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MEN'S HAIR + Messy Off-Centered Part Tutorial

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Use Code "Drex1" with Purchase at http://www.hanzdefuko.com for Free Deluxe Mini Kit! Hey guys! Sorry it's been over a week since I've posted! I have been really sick with the flu! But I'm starting to feel a lot better now! Thanks God! Today I wanted to introduce to you the Classic Off-Centered Part. This is a hair style that I've been rocking a lot lately as you may have noticed on my instagram or snapchat! Hope you all dig it! Thanks for watching! Btw, please like this video & Subscribe for me if you haven't! Thanks! Mad Love, -Dre song: Montell2099 - Possible Be sure to follow me on social media: Snapchat - DreDrexler Instagram @DreDrexler Facebook @DreDrexler Twitter @DreDrexler Tumblr @DreDrexler Vine @DreDrexler Pinterest @DreDrexler
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Text Comments (339)
K-Jacob Dalumpines (6 days ago)
How long that hair?
Colton Price (24 days ago)
I’ve been having trouble with doing this. I find it with the back of my hair usually it just sticks up and doesn’t flow to the back like it needs to be. That would be very helpful if I could get and pointers
Just an Animator (26 days ago)
pause 1:31
Just an Animator (26 days ago)
pause 1:31
Christian Rush (2 months ago)
Reminds me of the Jim Gordon haircut from Gotham
AlThoBra (3 months ago)
How long has to be the hair for this style? Do you think I can have this hairstyle with blond, fine and completely straight hair? 😅
bad boy (3 months ago)
what is your haircut dre?
bad boy (3 months ago)
what is your haircut dre?
Lord Lucifer (4 months ago)
Demon Dean did it better
Haricots Vert (5 months ago)
Please how long do you cut your hair ?
Seek Discomfort (5 months ago)
I have sort of a dirty blond hair and that style that you provided rocks on me, but I'm wondering what types of highlights would go well with a dirty blond style?
Lil Leslie (5 months ago)
This is my hairstyle when my too lazy to do a quiff.
Quintin D Coomber (6 months ago)
Hair cut looks like pierce Brosnan
Revere Exonerate (9 months ago)
i have a question that i have been trying to figure out for so long as was wondering if you all could help, I got an undercut haircut, the same as the one dre drexler has as his logo, but I can never style it everytime my hair is pulled back it splits in the middle, i think my centre part is doing it and i really need some help on what i should do to fix it or if i should get a new hairstyle and which, PLEASE HELP!
Shamshir Hussain (9 months ago)
You can easily do most these basic hairstyles without a hairdryer
Mesut Ozil (10 months ago)
how to soften & straighten the hair
Superconnor (10 months ago)
How long is the top of your hair?
Sachin k (1 year ago)
whats the colour of your hair ?
Devon Hay (1 year ago)
I can't keep my hair messy
Matthew Severance (1 year ago)
How do you get your haircut? What do you ask for?
Miss this hairstyle too
Alex (1 year ago)
Is this hairstyle achievable if I have fine wavy hair?
Alex (1 year ago)
Xavier Callan Thanks.
thank u, next (1 year ago)
Alex it would probably look better with wavy hair.
ycztokita08 (1 year ago)
Shit. Thanks a lot dre!
eduardo dominguez (1 year ago)
How long is your hair on top?
WeShall4ttack (1 year ago)
Is all this product mandatory? Can I not just achieve the same result with pommade only? Do I need to brush as well?
Julian Barcelon (1 year ago)
can i do this without a blow dryer?
thank u, next (1 year ago)
Julian Barcelon you would have to use some sort of gel or clay and your hair would probably look really stiff
Ace_ Gm (2 years ago)
Legends said if you comment late, Dre Drexler will reply ( imagine if he replies lol )
Swee Lee (2 years ago)
u shouldnt use claymation for this style. claymation is better for messy looks. modify pomade better for that clean look
the r k styles (2 years ago)
hello brro give me hair fall solution
roger8654 (2 years ago)
are all guys these days closet gay?
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
no, we just like to look good for our women ;)
All Day Hockey (2 years ago)
what are the lengths I should tell my barber to cut if I want this look?
