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Body Care Hacks - Hack It: EP8

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Rebecca Tan's tips for preventing blisters, DIY body shimmer and more! Brought to you by Nivea. Rebecca Tan's Merch Store TANDEM http://tandemmerch.com (Worldwide Shipping Available) Rebecca Tan's Instagram http://instagram.com/rjt99 Tandem Instagram http://instagram.com/tandemmerch Visit our channel for more videos http://youtube.com/clicknetworktv Website http://clicknetwork.tv Download the clicknetwork app http://qrop.it/il6t4f Instagram http://instagram.com/clicknetwork Facebook http://facebook.com/clicknetwork Twitter http://twitter.com/clicknetwork Blog http://clicknetwork.tv/blog
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Text Comments (1253)
hoes mad (3 days ago)
so Grumpy cat died...
Heather Anderson (16 days ago)
* watches hack video* * does none of them*
Lauren Davidson (1 month ago)
Coco Tang (1 month ago)
Cl cknetwork tv.i love
Abigail Sewpershad (2 months ago)
intimate stuff
JoLynn Parsons (2 months ago)
Like this comment if u R subscribed to her, I am
JoLynn Parsons (2 months ago)
This vid was sponsored by NIVEA
Aniyah Baldeosingh (2 months ago)
wait you were naked then who was camering lol
Neeta Chouhan (3 months ago)
me V (3 months ago)
almost seen her booty at 3:48 and at 3:50 also a bit at 3:51 but dont look to hard at it or u might see some butt
Achuzz Selin (4 months ago)
U r very cute
What nobody shows (4 months ago)
She's so charming
qmom13 (4 months ago)
I want to win because I love you and I try ed ALL of your hacks and the all work and I subscribed to your chanel 12 times (hacking) I love you
JoLynn Parsons (4 months ago)
I love your channel! Will u C my channels at JoLynn Parsons and Monster Jam Dude 2
Akanksha Var (4 months ago)
03:13 and 04:45 what if the numbers are 9E and 9L with some different meaning?
Farouq Elmay (4 months ago)
You're cute
akshat verma (4 months ago)
So cute ma'am .... excellent hacks
Lindateoteoteo In230703 (5 months ago)
Once I saw the bottle I immediately knew that it was sponsored by nivea🤣
Weirdo Central (6 months ago)
She is a goddess.
Clafairy Queen (7 months ago)
Who is filming in the shower
Jaky Naambo (7 months ago)
I like this women
nekojimin (7 months ago)
i have never seen a woman so ??? handsome
Sofia Micaella (8 months ago)
I know what to do with my sparkly eyeshadow palette now XD (turn into a fairy!)
TUBE MAKER (9 months ago)
Do how the camera man record
Sal Fisher (9 months ago)
2:09 I love your nails!!!!
Jessica Gaffney (10 months ago)
She's so freakin beautiful!
I took my cocoa lotion and my white shimer eyeshadow and Made the first recipe!
Kareeshma Rathod (10 months ago)
Come live
3:29 Wow I feel bad for the person who is recording that
Brennan Khor (1 year ago)
Watch Gary Vee LIVE in Singapore in July 2018: http://www.nacsingapore.com/brennan
AlexPlayz150 ROBLOX (1 year ago)
Who's watching in 2018? Read More
yazhi _yazhi (1 year ago)
I didnt know why but I found you funny
Jaiyana Yaser (1 year ago)
Is this video sponsored by Nivea
Guys you should watch this too like what I'm doing cause it would be nice if the women know you know some stuff ^_^
Mohini Lonkar (1 year ago)
The flashes in the video disturbs..it's like someone is clicking pics
Tiny Megazell (1 year ago)
My body wash does this weird thing where when I would put it on the shower apply it but it wouldn't let of the nice smell until much later in the day. Why is this?
Tiny Megazell (1 year ago)
oh that makes sense
A M (1 year ago)
Tiny Megazell maybe because in the shower it's absorbed, and later in the day when you sweat, the body wash comes out too, with its smell :)
katie123 osborne (1 year ago)
I'm Aussie too.
Der Lor (1 year ago)
Your so pretty
Lara Leitner (1 year ago)
what other product could you use if you are allergic to Nivea Products?
death painful (1 year ago)
There was an international pole conducted and aussie women were number 1 to smash on the first date. How you doing rebecca tan . Heh heh heh.
Kensley Shirley (1 year ago)
It’s wired I️ have never moisturized
Rhia Holmes (1 year ago)
Whats with the wierd writing on her back?.....
Amal (1 year ago)
But ho films you when your in the shower
Jenny Allen (1 year ago)
Does no one ever notice the lines on her back what are they
Chef Black (1 year ago)
This is the 2nd youtuber that I what that is Australian
Eleanor Tadesse (1 year ago)
If your watching in 2018 like and comment #2018SQUAD
hi (1 year ago)
To be honest in the thumbnail she looks liek rey from star wars
Princess Nicole (1 year ago)
who ever was filming the last video was in for a treat lol
jerry anothy (1 year ago)
She is so dam beautiful!
knee toes (1 year ago)
If you were naked in the shower then who was camera man????
