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Today me and my brother James attempt to make the WORLD’S HEALTHIEST DRINK! - I can’t believe how many different fruit and veg we blended to make this this drink!... ► Subscribe To See More :) - http://bit.ly/OliWhiteTV ► GET YOUR MERCH NOW! http://www.oliwhiteshop.com ***Check out my other EPIC DRINK VIDEOS on my channel*** BROTHERS MAKE THE WORLD’S MINTIEST DRINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59q5PreQsXc&t=2s BROTHERS MAKE THE WORLD’S MOST SOUR DRINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sSbnssLq_I&t=3s BROTHERS MAKE THE WORLD’S HOTTEST DRINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSd5FvOQm8o&t=203s BROTHERS MAKE THE WORLD’S MOST CHOCOLATEY DRINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nnlJG19TtM&t=2s ► ORDER THE TAKEOVER NOW! - http://www.gen-next.co.uk ▶︎ (UK) ORDER GENERATION NEXT - http://amzn.to/1QkOuMw ▶︎ (USA) http://bit.ly/GenNextUSBook MY INSTAGRAM: @OliWhiteTV MY TWITTER: @OliWhiteTV MY SNAPCHAT: OliWhite1 MY FACEBOOK: fb.com/OliWhiteTV FOLLOW JAMES ON TWITTER: @JamesWhite_TV FOLLOW JAMES ON INSTAGRAM: @JamesWhite_TV
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Text Comments (1857)
Immy Theimp (14 hours ago)
You should make the worlds most tea drink (loads of flavours of tea in one!) like if you agree!
Adrian Freeman (14 hours ago)
Fruit watermelon Vegetable colliflour cheese
Lisa Griffiths (1 day ago)
My fav fruit is watermelon and my fav vegetable is the Tomato
C Hext (3 days ago)
Im like James i hate veggies u have 2 do an ice cream challenge
Kayleigh Couldrey (5 days ago)
Favourite fruit is pineapple & favourite vegetable is sweet corn I’m normally fussy when it comes to vegetables 😂
Nat (6 days ago)
James is so immature 🤣🤣😭
juste n (6 days ago)
Apple is a fruit.
AmazingGekko (7 days ago)
James is actually so dumb for being 15
Karly _N (7 days ago)
1g famalam init😂 ahaha
Anna Tilley (7 days ago)
You should make a series called "educating James" it would be about teaching him basic information like: they don't make grapes out of grapefruit.
I do eat vegetables
Hello Hi (9 days ago)
I like cucumber and you should do a worlds most disgusting drink
skater pH (9 days ago)
My Favorite Fruit Is Bananas And My Favorite Vegetable Is Broccoli
Hazzy C (9 days ago)
Make the worlds sweetist drink like if you agree
stevevscott (9 days ago)
James looks like shister Ian
gemstone556 (9 days ago)
Apple and cucumber
KJ Loo (9 days ago)
Hate veg !!
OnlyLexi (10 days ago)
i loveee carrots sooooo much
Stephy Holt (10 days ago)
Omg!!!! Yes Oli finally called out james for not ever drinking it
Stephy Holt (10 days ago)
Ps James a waste man doesn’t mean trying to impress people 🤣 if you’re gonna try and talk like a gangster know what you’re saying
Stephy Holt (10 days ago)
These are my favourite videos of yours when you and James make things!
Fern Jacob (10 days ago)
Zak Baxter (11 days ago)
Brothers should try every pot noodle
Gamer Girl xx (12 days ago)
Cherries and Celery 😂❤️ that’s random I know...
AmyJacklin Or AJ (12 days ago)
Isn't the worlds healthiest drink just... *water?*
Lilya123 5 (12 days ago)
I’m so sorry but James your the dumbest person I “know” like who thinks a grape 🍇 comes from a grapefruit
Harley Unus (13 days ago)
Favourite vegetables are ice cream,chocolate,toast and sweets Jk favourite vegetable is celery and broccoli also moody broccoli
Harley Unus (13 days ago)
I hate Auto-Correct by moody I mean Mouldy
A crafter (13 days ago)
It turns your pee yellow and it make it smell....Are you serious mate
Rachel Matthews (14 days ago)
Ya ya it smell that that mouldy stuff init haha
ItzMeLovo (14 days ago)
James needs to grow up tbh
Jake Evans (14 days ago)
Make the worlds strawberry drink
Can u do idk the meatiest drink Or salt
FuriousPlayz (14 days ago)
9:29 is o funny
Kb_YT Warrior (15 days ago)
Is James in year 1 mind me he probably doesn’t know what that means
Olivia Fizzy (15 days ago)
“Vegetables, water, and squash” 🤔 Also pineapple and asparagus are probably my favorites. Also also, Oli needs to do a video making James try different fruits and veggies/healthy foods. Wth does he eat? 😂
Ruby Hampson (15 days ago)
James is the fussiest person with food but i can relate i hate vegetables 😂
Minichicken Games 2 (16 days ago)
worlds most cocconutyest drink in the world
Botha Geldenhuys (16 days ago)
Apple and .......
