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Will Arnett Speech at Jason Bateman's Hollywood Star Ceremony

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Subscribe! http://bit.ly/mrSda2 Will Arnett speech at the Jason Bateman's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star ceremony held at the 6533 Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles, California - July 26, 2017 "This video is available for editorial licensing, broadcast tv, all media and worldwide use" Contact: http://www.maximotv.com ©Ricomix Productions | MaximoTV
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Text Comments (142)
HQU (3 days ago)
Great voice. Terrible brain.
sothathappened (1 month ago)
that felt like a half hour
CAM (2 months ago)
Jason has the cutest smile their bromance is everything.
"Is this Funeral Parlor B?"
Luke S. (4 months ago)
The Stuport (5 months ago)
"Boy....wonder if she's got a brother"?....Hilarious Arnett Banter
Mark C (5 months ago)
Nice for Jason to get his Hollywoo walk of Fame star
jarrett finney (5 months ago)
I genuinely love how bad you’re failing with these jokes
Chris Cook (5 months ago)
Geez can these Hollywood leftists just congratulate their friend without trying to use the event as an opportunity to show how badly they suffer from Trump derangement syndrome?
Van H. (5 months ago)
Those were the lame parts of the speech,but jewish orders are jewish orders
Alex Goldberger (5 months ago)
Haha you can always tell when some right-wing rag has linked to a video by the comments SHOCKED at someone being anti-Trump🙄
Paul Chapman (5 months ago)
Used to like Will Arnet but I see his is just as big a dick as the rest of Hollywood
You are an idiot Arnett. I use to like you but don’t need to hear your political parallels to the Bluth family.
Chungus (6 months ago)
Good to see bobo the angsty zebra is still doing well.
睡整天 (6 months ago)
Is anybody out there thinking Will Arnett could do a perfect impression on Donald Trump? I mean the voice and the lips don’t even mention the hand gestures he made…
Dillon A (6 months ago)
Lmao ofc they had to make a trump joke....dead meme will arnett is now a loser
R FB (6 months ago)
What took so long ?....thumbs up, from an Irvinite.
Alex Brownlee (6 months ago)
Will looks bloated and coked out, voice sounds like my grandma the year she died from lifelong alcohol abuse. Libtard no less. LOL
s g (6 months ago)
Grow up, you come across as immature and pathetic.
Stone Harper (6 months ago)
Look at banner Michael!!
HarpoSpoke (6 months ago)
Great bromance. But sad that so many in Hollywood can't have any conversation without bringing politics into it. Good lord, it's an obsession in that culture. Probably not Arnett's fault. He's probably around it everywhere he goes in Hollywood. Apparently that's all they talk about.
omnitrix1992 (6 months ago)
I'm crying. I love Jason B.
Julian C (6 months ago)
Marty Byrd
Tom Williams (6 months ago)
lol the fake tan and the booze are just working wonders for Will Arneyyyuyyyyrt
Treantmonk's Temple (6 months ago)
It's guy love that's all it is, it's guy love he's mine I'm his, there's nothing gay about it in our eyes. You ask me about this thing we share and he tenderly replies It's guy love between two guys...
Megan M (6 months ago)
GoldenCheese (6 months ago)
I'm a simple Arnett, I see click an I Will.
jkhdfkjashdfk (6 months ago)
What a shame. I liked Arnett before this. Another uninformed Hollywood libtard.
James F (5 months ago)
Stop being a snowflake, he was joking and I can assure you there are Trump supporters who laughed at this. Difference is, those supporters aren't pussies. Also I'm not even American, so this is an impartial third party calling you a pussy for being so offended.
arhayhoe (7 months ago)
Will Arnett is getting fat
glencannondr (8 months ago)
that guy should do the talkies
Ulrike Regina (8 months ago)
Very sweet guys...😍❤️😊
Tyler Cobb (9 months ago)
Brothero, *brothero!!*
aleksi lehtinen (9 months ago)
crowd chicken representative crew suit each soviet hit tackle
Riya Nadkarni (9 months ago)
FavreianVengeance (9 months ago)
Jason Bateman deserves a star. Will Arnett not as much.
jstdun (2 months ago)
Arnett is a bit of a late bloomer. He may get one someday
unstoppableExodia (9 months ago)
BoJack gave a wonderful speech there
Kelly Parra (9 months ago)
Oh...yeah...the guy in the two thousand dollar suit is gonna give a speech? C’mon!!!
