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5 Body Parts Men SHOULD NEVER Shave

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Text Comments (2606)
Redwan Mahmud (7 hours ago)
Where's the shirt from?
Socity 13 (8 hours ago)
Clippers on balls?! Yea I'm going to just say no...
Heinousness (9 hours ago)
sooooo, this is a commercial
Jaiden Fernandez (1 day ago)
when you said lawnmower I clicked of the video
ZZZ (1 day ago)
Who the fuck shaves their eye brows with a razor
Roy Burchfield (1 day ago)
um... checked out your store... Bruh its all sold out... Inventory dude...
Ankit Kumar (2 days ago)
i have same shirt dat u r wearing
Loggy (2 days ago)
im not gay but I'll admit he is pretty hot
MightyZx (2 days ago)
Come on, my beard is to light to be seen.
Jordynica Anastasia (3 days ago)
*referring to societies expectations
Shakil Ahammed (3 days ago)
fuck man you are a advertiser
lutfi dandy (3 days ago)
sai aarya (3 days ago)
Attaching some shit for promoting trimmer😂👏
SaltPoweredRobot (3 days ago)
ok i get it but bro im 15 and im hairier than king kong.Ive actually never seen a guy on them p#rn sites with as much hair as me.Like my arm pit hair is just sticking out all the time and my legs look like the amazonian forest.You sure as hell already get what the hell it is down my pants '_'
Keenan K (4 days ago)
Can you said after shave lotion.
Alec Johnson (4 days ago)
I kind of envy people with dark hair as they can pluck their eyebrows so much easier. I'm blonde so it's difficult to see where the hair between the eyebrows are sometimes.
The Chad (4 days ago)
For fucks sake enough with the razor
Boqorka Galmudug (5 days ago)
My Ex girlfriend used to shave for me but these days I don't 😂😂😂
Mana Albulushi (5 days ago)
its a scam, never worked as described, made it bleed! battery worked for 3 minuets only! dont buy this crappy shaver. plz stop promoting bull$hit!!
HannahKAS (5 days ago)
Forehead wrinkles don’t look good btw...
galaxy sorcerer (5 days ago)
I have shaved in some of these areas i have not cut myself once... You just need a steady hand
Giovanny Aleman (5 days ago)
Bruh I shave my damn balls and don't get cut. FUCK YO PRODUCTS
Marcilio Moura (5 days ago)
I love your videos, but you are going too far with all of these sponsored items. It is not seem you are being honesty anymore. Pity.
ashish yadav (5 days ago)
you are doing here sponsorship only nothing else
Dr. Faisal Al Yousif (6 days ago)
What is he saying is very stupied
Felix Quintana (6 days ago)
As always, great video. Unfortunately Manscaped do not ship to mexico... i think thats insane
Jai Sri Ram (6 days ago)
Rahul Ingole (7 days ago)
Why do you move around a lot? Stand still man. You keep moving your feet and head, this irritates a lot of people, including me.
3.... 3!!! 3 f**** minutes out of the 5 minutes that the video last is about the stupid trimmer
Henry Gutierrez (7 days ago)
You really shouldn't pluck your eyebrows. You run the risk of pulling out the root. If you do, they don't grow back.
xXStar LordXx (7 days ago)
First vid i dislike :/ to much "GET THIS GET THIS BUY THAT BUY THAT THIS IS NICE THIS IS NICE," it was better when he did not do that :\
In4cer in4cer (7 days ago)
Why don't you use hair removal cream? I use hair removal cream & it works like a champ.
Davincii (7 days ago)
simo hatim (8 days ago)
fuck you and fuck your sponsoring shit
Kelvin Nelvik (8 days ago)
I think this video should be titled best grooming on men areas. Not areas never to shave because you are still giving us tips on how to shave. 💁💁💁💁
This doesn't make sense than my channel
I Am Cwavy (8 days ago)
These were all common sense tbh lol 😂 trim team 4 life
Badrel Nikhil (8 days ago)
Half off the video contain advertisement...😎😎
alexn3o (8 days ago)
Lo bueno es que mis huevos son duros y no me pasa nada
Bibhud 007 (8 days ago)
Now that's a manly video.only shave Ur beard and cut Ur hair.
quincy fair (9 days ago)
I just love how he always finds great ways to advertise while giving basic hacks
joseph delacruz (9 days ago)
#1 men don't shave anything but face...ur a woman
I can't pluck any of my hairs,,, they're all painful
Slay Al (9 days ago)
so cringe unsub
Hero Miyagi (10 days ago)
When he says not to shave, right after he immediately starts mentioning this new shaver and starts telling us to shave again
LA Government (10 days ago)
I’m a girls
Do you like Sugar (10 days ago)
0:06 he said “my body is like dave” sooo that means... He has a tiny d*ck
TECHNO KG (11 days ago)
https://youtu.be/Tzpl29rkgJI. Subscribe karo
Jonathan Nathaniel (11 days ago)
Great one indeed very clean and Hygiene. Thank you for sharing
a3rrowman3 (11 days ago)
Look, always keep your crotch at least trimmed - like no longer than a quarter inch. You wouldn’t want hair getting in the way of your lady friend getting down there. And yes, girls don’t like pubic hair as much as you like their pubic hair.
a3rrowman3 (11 days ago)
I do not recommend using anything with moving parts for the balls. I used to use a body trimmer down there and I’ve gotten knicked two times. Used a razor blade ever since. IF you use a razor DO NOT shave against the direction in which your hair falls.. this has reliably lead to ingrown hairs and those are not enjoyable. Shave your balls any direction-it’s fair game.