Vapor Wave (2 years ago)
I hate off center parts
Viet Dinh Van (2 years ago)
Yours Truly you're just not handsome enough to rock it
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
sorry bro! At least they are better than middle parts!! haha nonetheless thanks for watching! :D
Abaan Khan (2 years ago)
grow beard you will look more handsome
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
haha yup you are right! XD
LSSJ Faiz (2 years ago)
Dre Drexler ye because you have a 12 year olds mustache
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
hahah i don't know i dont feel like i look cool at all lol
Sebastian Luna (2 years ago)
surprised your hair has any hold, you just put product on the tips
Dream (2 years ago)
bruh took you like 5mins you make it look so easy! lol
PopcornSpilla (2 years ago)
James Franco lookin ass
John Smith (1 year ago)
Johnny depp too
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
bahaha XD
The Plague Doctor (2 years ago)
Trump is Daddy M.A.G.A (2 years ago)
thank you I sort of did this one day but I could repeat it now I know how
Adrian Re (2 years ago)
What are measurements of your hair for the video?
Tawai Roberts (2 years ago)
Hah saaahh dude😂✌️✌✌
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Tawai Roberts ahuh suuuuh duhr!!! thanks for watching haha
Luke Queen (3 years ago)
Just came across your channel, and it's awesome. Subscribing 👌🏽👣
dawood drabu (3 years ago)
You are awesome.if you have nice hair you have to check out dre drexler.keep making awesome videos
MLP Shawn (3 years ago)
i really want your hair color!!, what exactly is it called, goldish brown?
MLP Shawn (3 years ago)
+Dre Drexler thanks!!! :)
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+MLP Shawn yeah i think its goldish brown or dirty blonde :D
Matthew Murphy (3 years ago)
Yo @dredrexler what dimesnions for your haircut did you use for this hairstyle?
Jonathan Anderkin (3 years ago)
Sorry the *the new Justin bieber hairstyle
Jonathan Anderkin (3 years ago)
You should do a new Justin bieber hairstyle tutorial lol
stopmotion3333 (3 years ago)
Hey dre, im a huge fan and ive been following you forever. My friends and i sit around, watch your videos and try out your different hair styles. And we have 1 question, what comb do you use? i have had many combs but the one you've used recently looks sick, can you link me please?
Ciaran Kelly (3 years ago)
Hey two quick questions, can I go into a barber and only get the back and sides of my hair shaved? as I am letting the top grow out. 2 my hair when it dries seems to clump together forming a bush like thing how do I get my hair to "blow in the wind"
Desean Austin (3 years ago)
1 sure 2 dont really know what ya mean but if you want to have straighter hair then try out a straightener
xXBull RedXx (3 years ago)
Omg,i remember when you had long hair.. why u cut your hair? 0.o
xXBull RedXx (3 years ago)
+Dre Drexler Nice!! What is your hair goal?
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+xXBull RedXx I'm growing it back yoooo :D
Mark Ryan (3 years ago)
Nice and funny vids Dre! You gotta keep them coming. And for the records I just subscribed to your channel. 🙌 😄
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Mark Ryan Ordinario Thanks so much Mark! Means a lot! :D
Arik Geary (3 years ago)
*Cool hairstyle Dre!!:)*
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Arik Geary Thanks Arik! :D
Julian (3 years ago)
I frickin' love this hairstyle! 👌
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Julian Thanks Julian! Glad you dig it! :D
Jonathan Soto (3 years ago)
Hey Dre is the product free
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Jonathan Soto the deluxe mini kit is free when you purchase something at hanzdefuko . com !! just use the promocode "Drex1" when checking out :D
Hey dre so back in January I dyed my hair platinum blonde and it recently finally turned platinum it was blonde till then but my roots have grown really in I was wondering if I have to re bleach/ dye all the hair or just the roots
Ickle H (3 years ago)
Hey Dre I love your videos man !! Please please please could you do Zayn Maliks hair in his recent Complex cover shoot because it looks sick and I really wanna be able to do it ! If not no sweat man
Roheeth Jayakumar (3 years ago)
good luck balding
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+S Vision  You too! Thanks! :D
SammXD (3 years ago)
I love your current hair colour 👌👌
Mohammad E-Zat (3 years ago)
Tyrell Wellick , MR.ROBOT? Yeah , you are the one at Evil Corps Didnt you? xD
Andreas Solbakke (3 years ago)
Where did you get the wide tooth hair comb? :)
Grace RamirezDonner (3 years ago)
love your video Dre!!! <3 love you
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Grace RamirezDonner love you yoooo! you rockkkk
Lukas Krag (3 years ago)
Haven't you hair gone thin after bleaching it?