Ulrike Regina (9 months ago)
Will Arnett Is So Funny And Cute...😂❤️😘
Alec Burriss (9 months ago)
They shoulda instead gave one to Will Arnett and another to Bojack Horseman
Alec Burriss (9 months ago)
Oh man Bateman’s should just say “that Bateman character that Jason Bateman plays”
John Smith (9 months ago)
Taste the happy Michael
Trevor Wilson (9 months ago)
"Like the guy in the four thousand dollar suit is gonna bend down! COME ON"
Mourningsword (10 months ago)
Speech! Speech! Speech! Speech!
Godwind Racing (10 months ago)
Looking forward to the next episode of Boyfights
Angry Alan Rants (10 months ago)
Disrespectful assholes.
Ango Goblogian (10 months ago)
His voice is so familiar.... something about a failed horse sitcom.....I dunno. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Captain Italia (11 months ago)
peace and love (11 months ago)
Beautiful and funny
Stelios P (1 year ago)
Bojack needs a star.
Fresh Garbage (1 year ago)
"I won't bend down" I died
CODPOV (1 year ago)
no trump supporters in the comments? or have they learned to stay quiet
+Tyler no comment on this section is relevant the video, just the the original and I? How are the comments relevant? You must be a trump supporter and thensaw my name, "hey, tou lee? He must not be American! I'll reply to him and give him a piece of my mind." Too funny.
Tyler (6 months ago)
tou lee considering you and the original comment are the only ones to say something in the whole comment section about something irrelevant to the video, it’s true.
+Stan Leery that's funny
Frazile Ruiz (1 year ago)
I am amazed to see Bojack’s real face!!! Hahahahah love it!
NGRICKYNG (1 year ago)
Hey! Aren't you the horse from Horsin Around?
Stan Leery (7 months ago)
Matt Baker seriously underrated!
Matt Baker (11 months ago)
Underrated comment!!!
monalisasmile (1 year ago)
Awww Michael and Gob
FullStop FoodSafety (1 year ago)
Bateman's the Man! Recently on a Bojack Horseman Episode, they make a shout out to Bateman's Ozarks. Must be so fun !!!
Chungus (6 months ago)
which episode?
emercycrite (1 year ago)
When Jason smiles sunlight kisses the earth
Skatejock21 (6 months ago)
When Will Arnett speaks, the world dies of laughter because its never a dull moment
chocodog991 (1 year ago)
yeahhh best batman everrrr uncle job!
Kathiravan Ganesh (1 year ago)
Will arnet voice is damn good. He do act more Hollywood films
ItsTimeIDisappear09 (1 year ago)
Harikus (1 year ago)
lol, wow, this was more cancerous than i usually expect
Akayy ! (1 year ago)
Harikus Uhh so you usually watch Hollywood star acceptance speeches? That is way weirder than anything said during this speech.. weirdo!!
Büşra Cağırgan (1 year ago)
Oh my god I will never get enough of this duo I wish they would vlog together I'd watch it to death???
Dave Cote (1 year ago)
Jason is one of my favorite actors. He's put out a ton of great material but I'd have to say my favorite is The Switch with Jennifer Aniston. Very funny.
Akayy ! (1 year ago)
TovaShai Whaaat?! I would never have imagined a movie called Bad Words would be vulgar!! No way! Lol don’t mind me.. I’m just being an overly sarcastic asshole (Whoops please excuse my French) 🤓
TovaShai (1 year ago)
Have you seen Bad Words? It's vulgar, but sooo funny!
Lydia D C (1 year ago)
I love Jennifer Aniston's laugh
Sonja Dawn (1 year ago)
I remember Ned and Stacey, it had Debra Messing and Thomas Hayden Church.
Eric Olejkowski (9 months ago)
Sonja Dawn The show was funny as hell , maybe little bit to smart for the masses.
Kyle Ranard (1 year ago)
Bateman is the man
jcappucino (1 year ago)
I'm a fan congrats
Danasweeklypicks # (1 year ago)
cutest Bromance in Hollywood
Scott Shiff (1 year ago)
I've been saying JB deserves this for years. He is an American treasure. Go watch Ozark if you haven't already. Love Will Arnett too... well said sir.
L. Cubias (1 year ago)
Can't wait to see these two in the new season. Also that is totally an Eighteen hundred doallar SUIT! C'mon!
Tyler Cobb (9 months ago)
L. Cubias hands off the nineteen hundred dollar suit C'MON!!
Suzie K (1 year ago)
Jennifer Aniston loves to hear her own laugh. And just to make sure we all know she is there
Aprajita Kesar (1 year ago)
Suzie K wtf is that supposed to mean? Her laughter it too loud for you ? Jesus! People just need anything to hate nowadays.
Tony Music (1 year ago)
If the pilgrims were still alive today, what would they be famous for? Being like 400 years old.
okkcomputer (1 year ago)
bateman's facial expressions are priceless
DudeSteve (1 year ago)
George Hamilton?
