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10 Girl Fashion Trends Guys Love

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10 Fashion Trends Men Love to See Women Wear Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Women are usually more than willing to try every single fashion trend that comes into existence. Some of these trends are bizarre, while others become traditional staples in their wardrobes. But did you know that some of todays most popular fashion trends are winning guys over, too? From bikini jeans to white jeans, stockings, and pantsuits, this is 10 Girl Fashion Trends Guys Love. Of all the fashion trends guys love, one of the most popular ones is crop tops. These shirts show off a girl’s midsection, and guys really dig it. Also, band tees are another style trend that makes guys go wild. Girls are able to express themselves and their love for music, and these shirts can be icebreakers to get a shy guy to spark up a conversation with the girl of his dreams. But that’s not all, guys are also in love with lace because it shows off a hint of skin without being too revealing. And believe it or not, but sweatpants also made the list. Come to find out, guys love it when a girl is dressed sporty and comfy! Jumpsuits are a huge style trend that look amazing on every body type, and guys are secretly in love with them, too! As always, girls should stick to wearing the clothing styles that they love no matter what anyone else has to say. Fashion isn’t about gaining approval from anyone. But if you’re curious to see which items guys love that you currently have in your closet, make sure to watch our video! Let us know in the comments section which of these trends you loved or disliked the most. Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe to TheTalko on YouTube! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTalko Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetalko Instagram: https://instagram.com/the_talko ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thetalko.com/
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Text Comments (2070)
SBell (3 days ago)
Oh Gawd! Bikini jeans are so gross! 🤮
Mimi Cares for Kids (3 days ago)
what if your having your period and you "have" to wear white pants...?
Kilani O'Brien (6 days ago)
Only thing I liked was jumpsuits
Claire BlueBerryBear (6 days ago)
Am it he Only once that can't wear skinny jeans? ;-;
Missy (7 days ago)
Jumpsuit, jumpsuit cover me. Oh JUMPSUIT JUMPSUIT COVER ME.
Ashley Martin (8 days ago)
“Pumping i-ron”?
Traxxattaxx (27 days ago)
Lmao that thumbnail is gross. Don’t cram what we like down our throats
Arichan Is a fangirl (27 days ago)
I’m here trying to impress my crush lol
TJ Time (29 days ago)
Idc what a guy wants I’d rather die than wear jean thongs
Lidallie Vlogs (1 month ago)
The last one makes me uncomfortable
Eleonora Ruoppo (1 month ago)
So I'm gonna try with my BTS sweater. Maybe I'll find an fanboy and he will fall in love with me😂
snivygirl (1 month ago)
That about the band tee is only true when you are really fan of it. A classmate wore a tee of iron maiden and my friend turned on the music of that band. She scream turn it off! I hate that music its awful.
Dr. Droopy (1 month ago)
Not only did I disagree with every choice on the list but I laughed out loud But the crop tops can stay
Just Calum (1 month ago)
You speak alot of shit I'm sorry but it is true
Sera White (1 month ago)
Why should I dress in something because a gay likes it ??
Cheyann Knepp (1 month ago)
What if you're kinda chubby?
Landon K (1 month ago)
I’m definitely not attracted to suit pants they are ugly af
Olivia Grace (1 month ago)
Bikini jeans really, like you guys could do better
Arrianna Sanguine (1 month ago)
Ewww white jeans make you look fat.. hehe stalkings.. I thought of thy highs with guarders... drives mine nuts Most thy higs are wayyy too long in my opinion
As a Male, I do not like the thumbnail
Animegirl1823 J (1 month ago)
The crop too is a lie
Dondorius (1 month ago)
If I go somewhere and would see a girl wearing this I would instantly pass in my head ( 11:45 )
Simon Dann (1 month ago)
Nothing beats a woman in a nice dress and stockings. Hate scruffy ripped jeans and trainers. And pant suits are ugly and unfeminine.
Anneliese Brown (1 month ago)
Why is the girl I. The thumbnail YELLOW????
Kailey Gauger (1 month ago)
go to 11:45 of the ideo and you will get to the thumb nail your welcome y'all
Royce Lancaster Jr (1 month ago)
Thigh high boots are teribly girls don't were them I hate those sooooo much
Flexible T-rex (1 month ago)
But why does the thumbnail look like a minion
I like it
Peanut Butter (2 months ago)
I'm confused😕 bikini jeans?😷
Jain Manari (2 months ago)
Disgusting. I'll never wear such clothes even if my man wanted me to
First Last (2 months ago)
I think I speak for most guys when I say this: We don’t really care
Max McFarlane (2 months ago)
You "really" don't know what guys like do you?
