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Kawasaki Jet Ski Story 1975

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This is one segment from the restored video player " Kawasaki Good Times Theatre". The Good Times Theatre video players were used at Kawasaki dealerships in the 1970's for customer viewing on the showrooms. This restored video features great Kawasaki moments from the mid to late 1970's. Audio quality on the restored video is fair, but clearly understandable. This is a great piece of Motorcycle History. Hope you enjoy it.
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Kevin Ulett (2 months ago)
this is funny, have to play it at 1.25 speed to sound right
Zalimoon (6 months ago)
Je me suis perdue, autant pour moi 😂
good guy (7 months ago)
Kawasaki stole the idea from the Jacobs family can't remember the father's name is but his son lives on the Parker strip in AZ Kawasaki had to pay up.
Clickbait101 (1 year ago)
Watch it in 1.25x speed the vid is slowed down for copyright reasons
Kiteh Kawasaki (1 year ago)
Awesome Sauce.
Note Tooself (1 year ago)
Go to the 8:06 mark. That's Tommy Chong right there!
When it all started. Now today jetskis are going over 100 MPH. Amazing how far we have come. Check out our club destination rides. Join our club (WCWCC) and begin your journey today!
snakeroll (1 year ago)
The announcer scares the shit out of me!
Chaos Zombie999 (1 year ago)
Who remembers when they were that light?
lazzer408 (1 year ago)
They didn't point out the fire extinguisher / whipit compartment.
Jason (2 years ago)
Speed it up to 1.25x. Still creepy but the speed is better.
Ezra Wilson (2 years ago)
WHATS wrong with the announcers voice?!?!
jo hn (2 years ago)
In the settings, it you set the speed to 1.25 or 1.5 it sounds a bit more normal. I think it has something to do with the audio sync to the film. I doubt this was actual video, which is different than traditional film method of image storage, and the audio is probably dubbed from a tape reel.
Ron Shuler (2 years ago)
Let the good times roll sounds like he took a bong hit LOL
lauren neri (2 years ago)
so thats the story of the jet ski.
larryup4play (2 years ago)
i have a pair of 650SXs they are the most fun on the water. I almost bought a pair of 75 400s on eBay. they were fully restored, perfect condition. the guy only wanted $500 each. to bad the shipping was going to be $1500 each (Washington state to Florida).
TheCGH83 (2 years ago)
Got any good fresh water spots around central Florida? I'm tired of watching the brackish water eat my skis up
Robert Weekes (3 years ago)
You- you're crazy maan... I liiike you.... But you're Craaazy ....
Jacob James (3 years ago)
I remember these. My parent's friends used to have some of these. My dad used to ride me around on them out at Lake Martinez. We ended up getting some late 70s 440. I remember the first 550 in 82. It was yellow. That was a ripper. My dad's coworkers bought one.
Robert Weekes (3 years ago)
Lol the audio
Rt Harmon (3 years ago)
I got one of those they suck compared to the stand ups they have now
Tim Ewa (4 years ago)
just think, your riding in granpa's boat around 1975 and one of those jumps the wake, like at :18 and your like:  "gramps what the hell was that? !" 
This guy talks like he got shot by a tranquilizer dart
Chaos Zombie999 (1 year ago)
Take off your pants and jacket that’s 1975 for you ;)
kdegru1 (4 years ago)
The voice track seem like it went through pitch changer for some reason.
Groovy... Far out man
handsfreekvm (4 years ago)
Self Circling @ 4:30
gerbilbill (5 years ago)
Ford Rancheros, stand-up skis, and qualudes.  Let the good times roll.
haleyy68 (1 year ago)
Thats funny as hell
gwynne06 (5 years ago)
I have a restored 1989 Kawasaki 650 xr stand up. It was repainted Kawasaki green and I love it! Cool video. Sometimes the voices are a little creepy.... Lol
9mmkahr (5 years ago)
ttthee jet skiii thrrrrilll is youuuuurrsssssss
Brandon Teel (5 years ago)
it rubs the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose agian
khroe (5 years ago)
People on ludes should not narrate.
dmillertyme33 (6 years ago)
Back in the day when there were no water cops. That video broke about 5 to 10 laws you would get get a ticket doing now a days.
oscar7771 (6 years ago)
nice video
moodybloos12 (6 years ago)
It's weird to see the exhaust coming off the side like that.
Pensacola Surfer (6 years ago)
1989 650sx here still runs like a beast every weekend!!!!
jasonmoore1900 (6 years ago)
the pitch is off
jasonmoore1900 (6 years ago)
that narrator sounds like hes drunk off his ass!! jet skis were much smaller then
Classic Speed (6 years ago)
i have a 1995 750 sx in mint condition and i can't imagine how a 400 engine could get out of the water
boomx6 (6 years ago)
This guy sounds like Will Ferrell when he got shot with that tranquilizer gun in the movie Old School.
