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Got BUTT HAIR? Grooming Options (Cheeks and Crack)

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http://www.iamalpham.com Hair Products: http://www.peteandpedro.com Alpha M Services and Style System: http://www.aaronmarino.com Modern Tailor Link For Discount: http://www.mtmt.us/ihg65tie Enter Code: ALPHAM10 for 10%OFF Order! Fashion Anchor: http://www.thefashionanchor.com CODE: ALPHAM1 for $1 Off In this video professional male image consultant, grooming expert, Aaron Marino of http://www.iamalpham.com talks about butt hair! How to manage your butt hair is something guys have questions about, but no one is talking about. Well Alpha M. is answering the hard hitting questions like butt hair, man musk... you know the important stuff:) Learn how to manage and grooming your ass, it's simple, easy and not that hard to do.
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Chris Nebeker (8 hours ago)
If you want to spend opus amounts of money get your bung hair burned permanently off
Just wax it. It hurts but it's worth it. The ladies love a waxed crack esp if she's rimming
robertwilsong (22 hours ago)
Nice video dude.
Ahmad Fisal (2 days ago)
Thank you sir for the tips
scaredyet (7 days ago)
This cunt so ugly
LOCKDOWN (7 days ago)
0:37 why am i laughing 😂
Michael Nichols (8 days ago)
Hey alpha m. I have been using this method for most of my hair on my body. Other than face and head hair, instead of using clippers. I use veet, it comes in a pink bottle. It's great for hair removal, it is a chemical hair removal. Though I have found it causes much less irritation than from a razor, or clipper. I is a very clean "shave" so to speak. And it's just as good as waxing, from what I've heard. But for the love of God, do not get anything like this hair removal cream, that has a mint feel to it. I once gave this same advice to someone, and they didn't listen. The ended up getting the one hair removal cream that I advised not to get. The result, well they ran around the house screaming butt naked. So try this product and let me know what you think, is it better, is it worse. I'm curious on the difference, I have tried clippers. But to me it's just to risky, this method is safe, clean, and gives a good, "shave." So please try it and let me know what you think. P.s. make sure it is veet, or anything that doesn't have that mint burn for your own sake.
SilentKiLrr23 (8 days ago)
Ima just stick a couple pads and rip em off really first.
Peter McJackass (9 days ago)
Instructions not clear enough, cut my penis off with my razor blade..
I use Nair hair removal cream for my pubes, legs, arms, and butt crack.
Daniel Logan (10 days ago)
Doesn’t everyone enjoy letting someone take a peak at the hole? 🤷🏻‍♂️
iPhone 3G (11 days ago)
I once used a wax strip with my homies
gaming kid (11 days ago)
Hkj kjhbjk (20 days ago)
I have cleaned up my butt and lags as you advised. I feel very good now! Thank you.
The King (22 days ago)
well Life isn't worth it i will just kill myself
Raj Gaur Aditya (23 days ago)
How about hair removal cream?
Robert A. Lofgren Jr. (9 days ago)
Raj GaurAditya, No! Hair removers contain chemicals and you can get burns from the chemicals and can also get infected. Shave gently is the best way.
Luke A (24 days ago)
Veet hair removal cream!? Come on
Michael Rodriguez (26 days ago)
Fuck! I watched this video AFTER shaving
Scruffy Ndn (1 month ago)
When mine grows back, my undergarments are more prone to wedgies.
mleangc (1 month ago)
Dude who's going to put their head up there (or fingers). No need to shave your butt crack (men and women) let's not push it, shall we!?! Some stuff are met to be untouched...life is not a porno
Darshan Gowda (1 month ago)
I'm Indian and I have a tropical forest down there.
Jtothez Bro (1 month ago)
what bout using nair?
Setä Julius (1 month ago)
Why should you even shave your butt? Ohh, my dirty mind😕
Captain Cormack (1 month ago)
Use tiege hanley😂
Jb Cruz (1 month ago)
butt you😂
STAN.P channel (1 month ago)
To be honest my asshole is full with hair so what can I do 🙄😭
LittleMac Main (1 month ago)
I know it's weird commenting on an old video, but what if you used nair for asshair?
just use scissors lol
RainbowTropolis (1 month ago)
Good to know, I got a good laugh, felt really uncomfortable, but got educated! Thank you for tackling those "uncomfortable issues and areas" we dare not speak of! lol I actually had the unfortunate experience of having an inguinal hernia "close to pubic area" and the nurse only shaved HALF of me where the surgery was to be performed. I thought, I MIGHT as well shave it ALL off, and OMG MONTH FROM H*LL!!!!! I vowed NEVER to let a blade touch my front, back or middle areas between my legs EVER AGAIN!!!!
