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How I get My Haircut + Men’s Natural Short/Medium Hairstyle 2019

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Exclusive (Sheh•Voo) Sales: • Use code "hairweek" for 25% OFF at: http:www.shehvoo.com/shop • Use code “HWgift” for orders above $20 & get a FREE Ocean Spray! Welcome to Hairweek Ep.1! Today I will be taking you to my barbershop & showing you how I get my haircut & what I ask my barber Tim for! Today we went for a more simple & natural style cut that is great for Men in the summer time. Be sure to Hit the Notifications Button to be informed when Episode 2 of Hairweek drops tomorrow! ***For those of you who live in the St. George Utah area, O’gallagher’s give really great cuts! ▶ O’gallagher’s Exclusive Barbering Address: 2307 Santa Clara Dr suite g, Santa Clara, UT 84765 ▶▶▶ WIN A FREE OCEAN CLAY! 1.Sign Up to My FREE Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/gtgl1f 2.Follow Me on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/dredrexler 3.Comment your Instagram username in the comments below ▶▶▶ PRODUCTS IN VIDEO: Ocean Sea Salt Spray: http://www.shehvoo.com/shop Ocean Clay: http://www.shehvoo.com/shop ▶▶▶ Want to Join the INDIVIDUALS Movement? *** Join INDIVIDUALS Facebook Group: https://goo.gl/Tk3bsq *** Join INDIVIDUALS CLUB for FREE: http://eepurl.com/gtgl1f *If you guys dig my channel, you will find videos based on men’s lifestyle, fashion, health, hair, grooming, fitness, & overall motivation. Be sure to subscribe & hit the notifications button to be alerted when I drop new content! Songs: O l d T o w n R o a d i n s t r u m e n t a l S w a e L e e x F r e n c h M o n t a n a T y p e B e a t G u at e m a l a S k r r Sk r r B e a t s “Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” -Ephesians 6:11 #dredrexler #HAIRWEEK #menshairstyles
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Text Comments (325)
Calvin Greenway (5 days ago)
Can we get some real measurements perhaps for the top. My barber butchered my hair and now I need to let it grow to your length
Dylan Milstead (16 days ago)
My ig handle is @Dylankyle2001 love your videos
Angel Garcia (16 days ago)
Yo I fwy hard you I love watching your vids !!
Sam Bradshaw (18 days ago)
Old town road lol 😂
TheUncertainers (20 days ago)
Would love to buy your products, but shipping is so expensive 😔
Cristian Corut (21 days ago)
This cut is really dope! IG: cristi7ionut
Jonathan Mueller (21 days ago)
i definitely want the best clay on the market! @jxnathanmueller
OB 1 (21 days ago)
james dean hairstyle tutorial?
Ishan Patel (21 days ago)
Lmao been watching your vids for a while now. Got ur products and been using em for about 2 months but my hair type is way different lol it’s more coarse than yours but keep it up bro love the vids ig @ishan_pat
Gacha Forever (21 days ago)
Today I am going to barber,I might try this hairstyle @luka.jakob
korisx (21 days ago)
Pool table is a great idea.
IlikeOakleystoo (21 days ago)
Love the cut and the message, bro.
Bee Moua (21 days ago)
γαμώ τη μάνα σου μπούφε
Anas (22 days ago)
wish I can get one of your product and try it in my hair @anashalli
Vince and his Hair (22 days ago)
I think your grown out sides actually compliment your face more than the skin fade so I dig this haircut 💯
Steven Ronquillo (22 days ago)
Journey to 1m subscriber's dree keep it up 🔥
Matthew Ward (22 days ago)
mattlw15 thanks for all the vids keep it up!
Bhargav Kalaskar (22 days ago)
KISHORE JOSEPH (22 days ago)
850th like
trystan Litchfield (22 days ago)
@litchfield_trystan Love the video bro❤️
Favourite men's lifestyle YouTuber 👊 @aruna4mstallion
Rowel Mauricio (22 days ago)
Nice haircut! I think the ocean clay is good. Godbless Dre! 😇
Alex Onesto (22 days ago)
Had no clue you were located in st.george, I’ll have to keep my eye out for you.
langstaffboy (22 days ago)
Great job Dre for using your influence to glorify the Lord👍🏻 @graphicize
Dragons Breath (22 days ago)
I want it plzzzz😁
Dragons Breath (22 days ago)
Bro I need it I need ur clay imma head right now to my playstore install instagram and make an account just for the product cuz ur hair looks awesome but I live in India but also i will create an account an follow you..lets keep sone hope ...i think i will keep my account name dragons_ breath_g ......thank you....and the reason why i dont have my insta is becuz i am a student of 8th grade and i only hav fb but i will create an account juat for the product ...it will be dragons_breath_g
Golden Zebra (22 days ago)
Brother i have thin hair. Could you please suggest me some good tips to thicken it..
K-shitj Bhavsar (22 days ago)
Kshitij__here_ waited so long for this one
Vishwanath vishu (22 days ago)
Keita Lee (22 days ago)
I'm actually from Vietnam in Asia and I really love your content. Hope to win an ocean clay @embebundau
KARATE MEANS LIFE (22 days ago)
I live in India can You ship Ocean Clay Here?
KARATE MEANS LIFE (22 days ago)
Just started the video
KARATE MEANS LIFE (22 days ago)
Can't wait
KARATE MEANS LIFE (22 days ago)
Divyanshu Pal (22 days ago)
Enoqz (22 days ago)
Sudarshan Ragupathy (22 days ago)
@sudarshan_ragupathy,keep inspiring!