Steven Barnette (7 years ago)
Great video! Thanks for sharing!
projet550 (7 years ago)
long live standups and yes yamaha will still make the super jet but will only be sold to those who have a race licends
jeremy Merryman (7 years ago)
@TheYoGroove your wrong..
TheYoGroove (7 years ago)
I thought yamaha is going to bring a 2012 model . Am I wrong???
M KARAM (7 years ago)
QJR33 (8 years ago)
@popkarma exactly....and not every tissue is a Kleenex...nor is every bandage a Band-Aid!!!!!
QJR33 (8 years ago)
@Turbojeep23 i know what u mean. they're PWC...but let's face it, Jet ski's were the 1st...kinda like people saying "bobcat" for small loader......Case, Mustang, John Deere all make those small front end loaders but "Bobcat" was the 1st......on another note, i actually liked the Suzuki Wet Bike better, but that never caught on!
Gage Gilewski (8 years ago)
@Turbojeep23 im so with him
racingrobert1 (8 years ago)
I like how in the 70's he said " take them to any body of water must have been before the inviromentelist shut down a lot of land and water riding
racingrobert1 (8 years ago)
I like who in the 70's he said " take them to any body of water must have been before the inviromentelist shut down a lot of land and water riding
popkarma (8 years ago)
The dads voice is creepy
nowfree2004 (8 years ago)
Anybody can ride a sit down pwc, but it takes skill and talent to ride a stand-up Jet Ski... Thanks for posting. Ski you on the water....
jason siig (9 years ago)
@Turbojeep23 you know I did the head. all so lighting the fly wheel and porttimming .
Snopro700 (9 years ago)
@jasonsiig do you have any mods on it? like a good impeller or pipe? cause my 300sx is slow as balls.
jason siig (9 years ago)
@Turbojeep23 my 300 is at full speed in 30 ft gps at 35.3 mpa with a 4 inch chop I am 200 lbs out of the hole that is good 4 a 300 jason
Snopro700 (9 years ago)
@jasonsiig yes, but the 300 had no torque, it made all its power at higher rpm than the 440. which is why the 440 is still faster off the line, but a 300 can walk away in the top end.
jason siig (9 years ago)
wow 400cc had 23 hp the 440 had 27 hp but the 300 cc was 30 hp with one lung wow.
HPG45 (9 years ago)
Sounds like Garfield is narrating
Rainer Halbich (9 years ago)
Nice voice over.
TwoEaglesSoaring (9 years ago)
I agree the others should be call Squat Skies.
TwoEaglesSoaring (9 years ago)
Awsome, I have a yellow 1976 JS400, still runs and rides great. I did have the engine resleeved to 440, made a big difference. I also added the on off switches to the handle bars.
lex koscielak (9 years ago)
true these were old ski's but dont sell stand ups short i have a 440 hull with a 750 in it and it can hold its own agaist big two seaters
hu112bu (9 years ago)
I remember this video when it was new!! I was like "Ralphie" in A Christmas Story staring at the video, then over to the two that were on display, then repeat....Thx for a GREAT restoration and hats off to you. This video made me grin, 4 people in the Ranchero, and tested by people "6 to 60" Either of these two acts today would have you arrested and looking for a lawyer....I sure miss the old days before the Safety Nazi's took over...
Andybadtothebone (9 years ago)
Yeah.. This was 1975.
Persken (9 years ago)
Snopro700 (9 years ago)
i hate when people call sea-doos and wave runners "jet skis" only kawasakis are "jet skis". gotta love those old standups. they acually take skill to ride.
SnojetSteve (9 years ago)
LOL! The slow talking. This is a MUST to see when stoned but I haven't done it...yet. I have a 76' JS 400 that I am restoring along with some more modern ones. It's funny how back in the 80's Jet-skis were Jet-skis. Now, every portable jet powered watercraft is a "Jet-Ski". Remember, if it's not Kawasaki, it's not Jet-Ski! Peace!
timmytommy2 (10 years ago)
The audio sounds slowed down... but the video doesnt... strange.
MxHonda514 (10 years ago)
cambo1200 (10 years ago)
"And away you go!"
motormaniac890 (10 years ago)
old things scare me for some reason.
nick petersen (10 years ago)
i want to know the name of this song. or what kind of music this is called.
timvins (10 years ago)
How camp and retro!! I love it, let the good times roll.............
timvins (10 years ago)
How camp and retro!!! I love it, let the good times roll............
traumawolf1 (10 years ago)
the commentator sounds like hes on something.....give me some!!!!
GromBraap (10 years ago)
plain awesome
Mike (10 years ago)
Sweet glimpse of the WSAB at 8:28.

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