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Tadd and Comfort - So You Think You Can Dance - Hip Hop

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So You Think You Can Dance Sason 8 Top 10 Performance Dancer : Tadd and Comfort Choreographer:Chuck Maldonad
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Leslie Hyde (4 years ago)
UUUMMM just letting everyone know it wasn't the dancers who were off. it was the video and the audio. go look at another video of them and they are right on beat. I thought something fishy was going on, how could you guys believe that Marko and comfort weren't great dancers after this performance??
marvintheatre (5 years ago)
He did better at the beginning she did better at the end. Overall sloppy routine. Not good choreography either.
reinoe (5 years ago)
Way to get shown up in the choreography tadd. He was just so bad in this.
Max Wheeler (7 years ago)
at 1:24 comfort, oh my
Big Daddy T (7 years ago)
@mMarikom No you aren't, TRUST ME
Brad H (7 years ago)
i don't know. it was all around rough. I mean there was ONE part i liked, and I really truthfully liked Tadd better than Comfort in this dance, she lacked the... fire i guess. he did do better in my opinion, and don't say i have no clue what i'm talking about cuz i've done 4 yrs of hip hop. so i know a TAD a bit of what it's like. but once it got fast paced they both lost it. another dance will have to be done. that's just my opinion
Niveka J. Wooten (7 years ago)
comfort is so cute lol.. i love her. she tight nd her personality. shes loveavle!! even if she did somethin not good, i would still vote... yall remember when she came back! to the show by luck!!
Hannah-Gayle Alexandra (7 years ago)
fuck off people, youre just jealous cuz comfort can dance way better than all y'all!
Fonda Maddalone (7 years ago)
the music is off with the moves.
halconmia (7 years ago)
I thought it was the other way around and that Tadd was right on and Comfort was the one that was off. I think even one of the judges (Nigel) said he had out dance his all star partner in this routine.
Rachel Kleiman (7 years ago)
at 1:11 i think he messed up the choreo :/
kekedan 〉〈 (7 years ago)
i think she out dance him to tell you the truth but i loved it anyway
mMarikom (7 years ago)
am i really the only person who sees how off tadd was compared to comfort...like they weren't even matching and he halfway did moves. his b boy stuff was fine but his choreo was horrible

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