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How To Turn Your Old BORING Leggings Into A BIKINI | DIY Bikini Hacks

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Learn how to turn your old pair of leggings into a chic new bikini! Full Credit : @mmfashiion Subscribe for weekly hair, celebrity fashion, and the latest trends to follow - https://www.youtube.com/user/fashiontrendseeker For more fashion and beauty news visit my blog - http://fashiontrendseeker.com Be Sure to Follow Me On Social Media So We Can Chit Chat [email protected] - Email Instagram - fashiontrendseeker Facebook - http://on.fb.me/1itH6t3 Twitter @fashionprincess Love Fashion? Join My Newsletter - http://bit.ly/1hCj5Uu amarres, estilos, muchas, Pañuelo, recortar, costomizar, transformar, tranforma, varias, formas, ropa, diy, clothes, life, hacks, ideas, moda, fashion, 2017, 2018, 25 EASY Ways You Can Reuse Your Old Clothes, DIY Clothing Tutorials That Will Make Your Life Better, Simple Life Hacks | DIY Clothes Life Hacks, Stylish DIY Clothing Tutorials - Top DIY Clothes. DIY Clothing Tutorials Compilation ทำเสื้อผ้าเก่าให้เป็นของใหม่เก๋ๆกัน!! DIY BLOUSE FROM OLD SHIRT, DIY THRIFTED PANTS TO ROMPER, DIY Maxi Skirt Tutorial : How to make a Pleated Maxi Skirt Zip, DIY | High Low Maxi Circle Skirt Tutorial, DIY Clothing Life Hacks You Must Know! Things To Do With An Old Things - DIY Clothes Life Hacks, Simple Life Hacks - DIY Clothes Life Hacks DIY Clothes! DIY 25 T-Shirt Crafts (T-Shirt Cutting Ideas and Projects with 5 Outfits) DIY 25 Clothing Life Hacks December 2016 - 2017 , fashion, beauty, diyfashion, shirt, clothes, diyshirt, diyclothes, diyshirtdesign, shirtdiy, diytshirt, tshirtdesign, trends, diyshirtcutting, diyoutfits, clothesdiy, clothing, handmadeclothes, diydress, diyclothesforbeginners, accessories, diyawesomeclothes, awesomeclothes, cuteclothes, diycuteclothes, diy, creation, creativity, handmade, fun, design, madebyme, selfmade, cute, homemade, lifestyle, style, creative, tutorial, diyproject, bestcompilation, bestdiycompilation, videocompilation, diyidea, diytutorials, DIY, Life Hacks, DIY Clothes, Fashion, DIY ideas, DIY Projects, Hacks, Life, DIY Shorts, How to, Make, DIY T shirt, DIY Shoes, Crafts, DIY Crafts, DIY Life Hacks, Ideas, Projects, Clothes, Outfits, Easy, Simple, How to Make, How to DIY, DIY Summer, DIY Clothes from Old Clothes, DIY Clothes for Summer, no sew, DIY Clothes for teenagers, Kids, Teenagers, School, At home, New, Old, Revamp, Tutorial, Recycle, Shorts, T shirt, Clothes DIY, DIY
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Text Comments (103)
coquestia dixon (4 days ago)
The bikini is cute however I don't know what to do
maureen voskie (5 days ago)
can this video be a lil bit slower
Alcione Barboza (11 days ago)
AiDani Films (1 month ago)
Alexis G (1 month ago)
Veronica Akpa (2 months ago)
What type of Gil did u use
TAMERA WALKER (4 months ago)
i like everything u hv made but u were going a little too fast
Magdalena Arriaga (4 months ago)
Embustera. Logró tráfico a su vídeo con la falsa imágen del traje de baño. El contenido no vale la pena.
Tay And Kay Quashie (4 months ago)
Stupez to fast
Miss Tricia (5 months ago)
Liliane liberino (5 months ago)
Não explica nada porra vei
julia deacon mazzello (4 months ago)
vai no canal da patrícia roberta, ela eh brasileira.
