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Skincare HACKS That WORK! 2

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Text Comments (23)
Julia Johnson (1 day ago)
3:06 *its kinda obvious that honey in that plastic thing isn’t real honey.....*
Zarnab Bashir (2 days ago)
What's that at 5.00 which machine is that and where can I find it
Rashida Shaikh (3 days ago)
1 : 28 how can she look so beautiful 😍
goldi manikpuri (5 days ago)
Great 😎
Qirat Qasim (9 days ago)
I don't know much about ingredients but if someone tells me their names i could at least ask somebody that where can i get them from but no names are mentioned in the video
Mansha Khalid (9 days ago)
You should mention the names of things u use
Julia Johnson (1 day ago)
Mansha Khalid ikr
Catiplier (9 days ago)
I just use coconut oil and sugar to make a scrub. It doesn't go bad so you can just keep it in a small container by the bathroom sink.
Julia Johnson (1 day ago)
Catiplier honey never goes bad **random fact**
Catiplier (2 days ago)
I tried honey, all it did was clump up and crystallize. The oil doesn't give me any blemishes at all.
Rashida Shaikh (3 days ago)
cocnut oil can cause pimples use honey
Vanisha Anu (9 days ago)
you should mention what ingredients you are using
cute pie (10 days ago)
Plz suscribe me
Bulbul La (10 days ago)
4.50 what was that...
cute pie (10 days ago)
One like plz
Dream Queen (8 hours ago)
Julia Johnson (1 day ago)
cute pie (10 days ago)
Alizai Saleem (10 days ago)
Ok as you wish
Jenz BeautyStyle (10 days ago)
Thanks! I love skincare videos
SwEEt giRL (11 days ago)
Ye sach me kaam kare gaa
goldi manikpuri (5 days ago)
U r Indian I am also 😋😋😊
Aммara Bυĸнarι (11 days ago)

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