Highbatros (2 months ago)
"girl in pants suit knows what she's doing" shows a picture of Hillary... Video instantly lost all credability.
Trinity Fattig (2 months ago)
No, pantsuits are ugly!
Yukun Hua (2 months ago)
Bikini jeans....ewww
yeah randoms (2 months ago)
As a guy almost all false
Kay v. Marrewijk (2 months ago)
Guys only like a girls outfit when it shows skin
shakil mm (2 months ago)
new fashion-2018 go -https://amzn.to/2DiiCYT
yoshiV (2 months ago)
2:50 this just looks so good...
Gordo (2 months ago)
bikini jeans? wtf
Itz Kaylah (2 months ago)
CJ Scarff (2 months ago)
I can’t say how much I despise jumpsuits. Some of this list is true, like the band tees and stuff. But the jumpsuits 🤦‍♂️.why the jumpsuits.
Plz Be unique (2 months ago)
The thumbnail is offensive saying guys only love girls for her butt
hangry_ and_sarcastic (3 months ago)
Yeah white jeans are very flattering, especially if you're on your period, sure.
Maetilliin (3 months ago)
i didnt know i liked these styles
Mark Putnam (3 months ago)
Jesus none of this shit is right 😂 girls I’m sorry, this is shameful. There’s only like, 2 things even remotely close
shreks swaggy swamp (3 months ago)
Bikini jeans are a no from me also not trying to be hateful ofc but u really can't speak for all males and their opinions (I'm a girl btw)
MashR (3 months ago)
TheTalko doesn't know what individuality is. Every person living male or female, are different, don't you understand that. You can't speak for all men. They do that in alot of their video's. But i'm sure they mean no harm..
NesaFashion Channel (3 months ago)
vllasaclothing.com you must see this........
Donna Hall (3 months ago)
Only the crop tops are very true
zak Sarwari (3 months ago)
~>- Bikini jeans made for ¥ΩU When I imagine... It's making my mouth water... And make me crazy🌹
LOVE2 BLAZE (3 months ago)
I dont like crop tops
Aalyah Soto (3 months ago)
She’s joking about te jeans tho right?
Ty Hoffman (3 months ago)
I don’t care what girls wear just wear something nice
Ty Hoffman (3 months ago)
No this is so wrong as a guy
Ty Hoffman (3 months ago)
Why is this on my recommended?
NeWArrA Official (3 months ago)
I really don’t like it when girls wear shirts with expressions
Charles Brown (3 months ago)
I'm sorry, bakini jeans are a no. 1 it looks no different than a thong hanging out the top of the jeans. 2 Next to a tramp stamp, it just looks trashy. Also, how about you get out of LA and NY Urban styles and show a few that the rural WV or KY crowds would see? Personally, I find fashion that is functional much more sexy on a woman. But that's my simple taste. Oh wait... Simple.. obviously a man's POV. Moreover, jumpsuits, women think, only one way to use the restroom in those. You have to damn near fully disrobe. Don't wear them. Shirts with writing on them, women, if you wear them, expect guys to look. So stop getting mad and thinking we are obsessed with your breasts. Your shirt has fucking writing on it!!
Aina Amira (3 months ago)
I'm sorry but all of this quite ridiculous in fashion sense.
I'm Bored (3 months ago)
Joggers make the booty look fat that’s the only thing that’s good about them
I'm Bored (3 months ago)
Nobody gives a shit about white jeans 😂
I'm Bored (3 months ago)
No just no those shirts with writing on them are ugly and corny asf
Dan Putaski (3 months ago)
The only guy who Appreciates a girl and reconizers her for keeping her pants clean is danny tanner 💀
SkyGamer2001 (3 months ago)
personally, for me some of this is false, like jumpsuits but i personally like bikini jeans, fitted sweatpants, jeans, croptops and white jeans
Christian hili hili (3 months ago)
Jake Owers (3 months ago)
fishnets in my opinion is a turn OFF. along with thigh high boots. never heard of bikini jeans till now and I got to say that is a turn on
Tha Real DJ Smooth (3 months ago)
Wow!!! What guy or guys gave you this information??? The final style was the worst!!! “What guy wouldn’t fall in love with a woman wearing bikini jeans” you ask. This guy definitely wouldn’t!!! 🤢🤮
James Dean (3 months ago)
Who saw the thumbnail and was like wtf aw hell no!
foO (3 months ago)
those bikini jeans remind me of that girl from superbad who were wearing jeans and a thong and u could see the thong over the jeans
llama de Savage (3 months ago)
I hate the 👙 jeans
Sneha Kadiyala (3 months ago)
Okay, this is just a sexist attempt at telling girls that they have to wear clothes that expose their body, because that is the only way boys will like them. What's more important is your personality, not how to please other with your looks.
