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Hot Pepper

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Preparations for the big game.
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AeroCard (19 hours ago)
Josh! You need some malk!
Whats A Name? (2 days ago)
*crunch cromch* *r e g r e t*
Tgu ! (3 days ago)
For being from 2009 it has some really good audio
Supercooper28 (6 days ago)
*comes out in waves*
tacos be ded (18 days ago)
Alex Zemaitis (18 days ago)
I ate a jalapeno during this video & the whole time I was like 0:28 not one complain
i want to die (19 days ago)
I like how there's just Gatorade behind them...XD
Copernicaso (25 days ago)
Some say he’s still sweating on the ground to this very day...
Copernicaso (25 days ago)
My eyes are watering 😂 anybody else?
Cnady Nandy (1 month ago)
When he started yelling I started to laugh so hard
SarahDaWolf YT (1 month ago)
Amulek Black (1 month ago)
Oh no.
GEOMATIONS studio (1 month ago)
Memento Mori (1 month ago)
friend just calmly watching....eating crackers
burber (1 month ago)
i wouldn't necessarily say it's h-HA-hot
גילה סיילס (1 month ago)
James Wimbish (1 month ago)
Take me back to when YouTube was all about this kind of stuff <\3
Kitkatkitty Idk (1 month ago)
My favourite video
Golfy (2 months ago)
First Balloon Shop skit I’ve watched. Still one of my favorites
David Gray (2 months ago)
Y’all please come backkkk
The Duke Of Dorks (2 months ago)
Saltines n tomatos
5656Dana (2 months ago)
emma huysman (2 months ago)
Just take a tomato
Will Ville (2 months ago)
I'm so happy you guys committed to and went through with this idea 😂
Shauna Burkhard (2 months ago)
i feel bad fore him...
Tater Tot (2 months ago)
Hey Josh. *How's that pepper?*
XylaXPGaming Animations (2 months ago)
God, imagine if the camera wasn't filming...
Transexual Trash (2 months ago)
I love when he throws the tomatoes his hair frickin flips XD
Goku the Sauce God (2 months ago)
When YouTube was actually good and pure before all the casual gamers/drama that infested it plus the cancer
miLLER M (2 months ago)
Wuts witht the blue gadorade bottle everywhere on this channel?
Paramaguru Master (3 months ago)
robin from teen titans go having a pinch of salt
Mastadon King (3 months ago)
Who the hell is Charlene?
Dustin Clark (3 months ago)
Josh... How's that pepper? Just realized I use this delivery all the time in social situations. Didn't realize I picked it up here!
FuckNuggectMegee (3 months ago)
I thought he was gonna say "pain flavoured"
BostonCreamy (3 months ago)
This is their best video
Loser Club (3 months ago)
Isabelle Jones (4 months ago)
Oh my fluff..
MyFIFANetwork (4 months ago)
I miss the amateur comedy sketches on YouTube.... Back when YouTube was in its prime
Noam Silas (3 months ago)
MyFIFANetwork same
MAKAYLA LOWERY (4 months ago)
Um this was made in 2009? I’m watching this in 2018
LucidDream (3 months ago)
Yeah, this is an old channel now. Some of us were here for it, but they stopped making videos quite some time ago together. Still a channel I come back to watch either way. I wish they were all still together.
Andy. (4 months ago)
i want a balloon shop tramp stamp
Nicole Dee (4 months ago)
Agnaye Ochani (4 months ago)
They gave Josh a good role this time and he played it well. And as always Thomas was on point.
lunatic wizardG (4 months ago)
that wasnt so spicy
Flat earth Society (4 months ago)
I just found those vid in 2018 All the wasted years ....I am complete
Poppstraw Stick (4 months ago)
Me being in front of the cool kids
Natividad Santiaguillo (4 months ago)
I thought the pepper was a pickle
Kylee le potato (5 months ago)
**sssnnnniiiiffff** Ah, this is a hot one too.
Madi Holde (5 months ago)
Why is there always a blue Gatorade in the bg
j w (5 months ago)
GUILT KHAN1414 it's dart juice
signifi delica (5 months ago)
Delsin Murray (5 months ago)
2009 is the only reason im alive
James Holt (5 months ago)
This is for you Charlene!
