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Jet Surfboards

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Jet Surfboards Rentals, is your headquarters and the first and only company in North America to offer the Ultimate Ride experience on a Jet Surfboard. We offer lessons and rentals, at the Marriott Sand Key in Clearwater Beach Florida. Our trainers will show you how to ride the board safely in the calm pristine waters of the bay adjacent to Sand Key-Clearwater beach.
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Text Comments (153)
sli Fox (8 hours ago)
these things are great https://youtu.be/n-C6-cZHW-Q
Thomas Morgan (10 days ago)
been there done that definitely an item for those who don't serve polluting the water
Eric Scaillet (12 days ago)
Great for lakes. ...
kawika dav (14 days ago)
Try it out at the Nazare.
NikitOnSurf (16 days ago)
No pain, no gain!
Douwe Monsma (16 days ago)
He discovered the slow motion button.... and then went overboard...
Равиль Гам (18 days ago)
Автор пидор!!!!!!
Ant Poo (18 days ago)
More of a jet wakeboard than a surfboard
the dude (1 month ago)
Shoot in slow for your viewing pleasure thank you so much
Gravy Train (1 month ago)
vzgsxr (2 months ago)
Take it easy on the slow motion. 😂
toni lutzardo (2 months ago)
Si no hacen ediciones de subnormales en el video no se auedna trankilo
GLR (3 months ago)
Guys, how much does it cost to certify CE such board in Europe???
Malik Walters (4 months ago)
When you don't have a car
rydershortboard Mcleod (5 months ago)
Lets see how in goes in small swell,
STUZWORLDZ (7 months ago)
gooni goo goo (7 months ago)
notice the uploader will not reply ago any comment or question. posted purely for clicks and get paid. fuck off
gooni goo goo (7 months ago)
way to much slow motion for dramatics. normal speed please...this is just silly
gooni goo goo (8 months ago)
E vazkee (8 months ago)
12000????? Fuck that
Arief Darmawan (8 months ago)
Motor board keren
skibumalldasy (8 months ago)
These are the bunch of asshole surfers that think they own jaws. "A new sport" lmao....I wouldn't pay $5.00 for this hunk of shit.
Sub Samadhi (8 months ago)
Its no longer a surfboard when you add engines and shit. Its a foot boat
а ссылку в описание слабо поставить, пиндосы б..ядь...
עידו מהדי (9 months ago)
What is the price of such a surfboard?
ishedolewz (9 months ago)
For that price i could buy a ski boat and a wake board and everyone can have fun. Lol
cool I want one
Corne Mouton (9 months ago)
no petrol = problem
E. G.M. (10 months ago)
Wooow 💪🏽🤙🏽👈🏽👍🏽
David dipshit (10 months ago)
Cool a wake board being pulled by a boat with a green screen rope. Fake. The footage is slowed down because it's easier to edit thst way
nice (10 months ago)
I want this...for next trip.to.hawaii where do buy it?
nice (10 months ago)
They gave me bullshit to ride on in Hawaii i didnt complain. But that crap they gave me was a piece.
Brian Price (10 months ago)
Try in some surf. Even small surf. This video is basic.
Whatyoudo (10 months ago)
It looks boring after a few hours, and expensive im sure and how about show a "jet Surfboard" riding a wave???? In stupid-slow motion of course since that is apparently cool to the editor of this vid that loves pissing people off!
shiver me timber (10 months ago)
For those who cant surf waves... introducing the electric gay surfboard
Torsten Hranchuk (10 months ago)
very cool i live in STUPID canada we can't have these here by law to many idiots stupid canada born and raised can't wait to leave stupidville!!!
smallfaucet (10 months ago)
Homo butt crack at 1:14 LOL
The whole fucking thing in slo-mo? what a waste of 2:30 seconds how bout actually showing how it works in the water!
Angry Guy (10 months ago)
it probably dosent :D
keith brock (10 months ago)
타임서치 (10 months ago)
hank spooner (10 months ago)
why isn't the demo in the surf? Makes me wonder.
rob wells (10 months ago)
shitty comercial
capt. kyle (10 months ago)
how much?
Nuwan RAJAKARUNA KOTUWEGE (11 months ago)
Till you hit a rock below
rydershortboard Mcleod (11 months ago)
U cannot even burry the inside rail.and it looks more like a wake ski. Back to the tool shed
MDJ (11 months ago)
Shark bait
Anthony Jaswinski (11 months ago)
Maybe you should try one without 90% slow motion
bloody Blade (11 months ago)
get rid of the stupid techno music and let people hear the sound of the machine !
Michael Stewart (11 months ago)
21st century stuff that we thought about in 60s
elsanchodetumama Saenz (11 months ago)
built the wall trump it's all good!😂😂😂
Jess Barry (11 months ago)
You could strap 2keys on you n go for long surf back to usa
cshim yota (11 months ago)
Cool! Maybe used in big wave surfing. Wait for it someone will.
David Eats (11 months ago)
1 min in and I'm already bored with this thing!
Jager Maister (11 months ago)
10 000 dolars,omg
Justin Ronberg (11 months ago)
Logan Hall (11 months ago)
Editing was too jumpy for this type of thing. Too many fast cuts. Too much slow mo. We want to see that thing in action not some artsy fartsy crap like this.
ggrapho (1 year ago)
..and very very NOISY !!! ...
MGTOWcockney (1 year ago)
Mostly shot in slow mo. Why?
erik dee (11 months ago)
=== They're not very fast
BILL zanotti (1 year ago)
how about real time speed instead of fast forward or slow motion no idea what it really like
Samus (11 months ago)
Armand zanotti 35 mph
Colorado Mountain Man (1 year ago)
bad enough that our water ways were ruined by jet skiers now we have douchebags promoting more obnoxious environment damaging toys!