Gustavo Kim (1 month ago)
Thanks, dad
kutie 101 (1 month ago)
Im surprised you didnt mention nair. I help my boyfriend with grooming those parts and nair doesnt irratate his skin even once it starts growing again. Its painless but I recommend having help for it because you wanna avoid the bootyhole still.
a1duzit (1 month ago)
Hell yeah it's no joke. I use electric
Reckless (1 month ago)
Just get hair removal cream
KING EDITZ •• (1 month ago)
I didn't even watch the video, I only read the comments
Giorgos Labrakopoulos (1 month ago)
So hilarious!
CreepyMonkey HeadGame (1 month ago)
I was trying to find a better solution than what I'm using but there is a feminine product called the Veet it's pretty much like a shaving or waxing but all the damn pain
Fitness Gym (1 month ago)
Carful mite clip yuh buthole
Stephanie Mendoza (1 month ago)
BIl clinton (1 month ago)
0:56 I never thought I would hear another straight guy say that
Blue Azr (1 month ago)
Man i LOVE you!!!
Dago Lopez (1 month ago)
These comments have me rollin!!!
Hanna Belkadi (1 month ago)
It's really refreshing to see that type of content !! Keep it up :) ( just a funny thing, you're not "man enough" to wax your crack, while a looot of woman do it hahaha... Then are you sure it's the right expression to use ? ;) )
a perfect cocktail (1 month ago)
Check out LBK soap company No Ass Sweat
Ventus (1 month ago)
what if you self wax
Alex wilson (1 month ago)
3:26 was the best part 😂
Brindabon Murmu (1 month ago)
Faisal Ahmad (2 months ago)
My but is really fucking furry and it's annoying
nickbagelboy (2 months ago)
A lot of people are laughing, but there are a few of us who are taking this seriously lmfao. No cheek hair, just a straight crack bush. It's awful, especially cleanliness wise, if you know I'm saying. If you think a spicy food rash is bad, try a spicy food rash with a shit load of crack hair.
EliteNade (2 months ago)
How did I get hair? I’ll leave...
Cezar Bartholomeu (2 months ago)
Use cream bitches, and do not overtime it.
Let'sBeCivil,ShallWe? (2 months ago)
I use Nair but I’m a girl and I want silky smooth. Not for everyone but it works for me. My boyfriend looked as though his mother mated with Sasquatch and he wanted to do something about it. I got him a razor with a low guard. Just go in the direction of the hair and you’re good to go. Basically the 5 o’clock shadow look for his whole body, which suits us. Works for anywhere (I do mean anywhere) you have hair you want to groom. Benefit of trimming is no itchiness or ingrowns and still looks masculine.
Donn OMarr (2 months ago)
Why doesn’t he mention any hair removal creams ?
Vanessa D (2 months ago)
I think hair on a guys ass is hot ;) ...my man's is honestly the best 😋😜😘 it's sexy
Riley Denning (2 months ago)
One time I had a colonoscopy and they shaved my butt hair... They didn't tell me... I just knew...
Al Martín (2 months ago)
Nip it in the butt!!!!! I mean bud....LOL
chaman gurung (2 months ago)
Man, do a cartoon version if you cant do it live, this aint fair!!!
Erik Perez (2 months ago)
I use Nair Hair Removal Cream baby oil formula, it is the best and does not leave bumps or give you ingrown hairs. Smells terrible, but worth it!
Ra-sone Rucker (2 months ago)
Callum Pollard (2 months ago)
Dose hair removal cream work though.
TheKurdishPrince (2 months ago)
This is the type of content youtube needs but not the type of content youtube deserves
jum hitty (2 months ago)
I don't know why I'm here. I'm the kind of man that keeps himself aaalllll natural, if you know what I mean ;) The only part of my body that I shave or trim is above the shoulders
john smith (2 months ago)
dude you look beta af!!
jaybie cupcake (2 months ago)
Just came across your channel bro your a fucking god your an absolute fucking GURU! your a life saver and a game changer 💪👊🤟 keep it up
Keone Jones (2 months ago)
What about dying your hair a lighter color for naughty time in the light?