Amber Elias (5 months ago)
Play it at .25x speed and it's just fine, just turn the volume down she doesn't talk and only plays music.
Amber Elias (5 months ago)
Slow it down to .25 speed and you can see how she makes the black shorts and they're very cute but you'll also see how damn UGLY the top was, it was like rolled up material.. but it's a good idea to make some cute bikini bottoms. She just cuts them into booty shorts buy takes 3 2 inch strips of black elastic and cuts down the sides of the shorts and then sews 3 strips of elastic to the sides of the shorts so that the only thing holding the shorts together is the elastic and it looks very sexy, slow it down and you'll see what I mean
Beza Wag (5 months ago)
I love the idea of making swimsuits out of old leggings. But it is too hurried. Slow down the video darling
Valery Machio (5 months ago)
I wish the video would be slow... I didnt understand....but wooowww
Liana Le (5 months ago)
If it’s too fast for you just play in in a slower playback speed don’t hate the video!
Queen Precious (6 months ago)
Am I the only one who thinks its too fast? Coldnt grab. Had to keep pausing
Sbb95 (6 months ago)
Forget all the haters. You are crazy talented!!
Uru Spain (6 months ago)
Que pena q el primero no esta muy claro como Se hace 😔
Safaesrh (6 months ago)
Her insta pleaaaase
Roshan Naikesa (6 months ago)
Can't even follow up she's too fast I just wanted ma time watching this
HayleyLarissa Long (6 months ago)
Katrin Damsel (7 months ago)
Dis is too fst Don't understand
Alesja Kiptiu (7 months ago)
Samantha Cruz (7 months ago)
why would you use glue on clothing....
La'kei Wisdom (7 months ago)
girl you did that! 🙌
Fangirl RTV (7 months ago)
song used in the beginning?
Jelliann Bennett (7 months ago)
This video sucks its moving too fast
Yfn. Dxddy (7 months ago)
I can’t see a thing
Karla *.* (7 months ago)
I wonder how they come out with such ideas
vilmarie Rodriguez (7 months ago)
Sorry to say but you suck at making videos you go at lightning speed , you don't show nor explain what's the point of them 👎👎😠😤
The Slayer (8 months ago)
Too fast eish
Alisha D. (8 months ago)
mother effin CLICKBAIT! you know your creations suck if you add a whole other picture in the thumbnail.. the whole video was fast forwarded, we couldn't even see what tf she was doing
X-TROYER Pietersen (8 months ago)
Slow down girl
Prerana Patil (8 months ago)
Complicated... u should explain everything properly
alis lopez (8 months ago)
Love fashiion
blue phoenix845 (9 months ago)
ohhhh WATS the name of the song at the end does anyone know if so can you tell me it plz
Lauren Suache (9 months ago)
Me encantaría que explicaras .. Como es cada uno Paso a paso Porque la verdad me perdi😂
Simone Thorpe (9 months ago)
I love your videos but I can bearly see in this one love your videos tho
MARIAN VARELA CALVO (10 months ago)
creo que para lucir un vestido de baño hay que saber coser y no pegar con un tipo de goma es demasiado vergonzoso que luzca algo tan mal hecho y lo exhiba
Fathead Momma (10 months ago)
The picture is from the website " Wish " swim suit is on the website if you want to buy it LOL
Alecia Young (10 months ago)
I'm not trying to descriminate but this video was teribble and I agree with all of you this isn't a diy video at all
Alecia Young (10 months ago)
It looks good but I'm trying to make one and the video was too fast
Alisha Mann (11 months ago)
This looks cute until it comes undone and then you standing there buttnekked in the water lol
xCookiefacetwx (8 months ago)
Alisha Mann true
Kasey Kasket (11 months ago)
Why is she using glue on the top???? That's not going to hold up well in the water, and it completely destroys any chance of the top stretching.... I'm confused. Also, it's going so fast, not showing much of what is happening and it's not a clear video.
sonam rajdhan (11 months ago)
nyc idea ,great talent definitely i will try
Deanna Cauley (11 months ago)
I loved them all but I'm mad because you clickbaited me. I really wanted to see the one in the picture
Sophia Pistis (11 months ago)
Where is that beautiful swimsuit from pic?
