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5 Body Parts Men SHOULD NEVER Shave

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Text Comments (2826)
Vulture House (6 hours ago)
So use a trimmer (i.e. a beard trimmer) for your eggs? Also, a beard trimmer is great for your armpits. Your underarm hair can absorb the sweat and stank from sweating and it's kind of hard to get the smell out.
NightHawk (1 day ago)
Man, I do shave my butt and I've never felt itchiness, and I've rarely cut myself while doing it. It doesn't have to be perfectly shaved, just enough so it doesn't get extra dirty, super hairy and...it feels softer after a good shave lol
Win Khit (6 days ago)
How about ball up there need to shave?
Lil Uzi Vert Fan (6 days ago)
There was six not five lol
Shiba Inu Mochi (6 days ago)
someone (7 days ago)
Never trim your balls. You can easily cut them shaving is better for balls
G.E.T Lifestyle (9 days ago)
First of all, if you shaving all these areas with a traditional razor, you messing up. I use a Phillip's bodygroom. The bodygroom is fire, I never get cuts, or ingrown hairs. I shave my head, my balls, my ass, chest hair, .ect...no knicks or nothing. The foil on those things are pretty good and the blades on the end of the head helps as well
oh_ helloo (9 days ago)
Hmm😏 jose shaves his ass😂😂😂
A Google User (10 days ago)
Thumnail is the reason I came here.
Kashif Reza (12 days ago)
3:42 wait I thought it wasn't a myth and true, The more you shave the faster it grows
Hauron42 42 (13 days ago)
So this is just a comercial for the trimmer?
priya prakash (14 days ago)
all i see is sponsorship... wtfff😅
Houston A (15 days ago)
LOL now that you said "guevos", I don't think you are Indian. You are Hispanic! Sorry for asking that before.
Marius Doru Pepu (15 days ago)
man, this video is so obnoxious. you can clearly see it was made just for advertising the trimmer. and the way the guy "sells" it... shhh, such a big turnoff
Chevy Linds (16 days ago)
never shave ur balls guys
Frosted Flakes (16 days ago)
Where do i buy a fk trimmer thingi? And how do i shave my wrinkling enormous balls?
sol (16 days ago)
Ball shaver here.
Peachy Trash (16 days ago)
*I’m a girl*
Aaron Vargas (17 days ago)
Why shave? Men r supposed to have a lot of hair, only women should have smooth skin
Azeez Reyad (17 days ago)
Anyone who doesn't shave his armpit is disgusting
Aman Nadha (19 days ago)
PianoMan 2018 (20 days ago)
I’ll tell you what women like better than a trimmed man: MONEY 💰 💴 💵 You can look like an utter slob and if you’re a man with money...you’ll have it made. The beard thing, NO. Most of these young guys look like Santa Clause. Gross + when you kiss him you’ll get a taste of yesterdays meal. DISGUSTING. Millennial s PLEASE SHAVE YOUR BEARDS.
Dirt Pool (23 days ago)
everything is about the sponsors.... its so sickening watching ur videos.....
bryan de la Hoya (23 days ago)
I do shave my balls and my armpits. LOL I could say that in the armpits, you could shave your armpits' pores as well which makes it irritating afterwards.
aljoscha cyphers (23 days ago)
You're so sexy! I hope I'm not out if line, but I love imagining you man scaping. I usually don't leave comments like this, but I thought it was appropriate.
NJ Legend (25 days ago)
How about using hair removal cream?
Eli Martinez (25 days ago)
Every one thinks I shave my legs but I dont grow any hair and I am 14
Dhila Aradais (26 days ago)
For my ass I use rubber bands to remove hair 😂 😂 I didn’t use blade believe me it’s effective
Nicholas 1004 (26 days ago)
Shave yo balls and wait for the mating calls
Simrat Johal (27 days ago)
Too many ads
roneel rao (27 days ago)
I one n u send you number
roneel rao (27 days ago)
SF TV (28 days ago)
Are giving us advices or just tryna make us go buy these stuf with your code
vaa b (1 month ago)
Should I shave my knuckle hair and the hair that grows on my feet and toes.
mr_ kipi (1 month ago)
You are like a scared 13 years old who shaved his ass first time and said he's never gonna do that again.jeez.calm your tits and shave all that hair.don't be pussyes
B D (1 month ago)
The video was good till hommie went hard on trying to advertise that trimmer
Rachel YouTube (1 month ago)
all my girls like this comment! where you at?
Spllitz (1 month ago)
Why do i keep getting 20 seconds ad that i cant skip???
Iziah Hooks (1 month ago)
Really dude shaving yo balls would be so painful that it's not even funny. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you want what stuff, I can't even see what you are talking about. Your face is frozen so wtf is you talking bout.
akash nikam (1 month ago)
I like u a lot
NileshR12 (1 month ago)
Jose's body makes him looks like David, & I think he's packing more than David lol
Don Pree (1 month ago)
Yow mi rate tha bwoy ya u fuck.. him str8..
