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This Boat Is Powered By Your Jet Ski

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This boat is powered by your jet ski. The Wave Boat is made by Sealver. You simply drive your jet ski into the boat and it locks itself into place. The belt-buckle system allows you to quickly connect and release. You can go from sun-bathing to adrenaline-filled rides in seconds. It's compatible with most Yamaha, Sea-Doo and Kawasaki jet skis. Patrick Bardon created the Wave Boat because he wanted to share his love of jet skiing with his family. It took two years to turn his drawings into Wave Boats. Patrick says people use them as small islands. They relax, wake board, and jet ski all in the same day. The Wave Boats are so versatile that firemen use them for water rescue. They're custom fitted to hold oxygen tanks and other equipment. "It's a boat dedicated to lifeguards, it's a boat that needs to be fast. So to be fast, it releases a stronger jet of water that permits a greater acceleration and permits the personnel to work in security. The fact that it uses a turbine rather than a helix motor, the divers that dive underneath the boat can also work in a secure environment." The typical consumer can choose from five different models. The Wave Boat 444 is compact and sporty. The Wave Boat 525 is a family-friendly design. It has sunbeds and a table for a more relaxed outing on the water. The Wave Boat 656 is the most luxurious. The Wave Boat 656 is the most luxurious. Sealver also offers two inflatable models. The Wave Boat 575 and 626 offer a more thrilling ride. Ready to hit the waves? -------------------------------------------------- Follow Business Insider on Twitter: https://twitter.com/businessinsider Follow BI on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1W9Lk0n Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/ -------------------------------------------------- Business Insider is the fastest growing business news site in the US. Our mission: to tell you all you need to know about the big world around you. The BI Video team focuses on technology, strategy and science with an emphasis on unique storytelling and data that appeals to the next generation of leaders – the digital generation.
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Text Comments (195)
aidan dibenerdini (2 days ago)
Just get a regular boat
RicoSuave (18 days ago)
For 20-35k you can get a wayyyyyyyy nicer boat than this crap
Nitroracing71 Ho-Boa (23 days ago)
Super cool!
W M (1 month ago)
“Powered by your JetSki”... shows Sea•Doo and WaveRunners hook up... educate yourselves! Not a single JetSki was used in this video
How could someonw not like this?
Michael Morris (2 months ago)
That is fuxking cool
Bondy (4 months ago)
Cool idea, but yes a small motor on the main craft wold help add safety redundancy.
fishinmagician89 (5 months ago)
I also watched Speed 2: Cruise control
Adrian Ion (6 months ago)
Se gaseste de cumparat aceasta ambarcatiune ?
FN-Gmail Audry McLaren (8 months ago)
These are old these have been made b4
NorthStar Racing (8 months ago)
This seems like it could be a sick joke. Guy on a jet ski takes you out to the middle of the lake and just leaves you there while he goes to shore for a beer
Jacob H. (9 months ago)
No thanks sorry, I’ll keep to my yacht.
Firstsharkie (9 months ago)
Or you could just buy a regular boat :)
Dank Buds (10 months ago)
Lol... Old news.. we had the same setup on a jet ski I used on spring break in 2008
Boxhawk (10 months ago)
This is another one of those ideas that seems great, but when you start looking at the downsides...
TWOHEADEDOGRE (10 months ago)
I remember seeing something similar in the 90’s
Josh Whitaker (10 months ago)
So when did he make this because I saw this in the movie speed 2 cruise control in the 90's
Make Master (10 months ago)
Water kidnapping
Animal Translator (10 months ago)
Way to leave spouse in the middle of Ocean.
Claude Smoot (10 months ago)
Docking....Giggity giggity
Mad Mike (10 months ago)
“Your jet ski”
Thomas Nolan (10 months ago)
But can it do a backflip?
Tokyo Warfare (10 months ago)
Its not a bad idea. Certainly cuts costs and you have a ride machine while others can chill on the floating platform.
Max Jones (10 months ago)
How boat a pedal power mod?
Merman (10 months ago)
Look up the MSRP on these things. You could buy a real boat for the same price. They won't be around for too long.
snikwad003 (10 months ago)
1:01 he totally snaked the shuttle craft idea
Armen V (10 months ago)
Who makes this stuff?
raccoon681 (10 months ago)
Perfect for ditching relatives in the middle of a lake with no paddles
Private Notitia (10 months ago)
how much money???? cause the jetski is already gunna be about $6000.00 for one with a strong enough motor to not be strained by the job of pushing the "boat" around.
DAMC3808 (10 months ago)
Why is this so special?? Cuz it’s def not new whatsoever or innovative. I remember they had this on the show baywatch 20 years ago.....what’d that guy not patent it or something or renew the patent like the fidget spinner lady??? The one from back in the day was wayyyyy bigger too this has virtually no space for humans so is essentially useless!!
jvilaysing (10 months ago)
Can't other people kidnap people in the boat?
