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SLIVAN #186 - Prince Yahshua Birthday part 2 of 2 with loads of big booties

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Tia's little dog tries to attack a mannequin head. While Tia Cyrus shows of her body jewelry, Misty Stone arrives and the ruckus begins. Then sit back and enjoy the ogling of Julie Cash's ass by peeps at the party. Tessa Lane admits to being a Slifan and then promotes her directing debut DVD. The new girl gets taught how to pose by Industry by Rick (Garcia). Then the new pornstarlet named Molly Bennett arrives and we discuss her joint Puba. Now wait till you see Kelli Staxx shake her thing!! The night concludes with some Girl Girl fun.
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Text Comments (18)
Hemant Parale (10 months ago)
Love you Tessa Lane😘😘😍😍😍
83rdox (1 year ago)
Whos the one getting instructed on posing?
halbert camus (5 years ago)
Julie Cash: delicious huge ass wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tabari Enoch (3 years ago)
+turpioSE to honest her last i saw she did and loved it
turpioSE (5 years ago)
its shame she doesn't take monster cocks in it.
Aaron Daum (6 years ago)
who is the girl in the pink shirt that lit the candles in the last video?
DEREKinNYC (6 years ago)
Hey man, you make great videos.Keep them coming!
LoraLondon (6 years ago)
Ha ha, great finish.
TiaCyrusxxx (7 years ago)
Awww i just now saw this video Ivan......love it!
ajjs02 (7 years ago)
How on earth could you walk away from Tia&Tessa when there like that together ... dude that is the hottest shit...behind the scenes is always the hottest
triplexjeff (7 years ago)
Great part 2. Love to see more of Tia Cyrus in everything you do ~
ffernandez16 (7 years ago)
i was wondering when all the sex was going to happen and it was in the second vlog awesome i like behine the sean sex from porn ppl and tesa ie hooot
carlshousetv (7 years ago)
Cool shit, I actually tried to get Kelli Staxx for a shoot a while back, she looks way different now, but that ass is still incredible. I just adore Tia Cyrus. Thanks for posting Ivan. Hope your birthday is great this year.
James Hartsfield (7 years ago)
John Maddux (7 years ago)
Does Rick have a youtube channel? good vlog Bro! John T
willos003 (7 years ago)
Hey ivan are u watching mania this weekend
Beethoven1981 (7 years ago)
"YouTube friendly, YouTube friendly, YouTube friendly"...that seems to be your (new) mantra. =) Amazing job, sir. Keep on doing these videos.
Angel (7 years ago)
wow Ivan tons of ass

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