Baxtron o (1 year ago)
Great job on 'It's Your Move'. Anyone?
eoinh1 (1 year ago)
You got that.... I won't bend down
Noah Henson (1 year ago)
Love it.
rmyukon (1 year ago)
AKA: "I am a liberal elite. Trump sucks, his kids suck, he's stupid, and we're all cool." You're there to praise a friend, Jason Bateman, not make a political speech. I used to like Will Arnette, but now I think he's just a typical liberal, hollywood piece of shit like most of the rest of them.
LadyDominion (11 months ago)
How about ALL of you stfu and enjoy the friendship that is Will Arnette and Jason Bateman
kek kek (1 year ago)
Oh Will Arnett made a 5 second Trump joke when you weren't expecting him to and you're upset? Go and tell us how you're the one who's free speech is being violated by leftists. There's a good flake
Caro H (1 year ago)
rmyukon Firstly, his name is spelt: Arnett - no e on the end. So before you turn this political perhaps get the spelling of his name correct. Secondly, he has every right to use his platform as a public figure (as do everyday people who don't have as much influence, or simply as many people to hear them) to throw in a few unfortunate Trump truths (not to be confused with Bluths 😂 - Arrested Development family name..if you're not a fan..which I doubt)! He worked a few typically Arrested Development style comments in with some Trump references.. & I don't think it was his intention to turn the speech into a political one - but the way the US is being run is a disgrace..to the whole world & unfortunately Trump creeps into most speeches, conversations etc because of the mess he makes a mockery of daily - running the country & it is on most people's minds. Most decent celebrities say A LOT more about that moronic psychopath any chance they get & I applaud them for it! The Trump parts paled in comparison to all the funny memories the two have shared, the mutual respect & genuine love they seem to have & what a great actor, father, friend & man he is! Will Arnett is a hilarious guy & if you want to make this about Trump & not Jason Bateman receiving his Hollywood Star ⭐️ that's unfortunate. A few jokes were cracked (the whole world makes them) & I don't feel it was a politically saturated speech at all!
Sorin Vasile Bogdan (1 year ago)
You can be from another country and not like trump, you assholes. The only disgrace bigger than the man himself is the fact that he was voted president. Shame on the USA and anyone who supports him and his ''government''. Props to Will for not missing a chance to make fun of the orange buffoon.
Puss N' Boots (1 year ago)
You don't have to be a "liberal elite" to dislike Trump. I'm conservative and can't stand his obnoxious ass. He's the worst kind of lowest denominator populist. Get your panties out of a wad
Basmah AL-Otaibi (1 year ago)
Friendship goals!!!
carstereobandits (1 year ago)
A bromance for the ages.
NickelCityPixels (1 year ago)
Hey hermano!~
MrMejia187 (1 year ago)
I'm so ready for Arrested Development Season 5.
Nicholas Johnson (1 year ago)
This rivals a best man speech, and honestly, is not that much different.
yana romanova (1 year ago)
that's love, bitches
Bubba (1 year ago)
Those guys are great together, casting director on Arrested Development deserves a star
Roanix1 (1 year ago)
The fact that Jason Bateman and Will Arnett are friends in real life makes my day so much better.
Tyler Cobb (9 months ago)
They have said they are like brothers. Only closer.
MojoBonzo (1 year ago)
well they kept making a series just because they loved it even though it made no money... they sure liked each other...
mellon colie (1 year ago)
*has an exam tmr* *see Jason Bateman and Will Arnett in the title* * click*
trs (9 months ago)
exactly my situation right now
Pablo Riveros (9 months ago)
let's just say i'll be taking the same course again nxt semester, worth it though lol
ARPNET (9 months ago)
How was your exam?
Pablo Riveros (9 months ago)
mellon colie i'm literally in that exact situation right now
Araani M (1 year ago)
Dammit this is my life rn
Michael Holmgaard (1 year ago)
Great speech, funny and heartfelt :)
Loveystar78 cloud (1 year ago)
Well deserved. Always been a fan of Jason Bateman since Little House on the Prairie. He's a kick-ass actor. Loved the films he has both acted in and directed. Can't wait to see his new show Ozark.
Joseph C. (1 year ago)
Ozark is fkin GOOD
Cesar Leon (1 year ago)
Loveystar78 cloud I
Jamy Brigg (1 year ago)
Ozark was exellent!! Jason Bateman is indeed very good in it. Cant wait for season 2
Pamela B (1 year ago)
Loveystar78 cloud Just finished Ozark. It's soooo good. Braking Bad good. He did a phenomenal job with all his input into this show and it speaks for itself. He's going to be nominated for something because it's brilliant and I'm hooked. Can't wait for the next season. Bateman is the man.

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