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Text Comments (9135)
2025 Sabrina Howell (4 hours ago)
i love dom
chloe davies (11 hours ago)
Literally mike and jeff look the same to me lmao
quxn 3 (1 day ago)
need a part 2 for this
Deborah Fúnez (1 day ago)
0:43 Jojo?
8K comedy (2 days ago)
david has a spoopy sweater
empire 93 (2 days ago)
Mike's ugly to me sorry to all you Mike fans or whatever but David's right lol
Kawaii Marshmallow (2 days ago)
Just a reminder that creators who put themselves on the internet like this, have a thick skin and can handle jokes
Marshallmallow 17 (3 days ago)
Omg poor mike
Avery Sugrue (4 days ago)
I think mike is cute
Eoghan (4 days ago)
Some of yall really get pissed by this vlog like if mike didnt want to do it then he couldve just said and why you all hating on david when the girl chose who she saw in the pictures
Elle Bourdillon (5 days ago)
Unpopular opinion: Mike is cuter than Jeff
YaLocalBits W (5 days ago)
So are we just gonna act like that wasn’t ricegum in the corner at 0:40
Arturo Ramirez (5 days ago)
YaLocalBits W it’s not even him💀
Katia Moran (6 days ago)
Poor Mikey I wouldn’t choose Jeff over him
abby sorensen (6 days ago)
3:04 i love how the sign in the background say “holy cow”
Otix (6 days ago)
“i’d suck the shit out of that ass”
Brooklynn Baum (7 days ago)
That was so mean with Mike 😢😢😭😭 but I have a screwed up sense of humor so it was really funny
Chelsea The Chungus (8 days ago)
Imagine the person who edits these videos and sees naked people and has to blur them out 😂
Alexis Blake (9 days ago)
0:40 the guy behind Jason is hot
Celine Chong (12 days ago)
brother behind jason in the club scene was so cute
Leslie (12 days ago)
The dude at :39 to the left thooo 👀
mannie440 (13 days ago)
The same night huh? That's actually pretty crazy. I feel like most of us wouldn't want to waste taking a shower and getting ready to meet someone that's fucking stupid so we talk to them first XD
Samuel Abraham (13 days ago)
That was cruel
Ceili J (13 days ago)
That chick looked like Jennifer Garner
Zoe Tunison _ (13 days ago)
honestly, Mike and Jeff don't look that different lmao
Giobana Calderon (14 days ago)
That is very sad 😢 for Mike
piece of G a r b a g e (14 days ago)
I liked this vlog but poor Mike he didn't deserve that
AJ Elliott (16 days ago)
2/18 is my birthday
Ko Rin (17 days ago)
The guy with them in the car with mrs Nash and Jason looks like Nikocado avocado 😂😂✌🏼
#Jeon # Yoongles# (17 days ago)
The video is depressing? Bitch these comments are depressing😑the video was amazing y'all are just little bitches
CCup37 (17 days ago)
Megan Allbery (18 days ago)
am I the only one that thinks jeff and mike actually look alike?
Tyler Mystic (18 days ago)
I don’t have a date. But I have a great idea. So would you go prom with me bro? it’ll be hella cool if you could come to my prom and vlog it. Hmu so we can go into details please....🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭🥺 how likes do I need?🥺 I live in Huntsville Texas! Please! We really want you to come!
Jacob Griffiths (22 days ago)
Jason’s mom: this is the biggest decision of my life Me: it probably be the last too This is all a joke I was kidding because David wanted to pick her casket
Nickolas Hinebrook (22 days ago)
makes me wish he had a patreon so we could see stuff like flashing uncensored lmfao
Camila Machado (23 days ago)
Nooo Mike is adorable too!!
RK AK (23 days ago)
Poor mike
Another Weirdo (24 days ago)
This is sad
Kirsty Hill (24 days ago)
this vlog was shite
Chloe .x (25 days ago)
All these snowflakes in the comments 😂😂 making me laugh
Jesus Sucks (26 days ago)
They do kind of look alike.
meggy megjuan (26 days ago)
the person wearing the letter jacket at 3:13 goes to my school which is in minnesota wtf
in check (26 days ago)
this video was so fucked up
matthew s. (27 days ago)
Is funny now but when jasons mom dies y’all are going to be crying like bitches
Raju Dusanjh (27 days ago)
Katelyn Milano (27 days ago)
I literally feel so bad for Mike. That girl was trash for treating him like that because she was obviously having fun. I’d choose mike, not even out of pity, but he’s such a good dude and didn’t deserve that bs. 🤪❤️
Hannah Jean (27 days ago)
Poor Mike😂😂
May May (27 days ago)
I think it was the biggest decision of her death not her life
Sasha Liubich (28 days ago)
Unpopular Opinion: Mike is hotter than Jeff.