Bryan (3 months ago)
Funniest video ever! 😅
Tyler Strong (3 months ago)
Dont nip the butt hole🤣🤣🤣 been there an done it!🤣🤣
Chivalrous Gentleman (3 months ago)
I dont wanna make an inappropriate joke butt fuck it
Phillip Gilbert (3 months ago)
I shave everything except my eyebrows and hair on my head EVERYTHING 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
6ix6six qllp (3 months ago)
You didn’t mention Nair hair removal lol
Bernard's Channel (3 months ago)
Veet it.
Hu Kares (3 months ago)
When you nip your asshole, it’s about to feel so hot
Marian Kowalski (3 months ago)
Whats up with your eye?
Daniel Prince (3 months ago)
Out of all the videos of yours I’ve watch, I’ve never laughed so hard 😂
Markus Magnon (3 months ago)
When you shave the face the first time it is the same. or other parts. Just keep shaving the crack. It gets better. I would NEVER (!) use a electric razor in that area. Only mach-3 razor. From the crack to the outside. Simple and save.
Elaine Nilsson (3 months ago)
You are entertaining.
ultradeadd (3 months ago)
lmao just get it lazered
Daëmon (3 months ago)
*....ORRRRRRRRRRR...you can just try to be a MAN instead of a insecure metrosexual BETA.*
Quin Bancalari (3 months ago)
Serious question here. If after shaving with a razor its still prickly does that mean in outta luck? Tired of having a forest hole. 😆
gh0st ghost (3 months ago)
im just not gonna worry about it
joel rangel (3 months ago)
Make sure you always wipe With a wet towel at the end cause your hair catch a little bit of poop when coming out
FuaveTooTough (3 months ago)
Gary Gibbs (3 months ago)
My hair is pretty much everywhere. I look like I'm wearing a sweater ALL THE TIME, especially shirtless. I #manscape with a razor and shaving cream, also use trimmers on the pubic area. However. On the butt, tainy, and crack, I've never trimmed. Used nair one time. Never again. The chemical burn was real and I left it on for the appropriate amount of time (even a little less for fear of what might happen that actually DID happen). So you're saying trimmers. Should I use a guard of like a 0 or a . 5 to avoid nipping certain areas? I've nipped my d!ck before and the blood doesn't stop! Suggestions or thoughts?
Brew master (3 months ago)
I nair my cheeks and crack. Works like a charm
Jowaun Scher (3 months ago)
Brew master really?
John Rudzinski (3 months ago)
Great video stops me combing out the chia seeds out of my butt hairs
MrTreoni (3 months ago)
Five years and another grooming video later he still has a deep fear for clipping "that which must never be clipped". Please never change alpha :)
dan mar (3 months ago)
Once me and a buddy went as anime schoolgirls to a Halloween party, we bought mini skirts from a local second hand store, so I decided to go full commitment to the character, and shaved my whole lower body. For the first time. I used my mach 4 and at first it worked like a dream, I was as smooth as freshly buffed floor. Then the re-growth happened. I'm glad I took care of business that night because the next week was not sexy behind closed doors. I was going to town on my legs and ass like an octopus with psoriasis. I learned a harsh lesson quickly.
Daniel Harcourt (3 months ago)
Put nair on your asshole
Drew Walker (3 months ago)
Is this Patrick Dempsey
Antim8ah (3 months ago)
Vintage alpha
fr2ncm9 (3 months ago)
Another risk factor for Pylonidal disease is prolonged sitting.
fr2ncm9 (3 months ago)
Men in the their 20's to 40's are more prone to developing pilonydal disease. The easiest way to avoid it, is t to make sure that there is no hair in your but crack Generally, men with more body hair are more prone to Pilonydal disease. I had to have 5 surgical excisions to deal with this nasty disease. I also resorted to a rather painful yet permanent fix, laser hair removal. After a year and a half or treatments, I had much less hair. I still shave the leftover hair about once a week.
Sehajvir Grewal (3 months ago)
Buddy has the defiant pupil
Sean (3 months ago)
I have a hairy hole.
Jowaun Scher (3 months ago)
Sean nice
Lamar Battle (3 months ago)
Hahahahaha Nippy!
K2 FU (3 months ago)
Christopher Canale (3 months ago)
Love butt crack hair
Sandu Mary (3 months ago)
Man, you are brilliant! I bumped into a video by mistake and I’m telling you, I’ve never had so much fun watching something on YouTube before! And I’m a lady! Great job, really!
Ben Wiedemann (3 months ago)
Um I think I'm watching alittle late cuz I used a bic razer
Anthony Sforza (3 months ago)
Got butt hair?My name ends in a vowel, you know damn well that I do.
dillon 0499 (3 months ago)
Might as well quick wax might have my soul ripped out but oh well

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