Freddie Warrillow (16 days ago)
Who’s that annoying girl repeating everything James says
Gaming With josh (16 days ago)
It’s a egg plant
Gaming With josh (16 days ago)
Lettus,pineapple, and spinige
Brooke Eliza (16 days ago)
Cauliflower doesn’t even taste bad... it barely even has a flavor. This video like genuinely bothered me. How does he not know a single thing about fruits and vegetables.
Ebony and Ruby watson (16 days ago)
you should get things that you would have in a Christmas dinner and blend it all together
Nancy (16 days ago)
Jordan Cluer (16 days ago)
fave veg is corn on the cob and fave fruit is pineapple and melon
Shakib Hussain (17 days ago)
Make the world's scariest drink by mixing all the sherbet flavours 😁😁😂😂😎😎😥😣
Sofia Weiss (17 days ago)
I relate to James on so many levels😶😭😂
CRAZY LOVE HEART (17 days ago)
Hate vegetables Love fruit
Macie Baxter (17 days ago)
Favourite fruit: Watermelon, Mango & Peach & loads more (I love fruit) Favourite vegetables: None😂
Sophie Blackhurst (18 days ago)
oh my god james naming these vegetables🤦🏼‍♀️
GrooviestPlum Gamer (19 days ago)
Kyles green army (20 days ago)
I like corn 🌽
Little miss Livi (20 days ago)
The worlds sweetest drink in the world...🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭
Robyn Kelly (21 days ago)
Worlds chocolateist drink aha 😂
Grace Edney (21 days ago)
every flavour of milkshake/ flavoured milk mixed into one
Itz Megzy (21 days ago)
That don't look human -James 2k18 ~Dear tomatos, I'm sorry. U don't look human enough for James to like u
Itz Megzy (21 days ago)
Sumaia Akthar (21 days ago)
Every video with james is so funny because he's so stupid xD
Lily Barnes (21 days ago)
James is so funny
Kelly Spencer (22 days ago)
I hate vegetables
tato potato (22 days ago)
Omar Butt (22 days ago)
I really enjoyed this video James is really stupid 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Amzar 1706 (24 days ago)
Tastiest drink
Amzar 1706 (24 days ago)
Cheesiest drink
Amzar 1706 (24 days ago)
The meatiest drink
lyra oneill (24 days ago)
U GuyS should make the worlds soapiest soap
Sarah Lambkin (24 days ago)
I hate vegetables 🍅 🌽 🌶 like James!
Angela Mitchell (24 days ago)
Oli: it makes ur pee go yellow Me: your pee is yellow anyway
Anela Rei Tan (25 days ago)
i love how oli didn't know how to correct bash a garlic clove when legit i do that on a weekly basis when i cook with my mom 😂 and i'm only 13 😂 gotta love oli and james 😂💓
Abigail Ramirez (25 days ago)
James is so awkward ad cute 😉
Mimi Stearn (25 days ago)
Jacob Matthews (25 days ago)
My favourite vegetable is broccoli because it’s one of my favourite foods
Ellie-mai Ballard (25 days ago)
Do the worlds unhealfiist drink
lucas Dean (25 days ago)
Do a drink just made a fast food 🍟
James Bruce (25 days ago)
R u two even related?😂😂😂😂
ItzLew0206 _ (25 days ago)
James is a weirdo I don’t like him not being mean
ItzLew0206 _ (25 days ago)
Grapes 🍇 and 🌽
BeanS :p - (26 days ago)
Me as a vegetable “ midget cabbage” xD
Amber Henderson (26 days ago)
When James ate the cauliflower I burst out laughing 😂
AmberPricefield Eilish (27 days ago)
Babes the healthiest drink is water x
sends (27 days ago)
Wanna be road 😂😂😂
Empugplaysanta Calus (27 days ago)
From 13:38 hahahaha sooo funny
weird Potato (27 days ago)
Censor 10:01
ellenor wiseman (27 days ago)
Mu fav veg is cucumber and gave fruit grapes or watermelon 😋
Jem. grice (27 days ago)
Brothers make the worlds worst smoothie. Add everything you hate 😂 I’d also love to see you on I’m A celebrity
Megan Kemp (27 days ago)
Why does James talk like an absolute dick?
sarah knobel (28 days ago)
Mouldy broccoli 😂
josh fress (28 days ago)
Different milkshakes in one
Molly Parker (28 days ago)
Tbh I like carrots 🥕 and apples 🍎 that’s it xx
gacha ash (28 days ago)
My fav veg is brocilal and fav fruit is apple
Christel Bellen (28 days ago)
James you are 15 eat your vegetables.
sam22072007 (28 days ago)
Do the worlds most unhealthiest drink next
tc vlogs (28 days ago)
Make the worlds spiciest drink
Anna Michalska (28 days ago)
patatoessssss will rule da worllllld
Aurora Jones (28 days ago)
i have to eat vegetables because i am a vegertarian
Clare Dockerty (28 days ago)
If you replay the video and think he's acting you will see he is!
XBGAMBIT GAMING (28 days ago)
James pisses me off... he’s lame and annoying
J Gaming (28 days ago)
The best Christmas drink
Caleb Dog (29 days ago)
Blend every chip
Jazelle Erutoe (29 days ago)
its a fucking eggplant hahahah

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