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COLIN AND THE THREE RED WASPS - International Assassin

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Taken from the LP '100 Metre Sprint' (Chainstore Records) on iTunes/Spotify/Deezer/Amazon/Soundcloud/Google Play etc Long gone, the Red Wasps split up in 1978, but thanks to the magic of modern technology, here they are, chronicling some events from history and posing the odd question. The band, their families and pets do not condone assassination, but are merely relating some things they learnt in GCE 'O' Level History, or, saw on the news. Jovan Šatrić - drums Mark Carew - slap bass Matt Windler - guitar Garry Burgmann - vocals/guitar Produced by The Red Wasps and Sasha Jankovic Engineered and mixed by Sasha Jankovic Recorded at Strip Studio, Belgrade and 284, Brighton
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