LazerTK (22 days ago)
Let's get this hair week started! IG: LazerTheKiller
GodlyTheGamer (22 days ago)
Please Get Shehvoo To India 🇮🇳 I’m From India And I Wanna Try Out The Products That It Please Reply
Void (22 days ago)
@ayo_its_hris , also this was an awesome start of the hair week bro. I liked it a lot🔥❤️
EEW (22 days ago)
Sweet Smooth Relaxing 🙂
Chuẩn Hà (22 days ago)
@itshachuan i really want to try ocean clay
Asher Cano (22 days ago)
@asher.cano ur freakin great man
ronak desai (22 days ago)
It’s gonna be a awesome hair week hope to see some ideas. Interesting giveaways ❤️ Here’s my username :- ronaakkkk__
Dominik Maruniak (22 days ago)
Govu RJ (22 days ago)
@rj3265 love from India bro 🇮🇳🇮🇳
ethan0l (22 days ago)
superflycali (22 days ago)
@superflycali hit me up bro
Rogelio Acosta (22 days ago)
Love the video! Great content! I need to try Ocean Clay on my hair. - @rx.ger7
Franklin Tran (22 days ago)
Been really wanting to try ocean clay without spending too much haha @frankiedankie12
Farhan Khan (22 days ago)
Are your products available in India??
nickobbboy (22 days ago)
glory guy (22 days ago)
I can't get hairstyle like your not do I have hair like you nor the products IG- _.arjun._25
snackbar (22 days ago)
Natural look definitely gonna blow up especially with summer right now
Daan Soare (22 days ago)
Suryansh Srivastava (22 days ago)
@suryanshh1 . Can you make a video on how to manage cowlicks? Loved this one.
Anubhav Aryal (22 days ago)
I want the ocean clay @thisisanubhav_
Kaung Myat (22 days ago)
Loving the natural look and its texture. In need of cool barber and ocean clay @theexplorer_z
Jose (22 days ago)
Raad_oscar (;
Jomari Toledo (22 days ago)
So sick bro. Cool chill vibe hair IG: _jomaritoledo
c4rius (22 days ago)
Heyy dre what did u say to your batber did you just say natural sides?
Alexandro Solis (22 days ago)
James Long (22 days ago)
@_actor59_. Loved this video !! Can’t wait to try Ocean Clay.
Robin Costa (22 days ago)
How to increase hair density for thin hair? #dre
Robin Costa (22 days ago)
Make titorual on thin hairstyles
Kevin Shim (22 days ago)
Been loving the content forever Dre!!! Really hope to win this giveaway 😂🤞🤞🤞 Instagram: kevinshim09 -Kevin
Jahaziel (22 days ago)
Jonathan Paz (22 days ago)
@jonathan19paz Love the great content bro 🤙🏻
Somali News (22 days ago)
Waiting this for along time 😍
AcTioN_Cartel (22 days ago)
Mf K (22 days ago)
Huzaifa bin Ghazala (22 days ago)
Fahri Fadhil (22 days ago)
Hope to win the giveaway, and goodluck for people who win the giveaway later!! @fahriffadhil
Shahril Dhp (22 days ago)
Your haircut make me wet. Sorry i can't handle myself
joe roberts (22 days ago)
@jrobertss. Great vid man! Always quality and fun to watch.
Zakria Rasooli (22 days ago)
@z a k r i a rsl
Saif Esmail (22 days ago)
@_saifesmail loved the vid I’m in the process of growing out the top😤😤
Aidan Leiva (22 days ago)
Lovin’ the cut bro looking fresh🤙🏼 @leivaaidan
Rafael (22 days ago)
You are amazing Dre. @rafaelgoncalves18
steve cifuentes (22 days ago)
Josh Murdakhaev (22 days ago)
My bro 👊 IG: joshm64
Will Herb (22 days ago)
Great haircut, God Bless Brother
Keanu Ruperti (22 days ago)
yeeeeew ! 🤙🏽 @rvperti
steele shreve (22 days ago)
i absolutely NEED to win this giveaway!! the product looks great, dre! @steeleshreve is my ig, take care man!
Marco The Last (22 days ago)
God doesn’t care about your success. In life you will have to suffer period. If you can suffer patiently and not let the world overcome you - you win... that’s all. But don’t expect to be a winner as a Christian
Vin Yetyet (22 days ago)
Vincentyetyet is my IG username 😊
Vin Yetyet (22 days ago)
Hair weeeek!!! Been waiting this since he announce it
Michael Peralta (22 days ago)
Love the way you put some personal touch to your hairstyle @peraltamj13
Michael Peralta (22 days ago)
Nice cut 😀😀😀
malcolm adderley (22 days ago)
Shashank HS (22 days ago)
Xone Hunter (22 days ago)
🤟 Your motivational message of the day spoke to me, putting work effort and positive attitude in lifes challenges will always help you to achieve a better, happier, satisfying outcome even if the out come isn't that great it all circles back to your reaction and attitude towards it that makes it special, this concept is what saved my day today 💙 @xonewolf
DrugArtz (22 days ago)
IG - JustinxLuu
Hazique keynes (22 days ago)
This time i just want to win plz Dre @i_am_hazique_
Zapdos (22 days ago)
Almost had an epileptic seizure because of your intro. PLEASE DONT USE IT ANYMORE
Its Dan (22 days ago)
Square from the back looks cool but from the side.. a big no
Vu Hoang (22 days ago)
You have a really good barber, not like in my place :((( @vuhoang9180

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