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Molly Bair - Fall/Winter 2015

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Molly Bair
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Diana M (26 days ago)
Curlu hair D: she looks amazing with that!!!! Omg!
Diana M (26 days ago)
Why you always look angry? XD
Dios, está niña es hermosa
`вилли `рыбка (9 months ago)
Боже, молленька, выходи за меня, ты женщена оф май дрим
Pipitha Oli Schmitt (1 year ago)
She a lil bit looks like cara delevigne and eija skarsgård
GREGORY LAMMERS (1 year ago)
My favorite model.
•POOPY CAT• (1 year ago)
nastyplayboy69 (1 year ago)
She's cute but why does she look like she's pissed off?
DayswithLaguardia (1 year ago)
this was painful to watch :/
Rhaegal (1 year ago)
She's amazing but i'm wondering if she's anorexic
bonjour prada (1 year ago)
no... she is like this! naturally skinny! also she is super tall thats why she looks too skinny...
Osais pomporios (2 years ago)
Diese Fresse nicht anzuschauen einfach zum kotzen.
Megan Robinson (2 years ago)
Would love to be that tall
Erika Wilson (2 years ago)
You look like a beautiful fairy
Shira Navon (2 years ago)
So badass
Bey Zee (2 years ago)
Her walk is like the basic version of Sasha Pivovarova's "marching". If she'd keep practicing and observing control, she CAN be the next Sasha Pivovarova aka the Queen of Prada.
marelena (2 years ago)
If she gained a few pounds, she probably would look more human like. But I guess her image is what's dominating fashion right now, androgynous models.
juan altredo (2 years ago)
she doesnt have any style at all when walking, its the zombie walk that so many anorexic girls admire so much
sunny (2 years ago)
juan altredo wtf? She's amazing
Noémie Doublet (2 years ago)
actually i think she has a lot of style ! at least she's different ;)
Jakaila Hewitt (3 years ago)
Is this what fashion is now...? yeesh
Mary Mansfield (2 years ago)
Yes, this is high fashion, that people pay hundreds to wear. Unless you are a high fashion model modeling for Vogue and the New York Times, you shouldn't be saying anything bad about what Molly is wearing.
jajajajaja denles un pan
Tenzin Tsering (3 years ago)
the androgyny ;D
Sonny (3 years ago)
she is weird but i kinda like it
anthony romano (3 years ago)
she looks like a pissed off broomstick.
1234qwer (3 years ago)
Am I weird bc i really want to see how she looks in a bikini ?
seher ekici (3 years ago)
I want too, only bc I want to see how thin She really id
阿giao (3 years ago)
The Legendary Knight (3 years ago)
Please eat more !! That looks scary and not sexy at all.I fund her face very special, but lately fashion gone too far with those weird faces... It's not beautiful, it's weird, strange and scary because also the models are toooo skinny. I can hardly identify myself in those people.
skinny gurl (4 months ago)
Sometimes is natural and genetic. Obviously they go to the gym have a healthy diet and all but i'm exactly like her and I eat a bunch of food. I get bullied a lot in my childhood bc I was skinny, so just don't say "PLEASE EAT MORE" bc sometimes u just can't gain weight.
Mary Mansfield (2 years ago)
Who are you to comment on her weight? Shut up, that is a signature model face. You shouldn't say anything unless you have modeled for high fashion companies like Molly has. Her weight and modeling face fits her style perfectly, she is beautiful no matter what and you should not be the judge of that.
The Legendary Knight (2 years ago)
+Leslie Ix Curved and slim doesn't mean to look that skinny. What creeps me the most is people like you who close their eyes to every thing they serve to us, and say amen to every of their invention.
The Legendary Knight (2 years ago)
+Eszti Szép You're maybe right : fashion gone too far.
Eszti Szép (2 years ago)
Trigger warning: They are not there for you to "identify with".
tictocmm (3 years ago)
Molly is a new standard of beauty
Lydia Hernandez (1 year ago)
tictocmm no she not 😂😂😂😂😂
Alejandro P (1 year ago)
Molly always looks pissed off at the whole world LOL
Edgar Soto (3 years ago)
I think she is amazing she is booking mayor shows for some reason she is so different in every show designers love here she reminds me the old unique kArlie kloss when she was high fashion now she sucks
Fadly 13 (3 years ago)
She definitely will be next best thing in the high fashion industry !
perfumes (3 years ago)
She has a unique face, but she walks like a male model 😩😩
vo man (3 years ago)
+perfumes that makes her diffirent
seher ekici (3 years ago)
demeliou (3 years ago)
+perfumes true
niedude (3 years ago)
Love this!
pinkerbell // (3 years ago)
her beauty is unique and exotic
StubbiestSkroll (3 years ago)
Well some people like this or the others who just want a big ass... Like me
jaxflfreebird (3 years ago)
I just found this gal when I was looking up pictures for SNL cast member Molly Shannon. This gal sure doesn't have a sexy walk. She is kind of scary pretty. I guess I'm a pig of a guy but about all I can think to say is something like "I'd do her" or something like that. I'm just saying she is certainly an odd looking woman but it works for her at this point in life. Molly is a bit freaky and exotic. I can only wonder what she might look like later on in life. Anyway, glad to see she is making some money. I hope this little bit of fame doesn't mess with her psyche too much. To be mocked and then to be embraced by the fashion world. That can't be an easy thing for any person to deal with, young of old. I hope she uses her little bit of fame to her advantage.
