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Snoop Dogg's CRAZY Fast Money! | Celebrity Family Feud | OUTTAKE

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Snoop Dogg plays Fast Money! Can he make it rain on Celebrity Family Feud? Watch Celebrity FamilyFeud all summer on ABC, SUNDAYS AT 8/7c! SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/FamilyFeudSub PLAY FAMILY FEUD LIVE: Android: http://ludia.gg/FFLAndroid iOS: http://ludia.gg/FFLiOS Visit our NEW STORE: manicmerch.com/familyfeud FACEBOOK: facebook.com/FamilyFeud INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/familyfeud TWITTER: twitter.com/FamilyFeud WEBSITE: familyfeud.com
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Text Comments (8562)
Noodle Dick (10 hours ago)
Wtf is snoop dogg wearing some type of white boy shit
Stanley Masiku, (17 hours ago)
Steve is funny
Ryan Gaming (2 days ago)
Who would find a pie in a horse and get it out and serve it to the people
RatedFlyBizzy (2 days ago)
Family died always been a very good show since I was a kid but... Steve Harvey us the best thing to ever happen to that show.
RatedFlyBizzy (2 days ago)
I did not know lady rage was related to him... I would still want to date her.
frogers908 (3 days ago)
I have that same Sweater snoop is wearing
A Bravo (3 days ago)
I’m surprised he didn’t grin with the April question, or say 420 😂
InterdimensionalSex (3 days ago)
Why doesn't Snoop's nametag say Calvin?
Judas Priest (4 days ago)
Piss off dog-poo!
Sean Merideth (5 days ago)
Pie in the what the hell did you say
Rylie Woods (5 days ago)
The creator (6 days ago)
He's in youtube
imjustsomeguy72 (6 days ago)
Old mate Snoop scrubs up alright, doesn't he.
Route 1 (7 days ago)
I heard that Snoop has a IQ Of 147 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dan Geiger (7 days ago)
How high was he when he said that
Mohanned Abdulaziz (8 days ago)
pie in the mouth yummmmy.
AngelKizzez (8 days ago)
Gosh I laughed my ass off
Nyesha Brooks (8 days ago)
Snoop was my favorite on here I laughed so hard
Carlo Utuber (8 days ago)
pie in the face
GAMING MIKO (8 days ago)
lucax tshotting (9 days ago)
random video getting into my recomended gotta say its funny that this man says "heyyy they got it rigth" the only very thing i know him for is him not getting it right
Ronewa Maduwa (9 days ago)
Snoop never gets old huh
Temp Only (11 days ago)
I thought he said hoes.
SSFandomLove (11 days ago)
Snoop is so adorable 🤣💖💖💖
Balon Pabon (12 days ago)
Why you didnt add fucking subtitles
Jimin’s lost jams XD (12 days ago)
2018 I still find this funny as hell! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Raja Rajab (12 days ago)
Snoop Doggy 😍😍
Elevated Gaming (12 days ago)
Matthew Bluefox (12 days ago)
256 pointz is a record, right?
deestillballin (13 days ago)
Steve’s Head would have imploded had 1 person said that (mine too)
zedrik hilario (15 days ago)
Pie in the whores
I thought Pie in the oven before he said horse
Aidan Stillwell (15 days ago)
I heard "high" I think he heard that as well and thought of a "high horse"
Aidan Stillwell (15 days ago)
You ever get a headache from laughing?
Mouseman Garcia (15 days ago)
Man I need to get some pie in the horse...
Jess Alcala (15 days ago)
snoop wasnt liking it to much, the forced laugh
The Dream Dynasty (16 days ago)
Fill in the blank: Pie in the: ? ANS: HORSE. Hahahahahahaha This is so funny
Maxine A.G. Guess (16 days ago)
Saitama (16 days ago)
2:34 when the blunt hits harder than you expected and you gotta chill first
CProgression (17 days ago)
Better than calling someone mom after sex (Concept stolen from a movie quote in the film "Clerks").
MichaelChiklisCares (17 days ago)
I woulda said creampie.
Jeremy Hill (18 days ago)
0:47 xD
Mark Patterson (19 days ago)
Not a chance April fools was 29 -they had to get to 4!
super jake (20 days ago)
Well we just learn something new we just goind a pie in a horse
Mitchell R (20 days ago)
I love the snoop. 🙏
Clutchmit t (20 days ago)
“Well, you’re on YouTube”
L S (21 days ago)
I like the way he said"yes sir"
Superbananaman 052 (22 days ago)
Snoop is a true slav
Anthony Wall (22 days ago)
Remember the Gong Show and Showtime at the Appollo?
louis foxwell (22 days ago)
Yo yo yo, it be da snoop poop. he be da real shit. yo,yo,yo
Lee Geal (23 days ago)
Pie in the... What the hell did he say?
