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Top 20 Group Finale - So You Think You Can Deance Season 8

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So You Think You Can Dance Sason 8 Final Show Choreographer:Sonya Tayeh
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Simona Davis (1 year ago)
All eyes on Jordan!! 👀
Silje M (4 years ago)
This was not the best group routine no... but my god JORDAN!?? She's a star
katjax99 (6 years ago)
My fav finale group routine... hands dow. Love Sonya's choreography!
[email protected] (6 years ago)
eclipsedancer7 (6 years ago)
I actually think Ryan's hair killed it, haha.
Zoe Trujillo (6 years ago)
My eyes were all on Jordan.
nikkimonster89 (6 years ago)
her style is Jazz.... or somthing she likes to call combat jazz
nikkimonster89 (6 years ago)
i agree too! i think the others had something more than ryan
StrawberryMuffinity (6 years ago)
0:40 Jordan is just amazing here. She dances everything perfectly and she has this charisma, that's like WOW. She's going to make it for sure.
StrawberryMuffinity (6 years ago)
Finally someone who thinks the same way. I found her dancing skills good, but the other dancers all had something extra that made them stand out and most of them were technically better as well.
wut exactly is her style of dance cuz i knw she does contemporary pieces but she puts like a bit of jazz and hip hop feel to her pieces...wut im asking is..if she is mainly contemporary or just a mixture
farris3272 (6 years ago)
i know
Emigdio Arredondo (6 years ago)
iTunes, Spotify, here on Youtube... the name's Wanna Get Hype by District 78
Whit Deloriious (7 years ago)
I swear this is one of my favorites from SYTYCD i love Sonya's choregraphy it's different and i love it!!
Radhanath Thialan (7 years ago)
bOOkwOrm966 (7 years ago)
What are all of these comments on various SYTYCD vids about Ryan being amazing? Yea, she's pretty good, but compared to the others....?!?!?! Ryan was the most overrated SYTYCD dancer ever. And you know why? Cause she was Mia Micheals assistant! Special treatment anyone?
Wendy C (7 years ago)
Jordan rocked this shit =D
sammi gutzmann (7 years ago)
this is so cool (: these dance moves are awesome!!! <3<3<3<3<3
Yellow (7 years ago)
Ryan killed it!
RRSmileyBlackBarbie (7 years ago)
i love sonya to death. Her work is of an artist. If i ever got the chance to work with her, i would feel so blessed. I love how she takes her unique dark side and translates it into her pieces. She is a dance genius. Plus i love her style.
Hitokiri Zombilina (7 years ago)
Dat song... where can I find it?

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