Andika Wira (3 years ago)
thanks bro.. awesome
SebbyWebbyDooda (3 years ago)
i always fail at the blow drying, it always either looks puffy or my hair has no volume whatsoever
Enrique Hernandez (3 years ago)
i feel you !
Rudyson Estanislao (3 years ago)
Nice dude!
Alphasohn 77 (3 years ago)
Hey Dre great video! Love your channel, you finally motivated me to color my hair platinum, thanks bro! It would be awesome if you could check it out and tell me if you like it. Instagram: Alphasohn
Supa Strikas (3 years ago)
That facial hair tho
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Supa Strikas aaawww yeah!
Amabda Rowe (3 years ago)
Love the video dre it's awesome
The6670guY (3 years ago)
If you had to choose one thing, Dressing / Hairstyle what would it be? Love from India <3
Olzeeeeee (3 years ago)
Yo dre love ur vids man, one question how often do u wash ur hair?
Agustín Parola (3 years ago)
Dre we wanna know how you reach that hair colour, please!!! jajaja
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Busti Parola haha its just highlights basically from the left over platinum thats underneath my brown dye.... if that makes sense lol
TotallyNotAFox (3 years ago)
Awesome job bro, love the hairstyle idea. I tried it and loved it. Thank you so much. Keep up the fantastic work
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Totally Not A Fox Thanks so much!! Glad it worked out for ya! :D
Peggy Chung (3 years ago)
why do u want to be will
John Miranda (3 years ago)
your vids really helps a lot, thanks bru!
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+John Miranda I am glad so! Appreciate it John!! :D
Okie Ramadhani (3 years ago)
nice hair color, Dre!! gonna achieve that look. too bad I dyed my hair 2 weeks ago
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Okie Ramadhani thanks for watching Bro!! :D
Misha Lincoln DeAses (3 years ago)
ah.. the sample kit is sold out. >.<
Misha Lincoln DeAses (3 years ago)
+Galaxy Motions thanks!
Galaxy Motions (3 years ago)
put it in since it's out they will probably give you gravity paste or scheme cream as a substitute they did it for my friend it was sold out and they gave him a free gravity paste
Cody Lee (3 years ago)
Dre could you make a video on dying your hair? I'm looking into dying my hair but I have no idea what to ask for (highlights/ streaks/ full dye etc.), how to treat it, what color to ask for (I have very dark hair).
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Cody Lee I might do it soon! I'll keep it in mind! Thanks :D
Eric Reyes (3 years ago)
Nice!👌🏼😎Since I almost have the same hair type as you I always like watching you hair videos! The only difference is that mine grows thicker... which makes harder to comb back
Eric Reyes (3 years ago)
Nice!👌🏼😎Since I almost have the same hair type as you I always like watching you hair videos! The only difference is that mine grows thicker... which makes harder to comb back
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Eric Reyes ahhh i see. Yeah thick hair is great but can be a little harder to style some times. thanks so much for watching! :D
Milan K (3 years ago)
Low key u look like Johnny Depp
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Milan Konsh haha thanks yooo
Treot (3 years ago)
If you became a doctor... Would you call yourself dr. Dre?!
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Treot I call my self doctor Dre even now haha
Ace Diamond (3 years ago)
I envy guys with naturally straight hair!
Galaxy Motions (3 years ago)
+Ace Diamond it really doesnt but a messy wavy slicked back looks amazing for me at least
Ace Diamond (3 years ago)
+Galaxy Motions I'd say my hair is more to the thin side. I even straightened my hair to try and achieve this look but when I put product in and after the day goes by, it just goes back to wavy which really doesn't suit a parting hairstyle!
Galaxy Motions (3 years ago)
An  example of my hair is the same thickness as the gentlemans coves hair but its extremely wavy instead of straight its not the thickest but in the middle but its not thick nor thin
Galaxy Motions (3 years ago)
+Ace Diamond well i mean my hair is going to be in that same style but it waves to my right. so it never slicks back ever, it more looks like a messy wavy sidepart my struggles
Ace Diamond (3 years ago)
+Galaxy Motions I tried it out. Totally failed
Drummer boy (3 years ago)
Get the Colton Dixon hair cut
Luke Hodson (3 years ago)
you've been killin it with the hair vids lately
Luke Hodson (3 years ago)
+Dre Drexler No problem youve earned it 
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Luke Hodson thanks so much bro! Appreciate that like crazy!
LD.Tube (3 years ago)
can you make a tutorial for us curly guys whose hair allows only the same style since birth and just get electrostatic pointy hair from using a straight iron?
