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73 Questions With Zac Efron | Vogue

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Zac Efron, star of the upcoming film "The Greatest Showman," invites Vogue in and answers 73 Questions. Zac tells us about his 1964 Mustang, his best celebrity impressions, and that time he swam with a wild tiger shark. Presented by Google Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/vogueyoutubesub ABOUT VOGUE Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates. 73 Questions With Zac Efron | Vogue Created by: Joe Sabia Music Credits: Portgual. The Man - "Feel It Still" / Atlantic Temper Trap - "Sweet Disposition" / Glassnote
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Text Comments (16781)
Sunofasweetpotato • (1 hour ago)
Seth Rogan impression was everything
Anna Evon (7 hours ago)
73 questions with Dylan efron lol peace
Julnimar Hamid (11 hours ago)
Molly Ofori-Mensah (22 hours ago)
I really want to hang out with Zac Efron!
Chelsea Hale (1 day ago)
I love you Zac can you be my boyfriend my name is Chelsea and your my number crush
grace poobear (1 day ago)
Zach is the hottest man in the entire world like everyone likes/loves him
Amanda Laís (1 day ago)
alguem porfavor traduz
Adrienne (1 day ago)
His eyes are just so amazingggg!!!!!
clam85 (1 day ago)
sarah daguanno (1 day ago)
LOVE YOU😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😘😍😍😘😍😍😘😍😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍
Micaiah Clouse (1 day ago)
This was weird I feel like he was just saying things trying to make people happy or answer them the way he feels that people want him to
Once a wildcat, always wildcat
Arianna Allen (2 days ago)
Why is he wearing black in the heat everybody knows you don't do that.
David (2 days ago)
WOW. I would love to have a view like that.
CaptainPinz (2 days ago)
helena wicomlights (2 days ago)
"Is nerd even a thing?" woAH that could be a personal insult
DJ S.Junior (2 days ago)
Why he’s so cool 😍😍💖 Omg I love you Zac😊😊❤️
Izzy Butler (2 days ago)
Was it just me hoping when the guy said ‘what sport could you play professionally what would it be?’ He would say........ BASKETBALL 🏀
Annie Droubay (3 days ago)
J T (4 days ago)
I Love him💖
Lynz Car (4 days ago)
😋I fancy zac efron I want to marry him
Lisa Crawshaw (4 days ago)
I just watched again now, and a couple of the questions have been taken out! I've always watched it and in it, he said that if he would be a rapper he would be Kendrick Lamar or Chance The Rapper and also started playing his playlist which he said "Thank you very much" to Google. When he's doing the barbecue, it skips along with that too at some point. I know because I have watched if a million times! Where has this footage gone? It's supposed to be 73 questions, but it isn't when you cut parts of the video out over a year after it came out.
LJY08 (4 days ago)
Very 'safe' answers.
Yasmin Luthfindah (4 days ago)
GayleLaura xox (4 days ago)
I used to think he was overrated now maybe I’m a little obsessed 😂 He needs to get with Zendaya need to get together already!! Been shipping them since 2017 (The Greatest Showman)
JUXE (4 days ago)
I could’ve sworn he started playing music in this and the song feel it still came on, it’s not in it anymore wth?
Hailey Townsend (5 days ago)
You’re so handsome👩‍👧‍👧👰👦🏼💋🥰😘😍🤩🥳. Love. Letter
Hailey Townsend (5 days ago)
Where do you live
Hailey Townsend (5 days ago)
I want to marry you💕😍❤️😘🤩🥰💁🏼👄👰👩‍❤️‍👩🐶
BerryKnots 14 (5 days ago)
What’s the hottest part of your body? Me: Abs... definitely
Felipe Alves (5 days ago)
What sunglasses is Zac wearing?
Completely Catie (5 days ago)
My Future Husband😂❤️
James Og (6 days ago)
Are those panties on top of his patio umbrella or.....
Vic Vic (6 days ago)
His impression of Seth was perfect!
When he asked what’s your favourite sport I was praying he would say basketball but he sai NFL 😫😩
加尔汉斯明 (6 days ago)
Lauryn Scott (6 days ago)
Vogue: Who is your secret crush Zac: you Me: me to I love you 🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😍😍😍
Jennifer Gallego (6 days ago)
My dad is like one year younger than him lol so sad
bailey valencia (6 days ago)
the greatest showman movie was the best my favorite actors would be Zac Efron zendaya and the circus leader
bailey valencia (6 days ago)
just van rooijen (6 days ago)
Muhammad Zaid (7 days ago)
73 questions with Yuna pleaseee
Lydia Koons (7 days ago)
73 questions with Cardi B
Alessandra Milana (7 days ago)
No hairspray questions??
