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Fashion for Women Over 60: 4 Casual and Creative Looks for the Young at Heart

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When it comes to fashion for women over 60, it is possible to look great and feel comfortable? Is it possible to be casual, creative and stunning? Of course! In this video, we will walk you through how to create a creative look that turns heads. Melanie Payge will also use our special guest, Anna Maria, to explain several fashion principles that all of us can apply. Personally, I could watch this video over and over just to see Anna Maria's amazing personality and positivity shining through. Check out the video and you'll see what I mean! What did you think of the casual and creative looks that Melanie helped to put together in this video? When it comes to fashion for women over 60, do you think that there are any guidelines that we should follow? Or, should we just do what feels right? Please join the conversation! SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=sixtyandme Try our gentle yoga videos: http://sixtyandme.com/gentle-yoga-for-seniors-videos/ Get more from Sixty and Me at: http://sixtyandme.com/start Find out more about Melanie Payge on her website: http://www.melaniepayge.com/
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Text Comments (56)
Sandi Clark (13 days ago)
Adorable Lady! Beautiful.
KR Campbell (1 month ago)
What is the name of the store you are in and what city is the location? Thank you.
Sixty and Me (1 month ago)
Hi there, we recorded these videos some time ago in Milan, but i am sorry that I do not remember the name of this store.
Jeanne Luddeni (1 month ago)
My problem is I'm 6 foot and 70 so I just wear slacks and tees all the time
Linda Celis (1 month ago)
Priscilla Wilson (1 month ago)
When you're 68, you're not going to be in good shape anymore? Well, that donna appesar to be in excellent shape.
Lucia Cano (3 months ago)
Ana Maria is so cute
Laurie Suzanne (3 months ago)
Anna Maria is simply gorgeous! Melanie and Margaret, thank you for your shared classic eye - marvelous.
Semper Fidelis (3 months ago)
Good Lord Anna Maria is absolutely cute what a breath of fresh air, she looks stunningly fabulous! There aren't many 50 year olds that look as spry as she does I bet. Totally fashionable and fabulous not frumpy at all
nancy oden (3 months ago)
I know I’m old fashioned but I think the black and white sundress was too bare for a woman in their sixties. No matter how good shape they are in. It looks undignified. You can be sleeveless and not bare. That’s just my opinion. Not being critical..I’m also in my 60s. Each age can dress appropriately for their time in life you don’t lose a thing by covering up just a little and you don’t look like you’re trying too hard to look young.
Eileen German (4 months ago)
Yes, the black & white dress, how can we find that dress,. I love it!! I'm 71 & I think I can wear that.
Patty Amato (4 months ago)
She is very nice and attractive, but the white and black with big buttons, yuck. Looks like some odd waitress uniform. The black and white evening dress is fantastic, and the turquoise dress, too.
Rose (6 months ago)
Black & white (perfect) she looks so young.
Carmen A. G. (6 months ago)
The last dress suits her beautifully
Cynthia Conroy (11 months ago)
This woman was awesome, but listening to the stylist I see why some women think there is nothing positive about themselves. She is so negative in her analysis--as though women who are 68 are half dead. The model embraces her beauty--and it radiates--too bad the stylist is not well trained in field. In fact, I kept thinking the stylist should undergo a makeover.
JoAnna The Singer (1 year ago)
Oh my heck...the white/black outfit makes her look like a baby oompaloompa!!! The blue print dress is VASTLY better, as is the black/white dress...very sophisticated!
Becky Sharper (1 year ago)
Love the neckline in the last outfit. Very unusual and flattering. Colour black not good on pale skinned women....ever!
BlueHorseYellowCow (1 year ago)
The "turkey neck" you speak of is genetic, as is your model's lovely neck. Short of surgery, there is nothing we can do to alter that.
Jane (1 year ago)
I don't like the blue dress, its too busy, a person doesn't know where to look.
Jane (1 year ago)
That white looks fabulous on her!
Nicola Reiss (1 year ago)
Interesting content and I like the opportunity to practice my Italian :-) I suggest working on the videography skills. Full length body shots would be appropriate, so we can see the whole outfit in one go. Stop cutting off the presenter's head. Presenter doesn't seem to know where to look...
