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OMG this is a must see! It was SO awkward! He took the longest pee ever while I was in the bathtub! My boyfriend got me SO good! FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/vloggingblonde TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/zarbeauty MY BOYFRIEND'S TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/ares_bond INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/zarbeauty MY BLOG: http://www.zarbeauty.blogspot.com MY BEAUTY CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/zarbeauty The whole time I was in the tub I was thinking "wtf" why wont he stop peeing LOL! I felt bad for laughing and then I realized what he was doing! Now I need help getting him back! The war is back on!
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Akbarshareef Mohammed (19 days ago)
Muhammad Abbas (23 days ago)
fairus zayan (1 month ago)
Ambo asi
[yancel Elcrak loco (4 months ago)
Zizen Alif (6 months ago)
Yang membuat ini akan kena adsab
bikash Kumar (8 months ago)
doan umbara (9 months ago)
Mukesh Kumar (9 months ago)
awsome gamer toinpoint (10 months ago)
Hey so cool
Robert Payne (1 year ago)
if it was such a good joke why was there no water in the bathtub. what was that prank
Dorothy Carson (1 year ago)
Isuru Eranda (1 year ago)
GeekyNerdSonM (1 year ago)
Sexy lady will you be naked life please
onedandylion (1 year ago)
That was hilarious!
Kezella Sennett (1 year ago)
did anyone realize that there was no water in that bath tub
Alex Snowberg (2 years ago)
I noticed some people are saying there's no water in the tub. They must all be deaf because you can clearly hear the bath water when she adjust her position at 1:56
Bibi Bibi (2 years ago)
hahahahaha prank you
Kevin Tarbox (2 years ago)
so dumb
Gayle Moore (2 years ago)
Tell all contacts from your list not to accept a video called the "Dance of the Pope". It is a virus that formats your mobile. Beware it is very dangerous. They announced it today on the radio. Fwd this msg to as many as you can!
Flip Jupiter (2 years ago)
If only there were more thumbs down I can give this.
War.is.a. Racket (2 years ago)
look at me look at me
Festive_Squid Girl24 (2 years ago)
Omg I'm dead 😂😂😂
Aaron Byron (2 years ago)
anyone want to have sex just text me or call me
FSAA FHUJ (2 years ago)
Karen beharry (2 years ago)
Nanik KustininhsihSAg (2 years ago)
Mian Imtiaz (2 years ago)
Fello Small (2 years ago)
amber (2 years ago)
I was dying
ראובן טסמה (2 years ago)
למה ככה אבל
Prodip Das (2 years ago)
Prodip Das (2 years ago)
Elliott Wolcott (2 years ago)
What a prank that was.
정이수 (2 years ago)
Karah Christie Dobson (2 years ago)
Could I kiss your willy and be sexy
Deepak Kumar (2 years ago)
Sans (2 years ago)
Its true
Sherrie Mcgillen (2 years ago)
get naked
Air destroyer (2 years ago)
haatwerken (2 years ago)
wow she is realy stupid and he is so gay
Thomas Dlc (2 years ago)
lmao peeing a gallon
steve jones (2 years ago)
Johnny Garcia (2 years ago)
Do. U feel weird him recording you in the shower
abdul Mohssin (2 years ago)
and I week up and I here peeing all the night at 11:24 times it's funny
Ali Razag (2 years ago)
Ali razag
Charlene Gerena (2 years ago)
Rafael Reyes (2 years ago)
Alex Mata (2 years ago)
Knight Bro (2 years ago)
Have sex
⁢ ‎ (2 years ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I can't lie. She kinda made me hard.
Naramsen54 Hanna (2 years ago)
Jeff Dickerson (2 years ago)
Naramsen54 Hanna
Ala'a Ghaleb (2 years ago)
Johnny Rotten (2 years ago)
Not funny  go on America go talent
president carter jr (2 years ago)
i cant breath
cedquavious davis (2 years ago)
that was hard core👊👈
Bry B (2 years ago)
Some Guy (2 years ago)
Bathing without water... What a blonde
Felix (2 years ago)
Аха ха ха каксмишно😐
Fatou Bop (2 years ago)
je peux avoir ton numéro de telephone
Mia Sassbury (2 years ago)
That's not funny it's just gross
Hayley Artigue (3 years ago)
Well we all know what we actually came for we did not get it lol
ヘンリー (3 years ago)
thats the best prank, dont have to hurt someone you love, unlike other youtubers do
Dill n Pickle (3 years ago)
Seriously wtf even happened? Definitely not "hilarious" only reason your favour is your a fit Puss450SM .
Admiral Preparedness (3 years ago)
Can you say, "STAGED" Hot lady, so I'll sign the pass on this prank..
Rory O’Connell (3 years ago)
Show a pic of her naked
ameen 08 (3 years ago)
why dont you touch her boobies
wayne morris (3 years ago)
She wears makeup in the bath?
worddunlap (2 years ago)
Yes and her makeup is not even smudged. Most these VLOGS are total frauds. This one is no different.
t3chfr3ak (3 years ago)
I'm guessing this is a blonde joke.
3rd times a charm (3 years ago)
daphotoguy7689 (3 years ago)
What does that say about "us" as viewers???? 6.7 million views on utube!!! I am embarrassed that i wasted the running time of this stupid shit!!!
BJ Kawaguchi (3 years ago)
Nikki mcmillam (3 years ago)
hi prank her now😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
Christy Meek (3 years ago)
is there even water in the tub???? i think that they set up these pranks and what is a bath with no water
Cole Runnion (3 years ago)
you are so f****** hot
Oxana Gordon (3 years ago)
Lacorey Edwards (3 years ago)
dumb prank
Adrian Correia (3 years ago)
show your peanes
itsumadekokoni (3 years ago)
I got dumber just by watching.
الحسين محمد (3 years ago)
xxx @xxx
cabritorsss (3 years ago)
This is why marriage rates are down. Why buy the coe when it offers all of the milk you want for free. Ohhhh!!!! They're so in love huh?
ekotistatimo eheh toroalente eh
What the hell?!
이현준 (3 years ago)
Eliza J (3 years ago)
1000th comment
Amanda Dohrn (3 years ago)
You and him are sooo cute together
robin warrens (3 years ago)
love it
Ella Durran (3 years ago)
No water in the tub. Full face of make up. Hair is still perfectly dry. Wow what an epic 'prank'.
UwU OwO (3 years ago)
+Ella Durran she could be shaving her legs ;3
Dawn Gm (3 years ago)
she's having a bath with the make-up on and without water...
Subhashchandra Pal (6 months ago)
Dawn Gm shzg
Subhashchandra Pal (6 months ago)
Dawn Gm hdhs
Subhashchandra Pal (6 months ago)
Dawn Gm hzg
Steve Kowalchuk (3 years ago)
Do u always take a bath with no water.... Come on. U are insulting people's intelligence.
Hatem Saad (2 years ago)
Ikr, With *full makeup* on!!
Emily Baez (3 years ago)
Where was the prank 🤔😬
Matthew Gagnon (3 years ago)
I gotta try that
G-Savvy (3 years ago)
what kind of faucet is that? :S
Ronnie Wallace (3 years ago)
o my god that funny
Ronnie Wallace (3 years ago)
o my god that funny
Luz Guzman (3 years ago)
Aww u are a perfect couple u care about each other so much
Raymond Shaw (3 years ago)
Good one! What a beautiful couple.
Liberty LPS (3 years ago)
Bo Moore (3 years ago)
No one pees for that long

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