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Open Fly

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Text Comments (991)
Pablinsky Gaming (1 month ago)
rattrap's dank sewer (1 month ago)
1:24 when your grandparents ask what is your YouTube channel is called
dracoinsanity (4 months ago)
No matter how many times I come back to watch this, I always bust up laughing. Such a simple yet hilarious video. :D
Red Worthington (5 months ago)
Ben Morrow (5 months ago)
Ive been watching these since i was 9-10 years old man, yall inspired me to make funny curse free videos as i grew up
eye sack (6 months ago)
MustardRella (7 months ago)
10 years already.
Professor Tree (10 months ago)
Josh rocking the Heman hair style though
MultipleActs (11 months ago)
now I say pufft when somebody leaves the room angry lol
Matt Stetson (1 year ago)
Lol they are drinking tonic water
something we all do
Blake Dufrene (1 year ago)
Who else is watching balloon shop in 2017?
dracoinsanity (1 year ago)
I can't watch this video and not laugh regardless of how many times I've seen it. I love it! :)
The Guy (1 year ago)
SSlack (1 year ago)
I wonder what Olan's wife's gonna think of all this.
foxeh123 (1 year ago)
Threat Neutralized.
freakishlyfeline (1 year ago)
The laughing was funnier than the open fly :P
Sarah Do (1 year ago)
Thank you for sequence of laughter one experiences when they can't control themselves Thomas lol
daft nord (1 year ago)
Sam McGee (1 year ago)
who's watching in 2017. If so I respect you :)
Blake M. (11 months ago)
Still here
Jennifer Greaney (1 year ago)
Sam McGee Absolutely!! These guys are timeless 😁
Brendan Winter (1 year ago)
Should have used teleport
Shannon Freeman (1 year ago)
blue drink check, bobby pin in the hair check, weird seat check, olan's laugh check!
Erika Huff (2 years ago)
I think Thomas made Olan really start laughing then vice versa
Brom (2 years ago)
His hair!
Zubb (2 years ago)
1:06 at 2x speed 2:26 at 2x speed your welcome
SteampunkFireflies (2 years ago)
Olan's laugh is God's gift to YouTube.
MJ Red (1 year ago)
SteampunkFireflies Thomas' s is even better. It's just so innocent.
Mr. Manly (2 years ago)
OMG XD!! play at slow motion
Alexis Pellegrino (2 years ago)
What is Thomas even sitting on
Erika Huff (2 years ago)
that's a question ive asked many times...
BigChap J (2 years ago)
The Perrier in their hands lol..... HWAAAAAAAAAA HAHAHAHA A A A
Josh (2 years ago)
David Goku 94 (2 years ago)
Olan's laugh is music to my ears.
The Limbo Theorem (2 years ago)
don't worry abooout it!
LoonyWriter (2 years ago)
Joanna Moran-Rush (1 year ago)
Poofed right out.
Erika Huff (2 years ago)
Jack Schultz (2 years ago)
On 2 speed they sound like chipmunks on speed that are drunk watching funny videos
Chandler Snow (2 years ago)
This is why josh left
Michael Moratto (3 months ago)
Josh was the one that wanted to keep rollin!
Darth Vapor (1 year ago)
RollersPostulate I wish this wasn't true
crycurios (1 year ago)
That is true
Claire L'Esperance (3 years ago)
Just... poofed
Dug Gram (3 years ago)
Doctor JohCoy (3 years ago)
wake me up (wake me up inside)
Pigwarts5Ever (3 years ago)
This laughter was so damn contagious, the video isn't even all that funny but I just couldn't stop. Beautiful.
foxeh123 (1 year ago)
This is why this is so brilliant. They make people laugh just by laughing.
Nathaniel D Musso (3 years ago)
This is actually such a real conversation.
Emmitt Nervend (3 years ago)
Why does Thomas have a chair on his bed?
mAtt drmmer (1 year ago)
Why dont you
LoonyWriter (3 years ago)
Why not? O.O
DantheCardboardMan (3 years ago)
Put subtitles on at 1:57
MrsZeldaSlayer (3 years ago)
0:42 I think is when they were actually laughing at how funny their fake laughs were! Lol
ArvenaThelas (3 years ago)
on -4 speed it sounds like they're hilarious devils
Purple Productions (3 years ago)
Ladislav Tomisek (3 years ago)
Annalisa Huie (4 years ago)
On .5 speed it sounds like they're all crying really hard.
