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Text Comments (1158)
Andrew Baumann (1 day ago)
David is using
RivalZSS (2 days ago)
David laying all the way out on those push ups taking a mini vacation each time
12M Views (2 days ago)
Doug the kind of dude that pulls a muscle flexing for a photo for his thumbnail l....
E Lara (2 days ago)
Who are these fags?
Kayla Burns (3 days ago)
whats the point of looking like this when you aint strong
Need For KiIIs (4 days ago)
did DAVID get LAID?
TotsAndTattors (4 days ago)
They are on sarms and have been on sarms for a while. Just like Ryan Casey, everyone knows it and were just waiting for them to make a video about it.
Michael Carroll (5 days ago)
Awesome video, it's always great when you have a friend that's close to the same strength that way you can compete all the time
Mr Callepillah (5 days ago)
26:46 why does censors shoulders look so derformed
Scizox (6 days ago)
When i can do 3 plates,i hope ill have biceps like them.I workout my biceps alot and do alot of benchpress,i can only do 225 right now.
Amarrak (6 days ago)
dont ever let this dude film again.
Hari Dautbegovic (7 days ago)
26:20... empty cup I knew he didn’t actually drink it
Optic Toxic (7 days ago)
I can bench 315 and im 16 wtf this shit is weak check my instagram (lucas_gagniatis)
FernandoA1B (7 days ago)
Amayzinone (7 days ago)
Two people taking juice
victortheripper (7 days ago)
I wanna do dick sucking challenge w these two hunks
Chocho (7 days ago)
I want censor to be A movie star
12M Views (7 days ago)
They look ten with baby butt smooth faces and there bodies don’t match them
ZiminBrother (7 days ago)
I wanna know what’s their weight and ages
Max Biggins (7 days ago)
want some more fukin ads!?!?
3D Printer Spencer (7 days ago)
"that white privilege lift off" LMAO
Penguin RagE (7 days ago)
David’s a huge snake props to Dylan for calling it on the pushups.
RN Michael Creech (7 days ago)
The man smell of that dungeon....I’ll pay to just get a whiff
isaiah brown (7 days ago)
zias did like 5 plates
House of Fortnite (7 days ago)
Haven’t watched Doug ever since him and yanet split, I came back to check and we’ll, I’m leave my again
Leo. (7 days ago)
Weird Flex but ok
karthik pai (7 days ago)
is there strong lifters in usapl than david at his category??
Im Legit (7 days ago)
This is light weight
adam boris (8 days ago)
What gear you guys on?
Jonathan Sanchez (8 days ago)
In the thumbnail censors right arm is bigger than his left. It looks unbalanced.
Gatling Gunman (8 days ago)
Why tf are you in faze if you dont play fortnite
Jake Lex (8 days ago)
Doug, David, Dylan
King -GoochWax (8 days ago)
Gymshark should just sponsor Larry wheels...
Trevor Sundberg (8 days ago)
Jamie Winter (8 days ago)
Did he really put a 2.5 weight on there hahahahaha
Jamie Winter (8 days ago)
David takes steroids
Jarrett P the OG (8 days ago)
You talk wayyyyy to fast ...too muchh pre workout i believe
Singye (8 days ago)
Why David look like Yanet tho?
Trey Clarkson (8 days ago)
135 is my max lmao
Lord Zombies (8 days ago)
Nice photoshop on the thumbnail
Derick Huffman (8 days ago)
For some smaller guys, those are decent numbers.
Rebeca Espinoza (8 days ago)
He went from Yanet to this guy. Something might be going on.
Thamb Nibbaz (8 days ago)
Drop a like if censor still took the biggest L of all time
MonsieurImpeccable1 (8 days ago)
Doug didn’t extend his arms once in the 225
American_Fighter (8 days ago)
more bench press videos !!!!
Johnny Ram (8 days ago)
This was an awesome video doug. Actually keept me going wanting to see
Wyatt Luther (8 days ago)
if anyone lifts you can obviously tell these two tale roids....they look like first time lifters
Corno Krause (9 days ago)
David got laid?
Leo Grenier (9 days ago)
David is a retarded kid
Future Remixx (9 days ago)
Y u got faze in your name
ridemtb4life (9 days ago)
Dave's shoulders, holy shit!