Tiyler Winters (11 days ago)
Ok no. You don't look better with a beard. Not all guys look better with a beard....nope.
Mushfiq Saif (11 days ago)
C'mon man, if you want to make your contents useful then say something genuine. I always shave my armpits but never face any problem. It also makes me feel comfortable and clean. Btw in all your videos, you waste at least 2 minutes by advertising. This is unfair buddy. :(
safar jan'nath (11 days ago)
this and Advt about the shaver -- Off course (or don't) use blade carefully and you car trip and shave too or wax is more safe Has a man you have this points 1. Armpits, 2.pubic area (surrounding above penis (up to pelvic) and balls ( &below Trunk are)0, 3. and groin (thigh folds) area, 4. Anal area & butt below -- Waxing is safe even over your butt -- other area or hair for Man it is attractive to female How to Shave Your Genitals (Men) Step by Step: Evenly shape your hairs. Grab the body trimmer and a comb. ... Step Into a Hot Shower. Once you are done shaping, it's time to start shaving. ... Grab the Razor, Mirror and Gel. ... Rinse Off. ... Pat Dry Yourself. ... Apply the Antiseptic. ... Use the Powder. ... Repeat as Needed Penis or hard has nothing but emotional play
Jafar M (11 days ago)
Just chill bro, stop moving
Rashid4Legend (11 days ago)
Will he ever run out of ideas for videos? I wonder that sometimes
Aisha Diaz (11 days ago)
Guys should never shave or trim body hair
Alfre Lopez (12 days ago)
You are very smart!!
Elvis Tan (12 days ago)
what if my legs are naturally hairless?
Stanzin Wangchuk (12 days ago)
Jose the type of zuniga to give styling tips to Zlatan
ItachixUchiha419 (12 days ago)
wait...most girls find guys with shaved legs feminine?...how about clean and rather not have caveman legs?
ItachixUchiha419 (12 days ago)
never shave ur balls...but what if ur balls has a beard? 🤔
Hola Pro (12 days ago)
Why not to just cut it shorter with a small scissor ?
lil Child (12 days ago)
nissan gtr at 4:42
Tapatio Armani (13 days ago)
This fckin looks like a TV comercial already!!!👎🏼
Cameron Ken De Asis (13 days ago)
One for all? I think i watch to much anime
XTOTHE Z (13 days ago)
How to shave with acne
Banner (13 days ago)
When you run outta ideas in style so you do a tutorial on how to shave your privates
opande okoth (13 days ago)
mags05 (13 days ago)
Are giving information about not shaving parts or advertising your sponsored products.
Mr. Greenrud (13 days ago)
anik chowdhury akash (13 days ago)
You are sameless
Random Cars Freaks (10 days ago)
anik chowdhury akash ugly
Dinesh Kumar (14 days ago)
GeekX sir (14 days ago)
This video is less advice and more of an infomercial bro. Definitely not cool man
shubh shinde (14 days ago)
y r u moving too much now days
Mayank Rana (14 days ago)
Just a promotional vedio
om swaroop (14 days ago)
Stop ur promotions of brands
Dezzebot wahe (15 days ago)
Why does the promotion take more than 40% of the vid?
shakespeareinlove82 (15 days ago)
Stop moving around like a rapper.
Junaid Johar (15 days ago)
For Your balls,Use a foil shaver without side trimmers😊
Hector Flores (15 days ago)
This is just an ad
Lil ja'ree (15 days ago)
I've had no problem ever shaving my armpits,balls or crack..n use ah manual Gillette face Razer
Miguel A (15 days ago)
This guy sold out don't bother watching all he cares about is selling you his sponsors products. Lost all credibility. Make your money bro. Just stop feeding us B's and tell us the real reason why you recommend this shit. Good looking out lil homie
Miguel A (15 days ago)
Ya I bet it's like Michaelangelo. For sure Lil dude
Sohaib R (15 days ago)
shaving your armpits is good for me because than when i sweat it doesn't smell so bad also it doesn't itch when they grow back i tried to trim but trimming made it itch more for some reason
acardenasism (15 days ago)
Can you buy it in Walgreens?
Joe Bayley M. (15 days ago)
I just saw a 6 minutes sponsored video. What the hell, dude? First video and don't wanna see this e-commercials anymore.
Young So Cool Boss (15 days ago)
How much is the clippers ? We’re can I buy Comment below
Sohaib R (15 days ago)
look in the description smh
dimkail 551 (15 days ago)
When does your online store restock?
Zengato forgeto (15 days ago)
I wish i knew this when i was 10
Padilla Robin (15 days ago)
my god we are poor people, we can't afford to buy razor
Nick Hidalgo (15 days ago)
Shaving my balls doesn't feel dangerous when I do it
Suzu Rani (15 days ago)
look like zayn :*
Risky Whysky (15 days ago)
Who the F keeps disliking theses videos
Howard Taylor (16 days ago)
I shaved everywhere...
DylanThaLaw (16 days ago)
When I proceed to order The Lawn Mower 2.0, it tells me only the United States option is available in Country, same with states, only in The United States. I live in EU bruh, how am I supposed to order it when I can't fill in my country?
FazeTwo Jr. (16 days ago)
If your ugly does it still make you handsome😅
Suhas C (16 days ago)
Jonathon Waltz (16 days ago)
I’m a hairy bear man. So I’m not manscaping anything. You young guys might as well figure out that mowing your pumpkin patch gets tedious as you get older. Your partner might as well grasp the fact that you are hairy from the start. Not to mention us hairy guys are making a come back, y’all shaved chickens better watch out. Lol
Pranay Negi (16 days ago)

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