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2015 Long Beach To Catalina & Back IJSBA Offshore Endurance National Championship

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An epic battle on the Pacific Ocean between Monster Energy Kawasaki's Craig Warner and Yamaha pilot Mike Klippenstein during the 2105 Long Beach to Catalina & Back IJSBA Offshore Endurance National Championships. The watercraftrider.com cameras were there to capture all of the record breaking action. https://www.watercraftrider.com
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Text Comments (123)
Stephen Penney (9 days ago)
Little unknown, If I Only Had the sponsors!
Chris Velez (1 month ago)
What was that small object at 2:43
Lynn Boy (1 month ago)
I have Hayabusa jet ski
being briyan (1 month ago)
Yamahas fucked up
Smith (2 months ago)
pilots certainly lose weight during the race... I wonder how much in kg?
Врр 001 (3 months ago)
Gtx limited💪to goo  https://youtu.be/wcRPUl-9NUg https://youtu.be/C5Q6zNf-2p8 https://youtu.be/4odf4KX4tqs https://youtu.be/Z6ZnOQFXc-Y Подпишись sing up,благодарю огромное
Sparker Channel (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/Pd3CxOGPxQs its not fun just playing
001 002 (5 months ago)
has a Great white ever jumped out of water and ATE a jet ski rider? You know those sharks jump right...
001 002 (5 months ago)
i want to see a v-8 powered jetski... its coming... right? Has to come someday.
CHIDI JOHN (7 months ago)
I love this ride so much, I will love to be part of this game, any one who will me to be part of this game pls call me with this no +2348081730020,+2349068877256.
luca bellino (8 months ago)
My family owns 2 sea doo turbo charge
Naim Uddin Sourav (9 months ago)
Tyler Murphy (9 months ago)
ناروتو ناروتو (11 months ago)
لماذا تعرضون بعض المشاهد الحرام
Olive Vuycankiat (1 year ago)
Turbine kawasaki
damian devenish (1 year ago)
what is this race distance ?
Priscila wywerqrw (1 year ago)
qué copado
Lal Hjk (1 year ago)
Ana fransa siban djidski
Tony Mckinnon (1 year ago)
IDK whats the big deal, I had my snowmobile up to 113 mph. I'm sure i'd dominate on a waverunner.
No_diet_coke (1 year ago)
the winer as a the tee shirt of karujet in guadeloupe "la ville qui bouge" haha
Yasmina Ghordo (1 year ago)
👍جميل سشيدن
Karim A. Kader (1 year ago)
ilove watersport
Karim A. Kader (1 year ago)
Netarded Rigger (1 year ago)
today i drove a jet ski at 60 MPH.......MY TEARS OF THE WIND WERE GOING TO THE SIDE OF MY FACE!!!
boater IA (9 months ago)
Alejandro Terzado what make and model was it? I'm a Kawasaki guy looking to buy soon...... wondering if I really need a supercharged ski.
Gustavo Santana (1 year ago)
Su Bak (1 year ago)
So cool I drive like that but not fast like that
Watercraft Rider (1 year ago)
The fastest skis require aux fuel tanks and typically burn about 25-27 gallons in the race
KThach (2 years ago)
How much fuel is burned in a full race? I'd assume they'd be close to empty.
Key Kly (2 years ago)
Bryan Poopie (2 years ago)
The Guy In First Place is so smart
lorenzo damag (2 years ago)
wow kawasaki won something.
Youngbl33zy (2 years ago)
This is gay
Braylon Rowe (2 years ago)
I have a kawasaki
79pejeperro (1 year ago)
Alexander Bondestam I do
Alexander Bondestam (2 years ago)
good, noone cares.
Omar Elounag (2 years ago)
that's awesome i want to drive one of those
Rman Nayr (2 years ago)
Mhla Nombembe (2 years ago)
Is the engine from original manufacture?  This bike appears to be on EPO
Tinky//Quit 9/13/13 (2 years ago)
I've done this ride twice this year, one in rough water and one in flat. Rough water is fun until you're 15 miles in and cant feel your arms anymore.
Zogi Panda (2 years ago)
Omg where do i go? let me stop and gps it... lmfao its a race fucking do the turn and gps after ur turn is done lost so much time
Spirited Driver (2 years ago)
lol, love how there are no seadoos competing!
adrian (1 year ago)
Spirited Driver haha they will break down half a mile in
coolshin gaming (2 years ago)
It cost about 969,786
coolshin gaming (2 years ago)
That is cool
lixansumendisradis (2 years ago)
Going in staight line full throttle... interesting...
001 002 (5 months ago)
this race kinda was... ocean was FLAT as hell... kinda late to party... but other races... They are jumping off swells. Much more interesting. Imagine all the great whites under them :D
001 002 (5 months ago)
Its more of a Up and Down race then turning left and right.
Mrterrbl (2 years ago)
Ok... goes in a "mostly" straight line... Seems like the race is whoever puts the most money into their project... Who cares if you win a race where it took little skill?
Aaron Boardman (2 years ago)
Everything looks like a straight line when your surrounded by water... Dingus.
MrMrsregor (2 years ago)
least eventful race ever
Caligolferguys (2 years ago)
How the hell are all those breaking down?
Ben (2 years ago)
Pushing your ski WOT (Wide open throttle) for that long puts a lot of stress on the engine, and most of those skis are way beyond stock placing even more stress on the engine. The guy that won took 51 minutes, that's 51 minutes of pushing the ski to its absolute max.
5252dan (2 years ago)
what a beating. hats off. definitely
Cactus Anal (2 years ago)
wear a helmet on a jet ski you wouldn't want to hit your head on WATER and get a CONCUSSION ..........
Jesse L (2 years ago)
Lol this idiot.
