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You'd Do What For Sex? | Family Feud

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Text Comments (3360)
Sean Adams (1 day ago)
Love Steve's Shpiel at the end of this question.
Lonelykid X (7 days ago)
You would lawl Yes Lawl
j karnes (15 days ago)
Steve: name a color Contestant: elephant Teammates: 👏good answer!👏
Josh Y (16 days ago)
Lol the 905 thumbs down on this.... are women!
Corley Whamster (17 days ago)
I was surprised "anything" wasn't on there...cause goddamn i would do that.
j karnes (18 days ago)
Really want to know what the 3rd X was.
Sapphire Katana (21 days ago)
"I would ki- I would KILL!! for sex..YES!!!
Tre Jackson (21 days ago)
Mega Oof Climbers (26 days ago)
After three good answers when David says Cry Steve gets so pissed
Shenell Dixon (1 month ago)
In all honesty that's what women would do for men. Women would do the most craziest things for a men!
Max prime (1 month ago)
Steve Harvey's reactions were funny af
Darth Vader (1 month ago)
Come on gentlemen, grow a pair of balls. Tell you why if you're horny as hell and you need some sex. The Bible says do not deprive each other, so she shouldn't have to deprive you. Same thing for her. You're not supposed to deprive her. So she's horny as hell, you whip it out and you put it inside her. Why are men so wimpy when it comes to this crap. I know this is a question that's comical, but it's true. Men are wussy pansies when it comes to this sex stuff with their wives. Give it to each other and don't deprive each other, for the love of Pete. Man, put your testicles back on and tell your wife you want to get laid. It isn't that dang hard. My goodness.
Nunoya bidness (1 month ago)
Late to this one. This just shows the huge gap that exists between a man's relationship with sex and a woman's understanding of a man's relationship with sex.
Codename: Xelda (1 month ago)
Dear gay people 0:36
Codename: Xelda (1 month ago)
Whoever dislike this video is stupid, this is the funniest family feud game I've ever seen.
Sean Adams (1 month ago)
Steve sure enjoyed this question.
Rishna Zain (1 month ago)
Just watching to boost my mood😂
Jason J (1 month ago)
Smith Wesson (1 month ago)
FireTiger941 (1 month ago)
*Cooo.......ooookkk* LOL
MarioLord 14 (1 month ago)
This is the best round ever. It’s so damn true. We’ll pay for it, beg for it, kill someone for it, lie for it, and if not, we’ll take our fucking life for it! YES! YOUR GOD DAMN RIGHT ABOUT THAT! HELL YEAH!
Andric Toomer (1 month ago)
All five choices beg ,kill,die,pay or lie for sex and girl don't know what we have to do to get some man IF YOU REAL WITH THIS SHIT HIT THAT DAMN LIKE BRO'S 😎😎😎
Adasia Embry (1 month ago)
I fail to understand why men are crazy about sex when women have multiple orgasms.
Neal R (2 months ago)
What never gets old is how much passion Steve poured into this round. “Lie! BEG! KILL!!!” roflol
Tori S (2 months ago)
Brain G (2 months ago)
The best family feud question to date
Joe Mana (3 months ago)
The 3rd one was so defensive omg just ride the humor ok?!
E Man (3 months ago)
Yes....C'mon somebody and let THE MEN say ...Amen....!!!!!!
Scarlet Witch (3 months ago)
0:59 YEAH🤩😎🔥
King J Roger (3 months ago)
Chenee Thompson (3 months ago)
I'm laughing my ass off right now! Such a hilarious vid!
Kev (3 months ago)
Best clip ever !!!
TheDarkenedLightGem (3 months ago)
The podiums that they used back in 2011 look like ice cream sandwiches!
Rundy Ftw (4 months ago)
You can see it in his eyes when he says kill
Devonian Roy Productions (4 months ago)
"Kill" is on there, but "fight" is not. k
iZombie Maverick (4 months ago)
As a Guy, they don’t even know , hell yeah
Leon Le (4 months ago)
Women don't know our struggle
Alonso Herrera (5 months ago)
Die was the only answer I really never thought it was going to appear, but I can totally relate to it
Dragon Heart (5 months ago)
Jakub Pytko (5 months ago)
This is so awesome. Steve Harvey is unbelievable.
Cricon Investments (5 months ago)
There's something wrong w/these guys lol...
Nicholas Eickman (5 months ago)
Every man watching this with his family wants to shout, YES, but knows his wife/girlfriend is sitting right next to him.
dashie's bbgurl (5 months ago)
lay down their life for it. I can confirm, that is true. 😂😂😂 the lover dont like it when i word it like that, but its the truth
Johnell Giusti (6 months ago)
We all know that the true man here is James.. he got the top two answer. My man 👊🏽
Prince Orphee (6 months ago)
I would have sex for sex
dashie's bbgurl (5 months ago)
LOL wtf
Duke Reds (6 months ago)
Steve Harvey: "We asked 100 people, what is the male reproductive organ?" Contestant: "The penis" SH: "A WUH... HUH??" audience erupts into laughter Steve Harvey grabs onto podium to support himself laughter gets even louder SH: O lordy... one man goes into cardiac arrest and many others begin vomiting profusely from laughing too hard SH: YOU PEOPLE NEED HELP the Earth shatters and Satan rises from the underworld to claim unworthy souls the universe begins rapidly closing in on itself SH: (putting on a weary voice) Survey says... the board shows 100 for "penis" Harvey is able to get off one more shocked look before existence as we know it comes to an end
Izzie Ingersoll (6 months ago)
1:24 "KEE-AL!!" - Steve Harvey
Emil Andersen (6 months ago)
Engineer 314 (7 months ago)
How the heck did that last guy not say DIE for sex? That was the FIRST thing on my mind and I'm barely a man (I'm 18)
VDAM1984 (7 months ago)
I would do whatever including cook and clean but not cry lol
melagkomas20 (7 months ago)
I would masturbate for sex; w8 wat
So basically, all living things would do anything for a little (or allot of ) action.