RTB A&R (10 months ago)
Nice invention #DONT4GETABOUTUS
Broken Cow (10 months ago)
One of the most pointless and dumb invention ever
BOSS MAN (10 months ago)
A failed 20 yr old invention is about to fail again.
Eva Rhevans (10 months ago)
IGOTAJOP America (10 months ago)
So how long has this been on the market.Becouse this is just a version of an old product that was out in the early 90s.didn't sell well. I thought ski doo. So this is not a new invention,just motified.
aidan burr (10 months ago)
not cool dudes wakeboard boats are way better
SandManXD (10 months ago)
Is this the new nintendo switch acessorie
Ethan Al (10 months ago)
1:27 that is the worst dive ive ever seen
Mac Miller's dead LoL (10 months ago)
1:26 that has to be one of the most ugly dives😂😂
kooldudes597 (10 months ago)
Cool, so you get 0.2 mpg.
Hawk Gaming (10 months ago)
Ive been on one of these and its really fun to detach and take the jet ski for a ride
Casey Zahorik (10 months ago)
Wow finally a good accessory for my jet ski that I don't have.
myname is private (10 months ago)
These were shit when I saw them at the boat show in 1990 and they are shit now!!! You get 1/3 od the useable "boat" space and none of the power!
KFC dealer (10 months ago)
How baby jet skis r made
lps harmonie (10 months ago)
darkspd31 (11 months ago)
How to dump your girlfriend
Gamer Chant (11 months ago)
1000 s]for a body of a boat
jordy van rossum (11 months ago)
Can it also be powerd by someone elses jetski
Tom Bowes (11 months ago)
Or you could just buy a decent wake boat
Theodore T. (11 months ago)
i dont even have a jetski.
SmoothieGuy (11 months ago)
Just buy a normal boat that’s a dumb idea
nick longstaffe (10 months ago)
No boat only costs 500 it just doesn't work, jetskis the 90s ones anyways were easy and cheap to fix, boats are money pits , this is for a niche crowd but I'd get one of these instead of a boat any day
ao el (10 months ago)
SmoothieGuy because you can't "just buy a boat" new that could do all that for $550.
J (10 months ago)
SmoothieGuy My wife and kids like to sit out in the sun on the boat I like to go play on the water. I have a boat and a jetski this would save me from hauling both to the lake.
dan sanchez (11 months ago)
This is nothing new. Someone did this back in the 90s for search and rescue and navy. For a time they offered it to the public.
Craig Kaschan (11 months ago)
Not new concept Sea Doo have had these on the market for years
Mateo Prada (11 months ago)
M E (11 months ago)
Um.... This sort of thing really isn't new. This was around in the 90's
miao mei (11 months ago)
Looft (11 months ago)
If you were to cut this boat in half, would flex tape fix it?
Jäger Himself (9 months ago)
@Emilochleosspelkanal_______ 1234 R/whoooosh
I think so
TheScientificAsian (10 months ago)
Sheep Entertainment Yes but there would be a lot of damage
SinR6 (11 months ago)
Snick32Gaming N O W T H A T S A L O T T A D A M M A G E
Clorox Bleach (11 months ago)
I would cut a jet ski and tape I back with flex tape
shaved93 (11 months ago)
The boat alone is more than a good used boat. Plus you need a jetski
ben dover (11 months ago)
That would be cool to troll with instead of doing it off of just the ski
Hunts Point (11 months ago)
Can it be used at night?
Vortex Vortex (11 months ago)
Hunts Point Legally no, but technically yes
Creaky C. (11 months ago)
Lol these things have been around for a long time
Nathaniel Mathews (1 year ago)
Like female and male reproductive organ.
mr.panda (1 year ago)
But whats the weight limit ?
Sam Cook (1 year ago)
“A guide on how to overload your jetski”
Dupes 0907 (1 year ago)
Reverse ?????
Daniel Price (1 year ago)
So you have a jet ski what’s the point of buying a boat then, you already have a jet ski
Vortex Vortex (11 months ago)
Daniel Price Boats for multiple people, skiing, kneeboarding, rafts, etc
Sasori (1 year ago)
Azthetical (1 year ago)
So its basically a small boat with no engine, dont see why they needed to spend 2 years stripping of an engine and cutting/installing a locking area but ok.
ARIHD ENAL (1 year ago)
*The Lack of Dick jokes is worrying me...*
Craig Talk Show (9 months ago)
ARIHD ENAL hahahaha
Mike Waisnor (1 year ago)
You might as well take the money your going to spend on this and put it towards a boat instead
Skullz - (1 year ago)
Imagine the *Boat* is the *Ass* and the *Jetski* is the *Sausage*
Pat (1 year ago)
Shuttle craft
Cookie Chook (1 year ago)
omg I need one
Anthony Tan (1 year ago)
How to reverse
Philip Bergman (1 year ago)
Newer model jetskis already have a reverse and there is a strap to hold the jetski in place with the boat
baseballhunter42 (1 year ago)
Isn't that going to put a lot of strain on the jetski motor?
