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Lineisy Montero | Spring/Summer 2016

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Lineisy Montero Spring/Summer 2016
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Yoli Gustbino (7 months ago)
Ella me encanta su mirada , es hermosa y es flaca como yo😊
Angel Luis De Jesus (7 months ago)
Amo a lineisi cuando yo sea grade boy ase guir sus paso😀
HaroldTrejoM (11 months ago)
Patricia (1 year ago)
Gorgeus ...she has a beutiful body
Valiendo verga (1 year ago)
Que preciosa es ❤️
Christopher Cole (1 year ago)
I'll never get tired of watching Lineisy walk. I never think she's going to fall because she throws herself into the walk with fearless abandon. She be throwing her stuff. Love it.
Wander Graph (2 years ago)
#Felicidades para el Orgullo de mi #Barrio muchas bendiciones y exito. #LineisyMontero
Keisha Weisha (2 years ago)
Don Vu (2 years ago)
She was literally at almost every single show this season
Pinch Hitter (2 years ago)
What a beauty! And where do you source this equally beautiful music?
morenita margarita (3 years ago)
wao q linda ayyyyyy Dios yo quiero ser asi de flaca jajajja
Valiendo verga (1 year ago)
morenita margarita : es preciosa verdad? Me enamore de ella
dizzy365 (3 years ago)
Eres la mejor.
Claudia Delgado (2 years ago)
bien por ti siempre adela te y dios te bendiga
Marie B (3 years ago)
queen of the ss16 catwalks
Valentina Ortiz (3 years ago)

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