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Why Rappers Are Terrified of Dissing Eminem

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Why Rappers Are Terrified of Dissing Eminem Eminem is no stranger to rap disses and beefs. Whether through isolated disrespectful mentions or full out battles, Eminem has had his run-ins with almost every notable name in the music industry and beyond. He has taken on some of the scariest diss rappers like Canibus and Benzino. Destroyed famous pop superstars like Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears. Even powerful politicians like Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin and Donald Trump have all been victims of Eminem's fearless taunts. In all this, Em has never taken an outright ell in any battle. On the contrary, his unmatchable rhymes, effortless lyrics and comical clowning of his enemies have played major roles in destroying some musical careers like those of Ja Rule, Insane Clown Posse, Vanilla Ice and Benzino. This video lists 5 random tracks that prove its unwise to diss Eminem. #RediKnow #Unbeefwithable
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Text Comments (12979)
noob gamer (1 hour ago)
Hey mgk u missed it
Brian Travinski (1 hour ago)
M&M has taken over the rap world. Funny, what is deemed to be a "Black Thing" is no longer. M&M is untouchable. Detroit grown, he has the steering wheel of the rap industry. And well earned.
90 % (53 minutes ago)
What the fuck are you talking about? 😂😂 Eminem is overrated because he's white, if he was black he'd be a regular rapper. Nas, biggie, gza all waaaay better than Eminem.
M T Yermind (14 hours ago)
If I was a rapper I'd diss Enema M, little whiny punk-ass bitch
Misanthropy83 (19 hours ago)
why do all these rappers have fucking stupid names? Benzino lmao
dafyduck79 (22 hours ago)
trump is an eminem of politics
Opiate Holidays (22 hours ago)
Benzino looks like Kizaru.
AtomMom TV (23 hours ago)
❓❓❌😕UMMM SORRY https://youtu.be/8Hp6b19SJkQ THIS DUDE DISSED EM & MGK
the Cloud Flow (1 day ago)
he is not a god. fuck mane streams and fuck him
MrJJuK (1 day ago)
Eminem is like the Jimmy Carr of the rap world. You heckle him, he will just laugh and destroy you with words.
90 % (52 minutes ago)
Nas is like the frankie Boyle who is 100x better than jimmy Carr, meaning nas is 100x better than em
Steven Hagebusch (1 day ago)
Lets see him battle barbo gator.....
Nelson Messecar (1 day ago)
Well u guys never heard K Rino best of all time
cmoneytheman (1 day ago)
em is a maniac most people know that and the way he thinks would take out anybody except rino he the best ever and smartest way smarter then anybody I ever heard he would destroy em easy
Mr. Jazz moose (1 day ago)
*rap round!* Mumble rapper: *makes a rap song* Rap judges: I guess he wins, next round *intruder appears! It appears to be an Eminem!* *ROUND START* Eminem: *breathes* Audience and judges: *screaming* HE WINS BRO
90 % (51 minutes ago)
Cool story kid
Junior Sanchez (1 day ago)
Thats like trying to stop a .223 round with their teeth 😂
he had Trump help launch his album and appear in That's video's but take the side of Obama who bombed and killed more people with drone strikes in history and from 2013 and on every dept would be caught breaking the law...FBI CIA DOJ DOS DSS SS IRS ATF AG 1 AG 2 HUD DOD DOI DVA ..all being caught in a scandal...that required Congressional hearings and don't forget about Benghazi
Angelia Caber (1 day ago)
They are all whacked
Akbar Lone (1 day ago)
Osama Alibrahim (1 day ago)
حدا عربي هون ؟😅
Wakasabi K (1 day ago)
Guess MGK didn’t watch this in time.
Swanand Joshi (1 day ago)
Rap God
Mr Invincible (1 day ago)
Yeah music make affect, according to Eminem
Polyline (2 days ago)
I thought beef was a food until now..
Mitchell Lynch (2 days ago)
Again, it's unfuckwitable
Vickram Inderdeo (2 days ago)
Dont f..k with slim
Prajay Shah (2 days ago)
Why do human give a fuck to another human being? What for?
Ericson Umali (2 days ago)
How about dilated peoples???
Zlatan- Football god. (2 days ago)
The day somebody hands Eminem an L,my life will be a lie.
Bill Taylor (2 days ago)
His dis on Trump I don't agree with he's just following the band wagon. But I love his music. But maybe now EM sees how Trump has made this country great again
Derping Potato (2 days ago)
This video comes out, and then Rap Devil comes out like a few days later 👏
You could have just mentioned killshot and the video would be over
Captain Kage (2 days ago)
Rice would diss Eminem and he wouldn’t lose
Kasey Willis (2 days ago)
Why they say ICPs career was destroyed?!?😂 thats far from the truth. They still sell records and have an over 3 million strong fanbase! And theyve done it from the start on their own, with no major label influence
XXXTENTACION Fan (2 days ago)
MGK was first!!!
Supreme McD (2 days ago)
Em not dissing no body real diss jada kiss styles p I bet he get his ass handle facts
Shit Happens (3 days ago)
9:44 He talked about KAMIKAZE, whaaaaaat
HACKERS DEN (2 days ago)
He hinted us
RK10 Football (3 days ago)
Who is here after listening killshot?
Wait Wait Wait, Hol' Up, Did Eminem Own A Gun Before? Because in Some Of The Clips They Showed Em Holding A Gun, Was He A Gun Owner Before? (P.S. I'm A Gun Fan So I Want To Know)
hangao siile (3 days ago)
Eminem is the best
S.A. Crafts (3 days ago)
Mgk and Eminem
Ghost Rider (3 days ago)
carteliser (3 days ago)
Wasn't he dissed by Steven Crowder?