Emily Earles (5 months ago)
This youtube channel is what gave me my sense of humor
Andy Spendlove (5 months ago)
Who else is here to enjoy some saltines and tomatoes and enjoy the big game?
Furry CatzKatty (5 months ago)
Its 2018 now
SodaPop Cinema (5 months ago)
How’s that pepper
MįštÿPłãÿżź (6 months ago)
Mantiss Toboggan (6 months ago)
You DON'T need to be eatin' that, man..
Blue fox Plush (6 months ago)
How is he sweating so much
thespacemarine247 (6 months ago)
"It's like a mother Puma giving birth in my mouth."
Kyle Cooper (6 months ago)
Drink some milk
babybell (6 months ago)
*full Gatorade bottle behind him* um well now
Crash Game Reviews (6 months ago)
if you listen to this with your eyes closed it sounds like a porno
xShadowxPhoenix (6 months ago)
Dude, just take a tomato
sticc_boi anims (6 months ago)
JessChan Anime Thing IK (6 months ago)
Old but humorous XD
Joseph P (7 months ago)
Who is here in 2018?
Lucille Arts (6 months ago)
Koolgit me!
GallonHat Pat (7 months ago)
I love how Thomas is basically trying to murder him with the tomatoes
Alex Arthur (7 months ago)
this video is brought to you by...... gatorade.
Joseph Stovall (7 months ago)
Alex Arthur that’s dart juice nibba
William Thom (7 months ago)
Anyone else in 2018, I am
William Thom (7 months ago)
Joseph P (7 months ago)
William Thom me too
Clayton Sinclair (7 months ago)
... How did i get here..
Smoore Gaming (7 months ago)
Chloe Nichols (7 months ago)
is that a young olan rogers I see?? <3
soltcoffii (7 months ago)
josh, *hows that pepper*
Joss (7 months ago)
CrizzieDoes [the girl] (7 months ago)
So sad XD This turned into an Eddsworld thing
sour grapes (7 months ago)
take a tomato
Dylan Kane (7 months ago)
2017 anyone????????
Eddsworld Trash (7 months ago)
Mads SC (7 months ago)
When white people drink water
Pastelistic Sam (8 months ago)
The taste of Asia. I am an Asian and no jokes
GlittercatUniverse 4082 (8 months ago)
Is it for you Shar lean
GlittercatUniverse 4082 (8 months ago)
You cracking me up
kamby tha clone (8 months ago)
Eli Ark (8 months ago)
CandyChara Max (8 months ago)
Im in the future its 2017
Pastelistic Sam (8 months ago)
Being an Asian that has a 'cat tongue' (can't handle hot and spicy things) This is relatable
FLADERSTHE SNAIL (8 months ago)
Josh.. hows that pepper
Cringe (8 months ago)
*this is not even from this earth*
Nebulous Killjoy (8 months ago)
Is that Adam Driver
that one person (8 months ago)
*im so late*
Sorenstarz (8 months ago)
I don't know why everyone says there's a bottle of Gatorade behind him, the only drink I see is that bottle of Dart Juice
Bob Jones (9 months ago)
He... He could have had the Gatorade behind him...
RawkL0bster (9 months ago)
That's Dart Juice...
Jonalyn 12333333 (9 months ago)
Who are watching this in 2017? Like if you are this is like old
The Compound Videos (9 months ago)
saw this on reddit a few months ago, keep watching it and showing my friends, so great
"A mother puma giving birth it's so hot" Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
JPfizzy's AWESOMENESS (9 months ago)
Hilarious 😂
Ok now I want a pepper
SuperOtto07 (9 months ago)
Hey josh *H O W S T H A T P E P P E R*
MrCannaOG (9 months ago)
i lost my shit at "this is for you charlene!"
• Arizona • (9 months ago)
Anybody here from ufohouse? Just me? Ok I will leave

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