Brian Rounding (9 days ago)
And this is when Censor finally peeked out of the Closet
Jared Clark (9 days ago)
Do the world a favor and take a deep breath bro holy shit
G-dogg (9 days ago)
Peep Phillion in the back 9:05
kyoAnimosity (9 days ago)
Had some guy come into the gym repped out 140kg for 6 no shakes nothing it was fuckinng insane
Slammed Ricers (9 days ago)
*Faze Censor* uses gear? ' No wonder why he couldn't get hard when he lost his virginity!
Llamuari (9 days ago)
9:08 that made me dislike the video
Mr Gray (9 days ago)
Shit David is my inspiration now (buffspiration lol)
Vincent Dao (9 days ago)
Then you watch Larry wheels rep this for 56
blakeownzu (9 days ago)
my favorite vegan natties
Alexandra Kock (9 days ago)
but the question is ..... did David get laid?
Adam Firth (9 days ago)
Don't let this distract you from the fact that Censor is winning champs
Jordan Belford (9 days ago)
Lol 7 ads on the video
HollowWoods (9 days ago)
Deadlift one next then eh?
Future_Gamer (9 days ago)
Kick him from faze
Nicholas Hendricks (9 days ago)
Im sorry but these guys are the biggest homos I have ever seen especially the guy with the red cut off shirt on lmao! Ridiculous.
Shahzain Kureishy (10 days ago)
Benching More than David Laid and Faze Censor! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqoQdRUnNLQ&feature=youtu.be
joe bernardini (10 days ago)
Sniffing ammonia for a 315 bench? okay relax lmao
Bob Skillet (10 days ago)
That thumbnail lol
Travis Marquez (10 days ago)
He didnt lock out tho on the 225
connor tanner (10 days ago)
KikBakGamez (10 days ago)
Loved this vid💎
OrangeJuice (10 days ago)
Dude in black likes roids
Hauvkuab Yang (10 days ago)
I know David and Josh are roided up so is Cencor? I dont wanna accuse him but hes gotta be if hes in there lane.
Kevin Tan (10 days ago)
Listen to 23:17 with your eyes closed
Marco ottone (10 days ago)
David the Photoshop king
Angelo Tortora (10 days ago)
Uuuuh nice photoshop on the thumbnail lmao
Rayin (10 days ago)
It's so cool to see what they're capable of, I want to do this challenge with them now!
saun4455 (10 days ago)
U mean steroid challenge *
manuel montano (10 days ago)
whats that thing he sniffed, for uhh research (but seriously)
abalcom1856 (10 days ago)
The Adderall is strong with these ones.
Miguel Jimenez (10 days ago)
7:53 xDDDDD
morgan freeman (10 days ago)
Idiots working out for no reason and can't even throw a punch properly
Big Dog (10 days ago)
Thay should box in the next YouTube event🔥🙊
Knight VFX (10 days ago)
Im confused. At school they tell us to touch our chest with the bar during bench press. Are u or are you not supposed to?
Dustin's Lit (10 days ago)
Doug steroid Martin
Jason Bailey (10 days ago)
censors lifting with justin bebier
Joffrey Baratheon (10 days ago)
Are they on cycle? Maybe I just have shit genetics but I’m the same size as David and I can’t rep two plates that many times
Tim Jim (10 days ago)
U should watch Houston Jones
Calvin Benkz (10 days ago)
im 17, i re[ you maxes for 3. my max is 365
King Kenny (10 days ago)
How are they gym rats but don't even know how much they're benching?😷
Diego Perez (10 days ago)
Go to 23:28 turn sound up and close ur eyes 😂
Storm FiNNeSe (10 days ago)
Love where you're going with your channel keep it up don't let anyone stop you
Vanya Pynkevych (10 days ago)
Please have a longer video that could easily be under 10 min
Adner Santos (10 days ago)
Paul Ferrari (10 days ago)
135 is your warm up ?? That was my max when I was 12 😭
gLyF (10 days ago)
Me weighing 126 and doing 3 of I 135 then they are like straight to 225
John Mcwayne (10 days ago)
laid of sarmms
Symbol Hex (10 days ago)
I know kids in high school who bench more than thst
Bruce Murga (10 days ago)
What was that thing in David’s hands at 7:37?
Brynjar Magnússon (8 days ago)
Bruce Murga what is in his hands ?

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