Yaseen Ali-Taha (1 month ago)
Ad ends on 3:30
les paul (1 month ago)
Ive only got one ingrown hair in my whole life i swear i have the best of luck and the only time i ever hurt myself while shaving is when i grazed over a huge ass pimple with a blade but thats it
Paul Adrian Tanasa (1 month ago)
SHAVE YOUR CHEST?A BEARD AND NO CHEST HAIR? NO HAIR ON THE LEGS? Soooooo WERE IS THE MASCULINE PART? Damn it guys...to take care of your body it's important but let's keep some old habits...the hair on your body might show good things to girls...
Jocab Michaw (1 month ago)
Don't shave these places unless you use this product I'm sponsoring... absolute bullshit
-Powerfull (1 month ago)
can it cut my grass? 😂
Shannon Denham (1 month ago)
Shaving my asshole helps wipe cleaner. Shaving my pubes feels good man
Aydin Diaby (1 month ago)
Wait when he said one for all did he mean one for all from My Hero Academy which is All might's quirk?
ItzTropical (1 month ago)
bruh that crispy 60fps
A AlvarezRD (1 month ago)
Yooo Jose is a marketing king hahaha He makes seem like his video is not about buying a product 😂😂😂, maldito loco
Aceorier (1 month ago)
Not all Men are created equal while a lot of men have MAJESTIC beards others just have a bare baby face
MJ Buringot (1 month ago)
o syet i love this man. he so yummy...
...men should only shave their face (if they choose to)
Butt Aakib (1 month ago)
After watching this video there remains nothing to shave
KB 90048 (1 month ago)
Just say you're an infomercial for a shaver.
Aleea McDonald (1 month ago)
Guys can’t shave their pits but they want women to? 🤨
Kingae Kangae (1 month ago)
Too much talk! Fuckin bored!!!
SALMAN AHMED (1 month ago)
Before you i see #alexcosta.But now im changing my mind
Human 5,234,859,201 (1 month ago)
Fuck your advertisements. Prick.
Grinicide (1 month ago)
what is his outfit in this
All in one #1 (1 month ago)
Secret to your muscular body?
jaezryl (1 month ago)
So you tell the rules now huh
BreakinBeatz1625 (1 month ago)
we can’t decide
Tameshwar Rajaram (1 month ago)
Do you ship out of United States??
ranesh ravi (1 month ago)
Isn't the trimmer edge sharp.. That's gonna hurt. I prefer the blades like Gillette 3 or plus blades..
Martin (1 month ago)
Boys, do not use this shaver for your ass, buy veet,its suppossed to be for Leg hair but you can use it for you ass its the best option
City of Madina (1 month ago)
nice dress bro
Anibal (1 month ago)
Your sponsor is not affordable.
john kimball (1 month ago)
4:43 Nissan GTR
Bloop shaboop (1 month ago)
I cut my pubes with a machete
Beau Caspar (1 month ago)
At first I thought the title said 5 body parts men should NEVER HAVE 😂
Mustafa Rahman (1 month ago)
I respect Jose’s opinion and it is logical. And usually he says good stuff. But we muslims have to shave/trim our pubic hair including our balls and armpit hair. Thus do not be influenced by this.
Er boro (1 month ago)
I haven’t watched the video yet but I know that he tried to sell his stupid raiser right?
Bro u move your hands like Drake
flexiblematthew (1 month ago)
Stephanie Parks (1 month ago)
I like
Jai Nagawat (1 month ago)
Stop moving 😤😤😤
Public Care (1 month ago)
Dooms Day (1 month ago)
Is this guy kidding? Don’t shave your armpits and balls well later i might find a birds nest in my armpits with a horrible stink
Rahib Siddiqui (1 month ago)
What if we use hair removal cream for our balls, what do u say bro?
Bhawp (1 month ago)
Top 5? you guys need to chill
kitty kat (1 month ago)
Wax. Ass hair is gross
abel saji (1 month ago)
Is there any place left to shave?
Jake Fesi Productions (1 month ago)
Enough with the 5 minutes of sponsors
WinOfficially (1 month ago)
1. Butt 2. Balls 3. Eyebrows 4. Armpits 5. Beard 6. Legs
Lil Ounce (1 month ago)
Never ever use an electric trimmer for your balls. Its literally spinning blades near your balls.
Richard Housego (1 month ago)
What about the Lawn Mower coming to the UK TMF?
Karl Olofsson (1 month ago)
Ah. So this is what Tv-shop looks like on the internet.
Elijah Phiri (1 month ago)
Just say you are advertising that crazy lawn mower..🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chris Brown (1 month ago)
Fagie ass pink belly mf
daud abdi (1 month ago)
I will never EVER shave my ass
bueno a bombardear con comentarios en español :v
Jahim Uddin (1 month ago)
I only shave my face
Rigel Mitchell (2 months ago)
Use one for all I wish Detroit smash.
Shine Down (2 months ago)
dunno why but i can't trust u :(
shinjikanjijiyuusuki (2 months ago)
Sales pitch much. Good channel but tone it down a bit brother
Manjuvirat Manjuvirat (2 months ago)
Over acting
sobi sobika (2 months ago)
Gain Pain (2 months ago)
Why did I even watched this? Is it because I need to shave too??
Honey Butt (2 months ago)
you r doing marketing if u want to do this then go door to door for selling ur product u mother f****r dnt waste our time 🖕

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