Elsa Gautron (1 year ago)
Is she a model
SweetLikeCayaVlogs (1 year ago)
Love her toenails😂😂
Dechi Apple (1 year ago)
My friend Alina need them but it's a bug bit
Varsha Byju (1 year ago)
She got her tattoo removed from her back neck
Pauline Chola (1 year ago)
I need the nevia products cause my legs look like friking crocodiles
Sonha Akira Madriko (1 year ago)
Hey rebecca... Are you with female producers in the bathroom or do you go alone?
slightly45ed forreal (1 year ago)
Rub a bananan peel on bug big also
Avocado (1 year ago)
You could use coconut oil to remove makeup
Mackenzie Richardson (1 year ago)
so not sponserd
Rekhaba Jadeja (1 year ago)
I want to win because I want my body like you
Amina Baymeen (1 year ago)
Hello my hips area is very rough plz suggest any cream or anything to whiten and smooth them plzzzz
Sanjana Birje (1 year ago)
Ur sooo pretty n gorgeous😍❤
Jasmin Jason (1 year ago)
did she just talked in bm when the blister hack
shelbzGamer&stuff (1 year ago)
Aussie Aussie Aussie oy oy oy
missing princess_ (1 year ago)
My goodness... U luk so different.. Whose watchng dis in 2017... M ur new sub😍😂
Kelly James (1 year ago)
U are very pretty
ImSoNormalXD (1 year ago)
she is like jen from buzzfeed
Ameena Ahmed (1 year ago)
Woaw I didn't even know it was an ad
Riya Saxena (1 year ago)
Oh your nail was so cute.😢 Please tell how did you did that ???
Paola Fernandez (1 year ago)
You should do shaving hacks Like if u agree
P S (1 year ago)
OhMyGawd! I was looking for an inspirational personality and I just found one! This woman defines "Wow" 1 video and I'm already in love with her! Funny, witty, gorgeous, lively and amazing..you're my girlcrush ❤
ellanicoleturan (1 year ago)
2:10 TENZIN 😍 Little did she know, her cat will be a design in her own merchandise years later.
Aisha Bhardwaj (1 year ago)
you look so hot baby
Amy Chua (1 year ago)
Baby come back. 😐
J.J. (1 year ago)
A fair comparison should be skin washed using water only vs with moisturizer. A typical cosmetic scam.
J.J. (1 year ago)
Omg don't put shoes on your bed.
Coral 0987654321hi (1 year ago)
Hey rebecca are you a rusian?
The Sassy Networking (1 year ago)
Give away
Sim Eng Chuan (1 year ago)
pls like my until 500 to show that that is working
Avni Singh (1 year ago)
I still love your hair
Xxqalaxy Lover (1 year ago)
I can see the tattoo on your back neck. It's the most famous tattoo in Asia especially in Cambodia and Thailand because they believe that that tattoo will bring them luck and success.But what I really want to know is ,do you believe it or it just for fun (tattoo). Anyway love love love your channel so so much.I'm a big fan of you,and can you please do a hair fall trick and help for us pls. I really need it so bad and another video on YouTube just said the same stuff and not really effective for all people.Kiss from Cambodia ❤️
LeAnn ulibarri (1 year ago)
Is this sponserd
Cruz Galiano (1 year ago)
This was uploaded one day before my b-day
Ghanima Alsharrah (1 year ago)
I tried nivea skin conditioner before and it was bad. so I used coconut oil and it was amazing
Maja Brooksy (1 year ago)
shes so cute!!
you are wearing black bra I see in video
Lord: Hunt3rGaming (1 year ago)
why why just why would u ask someone if they are naked
Andrea Vallee (1 year ago)
I went to the same hotel ll I love your videos so and your so nice funny and cute
Camilla Lauridsen (1 year ago)
Is it an girl or boy ho film
Rashmi twinksss (1 year ago)
mam u r so cute n lively☺☺luv u
riz who (1 year ago)
I love the way she talks, so chill 😆
Kiran Vidhwani (1 year ago)
from where can i buy in shower
bellatrix psychic (1 year ago)
Rebecca + pixie haircut=😍
Jawad Asim (1 year ago)
i saw some kind of lines behind ur neck.. what is that??
Chuying Long (1 year ago)
She looks awesome two years ago
Anusha Goonasekera (1 year ago)
She has the same moisturiser that I have
Yashonandini Bhargava (1 year ago)
Hey! I wanted a hack for how to get fair knees. Do you know of any?
Lakshmi Rajkumar (1 year ago)
Beautiful feet 😘
Jenn Mclane (1 year ago)
for insect bites I usually just heat up a metal spoon in hot water and place the back of it over the bite... it neutralizes the itch.
Aaliyah Jamison (1 year ago)
Yeah I'm not using conditioner on my face

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