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Baby Skiing at 11 Months

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Skiers aren't trained, they are born. Tyler did it at 11 months old.
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lukebuke34 (3 years ago)
wtf some grannys was here for 221 658 time
pourdre (4 years ago)
where did you buy the skis  and boots ?? we cant find anything small enough for a 18 months old baby
Joel Schwartz (4 years ago)
Did all you nay-sayers even read what dad is saying?? the kid wanted to do it. He wasn't being pushed at all. He is on a flat hill. He isn't taking a "lesson". He is just having baby fun with his father who obviously loves him and loves being with his kid. Or are y'all just jealous?
Diana Goshanka (5 years ago)
so cute rly:) but i think abit to early to stand her on the skis:)
Gunston Lake (5 years ago)
You gotta see the video they shot the day after, when they took their kid zorbing
LHill0607 (5 years ago)
Ahhh! My 10 month old can't even stand on his own yet :) I don't know why this video has so many dislikes. It's a cute kid on skis!
Tom Sam (5 years ago)
where is his helmet??
Yours Anonymously (5 years ago)
This and all of you who like this are really fucking stupid.
TheMsmith77 (5 years ago)
That was too cute. More parents need to interact with their children like this. Nothing wrong with this vid at all. Too many parents are couch potatoes and their kids are video game junkies. Start them off early, and they tend to do better in school and life. Kudos, dad.
Nazik Al Sawalhy (6 years ago)
Awsomeee dad i wish my parent taught me at early age
Sarah Letecia (6 years ago)
He will be a great skiier one day
Sarah Letecia (6 years ago)
Cute !!!
LaleArpaci (6 years ago)
Love this!
KevinC (6 years ago)
I think those boots are a little on the small side
Bla Blum (6 years ago)
I back off. Joel's way too sane for me.
asnowman (6 years ago)
@Joel Wexler yup correct again! he did this three times, then off to play in the snow with his puppy, then a nice long nap.
asnowman (6 years ago)
@Joel Wexler sorry no couch potatos here ;)
Joel Wexler (6 years ago)
You're insane! He's playing with his kid you stupid moron.As soon as he had enough, I'm sure it was on to the next fun thing.
Joel Wexler (6 years ago)
Yes, terrible, coddling father. He should be showing him how to lay in a couch and drink beer.
asnowman (6 years ago)
@jsteiger2228 nope, we worked at the ski area
jsteiger2228 (6 years ago)
I hope you didn't have to pay for a lift ticket to do this!
asnowman (6 years ago)
yes, he could walk, and talk. he would get out his boots and skis, and ask to put them on, and walk around the house in them, squeeling with joy until he told us he was done. he asked to ski, and we waited for a nice warm day with slow sticky snow for him to try the first time. he had fun, and still loves to ski.
TheMeslava (6 years ago)
@tendersin He's 11 months old. He could be eating charcoal and not know the difference? Why are you such a downer? Who cares what they teach? At least they are teaching their child something productive and something that can be a lifelong passion for many people.
TheMeslava (6 years ago)
Hahaha so cute
Antonia Hides (6 years ago)
Wow, can this kid even stand on his own? My dad taught me to ski and was a ski instructor and waited until I was 3 my son is 3 this year and will be learning when he actually has some co-ordination and balance.
Jasmine Chaulk (6 years ago)
...It seems more like its something the PARENTS want and not the baby. Another child being pushed too hard by their parents. He should be learning how to stack blocks. But that is just my personal opinion.
Karen C (6 years ago)
so cute!!!!
Karim Bakar (6 years ago)
The father is Crazy
Lewis Gloman (6 years ago)
So cute. My kids will learn early too
fajkoson (6 years ago)
CHudak..je rado ze chodi a oni ho nutej na lyze
CMR1188 (6 years ago)
I really don't think the child has enough control over his own limbs to even begin to understand what his father is asking of him. Not to mention....no helmet.
Brootiful (6 years ago)
That is do fucked up the baby is miserable
Steven Rudzinski (6 years ago)
Get a Helmet for your child gaper.
britskee03 (6 years ago)
I'm a kids ski instructor. I teach a lot of 3 and 4 year olds (and even a few 2 yr olds). Most of them honestly just aren't ready to ski. Sure, some of them are, but you have to know your kid. You can't just throw them in ski school for 6 hours and expect them to have a great time and make perfect pizzas after one day. If your 2 year is screaming and crying after an hour, you might want to wait another year. If they like it, great. You just need to have reasonable expectations.
salmon king (6 years ago)
nice. i learned to ski at 2
Raylan Givens (6 years ago)
The kid doesn't know if you're a bunny rabbit or if he just crapped his pants. You expect him to say WOW, I JUST SKIED 3.5 FEET! Generation CODDLE CODDLE
weitergeo (7 years ago)
Мама с отцом долбоебы!
tip4cas (7 years ago)
holy cutie!!!! so adorable! love that you are sharing your passion for your sport with your little one!
FieryDwarf (7 years ago)
@usmcook Good Question, I don,t find it possible for 11 months year old to ski
flowboards33 (7 years ago)
tyler did shit all
Garrett Bradley (7 years ago)
@pugsostupid nah im thinking Tom Wallisch
Eveline Koefender (7 years ago)
Cutest thing ever! I learned how to ski when I was almost 30 :( .... When I have kids I'll do the same you guys are doing!
ThisGuy (7 years ago)
@CandyHunting Ahh thanks for the info
ThisGuy (7 years ago)
@CandyHunting What's with the "))" I see a lot if ukrain people use that when writing
MrQwerty123456789ish (7 years ago)
@TpSGaming this is my second year. the race team, my ski school group, the coaches at the mountain, and all of my friends say i should join a traveling race group. I ski medium and large features in the park with ease, I can carve switch, They say i have perfect form in sl, gs, and carving, the second trail i ever did was a black diamond terrain park which was my 2nd day ever skiing, and ive never gotten a handicap under 9 in nastar, if you even know what that is... P.S. Im 12...