Knox (28 days ago)
did no one see Jojo Sim (from Free time) behind Jason at 0:37
Annie (29 days ago)
Jeez man, get the fuck out of the video if you don't like David anymore or think "Trisha's right" like god killing shit for others. Jason's mom is fine with dying and wanted to go casket shopping and is okay with dying she even said so
Neha Shoaib (29 days ago)
Omgggg mike is sooo cuteeee
Freya Glue (29 days ago)
This is so heartbreaking to watch!
Ariana L (29 days ago)
Damn, that must've hurt really fuckin bad
Kimberly Tapia (29 days ago)
What’s Mike’s last name
AlmightyKidd Annaaa (29 days ago)
are mike and jeff twins ?
Spirit_Wolf 246 (29 days ago)
Is it just me or does mike look as if he can pass off as another jonas brother?!
Sloth truthHD (29 days ago)
0:24 its to easy
Sir Miguelito (30 days ago)
Zane: I'd suck the shit out of that ass David: Are you fucking serious? Zane: I mean, I didn't mean it that way
Anita Mlem (30 days ago)
See poor Mike 😥. But Jason's mom is a *mood*
iiLoveless Heart (30 days ago)
Mfers are so sensitive in these comments lol just live you pussies!
Jordan Pitts (30 days ago)
Jason's line at the end killed omg im still laughing
Annica Walters (30 days ago)
Dose anyone just watch these videos for Jeff
Connor Miller (1 month ago)
That’s f’d up
Silullaby (1 month ago)
Mike's cute af
haetherehae (1 month ago)
Mike is so cute!! 🖤
Anthony Alarcon (1 month ago)
“It’s not about looks, it’s about personality” 😂 Only an ugly person would say that 💀💀
Trends Lifestyles (1 month ago)
0:45 ricegum in the back
KIZz Metta (1 month ago)
Doesn’t Jeff have a gf
Poetic Jonnie (1 month ago)
It’s better he didn’t go for her, she’s a bitch for doing that to mike
Mike (1 month ago)
aw poor mike (but atleast face wise they could pass for twins lmao)
Shravantika Das (1 month ago)
I would definitely have chosen Mike
Nicole Jade (1 month ago)
I love Jeff so much wow
Currdog Random (1 month ago)
I felt really bad for Mike, but I still thought this video was hilarious. I didn't realize people were this uptight. Chill tf out
Matthew Brinkworth (1 month ago)
A bunch of little bitches in this comment section
NaTaLiE343 (1 month ago)
LMAO at the date
NaTaLiE343 (1 month ago)
But seriously, make it up to mike
Jocelyn Magner (1 month ago)
Mikes just as hot as jeff
Si1encer77 (1 month ago)
EVANS GECKO CLUB (1 month ago)
3:53 that’s so messed up poor mike
Hedy Rose (1 month ago)
Poor mike aw
Leah Kuiack (1 month ago)
wait ow ☹️
Queen (1 month ago)
Y’all need to chill. This vlog was hilarious and I didn’t even watch him like that before today
Chelle Nalehp (1 month ago)
wait so I don't really watch these vlogs - but I saw the one where they bought a random kid a mustang ..is that this mike dude?
Antonio Roca (1 month ago)
What vlog was it when Jonah tried to lie and say people use his picture to catfish other girls?
Mackenzi Booth (1 month ago)
Why does Mike look like olaf tho😂😂
Cindy Gaitan (1 month ago)
Mike is actually hella cute
Cameron Lopez (1 month ago)
Poor Mike, like omg i would be furious
Caitlin (1 month ago)
Mike definitey looks like jeff. Lol
Vixy AJ (1 month ago)
97% of the comments is they didn’t like this because of Jason’s mothers birthday and picking out funereal appliances Me% LOLLLOLLOLOL
Col 44 (1 month ago)
The funeral home was great!!!!
Okay Kassidy. (1 month ago)
jeff looks like billy russo from the punisher ://
Kimberly Cuero (1 month ago)
I laughed so much while watching the video but then read the comments. Ooooopsss
Soso Drake (1 month ago)
This comment section is fucking stupid
Leah Jane (1 month ago)
GIZMO (1 month ago)
Honestly I think it's perfectly normal to look for a casket at an old age. Even if this was written off as a joke. Be prepared for when you do die and stop making it into a topic that's not allowed to be joked about. It's a natural cause in life.
stevenkelley714 (1 month ago)
All the comments from girls are negative lol
Lauren Webb (1 month ago)
Not even gonna lie Mike is damn cute!!!! David set me up!!!!!
spooky (1 month ago)
* one unfunny vlog * everyone: i think im starting to loose interest in davids vlogs..
Amelia Quiggle (1 month ago)
did anyone catch the racist joke at the very end?
VJones44 (1 month ago)
I don’t get why Jason seems so okay with joking about his moms death. Even for money bruh, that’s too much. Im not sure how funny they will find it when she does pass (God willing, a long long time from now) I also find it interesting that David...the eternal virgin and Mr. $3.50 hair cut 🤭is making fun of Mike...😂
Black ops Coury (1 month ago)
Mike and Jeff look alike change my mind

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