RedBlader Tv (8 days ago)
Idk why I get so mad at how slow he walks
Louise Lamont (8 days ago)
I have the same birthday as zac the 18 October
Mango the dog (8 days ago)
I watch this every day 😏
He cut so many times
Love Love (8 days ago)
Zendaya and him are going to date. Watch 😍🤗
Tilly Fairchild (8 days ago)
I like baywatch
Obi-Wan Kenobi (8 days ago)
Q. If you could change your name, what would you change your name to? Zac: *Khaleesi* 😅
zoe bradley (9 days ago)
i love Zac Efron
Arian Tahrim (10 days ago)
with harry, Louis, liam and perrie Edward pls
Shanaaz Fredericks (5 days ago)
I’ve watched every high school musical six times just because I’m in love with this dude😂❤️❤️❤️ Edit: now it’s 9 times
Vids by Aaliyah (10 days ago)
Danielle Kohl (10 days ago)
carlos ono (11 days ago)
Nice house 👍
It's_K (11 days ago)
My baby daddy but he doesn’t know😍🤤🤤🙆🏽‍♀️!
Reshi Ire (11 days ago)
He's sweet 😍
Leah Marcotte (12 days ago)
I want to meet you and im your biggest fan I LOVE YOU 💕 so much
WhipMeGrandma (13 days ago)
What a manlet bro he’s 5’6, he would get ignored if he wouldn’t be famous
Nice car Zac
Mo X (13 days ago)
loser._.amelie (13 days ago)
Do ‘73 Questions With Shane Dawson’
ROHXN (13 days ago)
What is up with the subtitles
Vianey Boruel (14 days ago)
I was finding him a bit annoying til the khaleesi and Santeria answers
Girl (13 days ago)
well u should feel that way cs ure never be or look like him, he is the beauty girl u want love but will never u dude bro whatevs 😂😂
Annann Cossins (14 days ago)
Hey Zac efron I subscribe your channel
Annann Cossins (14 days ago)
Zac efron I'm your biggest biggest biggest fan
Annann Cossins (14 days ago)
Zac efron your so handsome and I've been dreaming about you like seriously
Annann Cossins (14 days ago)
Zac efron you are so cool and cute 😚😚😚😚😙😙😙😙😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😻😻👄👄👄💋💋💋❤❤❤💓💓💕💕💕💕💙💙💙💚💚💚💕💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💖💖💗💗💗💝💝💝💞💞💞
bookdreams (15 days ago)
Khaleesi Efron 😁
What made me cry was when the 1978 movie Supermans father died of a heart Attack..
Cameron hunt (15 days ago)
omg Zac Efron is so hot and he is my celebrity crush and he aways has been since high school musical he so hot awwwwwwww just love him
bubblegum seavey (15 days ago)
73 questions with shawn mendes
vladimir ikic (15 days ago)
What a girl
Layla The unicorn (16 days ago)
He is so cute!
ISLAnd girl Vlogs (16 days ago)
Maybe just maybe your favorite part about high school musical could be My sweet prince humunukuopaa monheke monheke ho
Mary D. (16 days ago)
this guy is so hot affff<3
Abram Sullivan (16 days ago)
Do 73 questions with Maggie Siff
Harry Mackenzie (16 days ago)
Wow Zac Efron
Clara Santillan (16 days ago)
I went to his house and met him
Isaac Rizard (16 days ago)
Stranger things, pay heed...!
Amz Hansen (16 days ago)
It's cute that Zac is a grown up man, but sometimes his voice still gets high 😂✌️❤️ idk
The Barber Sisters (17 days ago)
You should do 73 questions with Lin Manuel Miranda
Precious Odunayo (17 days ago)
Marilyn Eccles (17 days ago)
Shah Jahn Gujjar (17 days ago)
The way he did the impression of Seth Rogan was so funny
Lizzie Playz roblox (17 days ago)
Anusha Popli (17 days ago)
73 questions with twenty one pilots please!!!!
Lexie&Madison Twins (17 days ago)
It must be so awkward like maybe zac efron wanted to relax but instead he has a camera in front of him.😂😂😂
Kenn Scruggs (17 days ago)
interviewer: what's your go to karaoke song? Zac: um ice ice baby me: NO ZAC COME ON ITS THE START OF SOMETHING NEW
Jess Hulme (17 days ago)
I love it how he still plays basketball😍❤️ He'll always be my Troy Bolton
Isabel Miller (17 days ago)
i bet he finds the man so annoying 😂
Girl (13 days ago)
he will find u as annoying cs ur sasaeng aka psychopath dude 😂😂
Elemental Welding (17 days ago)
it seemed like this one was a lot less planned out than the others. like blake lively and taylor swift got a journey.
JACKis HD (17 days ago)
Is this guy actually talking ? it sounds slightly fake to me
Girl (13 days ago)
your madeup bullshts try to copy zac with his girl is what fake is dude ure so cringe and pathetic looking doin it with uglies 😂😂
August McLaren (18 days ago)
I look exactly like Zac Efron
Girl (13 days ago)
u wish bro dude it will never happen😂😂
XxXMoon LightXxX (18 days ago)
Wierd but ok.....
XxXMoon LightXxX (9 days ago)
Girl ωαιт ι'м fσℓℓσωιиg уσυ ωнαт ∂σ уσυ мєαи?
Girl (13 days ago)
ure weird nerd and its not ok cs ure annoying always following me ew
Hermione Granger (18 days ago)
Abigail27Rose 11 (18 days ago)
Also same zac, titanic makes me ball my eyes out
Abigail27Rose 11 (18 days ago)
When he said "stranger things" I died, who else agrees?

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