54pink (7 years ago)
that is the cutest thing iv ever seen
Olivier Therrien (7 years ago)
no helmet ? -.-
MrJoomlax (7 years ago)
To small to fall over xD
Paula1551 (7 years ago)
iukeay (7 years ago)
I cant talk but I can ski bich
kosta16auto (7 years ago)
At 11 months the waist and neck muscles are not yet developed for skiing. It’s just not safe for those activitie.
SuperRenata23 (7 years ago)
sorry this so stupid this kid is far too young to ski. some parents think that their kids are special and can do everything . To me he was wasting his time and the kid time
hyeinee (7 years ago)
Could he walk...? It looks like the boots are keeping him up!!lol Cute nevertheless...
Ninelle5 (7 years ago)
yeah - poor baby...
bowmosexual (7 years ago)
Christ talking about being forced. Did the kid wake up and ask to go skiing? No helmet too, that's responsible. You know best though right.
SportsMusicGamesLife (7 years ago)
can he even walk?
Cbattlew (7 years ago)
everyone stop saying poor baby! its not hurting him in anyway and that baby could be having the most fun he has had in the 11 months hes been alive!
Brad Martina (7 years ago)
the boots are skiing the kid.
Nick Gilbert (7 years ago)
and when hes 2 theyll let him go alone
perelcia (7 years ago)
you are stupid guy. Poor baby :(
Simone Girotto (7 years ago)
Calum7 (7 years ago)
the earlier you learn to do something the easier it is to learn, case in point: this video...
Olinike (7 years ago)
He's better than me. And i'm 15. HAH. :L
maxellherr (7 years ago)
What it is about is a father sharing his passion, and the child enjoys it (maybe) but at least he will have the opportunity to enjoy it and pursue skiing later and maybe won't be interested in competition in training at all. The point is to have fun with the child, not forcing him or training him like a future olympic champion, and providing new experiences / sensations
maxellherr (7 years ago)
Why are people talking about this as an investment? If you think that way, then going on holiday is a waste of money, as the babies and toddlers couldn't care less if you are far away from home, or in the backyard's inflatable pool. And the kid won't even remember it. You can give them cheap food, because they won't remember it, as long as they eat! NO, it's no about the money. It's not about becoming a champion either, we don't invest in kids so they achieve what we wish we had achieved.
alsancle (7 years ago)
@TpSGaming there are kids out there that are 4 and 5 years old that are sponsored so you are wrong
Karen Sampson (7 years ago)
what kind of boots do you have for your kid. We can<t find anything small enough for our 14 month old. Any suggestions?
Arcantos95 (7 years ago)
@pugsostupid I was supposed to learn how to ski at a young age... Sadly my dad started to travel for work and could not be around to teach me. I started when i was 12 on my own effort and this will be my 4th year skiing. I hope that when i have kids i can start them off early like this because this short video has inspired me to.
k0n14k (7 years ago)
@TpSGaming go play in traffic
Katie (7 years ago)
aussielung (7 years ago)
@TpSGaming I have to agree with you. As cool as it is to see a little kid carving it up like a pro I don't see the point of a child that has not even seen their first full year on the planet learning how to ski. It's not like waiting for the kid to start primary school is going to ruin their chances of being an elite skier/snowboarder. Besides, they make us old farts look bad, lol.
QueenLucyThe2nd (7 years ago)
@TpSGaming I see a lot of little ones by the age of three starting out in lessons at the Bogus Basin Ski resort, and some of them do pretty well :) It's not a waste of money at all.
Belen Rebolledo (7 years ago)
i couldn't even walk when i was 11 months old :/
Charlie Bannister (7 years ago)
a kid isn't strong enough to ski at 11 months so theres no point in teaching them also someone who starts at 5 will catch up with him in about a year so total waste of money !
millenbachskater1 (7 years ago)
@TpSGaming FUCK YOU xD your funny ive skiied sence i was 2. im 14 and id kill you time on a corse or on any hill.
ryland negreiff (8 years ago)
his ski boot is like as big as his leg
Rob Therealtor (8 years ago)
@pugsostupid Got my son started at 21 months (last season) and he was loving it...he skis for free, (under 6 sski for free, lol) and we have god times as a family as a result...OUTSIDE!! Got me two vids of him on here, check'em out if you want, in my opinion, he ripps it upp!! CHEERS!
Ryan Sheckler (8 years ago)
he's so funny in that adorable bear hat!!!!!! u hould buy him a racing suit cuz it's clear he's gonna be better than body miller!
asnowman (8 years ago)
@TpSGaming Well...that's your opinion. My husband and I both learned between 1.5 and 2 years old. No waste of money since we get paid to ski :-)
asnowman (8 years ago)
@TpSGaming Never too young. He was walking at 8 months...and would bring his ski boots to us to have them put on. He wanted to ski.
asnowman (8 years ago)
@JagoReedJones No...more like the next Ted Ligity. ;-)
Dean Golf (8 years ago)
If you were not so mellow, I would say this kid is a little young, but you seem cool about it with him. congrats.
asnowman (8 years ago)
@usmcook - we found the boots at a local ski shop. they were the smallest boots we had ever seen, so we bought them, then he grabbed hold of the skis while in another shop, and he just wouldn't let go, so he got those too.
Owen (9 years ago)
Nice job! I can Ski, but i learned to Ski/Snowboard at 2 and i couldent stay up and go till i was 4! Nice!
airsquid (9 years ago)
Awesome!!!! Taking my 2 yo up today!
blasterkop (11 years ago)
Nice 5s

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