Theodore John Presores (3 years ago)
Models have their signature walk. I like how she walks. Im pretty sure she has been cast in a show because of her beauty and her walk. Sasha Pivovarova and Freja for me have the strangest model walks but in a very very good way.
Theodore John Presores (2 years ago)
+Aizen Knaik I agree with everything u said except for Karlie. never liked her sorry. Prada is my favorite brand and Sasha P will always be the best Prada Girl ever.
Bey Zee (2 years ago)
Sasha Pivovarova has in fact, according to Vogue, one of the best walk in the history of fashion. She doesn't glide, she doesn't stomp like other models either. They call her walk 'the marching'. Accompanied with her icy glare and barbie doll figure, her walk 'the marching' has instantly catapulted her to stardom. In fact, her walk always signals the entrance of Prada to Fashion week just like Mariacarla's powerful stomp signals the entrance of Givenchy. She's unique, and she's one of the best for embracing her uniqueness. I have high hopes for Molly. I can see her improving her walk seasons from now. Remember, even Karlie started with a 'horrible walk' in her early seasons but now just look how mesmerizing she is in the catwalk.
Tammy Tae (3 years ago)
Yes, she has kind of a unique beauty. But her walking is terrible, it totally makes me not want to buy any of those outfits. But I am quite sure she'll improve in some months.
Mary Mansfield (2 years ago)
Um, excuse me but did you see her trip, fall, or stumble? No, and for some outfits she has to walk in heels, which are hard to walk in when you have thousands of people watching you. Those outfits are mostly just for display, they cost hundreds of dollars and are very unique and pretty.
Alexis Vicencio (3 years ago)
What.... the..... fuck....
Komang Putra (3 years ago)
She looks like a skinny rat
Podikk (3 years ago)
omfg, looking at her literally hurts ?!()_(_*_&^$_*_()+_
Ayman malki (3 years ago)
That's how you walk, when your soul was taken by Satan
Xav (3 years ago)
Has science gone too far?
Augusto CB (3 years ago)
Mdfm 79scottD (3 years ago)
The music from the video,anyone know who they are????the group or something'????oh an by the way she is really beautifull,but a bit too skinny
Mdfm 79scottD (3 years ago)
+A FASHION thanks :)
A FASHION (3 years ago)
+Mdfm scottD Run - Epic Chase Music
Alex Music (3 years ago)
Top model Hibrido
Gabriel Mera (3 years ago)
Anorexia es la palabra que mejor la describe
sasizaza (3 years ago)
Ella es así de delgada, no has visto las fotos de su niñez? Si fuera anorexia ya estaría muerta. Por qué hay gente que cree que si estás muy delgado eres anorexico? Solo la gente que somos así de delgados por naturaleza entendemos lo molesto que es que crean que estas así porque tienes un problema de alimentación
Jazmin Zamaniego (3 years ago)
Ella es así.
EDUARDO Lugo (3 years ago)
I don't like serious faces ;\
Оля Розова (4 years ago)
Как бот, 2 метра ростом, без чувств, даже жутко стало.
`вилли `рыбка (9 months ago)
Не будто бот, а будто инопланетянин. В общем, женщена маей мищтыы аххх
Tiphon Bafometo (4 years ago)
she looks beautiful, it's like a weird beauty
- -ƒωc (4 years ago)
she has a very small face
Joop Schouten (4 years ago)
need one on Tami!!
Joe Hallam (4 years ago)
A skeleton with skin stretched over it, trained like a circus animal to walk down a ramp in front of wankers...wow, she is living the dream...
Mary Mansfield (2 years ago)
Modeling for high fashion companies, walking on runways, and getting paid thousands for each show. Yep, I agree, great life! And also, everyone is a skeleton with skin stretched over it, some just have more "meat", lol, in between.
Andrew (3 years ago)
+Niamh Wortham That society considers one who earns money, regardless of how or what they subject their bodies too, their emotions, as a success, is bittersweet. As Joe, albeit crudely pointed out, there is no legacy here Please keep in mind that 'getting paid' is not the same thing as earning, and wealth regardless of the means of accumulating it, will not make you whole.
Niamh Wortham (3 years ago)
Who gets payed over a thousand for each show. Pretty much is the dream
Tiphon Bafometo (4 years ago)
+Joe Hallam she has a lot more money that you could ever dream, instead you have to work but as you say she only walk down a ramp in front of wankers HA a very easy and comfortable life if you ask me
Ginseng Ficus (4 years ago)
Could you list the shows she walked in the description box? :) love this vid 👌
A FASHION (4 years ago)
Absolutely! Here is a list of the shows, in order of appearance.  Alexander Wang Bottega Veneta Erdem Michael Kors Gucci Prada Fendi Balenciaga Narciso Rodriguez Giambattista Valli Kenzo Proenza Schouler DKNY Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Giamba JW Anderson Mary Katrantzou No.21 Vera Wang Rochas Vionnet Chanel Marc Jacobs Alexander McQueen

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