Clorox Bleach (2 years ago)
They are hitting 80+ on those jet skis the water would feel like rocks.
Jamie Leggett (2 years ago)
At that speed its like concrete, so a helmet is probably a good idea.
Manuel Chicha (2 years ago)
lindo dimas
HorsepowerKings.com (2 years ago)
I have a 07 RXP, live in Oceanside. I launch out of the harbor and ride down to La Jolla, up to Dana Point, etc. It's amazing what you see if you spend enough time in the Ocean, especially on a RXP. Would love to ride with some of these guys.
HorsepowerKings.com (2 years ago)
all of the above.  The ocean is the world's largest jungle, even if you stay within a few miles of shore.
Santiago Iglesias (2 years ago)
My name is santiago
That_one_michael (2 years ago)
how come sea doo wasn't participating?
Awesome Gamer007 (5 months ago)
That_one_michael yes because we have a see do spark
Khazaly Bks (5 months ago)
RaGe Toxic (6 months ago)
The hull is slower and isn’t a doesn’t have a racing history
Caden Rhoades (1 year ago)
That_one_michael right
adrian (1 year ago)
That_one_michael because seaduds are a pieces of shit
Matt Bond (2 years ago)
crazy fast. What a run to do.
ooooooooooooh yes we love it am in Nigeria now am working with JET SKI RIDERS in
Tim Sharky Productions (2 years ago)
How much does it cost to go from stock to what these guys are running. I'm assuming its pretty insane. 10k?
Kein Nigga (1 year ago)
bocajuniors55 And how many hp does it produce now?
Fernando Mandujano (2 years ago)
Ambee Star (2 years ago)
bocajuniors55 (2 years ago)
+Wayne Smith Gotcha. Sounds like a pretty custom set-up then.
Wayne Smith (2 years ago)
In the case of the R&D kits for the Yamaha, there is A LOT of hardware pieces included beside the turbo and wastegate, such as a new intercooler, water jacketed hand welded inlet and outlet pipes, a new muffler kit, fuel pressure regulator, ECU reflash, boost controller, mounting brackets, a revised crankcase vent system and more. There was a ridiculous amount of engineering that went into it. check it out at rd-performance dot com and you'll see what I mean. The Turbo kit for the Kawasaki is similar but requires less hardware (uses stock intercooler) so the price is a bit less at 8K. WR
Javier Ruiz (2 years ago)
Question overall, riding this long and the continuous jumps how would one avoid getting constant back pain? Do they use lumbar support when riding this long?
Javier Ruiz (2 years ago)
+jsiouan2 ok, thank you for you feedback. now on to searching that info. thanks
jsiouan2 (2 years ago)
+Javier Ruiz I know a couple of guys that wear braces and stuff....personally, I don't wear anything but I try to make sure I maintain proper riding form....if you do that, you use your legs and arms more than anything else.
Life On Two Wheels (2 years ago)
Question, I wan to ride some jetski and i also want to video tape it. Where exactly do i attach my gopro to? Thank you!
Ddan616 (2 years ago)
+Life On Two Wheels np
Life On Two Wheels (2 years ago)
cool. thx dude!
Ddan616 (2 years ago)
You can wear a helmet or get a go pro head strap
T.B. Squad (2 years ago)
no sea-doos?
Josh Wise (2 years ago)
+T.B. Squad The SeaDoo Rotax engines are a liability in races. It's a lot easier to repair standard SeaDoo and Kawasaki engines.
Za Dom Spreman (2 years ago)
I ride only stand up jets but for those who think this is only sitting and grab a throttle i say go and try. This is serious high speed jets 80mph+. i am sure you will piss your pants in half minute WOT
MT40 Q (3 months ago)
I go 75 and it’s not scary until you hit a wave you dint see and you fly
Seth Bjornsson (4 months ago)
I've got a sea doo that gors about 50 mph, but 80+ sounds AWESOMELY SCARY
Andrew Geier (11 months ago)
Skis are really physically taxing when you ride them like this, arms and legs are noodles after riding like this.
+Neno Bracki i can never feel my legs after riding the skis like this :)
Lewis Lipstone (2 years ago)
Redrockat (2 years ago)
very cool race :)
Jimmy Tran (3 years ago)
so smooth
Phil Taylor (3 years ago)
Where do I sign??
Hamlet telmaH (3 years ago)
joshua6200 (3 years ago)
wow...lame. No skill... sit on a "boat-ski" and grab the throttle...
Caden Rhoades (1 year ago)
joshua6200 I have a jet ski you have no idea
jsiouan2 (2 years ago)
+joshua6200 Bet you can't do it
Ding Chavez (2 years ago)
yea skill fuck head, skill involves stamina you dumb fuck. skill also says you couldnt ride a jet ski for more than 30 minutes with out crying cause your back hurts
aluisious (2 years ago)
+beyond305 He said skill. Can you read?
Ding Chavez (3 years ago)
+joshua6200 try standing up for that long and hanging on to a jet ski, clearly youve never ridden one. this take quite a deal of strength and stamina. only a fool like you would make such a stupid comment.
Lank Plank (3 years ago)
Wow! Most boring race ever!
Jake Wobma (1 year ago)
kinda ya nothing but wide open throttle there and back . but Damn they are fast
Michael Giovannetti (3 years ago)
looks like fun! I always wanted to do this... its on my bucket list.
greenrolaids (3 years ago)
he took home a $400 gift certificate from yamaha for the win. Awesome.
Vagabond Masllani (3 years ago)
Hello guys anyone know how to partecipate at the jetski racing ? or at the championship ? thank u
Dank (3 years ago)
I want one of those jet skis xD
Carlos Thomas (3 years ago)
That is how you make a video. Congrats Craig on #6.
Watercraft Rider (3 years ago)
+Carlos Thomas Thank you Carlos!

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