Courier Six (3 years ago)
Keep the facial hair bro looks good. Suh dude
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Pigeons Poncho thanks yooo :D
Courier Six (3 years ago)
+Dre Drexler You'll look fly either way
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Pigeons Poncho haha dang, i just shaved it :/
Jake Aaron (3 years ago)
DOPE! : )
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Jake Aaron Thanks! :D
Rayyan Islam (3 years ago)
amazing video!
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Crayon thanks !!!
Bas Ti (3 years ago)
Nice tutorial Dre! Just wish I had natural straight hair...
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Bas Ti thanks so much for watching! :D
Miguel Vazquez (3 years ago)
That's crazy I've been doing this for a while
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Miguel Vazquez niiiice!!
J- Rolls (3 years ago)
uh-hu suhhh duuhh? hahaha Man, this hairstyle is dope asf. Btw, you should leave that mustache and chin hair for longer, man; it looks sick on you. You could let it grow and then shape it, it'll look rad.
J- Rolls (3 years ago)
+Dre Drexler Yeah, man it's a shame. I saw your story and was like "Oh shit, why?" haha.
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+J- Rolls haha Dang, i just shaved it!! haha maybe next time! :D
khaled salhi (3 years ago)
dope bro! i'm digin it can't wait for the next ones
khaled salhi (3 years ago)
ur welcome bro!
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+khaled salhi thanks so much my bro! :D
Jeff Taubert 503 (3 years ago)
i love the new style man always pulling off any styles awesome video as usual bro keep up the work!
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+BarryTheSheep 503 thanks so much for the constant support and love you show me, means a lot!
Benny Jordan (3 years ago)
Hey Dre I colored my hair white a while ago^^. I want to color it back in my natual brown, but may hairstylist says it is not possible...:D I know you did it, so please tell me how. Thanks you:) Btw great Video as always
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Benny Jordan not possible? really? lol haha I just died it brown.... easy peasy!
Skargil x2 (3 years ago)
Is TOPs hairstyle. 2:8 side parted if you go to hairstylist.
Skargil x2 (3 years ago)
Probably. It's just the name of the hairstyle haha
Joel Chang (3 years ago)
wouldnt it be the same if you say 1:4?
Anvar Berbic (3 years ago)
support from Bosnia :D
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Anvar Berbic thanks for the love Anvar!!! :D you rockkkk
Vidmantas Špokas (3 years ago)
looks awesome
Vidmantas Špokas (3 years ago)
+Dre Drexler What's the hair lenght on top and sides? That wasn't in the description.
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Vidmantas Špokas Thanks so much!!! :D
Ω CrOCkErJl Ω (3 years ago)
I realize now that i AM Dre's subscriber Since 2014 :0
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+CrOCkErJl no way!! That means so much to me!! I appreciate it like crazy!!! :D
Pavo Gabric (3 years ago)
dope hairstyle dre,keep it up!
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Pavo Gabric Thanks Pavo!!!! :D
Mickey Clark (3 years ago)
yo Dre, have you ever had to use a flat iron? or is your hair straight naturally? Also it would be dope if you did a morning routine video. And I'm at a small school in south Africa were a lot of people are really judgmental and if you do something different besides a number 4 all around you get judged and get called gay a lot, do you have any advice on dealing with crap like that?
Mickey Clark (3 years ago)
+Dre Drexler thanks Dre, the thing is I have the same headshape as you but mine is really curly so when I style is as the day carries on the curls come back, its about 4 inches ontop and half an inch on the side, does it curl because of the length? also i was curious to know about the acne you had, what age did it start and how bad did it eventually get?
Marco Coetzee (3 years ago)
+Dre Drexler you are truely an inspiration to others !
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Mickey Clark honestly, i know what it is like to be judged and be made fun of. It sucks! Most people would tell you "just don't care what people think". but that takes time to learn how to not care what people think. So i would suggest going for a haircut that is not too drastic. Go ahead and Google; Ryan Reynolds deadpool haircut. It's really short but it has some style too it! i think you could rock this and people wouldn't be to judgemental
Marco Coetzee (3 years ago)
100% true !
Mickey Clark (3 years ago)
+Marco Coetzee the fact that our drug stores don't sell shit like hanz du fuko is toughh The struggles real lol But legit the people that are close minded are extremely ignorant
Joshua Ortiz (3 years ago)
This is helpful for me because I got some long messy hair lol
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Joshua Ortiz niiiice, thanks for watching bro!

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