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SYTYCD3 - Sabra & Pasha - Quick Step (Mr. Pinstripe Suit) [HD]

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Coupled at random, they take on one of the most challenging routines on the show, the quick step, to be honest I think it is so hard because even if you are used to ballroom, it is still difficult, the foot work is not only quick but you have to not lose the flow of the moment. Getting closer to the finale how will these new partners coop with each other and the quick step as well? Watch to find out, and hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do :) So you think you can dance Season 3
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Janice Van Horn (11 months ago)
I loved the early seasons and I especially remember this number. Amazing!
Singsonggirl (6 years ago)
look at his feet! They're sick! He deserved even more praise than he got...
S N (7 years ago)
Pasha is like, the perfect partner.
AJ Hersi (7 years ago)
@symphonysami yeah they killed it, the quick step is so hard omg, glad you enjoyed it as much as me! :)
AJ Hersi (7 years ago)
@symphontsami yeah sabra and pasha killed this one, the quick step is so hard omg :)

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