Some Dumb Dude (3 days ago)
That BET Trump diss was shit
DKM (3 days ago)
angel Warriors (3 days ago)
Mgk should have watched this before releasing rap devil
Zearo (3 days ago)
Dick cheny?? Holy...
i love the warning lol
Yehlen Jo (4 days ago)
MGK:Too late
praveen dehariya (4 days ago)
What is the meaning of dissing
Xen (4 days ago)
Disliking for the part you're playing in the adpocalypse. For shame.
Feras S (4 days ago)
The 4th Horseman (4 days ago)
Jou Budden still ain't said shit.
Party (4 days ago)
Em sucks.
Aravian Rico (4 days ago)
Mariah clapped back on why are you so obsessed with me her song was bigger than his
Aravian Rico (4 days ago)
Nobody scared of dissing that nigga nobody just ain’t had no problems w that mf he stay out the Way
Ryu Ryu (4 days ago)
What about suga
Lee Johnston (4 days ago)
Can't fuck with the white boy.... even the game said it...
Ankit Sharma (4 days ago)
MGK the latest rapper killed by Eminem. RIP MGK
Gaming King (4 days ago)
This dude is such an Eminem fanboy... Hell yeah brother
Delo GamingYT (4 days ago)
Give props for my for having balls
Skettles (4 days ago)
I hate when people compare god to eminem, he's great and all But he's no eminem.
L C (4 days ago)
Ja Rule: “Monica!!” A code word referring to himself for “I fucked up” lol
Jack Hout (4 days ago)
Btw, The Sauce and Nail In The Coffin mare the absolute greatest diss tracks...and I’m talking about E-V-E-R
Tim Ballentine (4 days ago)
Dissing Trump didn't help him at all,many of his fans said,"bye,bye,' to lil' em.
Jack Hout (4 days ago)
Let’s stop pretending like Em’s Trump “diss” was good tho lmao. It was exactly what MSNBC and CNN and every other idiot celeb regurgitates daily lol. The very same elites that Em used to go after, ironically.
darth boner (4 days ago)
every suburban white kid "real HiP HoP!!!!!!!!" loser is watching and liking this video
Colin Greenhorn (5 days ago)
Em is the greatest. My opinion don't matter but the facts do.
Lev Myskin (5 days ago)
The irony of someone making a video about diss rappers without owning a microphone themselves
Saul Sambono (5 days ago)
Eminem holds a special place in my personal history, so it is a crying shame that this is such a poorly constructed argument.
Dare MeBro (5 days ago)
W2s disses better than eminem
Beckham (5 days ago)
*em turned MGK to a rubber band gun.
Rigo Rangel (5 days ago)
MGK was not terrified and in fact took Feminem out with Rap Devil. #letstalkaboutit
The Castle Of Anime (5 days ago)
This is So Fucking true
UruKaDoo Edwards (5 days ago)
This Bitch is Washed Up!!
Miguel Armendariz (5 days ago)
Add m.g.k.=machine gun kelly to the list!!!
David Peterson (5 days ago)
Insane Clown Posse's career is just as sucessfull as em's. even today they still going strong.
Mad Dog Miky (5 days ago)
No1 picked on DMX
bri51612 (5 days ago)
EMINEM is best no one can diss him
Jayss Jain (5 days ago)
You haven't mentioned Nicki Minaj. From his song Fast Lane.
Sara Fikes (6 days ago)
Kim haha
G0lD3N G4M3RX (6 days ago)
Eminem rap king but as well as savage guy lol
Maeda (6 days ago)
"An exaggeration" - Kratos
Joey Arkeilpane (6 days ago)
LOL @ all the butt hurt juggalos in the comments that continue to mention ICP like they’re still relevant. No one cares. Shut up and go to bed. Just take your make up off first.
fpbrunei (6 days ago)
Mariah Carey never scared. she made him almost insane
WarWulf519 (6 days ago)
im not a rapper and ive dissed em fuck feminem sucking on obamas dick just like obama sucks on michaels dick LOL
BigHomie Gwala (6 days ago)
Nonsense i feel like uncle murda would hold his own and not lose but he wont win either
Renz Rafael Tunacao (6 days ago)
how do you do this voice i want that voice so bad
MR. OUIJA (6 days ago)
Really? This satanic goat fucking always crying about his daughter... And y'all think of him as somekind of a god? Buying into a stage system with the gay music industry. He was running out of funds hated the fact he is not on the seen for a long time. And you know... (Do you really want this em??? ) Oh, WoW!!! Let this old man shit on your chest!!! Oh em you dirty bitch clone...
ALCANDASS (6 days ago)
Kolle könnte aufnehmen
eepyaj 24 (6 days ago)
James James (6 days ago)
Bitches Bitching was funny in the previous centry, but it is now OLD like MM ... who went from coloring his head from a bottle to coloring his beard from a bottle.
Unprofessional Gaming (6 days ago)
Lmao the only reason HE IS GOD
TallFrame Game (6 days ago)
Wish he got on URL thst would be so fun to watch
PapaBear (6 days ago)
yo how the hell do magnets work?
Menime Em (7 days ago)
*in nutshell all rappers / mumblers and politicians have been victims of Eminem's fearless taunts*
Salif Raza (7 days ago)
No one can diss eminem MGK: Hold my career
4JetTv (7 days ago)
how you gonna mention careers he destroyed and not mention everlast lmao
SARGON GEORGE (7 days ago)
C M (7 days ago)
You forgot "Kim" and "puke"
eric ramsey (7 days ago)
If biggie was alive he would make eminent retire from the rap game.
Pro Bro (7 days ago)
Eminem is now afraid of rap battling others. He has everything to loose, and nothing to gain from it.

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