Jack Schultz (2 years ago)
+Annalisa Huie OMG YOU'RE RIGHT! LOL
Nonsensical Abyss (4 years ago)
The sight of them laughing is already too precious for me to handle :,)
\Enthusiasm/ (4 years ago)
"Dude, your fly is down" Looks down Spaghetti falls out I burst into treats
Foxhaven2482 (4 years ago)
Wanna you want Derrick!!!!!!!
Will Cook (4 years ago)
where the hell am i
Tubular Topher (9 months ago)
Will Cook North Korea.
Andria Jones (4 years ago)
2:27 oh geez
Sparrow (4 years ago)
This is why I don't wear jeans.
Sarah Miller (4 years ago)
Olan's laugh is pretty awesome but I'd say Thomas's is just as great.
Brach Dukeman (4 years ago)
Olan's Laugh is The BEST! haha
Billy Klein (4 years ago)
Olan has a very contagious laugh.
iDanbo (4 years ago)
1:07 greatest laugh love olan!! LOOOL
Doughy the edible Cube (4 years ago)
the threat is neutralized.
Webzic (4 years ago)
This is why Joshua and Olan stopped talking to each other.
Alien Clavicles (4 years ago)
I bet they didn't need to retake this once because they were allowed to laugh as much as they wanted XD
John theriault (4 years ago)
This video makes me think of a bunch of stoners just laughing at something that isnt that funny
SSP Trip (3 years ago)
+John theriault Exactly
TheTwitSkits (4 years ago)
This video makes me happy
James Crosby (4 years ago)
We should comment on the fine brothers latest react video asking them to watch balloon shop to get youtubers to watch these videos and make them popular again.
Andre Alejandro (3 years ago)
Sparrow (4 years ago)
145 peoples flies were down
mark thilen (4 years ago)
watch this at 2x speed
Maknae (4 years ago)
Weston Parish (4 years ago)
You guys should consider a balloonshop DVD. I'd buy the compilation. I know you don't do it anymore but your fans would appreciate it and support it
8BITBASKIN (3 years ago)
You could do like I'm doing. Download all of their videos in mp4 format, drop them all in Movie Maker, and burn it to a DVD. Sure, I'd like to buy an actual DVD and give them a little cash, but as you said, there's sadly no way to do it, and I like the idea of documenting all of these on that off chance YT or the internet just disappears one day.
Mateo Balaban (5 years ago)
Roberto Mochi (5 years ago)
Olan's laugh is contagious hahahaha
Poptab (5 years ago)
poofed, just poofed on out. its already reconsidered. 
Pablo Rodriguez (5 years ago)
lol 1:05
TheJoon (5 years ago)
haven't watched this in years, still in tears x'D
Dethious (5 years ago)
Jerryyyp (5 years ago)
Spooky Pumpkin (5 years ago)
This on acid... I almost had to go to the hospital
Julien Favero (5 years ago)
1:18 Dart Juice in the background
LoonyWriter (5 years ago)
LoveYourFun (5 years ago)
Fucking buttonup fly. Where do you even buy those
RichPim (5 years ago)
I do it all the time because of this
Elijah Agapito (5 years ago)
sorry but i know these guys well enough to know that they aren't the type to get high. they are just geniuses with very creative ideas. and besides, why get high when you can have dart juice: its worth it!
Skylar Clarkson (5 years ago)
Olan is so beautiful <3
likeweneedyourhelp (5 years ago)
Its so stupid that its freaking hilarious!
Cereal Bath (5 years ago)
you sure? mine left to crying.
pmflix (5 years ago)
freerunnerJ (5 years ago)
Dart juice... SPOTTED!
Xyan xRichardson (5 years ago)
Dont worry about it
fivedollerfootlong (5 years ago)
They got high as fuck and filmed this, where do you think the random ideas came from for the skits.
Alon Katz (5 years ago)
conzondo (5 years ago)
I totally agree with you, but I think he was laughing at Thomas as well.
mynamehereforsure (5 years ago)
Sanny223 (5 years ago)
nice video
Seth Freeman (5 years ago)
watching this video is my new ab work out
sesshy211 (5 years ago)
hahahahahahahahahahahahahyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha cough cough dont worry about it yukahahahahahahahahahyeeeeeeeeeaaaaaa
killerdude1121 (5 years ago)
Clanker (5 years ago)
The fact that he is actually laughing makes this video 10 times better.
1:25 tears!
satchtmo (5 years ago)
Turn on closed captions and replay.
Brooke Ellis (5 years ago)
I love how you tricked thousands of people into crotch stares...well played sir
SelfPropagatingWave (5 years ago)
2:24, that Dart Juice hiding in the background.....
deseasedracoon (5 years ago)
Dat Dart Juice..
Joey McCausland (5 years ago)

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