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Grain/Wheat Allergies & Healing on a Raw Vegan Fruit Diet

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I have been Vegan for over 4 years and nobody has struggled to lose weight, had more allergies and found a way to make this lifestyle work more than me. In this video I discuss how I discovered my grain allergies and how raw vegan living has been the best way to heal for me. Join my Raw Group Raw Vegan Fruitarians 4 Lifehttps://www.facebook.com/groups/482809245242845/ Like My Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/rawveganfruitarians4life/ JadeyT Believe In You https://www.facebook.com/JadeyT-Believe-In-You-989886524405254/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jade_tornquist/
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Text Comments (12)
Ellis Sykes (3 months ago)
I have exactly the same issue <3
Cheryl Ann (7 months ago)
Omigosh, Jade! Our raw vegan experience has so many parallels. I have a sensitivity to wheat and grains. I started by just going grain free. Then I went vegan.
Diary of a Farmgirl (7 months ago)
I had intolerances to grains.. eating lots of fruit has healed it thou..i can eat little bits of rice now .. I still struggle with bread...
Jade Tornquist (7 months ago)
I think I am a bit like that, rice in very small doses, but bread kills me. xxx
Naama Atzitz (8 months ago)
Thank you for making this video! It is just what I needed :)
Jade Tornquist (8 months ago)
Thank you :-)
Deepak Guttal (8 months ago)
Great video Jade !!! Keep sharing your experiences
high naturally (8 months ago)
It's incredible how much you've changed. You look so much better and healthier since you started your raw food healing journey
Jade Tornquist (8 months ago)
Thank you and I feel better :-)
Eddyo (8 months ago)
Nice honest video Jade, so far I've had watermelon for breakfast and have prepared a banana nice cream for lunch!
Eddyo (8 months ago)
Oh nice find! Well I had a vegetable pie for lunch haha, I chose the "healthiest" pie :D
Jade Tornquist (8 months ago)
It’s an old video, I found it when cleaning my computer up. 🤣How’d you go yesterday eating with Mum?

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