Iyad Sham (1 year ago)
everyone on earth need one for the final sunamie.What the price pls ??? 😅😅😅
jescollo (1 year ago)
greeeeeeeeeeat. SUPers crowd the waves enough. this is the last thing we need
PantsB4Squares (1 year ago)
Uhm what dumbass makes entire company for these things and calls them surf boards? This is clearly a wakeboard
James Palmer (1 year ago)
Is the thing battery or jet?
Jeremy North (1 year ago)
Great product, lame video.
Scot Fenn (1 year ago)
Try again. That was a really dumb video. speed it up --- and only use 3-4 second framed clips.
Mike Trites (1 year ago)
But how does it handle when there ARE waves? Because if it can function well with waves too, that would be a lot more fun. Imagine riding into a wave, up the wave, and then back down. That would be a cool product.
Pat Ribbing (1 year ago)
hey señyority, they get that one thing map'd out yet?
personxxi (1 year ago)
Llegan los jetboards . ¿Preparado para practicar surfing a motor? Más información aquí. 👇👇👇. http://www.personxxi.com/index.php/deportes/1795-2018-03-30-20-58-41.html
joey (1 year ago)
I wish I could afford one. I live near miles of rivers...
Vova г (1 year ago)
И будто именуется
Vova г (1 year ago)
Привет сколько стоит
MICHAEL FRIEL (1 year ago)
That's cool.
Gene West (1 year ago)
keep that kook gimmick away from the beach...
Oswalds Reef (1 year ago)
SO close, SO far away.
TheMuddatrucker (1 year ago)
still too expensive at half the price!
Keith Salisbury (1 year ago)
yeah but.........kitesurfing doesn't run out of fuel
Olivier Lutaud (1 year ago)
Keith Salisbury but it may run out of wind ;)
TheLir0n (1 year ago)
who knows where i can find this awesome music?
Stephen Kizel (1 year ago)
Wakeboard not a surfboard!
Stephen Kizel (11 months ago)
Frank Skinner yes frank, he’s not on a wave ether. The boards design is more “wakeboard” design.
Frank Skinner (11 months ago)
Stephen Kizel he's not in a wake
Randy Real (1 year ago)
excellent video editing, almost can't stop watching
fernando (1 year ago)
u$s 12000??
fernando (1 year ago)
How much like this?
Fab Wake Family (1 year ago)
gary griggs (1 year ago)
Gosu Sama (1 year ago)
why not use it as a modern life guard board? instead of the person taking 3- 4mins hand stroking to a person they can just jet their butts over in seconds walla!
Leo Tube (1 year ago)
track name please
Mark Known (1 year ago)
Slap on a turbo and I’m in.
Joaquin A. (1 year ago)
Only 35mph? Fuck outta here
Mr E (1 year ago)
Can you please post a video without all the contrast flashes and red tones, etc constantly screwing up the visuals do I can get an unimpeded view of the board and its capabilities.
Wojciech Pacynko (1 year ago)
Mark R (1 year ago)
one hour on that and you'd be bored !
Orppranator (11 months ago)
Mark R you could say that about any vehicle
Nick Morris (1 year ago)
Mark R .....if i bought one of these i could be riding the pipeline like a boss!.....i dont think that would ever be boring....lol.
Michael Curtis (1 year ago)
why do you say that..?
traveling random (1 year ago)
go kitesurf
Michael Harris (1 year ago)
Ride a dirt bike !
Guy Patts (1 year ago)
Should go 100 to f slow
videos (1 year ago)
terrible video editing, almost unwatchable
Michael Harris (1 year ago)
Seventeen thousand for a jet slab ,fuck they can bash that up there arse !
Ch33ki DVL (1 year ago)
They Demo these boards in Perth where I live,was Told they were $17,000 Australian dollars,and was watching them on the river,they weren't doing anywhere near 35 miles per hour more like 25mph
Peter Schug (1 year ago)
videos the audio sucks also. It was hard to watch and hard to listen to
Sym (1 year ago)
Sym (1 year ago)
aedan929 search up 67
Life of Aedan (1 year ago)
what!? 420 i guess
Sym (1 year ago)
aedan929 420 or 67?
Life of Aedan (1 year ago)
Realist hella yeah
Sym (1 year ago)
aedan929 gang?
Buscha Babooshka (1 year ago)
I would so try that shit!😼
ph (1 year ago)
sharks love chasing things like this ! lol
Eric Scaillet (12 days ago)
Make sure it has enough power to out run them
Dominik Lipski (10 months ago)
All the more fun!
Chris Wood (1 year ago)
over $12,000
Van Litespeed (10 months ago)
buy a stand up jet ski, hella more fun
Steve Douglas (10 months ago)
Exactly P.I. One of my boats is a 12' Pelican Jon Boat (nice one) and with the motor I'm in it for about a third of that. Nice name by the way. I get it of course.
capt. kyle (10 months ago)
kidding me? if you have 12k buy zet ski better
erik dee (11 months ago)
=== banned: you stole your idea, I was going to think of that soon
erik dee (11 months ago)
=== Jetboard at amazon merely $6998!!!!!
Sammy Lee (1 year ago)
same question $ and where
jason siig (1 year ago)
10000 k www.jetboardspain.com
Niklas (1 year ago)
Sammy Lee 10k its rly to much.. for this price i can buy a car
Sebastian P. (1 year ago)
Whats the make and model, price and where can you buy it? Thanks
jason siig (1 year ago)
JetSurfing Nation (1 year ago)
its a jetsurf

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