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Teaching Logan Paul the "D.R.E.A.M." dance was AWESOME!! 🐸✰SUBSCRIBE✰ ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeV2O_6QmFaaKBZHY3bJgsA?view_as=subscriber WATCH THE PODCAST I DID WITH LOGAN! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjXbIU6x3kE&t=1843s LOGAN'S CHANNEL! - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG8rbF3g2AMX70yOd8vqIZg ✰GO WATCH MY NEW MUSIC VIDEO!! ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbb8Kpuu-sc ✰SUBSCRIBE AND TURN ON MY POST NOTIFICATIONS TO BE IN THE NEXT VIDEOS SHOUTOUTS✰ ✰ MORE VIDEOS ON MY VLOG CHANNEL!✰ ► https://www.youtube.com/user/1jessalynn ✰ FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA!✰ ✔︎INSTAGRAM (@ItsJoJoSiwa) ► https://www.instagram.com/ItsJoJoSiwa ✔︎TWITTER (@ItsJoJoSiwa) ► http://twitter.com/ItsJoJoSiwa ✔︎FACEBOOK ► https://www.facebook.com/itsjojosiwa/ ✔︎SNAPCHAT ► SiwanatorzSnaps ✔︎MUSICAL.LY ► @ItsJoJo Siwa ✔︎VLOG CHANNEL ► https://www.youtube.com/user/1jessalynn ✰ MY FRIENDS WHO ARE IN MY VIDEOS!!✰ Jayden Siwa - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6MfDQjtoJj1qTJZuoINo1A Colleen Ballinger - https://www.youtube.com/user/PsychoSoprano Rachel Ballinger - https://www.youtube.com/user/NOVAQUA Mini Jake Paul - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfFsZu7Ed20xKDOmzdpF3EQ Taytum and Oakley - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJTyunmsBLj20wyguh6uMig ✰SEE YOU SOON!!!✰
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Text Comments (6380)
Fantasy world (2 hours ago)
انا متابعه لك من السعوديه ❤Love
*Lunez SayWhat* (20 hours ago)
I swear I thought logan’s leg was photoshopped 😂 I’m honestly shooketh that he could pretty much be as flexible as jojo
Drawing Kid (1 day ago)
Bossbae Alleyne (1 day ago)
Omg😱 I just thought of the best idea they should do I switched lives with Logan Paul.... Like if you agree👍
_Title should be:_ "Teaching my dad how to dance!"
Cocaine is hell of a drug
hana_violet (1 day ago)
mannn this is just nooo
Hannah Morin (2 days ago)
No one else is just like.. ucky, this is cringeyyyy Creepery
CoolDude Dane (2 days ago)
She is on something
CoolDude Dane (2 days ago)
Get of your high [email protected]& out of here
Sam likes to draw (2 days ago)
Can someone plz tell me what she says in her intros? xdd I'm genuinely confused lmao
Oscar Santiago (2 days ago)
Logan is so hot
Anne Kamau (2 days ago)
Logan paul is cool
XXEspurrGamingXX (2 days ago)
He looks like Thor.. ;-;
wandii (3 days ago)
wow. she's almost as tall as logan.
Maddy Love (3 days ago)
You should see Pewdiepie.
STsquad Girl (3 days ago)
Haha 😂 count how many times jojo says bro 🤣😂🤣😂😅
Kdoge yeye (3 days ago)
Estefany paola (3 days ago)
Like si hablas español y crees que grita mucho
Lise Vercammer (3 days ago)
The one and only Logan Paul aka the man with no respect for people. Remember suicide forest?
julisa vega (1 day ago)
Preach nat preach
Nat V (1 day ago)
No one said that it is to be taken lightly. He understood the consequences and how much suicide affects people. Do you think he does not regret what he did? Of course he does.... He does not need to be reminded of his mistakes. Whyy? Because he knows they are there and they probably haunt him. His own self concern is enough. He doesnt need you reminding him or others of it.
Lise Vercammer (2 days ago)
+Nat V Sorry but no some things are not possible to forgive. Suicide isn't something to take lightly even if it was 8 years ago it didn't mean anything it still happened
Nat V (2 days ago)
+Lise Vercammer yeah welll, he received punishments on many levels and everyone is over that. It was a year ago. Leave it in the past..
Lise Vercammer (2 days ago)
Cause the fact people forgive that is absolutely disgusting. Someone freaking died!!!
CuZio (3 days ago)
What is this
NinjaCrisXPro (3 days ago)
Do Jake insted
He looks different in person
DamnJoja (4 days ago)
Why are they almost the same height?
Wildcat Jackie (4 days ago)
Logang for life
churvaekla (4 days ago)
Im scared of her style
Aleesha raza (4 days ago)
Wait why am I here¿
Maya VlogsForLife. (4 days ago)
What if maverick died and Logan replaced him do you think we’d ever notice?!
Dolores Gabaldon (4 days ago)
Hi jojo my niece is a fan of you 🎀🎀
julianafam farley (4 days ago)
a m a z i n g
Ryleigh Figley (4 days ago)
He said you look like a super hero lol
Julka Ilska (4 days ago)
Who just saw a pig next to Logan poul
lil turq (4 days ago)
Blastbeat Apologist (4 days ago)
This guy just interviewed a porn star now this?