Aeron Sumilong (7 months ago)
Funny how different the answers are between men and women
Antonio Reyes (7 months ago)
0:59 I love when he screams ¡BEEG!
Spunky Animations (7 months ago)
I would CRYYYY for sex! *grins like an idiot*
Pritom Debnath (7 months ago)
this was...is....the best segment ever
Ja Ja (8 months ago)
I hate Stephen with his bullshit: "I would never do that. Don't have to. Don't have to!". Yes Stephen, you are an alpha, every woman wants to have sex with you. You are the sexiest man ever. NOT!
Tatted Up Wolf (8 months ago)
Very true I lied to get the pussy but left her because the blowjob was fucking terrible
Ja Ja (8 months ago)
"Tell me a word a married woman would use to fill in the blank: I would _ for sex!" Answer: Ask 100 points!
Pushpak Gupta (8 months ago)
That woman at far right(green dress) from the bouley family...she is Jim Parsons dressed as female 20 years from now.
Ruby Ruff (8 months ago)
Die for sex
Nice 😂😁
Red Card (8 months ago)
Red Card (8 months ago)
Lelouch Strife (8 months ago)
most honest one i've ever seen lol
jwan besande (8 months ago)
Steve Harvey's fave in the thumbnail is about as cursed as front facing Simpsons characters
Cupcake Cult (9 months ago)
Most men would die for it
Loleta Cox (9 months ago)
1:54 Why would you do that Lol!
BetaDog (9 months ago)
Stephen Poole (9 months ago)
I love how the women got it totally wrong and the guys knew.
CapitalTeeth (8 months ago)
Nobody is desperate enough to cook or clean for sex. C’mon now...
Malaysha Morgan (9 months ago)
Skigo Ristick (9 months ago)
Pritom Debnath (9 months ago)
BEG......YES!!.... YES!!
Pritom Debnath (9 months ago)
J Mm (9 months ago)
a great question . and the funny when Steve said it's guy's question and the poor ladys couldn't get the right answers
Noah Schwartz (9 months ago)
What about cheating
CapitalTeeth (8 months ago)
Hella worth it.
TRA5566 Goal Horns (9 months ago)
Of course this is a guy question
Yonela Madlakane (9 months ago)
I dont want any of my exes😂
martin gabel (10 months ago)
This is the most vivid and hilarious illustration of people deeply - and alledgedly happily - rooted in sexist stereotypes, it reveals the sad truth of mankind, hopefully not based on biological facts that can only be changed by re-designing genetics of the human species. Of course the show is prefabricated, but in a technically perfect way, so every detail fits precisely. Just listen to the way Bethany overpronounces "cook". It makes you laugh, but at the same time you feel sorry for her, and not for the reason suggested. The role play is also interesting because it illustrates the playful hypocrisy of traditionally "well behaving" women. They just tease by faking innocence ... playing their role according to the male rules. Best material to teach stereotypes, perhaps also fake media and manipulating a public that even begs, pays and eventually dies for being fooled.
Desi Muscles (10 months ago)
Steve harvey face impression
ladi hawx (10 months ago)
I think this clip is horrifying and disgusting. This is RAPE CULTURE being promoted on family TV. I cant believe anyone thinks this is funny! This clip is so cringe worthy. The most popular answers of what men would do for sex is all violent and abusive. How on earth did this get through the producers of the show? How are people sharing this with laugh emojis and not seeing the problem here. People need to wake up and start talking about this seriously.
CapitalTeeth (8 months ago)
Please tell me this comment is a joke.
Donald Trump (10 months ago)
hahahaha I truly lol'd in real life. Go back to your safe space until you get a sense of humor ya old hag.
Kevin Hang (10 months ago)
Ella Shy (10 months ago)
here for the comments
Ross Banter (10 months ago)
Can Steve Harvey be my dad?
TaloTube Inc. (10 months ago)
This is one of the best moments in Family Fued.... so sad and insanely true
Sumair Khaliq (10 months ago)
Isn't this the same bethany who hoola hoops and plays instruments in a musical duo while telling jokes on a bake sale ?
Niklas Floeth (10 months ago)
Stephen: I never done this but beg... Steve: YES!!! Stephen: I don't have to, I really don't have to! Steve: YES!!! YES!!! ... BEG!!!
mrbpis (10 months ago)
why would a married man pay for sex? whats the point of being married?
Jamel Gallagher (9 months ago)
It's basically saying he would do anything for sex.
Connor Hayes (10 months ago)
Inga Sigodi (10 months ago)
I love Steve Harvey 😁😂😂
Tigerguy 101 (11 months ago)
Boss Umbra (11 months ago)
Cook and clean for sex. That is adorable.
UnSafeNinja 47 (11 months ago)
None of the girls got it right this really is a guy question but I'm to young to answer
Randy Storm (11 months ago)
1:00- BEG!!!! 1:24- KIIIIILLLL!!!!
mockinjay3rd (11 months ago)
he said cry not die >_>
Todd Reynolds (11 months ago)
Tigerguy 101 (11 months ago)
Who the hell cooks or cleans for sex
Tigerguy 101 (11 months ago)
Gino Sanchez (11 months ago)
this is probably the best family fued clip out there

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