (3 years ago)
DyAndrah Hanson♥ (3 years ago)
there the same girls from 2 girls 1 toilet sex party but they did it different abit
Mythical Rogue Trevor (3 years ago)
if u dare skip to 1:13 p.s not for the weak
Adventures with Alana (1 year ago)
I wish didn't skip to thirteen
Skyler Mckeehan (3 years ago)
it is so good
Ladii Peaches (3 years ago)
Frank Smith (3 years ago)
Would love to see those 2 do a buddy dump together
Suzette Anderson (3 years ago)
video de prueba (4 years ago)
suban mas video
bibi yana (4 years ago)
Pat Coville (5 years ago)
I saw something like this but it was reversed.
David Leo (5 years ago)
This sketch is really populair..
Alexander (5 years ago)
Peeing through the credits!
Quavail Leontay (6 years ago)
Haha "uh, this is happening"
Larry M. (6 years ago)
Ha! LAMO when Laurie began to hurl. Funny stuff! Can't wait for the next one.

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