Yaritza Baez Cotto (3 months ago)
RunaSaeunn (11 months ago)
I still don't know how to...
Nayyi Rah (11 months ago)
i got thru.. i see some peoplw saying it was to fast, yes it was fast but very easy to pick up..! lol .. thank u for sharing. 💞💞
Mrs DFJA (11 months ago)
Cant see what youre doing with the black.
Nongi Tutavake (11 months ago)
Omg a lot of work lol I can go to Kmart and get one
foxxcgirl (1 year ago)
girl you did that!!! talented self😊
keneisha anderson (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video I am inspired.keep it up.
Hope Mnisi (1 year ago)
thtas why too fast I can't even see the things u need
baby doll (1 year ago)
its to fast
Marjy Chan (1 year ago)
norm paul (1 year ago)
wow amazing your hot too
Bikesh Yadav (1 year ago)
How to wear swing brs
Alejandra Martinez (1 year ago)
Thought she would be making the one from the photo of the videooo
DONTASIA LAWRENCE (7 months ago)
Alejandra Martinez same
booyakasha (9 months ago)
It's called clickbait sweetheart
Golstar Keriday (1 year ago)
Alejandra Martinez same, click baited my friend...
Kayla Bradley (1 year ago)
Not too fast all the other hack videos take forever this one is straight and to the point all hack videos should quit with the annoying music in the background though
Flexii Addiction (1 year ago)
Im not seeing how to make the one in the picture
video is too dark that you can't see anything with that black fabric
Brandy Strickland (1 year ago)
My fav song is bubble gum girl
Tímea Hatvani (1 year ago)
Name of the song, please?
Madison Townsend (1 year ago)
Why did less boobs get thumbs down??
ThanatosTheos (9 months ago)
The idea of the black bra i guess is to enhance the boob size.. or like a bombshell bra something. lol
no se ve como lo have el primero y es el k quiero yo los kiero asi 😷😷
gretchen gojo (9 months ago)
Elisabeth Vidiella More
〰zvariovana〰 MUA (1 year ago)
how did you do this 😮😶😱😲😍
Ena (1 year ago)
kan you swim in these??
bluemind (13 days ago)
Yup you can, it just takes a long time to dry and you can not swim verry fast
lalaine (10 months ago)
doesn't look like it
Isabel castañon (11 months ago)
At less that you sew them.
Lilli Summer (1 year ago)
Ena i don't think so..
ASdfdv ASfdgf (1 year ago)
Kerreice Excell (1 year ago)
not try to hate they look gud but what's the point of this video wen I can barely see anything and it way to fast . news flash Im not flash
Catherine Maniago (5 months ago)
haha. yes.
Kei Kei wade (7 months ago)
I taught I was the only one that felt this way.
Vivienne Aurelious (8 months ago)
Kerreice Excell It'll sound horrible because it's being played slow, but there is a playback option that allows you to have it played in slow mo.
Karkittys (9 months ago)
Or at least like captions to explain what's going on or a voice over even if I slowed down the video idk what's happening
nerilyn casimero (9 months ago)
S. (1 year ago)
Love the idea but all those crappy tutorials are just for inspiration purposes I guess .. not for diys :(
Michelle Cuylits (1 year ago)
S. These are actually very good and detailed videos from a girl called patricia roberta, this channel is just stealing them and speeding it up
naomi cawley (1 year ago)
cant really see what shes doin
Mariana Saucedo (1 year ago)
Me gusto el ultimo truco :v
Maria Juarez Alama (5 months ago)
Jocelyn Samara Diaz (1 year ago)
Mariana Saucedo hahahahah x2 :'v ... Para planitas xD
Veronica Nava (1 year ago)
Que utilizas para pegar la ropa?
Sofii Laruu (1 year ago)
Veronica Nava es pegamento para tela

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