Simplybeef (10 days ago)
Larry McFappington yeah and those people don’t have their jet ski for more than a few years
Simplybeef (10 days ago)
Larry McFappington (2 months ago)
@Colin Bisstte Colin are you an idiot? these machines are almost always driven at full throttle anyways
Colin Bisstte (3 months ago)
Duck are you an idiot? reving higher means more movement equaling more strain on the motor
Duck (4 months ago)
No just needs to rev higher for the same speed
Zander (1 year ago)
Remember this from Rescue Heroes on TV?
What a terrible idea. What happens when the jetski breaks
Vortex Vortex (11 months ago)
That guy under the staircase Whats the difference if a regular boat breaks...
T shapedSpaceL (1 year ago)
Powered by MY jetski? Well i wish
the walkin dude (1 year ago)
Wonderful idea. But just for the sake of redundant safety I would recommend a small electric motor (think trolling motors) be installed. That way the boat isn't completely dependant on the jet ski, for short distance, of course.
Ausintune (1 year ago)
Or buy a outrigger for cheap
Œh Üh (1 year ago)
why not just get a boat? then you just simply drive your boat
USSR * (1 year ago)
If u buy the boat but don't have Jet Ski😊😳😂
Cory (1 year ago)
Patrick should have just bought some more Jet skies, or maybe a boat.
Petiapapp Hungary (1 year ago)
Stupid idea
Carlos Aldonca (1 year ago)
Can you put the boat and jetski both together on a trailer id like more information on that? If not itd be usless to tow separately needing two cars to transport.
Caiden coffman (1 year ago)
Or u could by a normal boat
patman129 (1 year ago)
lol that kids dive at 1:25
ItzTevin! (6 months ago)
@darkspd31 tf does that have to do with pedophilia
Plumdum (9 months ago)
@darkspd31 that makes no sense atall
Connor._. Cars (10 months ago)
darkspd31 tf!?
darkspd31 (11 months ago)
patman129 pedophile
Gods Henchman (1 year ago)
Didn’t sea doo already do this but it’s a 2 JetSki dock the sea doo 1 way better than this horse shit
Lochlan Hughes (1 year ago)
The fact it doesn't fit all the way in is infuriating
disintegrates in rough sea
Vortex Vortex (11 months ago)
Ausintune joking?
"It's a boat dedicated to lifeguards" "The Wave Boats are so versatile that firemen use them for water rescue."
Ausintune (1 year ago)
TotallyRealNotFake DonaldTrump it's not meant for sailing, its comparable to a inflatable mattress
Cindy Reid (1 year ago)
DonaldTrumpTotallyRealNotFake not designed for rough seas obviously.
Niels Zumbrink (1 year ago)
They look cool but not very comfortable
justin lehman (1 year ago)
Old technology. Look up Shuttle Craft.
Jeepin John (1 year ago)
Powered by a pwc not jetski
Vortex Vortex (11 months ago)
How about waverunner lol
Daan Made in Holland (1 year ago)
Jeepin John yeah its a waterscooter thats for lame people jetski is on a other lvl.
VisualLife (1 year ago)
I fell like this is extremely easy to steal
Matthew Parmeter (1 year ago)
Given the price point of these it is absolutely useless... you could buy an entire boat with more seating room and engine at that cost which will hold a higher resale value and be more useful in the long run.... only reason these are going to sell is the "wow" factor and fact people do not actually research what they are doing.
Is_ fun_ time (1 year ago)
Btw this concept is old. There is a seadoo many years ago which was the same . For unknown reasons they didnt make it anymore
snikwad003 (10 months ago)
Seadoo made actual boats, shuttle craft made things like this company. The scarab boats are pretty different from the seadoo boats
Zonda Man (10 months ago)
Scarab literally makes the same product under different branding. They use rotax engines as well
stevalknieval (11 months ago)
They made a shuttle craft in the 90's, skis were under powered to today standard, making them relatively unattractive to buyers from both markets
larrymbs (1 year ago)
Is_ fun_ time point."they didn't make it anymore"
Is_ fun_ time (1 year ago)
Brad Rothschild this one looks cheaper than previous generations. The old model was driven from the boat , it needed cables , electrical, steering, But you are right , still not for everyone .
loopagung (1 year ago)
mampir juga ke channel gue gan... tentang editing
C. Lincoln (1 year ago)
Water Sports is so white.
C. Lincoln water sports is so everybody
Vortex Vortex (11 months ago)
BOSS MAN omg lol
Cindy Reid (1 year ago)
C. Lincoln guess you haven't been to Florida 😂
BOSS MAN (1 year ago)
Smoking crack is so black.
Tyler Kapteyn (1 year ago)
C. Lincoln ok?
melfakir elfakir (1 year ago)
I think after buying a jetski and that boat thing to attach you could have bought a teal boat...... Its still cool though
moesgymmom (1 year ago)
melfakir elfakir I don't know teal boats are pretty expensive

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