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Wave Boat 444 - Boat propelled by a Jet Ski - Sealver

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Check the new video review of our Wave Boat 444! This is the end of the wet sandwiches and the warm beers, bring your stuff with you and enjoy an awesome jetski session on board of a Wave Boat!! Compatible with Yamaha, Seadoo and Kawasaki, up to 5 people on board, up to 45 kph!
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Diego l (12 days ago)
Too expensive
kevin ryan (12 days ago)
In Hawaii waters it would allow you to go into many areas that JetSki‘s are not allowed to enter
Kent Campbell (1 month ago)
These things were called Shuttles back in the 90's.
TheDaytonaGym1 (1 month ago)
this is so cool, usually i have to make the choice to either take my ski's or my tender on trips to the Bahamas, can't fit them all on the the for-deck of my 48" sport fish, now i can have both. You should consider a deck cleats mounting kit and market it. Buying me one now, thanks awesome invention.
ayej watchme (1 month ago)
I want to see how the tow trailer looks for that thing
Onemillionmoney (2 months ago)
Crap! Just buy a jet boat
Major lbgaming (2 months ago)
The thing is that this is going to burn a lot more fuel
Blue Collar Studio (2 months ago)
I had a Windjet that used 2 SeaDoo XP DIs. It had a battery, radio, Bimini, wake tower, and aux gas tanks cuz those SeaDoos eat a ton of gas. Docking in and out used to terrify my wife, those things had no reverse and with 2 SeaDoos it would haul ass in and out of the wake zone. I had to put on a trolling motor on the rear. That thing was a lot of fun but this looks like a way simpler setup.
Erico Rodrigues (2 months ago)
Quem vai assar a carne?!?!!!!
Это гениально !!!
Jay E (2 months ago)
My Yamaha WaveRunner states that it shouldn’t exceed 600 pounds maximum capacity weight load. These boat attachments exceed that limit. I understand that the additional weight is floating and will drastically reduce its weight however you are still exceeding the weight limit that you are dragging it around. For $15,000 and up I think I’ll just buy a used boat and not tear up my Jetski. This is a really cool idea though.
richystar2001 (2 months ago)
Saosaq Ii (2 months ago)
Funny how they advertise this so called “boat” and try to make it sound like having no “propellers” no “batteries” and no “tanks”a good thing Lmao
Saosaq Ii (2 months ago)
Boat sex is apparently a new thing now
地球くん (2 months ago)
おっしゃれーヾ(*´∀`*)ノ これ、すごく考えましたよね。 あっという間にボートに変身。
Rashid Avyasov (2 months ago)
Little effective space. To much space occupied by a jetski.
G Howard (2 months ago)
Actually a brilliant idea. Take out friends, anchor the big boat and use the jet ski for skiing!
Админ Админ (2 months ago)
Stinky Potatos (2 months ago)
How do you trailer this contraption? I dont want to look like a chode at the boat ramp. Also at 0:40 seconds that was a very sexual shot. Very sexy.
Colton Ware (2 months ago)
$15,000-$25,000 you’ve got to be joking.......?!
蒼樹真冬 (2 months ago)
いいなこれ。 燃料を常に気にしちゃうけど
Interesting idea
Pelt Down Posse (3 months ago)
Just buy a boat....
Stupid question ? What happens when i brake using my seadoo’s Ibr will it shoot out from the jetski or is it bound in ?
Malcolm Marriott (3 months ago)
Value adding at its finest; where does one sunbake??
Craig Kaschan (3 months ago)
Would have to have the most powerful sea doo to take all the extra weight. Can see it being underpowered with 4 or more people.
ThePrimeGameProtector (3 months ago)
What if you need to reverse? They should strap it on.
ThePrimeGameProtector (3 months ago)
For people who own a jetski, but can’t afford a real boat, comes the WD 444.
Kendall Johnson (3 months ago)
So dumb
Djamel LABOU (3 months ago)
C'est super beau le prix svp
Jaybo Greenbo (3 months ago)
Great idea for a $4 to $6 thousand price point. Otherwise look for a good used jet boat!
P Con (4 months ago)
Awesome we now have one
clauuci modas (4 months ago)
Qual o preço deste brinquedinho.
James Travels (4 months ago)
In good ol' 'Merica you need visible boat registration. Motor or not. Have fun with that. Oh and they're slow.
O2707 (4 months ago)
ох и конечно!!!
Oscar M (4 months ago)
One day i'm going to own one ...
Myles Rosenthal (4 months ago)
What about life jackets? Seems like everyone would have to wear them but they are not on the video. Strange.......
Isaque Ramos (4 months ago)
Ideia muito criativa!
Hans Zarkov (4 months ago)
passengers seats need to have backrests for comfort
nick longstaffe (4 months ago)
It'd look funny on my 88 waverunner
CRsportfishing.ca (4 months ago)
Seating lay out is horrendous
James Stanke (4 months ago)
So if you do t live I the water you will need two trailers to get this thing to where you are going
Tom Costa (4 months ago)
The space on that could be better stupid
Rafael Montolio (5 months ago)
Song ?
DirtylooterXxmr x (5 months ago)
That’s so cool!!
Hieu Le (5 months ago)
Giá ở vn là bao nhiêu nhỉ
Vince Dahl (5 months ago)
If I were an OEM manufacturer I would void your warranty for using some dumb shit like this. Stressing the pwc body in places not intended to be loaded/ loading the hell out of the engine/ jet drive everywhere you go with 1200 extra pounds of fiberglass and 600 extra pounds of idiots. Creative Idea, I'm surprised someone funded it through to production.