Stephanie Cruvant (1 year ago)
The black & white dress is absolutely stunning on her! ..beautiful!!
Becky Sharper (1 year ago)
love the neckline on that dress. very flattering.
Linda k (1 year ago)
Great video's I wish you had a model who was short and very heavy. We need help. :)
Sandie Howard (1 year ago)
This lady looks fantastic and has a fantastic attitude . Look how she holds her head up high ! That's being proud of who she is and that's a lesson in itself that we should all copy ! It's not about calling out flaws .
Michela Petrizzelli (1 year ago)
Thank you for this inspiring information.
Joy Peddie (1 year ago)
I really love this interesting
JB Lockhart (1 year ago)
YES! More fashion advice. I'm a 100% cotton Grandma of 65. Been wearing Fresh Produce for 30 years. Love the comfort but need some style!
Janine McDonald (1 year ago)
I want that lovely blue blouse!
Xomarah Dickison (1 year ago)
I am in love with the last black and white dress. Can you please tell me the designer/brand?
Nancy Solomon (1 year ago)
What a beautiful little lady. She does not look 68! I loved that last dress..the black and white one. it looked beautiful on her.
40bdg (1 year ago)
She looked great in every outfit! I'm younger than she is and I have a turkey neck....so unfair! ha ha I liked that the outfits you showed were still stylish and not frumpy like so many others like to show. Just because we are aging doest mean we don't still like to look current and stylish. Thanks!
Lucy Provost (1 year ago)
AnnaMaria looks younger than the other two. She should try wearing colourful ruffled jersey wrap dresses with short or long sleeves, show off her legs, and the wrap style would flatter her figure and cover what needs hiding. She looks fabulous and given her cheerful personality and amazing disposition, she should be wearing better clothes and therefore have a much larger budget. You're amazing AnnaMaria!
Judy Berends (4 months ago)
Lucy Provost. Yes , I agree. Color is key.
SleeplessinOC (1 year ago)
Love the sound of Italian
Jocelyn F (1 year ago)
68! She was wearing that black/white dress just as well as a 35 year old. She's adorable. Great job.
nancy oden (3 months ago)
Harry Rathbun yeah and your time will come too jackass. If you’re lucky you’ll live to be old.
Harry Rathbun (6 months ago)
Jocelyn F money hungry old girls they don't realize that your time is coming in the box to the worms eat their flesh
Harry Rathbun (6 months ago)
Jocelyn F money-hungry old gals that's sad
Gloria J. Pinsker (1 year ago)
Love her Italian speaking. Reminds me of my mother and aunts who are no longer here. Bless her heart! Didn't like the white tent dress but last two were really nice!
Barbara-Louisa walker (1 year ago)
Rubbish !im 71 and dont have a tummy...nor a turkey kneck.how [email protected]
sonia meri (1 year ago)
How lovely to hear they speaking Italian, love it, grazie mille
John Ashley (1 year ago)
The petit lady's is stunning and well dressed
denise bissell (1 year ago)
Love this beautiful petite woman ! The light of her soul really shines through.
Ruthann Amarteifio (1 year ago)
Why does Melanie Payge think that just because women age, they have to get fat? She's so wrong! Nice fashions, though!! And, Margaret, you look so good! :)
Shirley Temple (3 months ago)
No she's not wrong most older women don't have the slender body they once could sport when they were younger unless you are very fortunate.
Marilyn Sedita (1 year ago)
All the fashions looked great :-)
Sunshine (1 year ago)
I like the black and white dress and I love yours too!!
Helen S (1 year ago)
what a sweet woman!! grazie mille!
Marla Robinson (1 year ago)
They are all adorable on her.
Sally Voccola (1 year ago)
All nice.
florabama Belle (1 year ago)
Wish I was there for the professional help
Janet eD (1 year ago)
Beautfiul model !
19ROSA63 (1 year ago)
¿over 50?No ,over 50 no ,it is horrible .i love the black and White
19ROSA63 (1 year ago)
oh no , she is beautifull but some clothes don like to me .Thank you for your cannel ,pardon my bad english
Sixty and Me (1 year ago)
Hi there! I'm not quite sure what you mean :) I thought she looked lovely! And, she is so full of energy!

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