StoicBark (3 months ago)
Are these minions in the thumbnail?
Barrington Miller (3 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zimJDOEEKAU Check This out
GachaRoo (3 months ago)
If you wear a crop top with a band logo or saying with white jeans or shorts that's an instant man killer lol
Potato- AKA Da Mystic (3 months ago)
As a guy, most of these don’t interest me, bikini jeans look dumb and I don’t like pantsuits, not all guys like the same things
Quickels Pickles (4 months ago)
Don't go with what yoyr crush likes go with what you're COMFORTABLE in
Donovan Bryant (4 months ago)
Wtf white jeans we don't care what color ur jeans are
Red Pinapples (4 months ago)
I'll stick to skinny jeans/leggings and a crop top thanks
theWizardHimself (4 months ago)
Sure, 10 years ago maybe.
Mia Erbe (4 months ago)
Not everybody looks good in crop tops.......
Dylan Stargazer 109 (4 months ago)
I don’t any heavy preferences when it comes to what a girl wears, but I really do love it when a girl can pull off stuff like chokers, thigh high boots, and athletic wear such as yoga pants or sweat pants. In short, I appreciate it when a girl has a sexy, fit physique, especially since I work hard myself to better my performance as an athlete, and the way I look at the same time. I take care of myself, and I would expect the same from my partner, I don’t think that’s too unfair, is it?
Mo Nuggets (4 months ago)
Sorry guys I don’t wear thong jeans or like them in any way but my boyfriend seems pretty happy with my style so I guess I’m good
Sophia Wright (4 months ago)
The video says it’s 10 styles but I counted them and it was actually 11
Angel_ Devil (4 months ago)
When she said crop tops im like:girl im ugly asf in a crop my jelly fat be hanging out and i don't gets oooohs i get ewwws
Danny Groening (4 months ago)
I am and I say yes
Kyle MacIntyre (4 months ago)
Skinny Jeans are stupid
Annette Smith (4 months ago)
I have a guy with me here and he says some of this is false
Prometheus Venom (4 months ago)
Crop tops I kind of like them and not like them. Honestly just dress the way you want. I wear faded jeans, band tees and flannel.
Prometheus Venom (4 months ago)
Okay the band tees is a plus for me.
VISHU 296 (4 months ago)
0:45 I am literally wearing a t-shirt that says exactly that
Beeva Here (4 months ago)
this video was pretty good till the last one came up. that is the dumbest shit i’ve ever seen
Maddy's World (4 months ago)
Ariana Grande wears thigh night boots with an oversized jumpers and a skirt or shorts!!
Kaidence Mason (4 months ago)
ok those bikini jeans are not awesome at all they dont make any sense there not cute there literally the uglyest thing ive ever seen sorry
U2WB (4 months ago)
Whoever compiled this obviously knows very little about men. Pant suits are right up there with man cut hair do’s. YECH. Yoga pants scream “soccer mom”. Statement shirts are dumb, and lace at the bottom of a dress just says “I want to look sexy but I’m ashamed to so I’ll pretend.” Crop tops are a YES, and I’ve never seen bikini pants before but I like them. LOVE tight blue jeans,. LOVE pretty sun dresses. I’m glad that “layered shawl/shirt/tank top” look is finally dying because it’s just plain hideous. So are rubber bras - pretend you have no breasts there, you’re just lumpy around the chest. Good grief. Be a girl.
carmen valenzuela (4 months ago)
7:36 Destiel is canon
Nabanita Deori (4 months ago)
Bikini jeans..seriously 🤣🤣
aaron. (4 months ago)
None of these things I love
videowatcher495 (4 months ago)
I think fishnets make a girl look like a slut. I hate them! Regular stockings all the way!
worldofgoldenmoths (4 months ago)
Sorry but NONE OF THOSE CHICKS look like they even know who those bands r ,none the less listen to them!
Holly Lian (4 months ago)
6:37 hillary looks like a complete joke right now. You have to have a body that's at least not 100 percent fat. and btw the way hillary lost the election, for the second time, so she doesnt know what shes doing.

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