Derek May (5 months ago)
It is so good for the hot grils
Mark Jacob (5 months ago)
How much is this??? not including jet ski
Lazaro Rosales (6 months ago)
Como puedo comprar uno
Michael Sanders (6 months ago)
Sorry this is really stupid.
Antonio Scotti (6 months ago)
can´t wait to be able to do that with my car, whenever i feel like, i would just leave 75% of the crap behind and have some fun by myself
SORAsaurusREX (6 months ago)
Waiting for the yacht-sized version of this to come out.
George Parente (6 months ago)
not worth the asking price just buy a boat
GMVACooper (7 months ago)
livewell? Rod Holders?
Отличное изобретение
Daddy Causey (7 months ago)
How much
DucadiMontebello (8 months ago)
Cool idea, but the problem here is the fuel range. The jet is already burning petrol like a Hummer, triple the weight it has to propel and you'll have to cruise around petrol pumps...
Andre Vieira (8 months ago)
solarson53 (8 months ago)
saw something like this used on Craigs List - I think Kawasaki made it, 'never caught on. Seemed like a good idea to me but then I'm quite a bit smarter than most others.
creigh klenke (8 months ago)
Anyone notice that this is remarkably similar to Obi-One’s spaceship
renge99O9 (8 months ago)
So retarded, discarded boat hulls are a dime a dozen at junkyards or just abandoned on the street. Make your own.
MATHEUS MM (9 months ago)
Xavier Bachop (9 months ago)
Does it work with sea doo spark
Brandon Driver (9 months ago)
I talked to the wildlife officer he sad you can’t ride a jet ski at night
Rob Evans (5 months ago)
As long as you have night time running lights, (Nav Lights) then no different to any other boat! I run my Ski at night, Light bar, red and green plus a white 360 anchor light.
Chris Hawks (9 months ago)
How do you trailer it? And the ski
Pinky Racing (9 months ago)
Cool concept ! Will this fit my GP1800? Unfortunately if this thing cost near 15k to 20k, I will just skip this in a heartbeat and get me the 2018 19 foot Yamaha jet boat with an engine!!! Almost close to that price range. Nah no thank you
TheSunVanished TM (9 months ago)
Is It only for girls??
Scott Duffy (9 months ago)
Great idea because jet skis are boring as fuck I got rid of my jetski because it was so fucking boring too bad they probably want as much for this contraption as a real fucking boat where you can have people alongside of you having fun and bring your dive gear along instead of a crappy jet ski
Leonardo Pereira (9 months ago)
Muito foda, vou vê se consigo achar p comprar aqui no Brasil.
Tim Goode (9 months ago)
How about doubling the space (width/length) and adding side by side WaterCraft on a larger hull platform. Remember seeing something liek that years ago years ago, but cant't remember who produced them. Controlling dual throttles simultaneously would need to be sorted out, but then you could detach and use the hull platform a as a base of whatever you could dream up.
Tim Goode (9 months ago)
WINDJET...unknown if the company is around but they used to do side by sides. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48vTQopuG2E
Howzer The man (9 months ago)
Pretty cool craft and the idea is verging on genius.
ChispitaTV (9 months ago)
Fun fun!!
Roger Evans (9 months ago)
Wow!! Love it !! Cost?
Jeni G. (9 months ago)
These were around in the 90s. How much are they now?
Jeepin John (9 months ago)
You mean boat propelled by seadoo
ใจ ดี (10 months ago)
IbEX_ Hacker (10 months ago)
Now they should make a kind so you can ban one another
WhiteRhino (10 months ago)
Don’t let this fool you people a version of this has been done by sea ray and sea doo’s and other companies for years now nothing new. Don’t run out of gas separated or you got two problems. Depending if you like the people your with
Gunnar Landin (10 months ago)
Does it come with the chicks?
Mark Kruger (9 months ago)
they always come with nice cars and boats
Hal Heywood (10 months ago)
Nice cool idea
Oka Samsung (10 months ago)
dr pd demo berjilid jilid nyampahi negara,mending bikin sesuatu yg inovatif kex gini..
Mphikeleli Cebekhulu (10 months ago)
Great, awesome.
Ju He (10 months ago)
Ist ja mega nice
cava 1919 (10 months ago)
its coooooollll...
Richard Griffiths (10 months ago)
that would be great for diving
Hugo Campos (10 months ago)
muy bueno !
Arnold May II (10 months ago)
Perfect for ditching the kids or the wife
Joe King (5 months ago)
Must suck to be a member of your family.
Paul Dugan (10 months ago)
No battery, no tank , no life jackets. Wth?
al (10 months ago)
Lol nope not buying it. Jet ski is inefficient as it is and adding another hydro structure so it can burn even more fuel is utterly stupid! Not even including the cost of this extra addition. This is for stupid rich people.
Reddcoin Group (10 months ago)
FUTURIST 009 (10 months ago)
Chinese dsnt like this boat
Manuel Hernandez (10 months ago)
Ok looks cool, but how are you going to transport it. A normal jet ski trailer is to small & a boat trailer it to big. Waste of time. Just buy a boat people
shizukagozen777 (10 months ago)
I have to admit that it's awesome !
Nor Syarul (10 months ago)
Clever invention. Bad news is all i could afford is the sealver.
Mason Brady (10 months ago)
Price ???
BIM Brothers America (10 months ago)
The idea is good but, it looks like weird
Iamnothere (10 months ago)
Goodday i would gladly review this attachment for my boat shop located in south Africa
Poppy Harlow (10 months ago)
Its a jetski with a widebody kit

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