Joejoejoe (4 days ago)
Hope you guys can vlog together! Maybe take a trip to Japan! I hear there’s this cool forest where sad people go.
maha JAM (4 days ago)
How can they be that energetic! i am exhausted only by watching.
Kirt David (4 days ago)
Crush kita
The Lucky Panda (5 days ago)
She's way too loud
Alejandro Fernando (5 days ago)
sorri os ti dare
Alejandro Fernando (5 days ago)
is dare
Alexis Wilson (5 days ago)
He recorded a dead body
Yorick mori (5 days ago)
H look... a male and a female version of the same
Rebekah Jackson Vlogs (5 days ago)
Shayla Williams (5 days ago)
Jackie Smith (5 days ago)
Another soul selller to the next. Keep believin sheep
Brianna Madrigal (5 days ago)
There is a pig in the back round
stephanie kyle sante (5 days ago)
Logan is a fast Lerner
Andre Sichkar (6 days ago)
Is it me or are they almost the same height?
pacman xyz (5 days ago)
I mean she is 5'9 soooooo
Tennis player 2000 (6 days ago)
GIULIANA LEÓN (6 days ago)
CONTACT (6 days ago)
She's literally your little sister
lovelife02 (6 days ago)
This was kind of everything
Kendal Masters (6 days ago)
This is such a white video
TTV Mcilwrick (6 days ago)
That is cringe
Heather Rose (6 days ago)
Wait... is she in her pyjamas?
Heather Rose (6 days ago)
I’m scared
toastfromvenus (6 days ago)
wheres the dead bodies
Christopher Hinchen (6 days ago)
Jojo bringing that energy💥 hey👋 Logan your like the little sister👧I don't have besides my brother👨 LMAO nice high kicks Maverick love💙 the dance💃 moves you guys Crack me 😂up remember to breathe 😂😂😂you guys nailed it🔨 whoop whoop💪 my workout for the next week 🔥right😂 🎄👍🐾💕🎄 oh yea jojo your so talented also stay cute guys 💞
helloalbert123 (6 days ago)
Wow! Jono almost as tall as Logan Paul !!
jasmine shrestha (6 days ago)
I’m dead 😂😂😂😂
Laura Branner (6 days ago)
Jojo seaweed finally noticed she was a meme
Dramatic Bear (6 days ago)
logan should do a D.R.E.A.M. parody like if you agree
Am I the only one who feels bad for Logan? He seems so sad and depressed
Jose Rocha (6 days ago)
Logen looks like he was breaking his neak 😂😂😂
ぴ営ーLonely beats (6 days ago)
*So... you decided to post this here's why you shouldn't of have*
mossab oublal (6 days ago)
3:35 get your merch at LoganPaul... 😂😂😂
Make out Hill (6 days ago)
Wtf is she saying
Miguel Rodriguez (7 days ago)
now this is logan with a real talented girl and not making Oreos shit
so cool
Trish Smith-Parker (7 days ago)
JoJo siwa
Nora Madih (7 days ago)
Omg!!! They are both the best!!! Who’s better??
mrTrace squad (7 days ago)
Logan needs to teech jojo gaywa to dance before she teechs him
Andrija Gedo (7 days ago)
S Hashim (7 days ago)
This thing is so cringeeee😬😬😬
David Hasselhof (7 days ago)
Johan Smit (7 days ago)
Hello jojo😘
Kristin Pähn (7 days ago)
JennFlProfile Updated (8 days ago)
Emzie Lou (8 days ago)
Logan paul! You have changed for the better every time I see a vid of you now it's like a different person much more grown up and really lovely and a great sense of humour. More respectful too which is a massive bonus and I'm digging the beard! Well done Logan your certainly a idol now Xx
Jo jo Siwa , why you no stop taking drugs . You even got Logan Paul addicted
Bushy Boy (8 days ago)
*Ladies and gentlemen we got him...*
Anna Damm (8 days ago)
too much cringe in one video
GAMESareLife .ps4 (8 days ago)
The world is finally ending. Too much cringe for one video
LGB OFFICIAL (8 days ago)
My brain watching this video 2:23
Łaxus II (8 days ago)
god pls dont recommend me this
Lucy (8 days ago)
ARR0W VŁOGS (8 days ago)
This is a fucking T.O.X.I.C tag team
natalialol _1 (8 days ago)
When Harriet Tubman saw jojos hairline she left her behind
Abraham Arias (8 days ago)
She mostly says bro
Abraham Arias (8 days ago)
She is so nervous
Taya (8 days ago)
When Logan Paul has a daughter in the future
Maddie Beechner (8 days ago)
wow the two worst people
Carol Youngblood (8 days ago)
Please stop
Woomy and VEEMO (8 days ago)
That intro... James Charles is shook.
Slasher 144 (8 days ago)
2:27 did anybody not look at the pig
Brian Delgado (8 days ago)
My ears hurt
Robbie Williams (8 days ago)
Logan found a female version of himself, like wtf
lara kay stories (8 days ago)
Awwwww look at this cutie Lille 🐖 pig I wantttt😍
Alex V (8 days ago)
My ears hurts
Simone Ehlers (8 days ago)
I love them together

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