Tony Parks (23 days ago)
Brenda Bryant (24 days ago)
Pie in the horse what the heck 😂😂😂😂
Patrick Weber (24 days ago)
I said Face, then bursted out laughing when he said Pie in the Horse.
Alex Townsend (26 days ago)
Steve's response to Pie In The Horse is so awesome!!!
LaTonya Harris (25 days ago)
The other funny part about it was when he said when your brain cells suffered u gonna have moments like snoop dogs stupidity then he said this is going to be on YouTube
Kyle Millard (27 days ago)
This might be weird to say but snoop actually cleans up nice.
kiidampuller97 (27 days ago)
Pie in the horse. Greatest answer of all time. Idc.
Robert Yoshida (27 days ago)
How did Snoop Dogg not say 4/20 as soon as Steve said "name something that happens in the month of April?
محمد منصف (27 days ago)
Joe The Taurus (27 days ago)
“...and get yourself some pie in the horse” 🥧🐎😂🤣
Joe The Taurus (27 days ago)
“Red was the number one answer, but damn that. Pie in the horse” 🥧 🐎😂🤣😂🤣
TheMike0088 (27 days ago)
pie in the HWAT?
Katie Alicorn (27 days ago)
I love snoop so much I wish I could marry him
Mr mc E (28 days ago)
1:52 Franklin at the start versus at the end of gta v
GUMPY (28 days ago)
Haven't seen a pie in a horse, but i have seen a horse in a pie.
Nhat Tran (29 days ago)
I clicked like before watching
Danyele Holland (29 days ago)
Yung MosbyBoi (1 month ago)
Lion_King 786 (1 month ago)
I bet he heard high instead of pie..
LaTonya Harris (25 days ago)
He probably did that's why he said pie in a horse 😂😂😂
Seth Struble (1 month ago)
Was anyone else hoping that the pie in the horse would get 1 point and epically end the game right there with everyone celebrating like crazy? 🤣
Hayden Souza (1 month ago)
I thought he would say this fid'na be a breeze
Robin Robinhagen (1 month ago)
How do you not notice snoop said ranch, then you said no, then he said french at 1:16 when he was right ? then when you reveal the answers you say right one was ranch at 2:05 ? isnt that what he said ? take this L
Samar Iqbal (1 month ago)
He could of said pie in the oven as well as many others but he had to answer immediately. Even we would collapse under such pressure! At least he sees the funny side to it unlike many other star wannabes.
s02 Pzychotik (1 month ago)
Jae kamacho (1 month ago)
I thought he said "high in the what?" The other answer was sky so i though horse wasn't that bad. Until i heard it was pie not high.
Arthur M (1 month ago)
That lady in red can't take her eyes from Snoop LMAO
Adam Smythe (1 month ago)
Snoop is so down to earth, what a guy
HuntersBlade 71 (1 month ago)
At first I thought Snoop said “Forest” but he said horse 😂😂😂
dee N naetion (1 month ago)
First of all... I don’t even carry a purse🙁
marcela gaglione (1 month ago)
Snoop dogg
Bill Doe (1 month ago)
He is a disgusting American for making that video of shooting the President. Human Garbage.
GiaScott (1 month ago)
Pie in the ...WHAT!😂😂
mega maxxy (1 month ago)
And he made jest of someone not being educated.... N he said the same thing
Joharassit (1 month ago)
It would have been so damn funny if just one person had that answer lol.
Natortroz (1 month ago)
High in the horse lmao
Prashant Dikshit (1 month ago)
Snoop out for poop @2:50 😂😂
Always Right (1 month ago)
I love his family they so humble 😍😂😂😂
Ryder Vandal (1 month ago)
I would have said:pie in the face
Joanna Herrick (1 month ago)
Of course Snoop made it to YouTube!😂
DanNix (1 month ago)
For the April question I thought he would say 420
Ashraf pathaan (1 month ago)
Steve: "What the hell is he talking about?"😂🤣
Geoff Stanley (1 month ago)
Geoff Stanley (1 month ago)
blackness daughter REAL TALK get your family in ORDER......
Ravenous Neptune (1 month ago)
Fucking lesbians
monstafunk (1 month ago)
Snoop could of said high in the clouds
Jessie Cloutier (1 month ago)
It did end up in YouTube!😂
IzzeeeGTAS (1 month ago)
Sorry for this stupid question, but i'm from germany and i just don't get this thing. What was the actual meaning of the "fill in the blank"-task? Pie in the ...? Ich don't know what they want him to say xD
Blackpink METAL (1 month ago)
I didn't know Snoop was Australian? 'Dead horse' is Australian rhyming slang for 'tomato sauce'. A pie in the horse would be a pie covered in tomato sauce, something that is quite popular in Australia!
Bruno Kester (1 month ago)
dammnn where's snoopy buying this stuff? I want some too.
MegaCasperC (1 month ago)
Glad he still won money for the kids

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