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HunterBoy gt (25 days ago)
TF is this
GOGETA blue blue (1 month ago)
Ewwwww 😰😰😰😰
crystal games (1 month ago)
Sooooooooooooooooooooo relatable girl
DJ NYs (1 month ago)
And when the nugget comes make a poop falling into the toilet sound
DJ NYs (1 month ago)
Geraldine Corrigan (1 month ago)
The Bronco Fan (1 month ago)
Eww nugget jiggle!!! Wrong!!
The Bronco Fan (1 month ago)
Ya ewww
Claudia Nuckolls (2 months ago)
Trying so bad
Claudia Nuckolls (2 months ago)
Prabesh rai (2 months ago)
Prabesh rai (2 months ago)
How are you talking if your mouth is not moveing
Mariana Luz (2 months ago)
I hate this girl she is so gross I can never poop and that's really gross that's gross as a butterfly die I don't know why she did that that's gross lol And she is disgusting is more than my friend you are disgusting hashtag ill
heichi lai (2 months ago)
Sammi's Channel (2 months ago)
Did you get your nugget out?
Gracie Ansell (2 months ago)
That happened to my friend once and she was in pain and couldn’t get it out and I helped her she said her butt burned realy bad and it seemed sore she couldn’t sit down it stung so much
Sammi's Channel (2 months ago)
I hope you got nugget out
Ashley Dimock (2 months ago)
That's totally me
Aadil-Ahmed Shaikh (2 months ago)
unicorns forever (2 months ago)
Poop girl poop
The Toilet (2 months ago)
Lmao I’m fine with taking craps at school and idc who knows, once I was with around 7 friends and 1 teacher. I literally told them all I was going to take a crap, they don’t hate me because of it.
Joshua The Gamer-Drummer (2 months ago)
akeel farrukh (3 months ago)
Potty girl
Jose Jr. Dela Rosa (3 months ago)
Prabesh rai (3 months ago)
Lol I will watch this video forever.
Manote Siengjam (3 months ago)
Candace Kucsulain Tadina (3 months ago)
rainbow dash (3 months ago)
I don't like this thing
Enzo Montojo (3 months ago)
Nope.Just nope.
????????? (3 months ago)
WHAT IS THIS 18 OR 16+?!
Charlie Burton (3 months ago)
I love this video Jess
Ryan sharer (3 months ago)
poop ling you
John soqh (3 months ago)
Hope you get it out lol
Dina Flores (4 months ago)
There nothing wonrg about pooping in school some people do that some dont dont juge the people that do poop in school
Daniella Garcia (4 months ago)
Yeah there is it’s kind of embarrassing
Phyllis Russell (4 months ago)
Sonnia Morocho (4 months ago)
Shit dude!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mya Buckland (4 months ago)
Pooing is dumb right
Sonic Man (4 months ago)
I do it to I poop at school to
Sonic Man (4 months ago)
I m pooping you se
Surrul (4 months ago)
Grand Master Gaming (4 months ago)
Why in the world is this on my recommended
Hola mi nombre es Daniel
pastel kawaii unicorn (5 months ago)
I love poop nuggets
gacha OREO (5 months ago)
Love it
el mundo de sam Ant (5 months ago)
This video is a little scary
Baxter Pell (5 months ago)
Gap Pal (5 months ago)
Camryn Moore (5 months ago)
Hope she got it all out
British Empire (5 months ago)
Why is it age-restricted? I don't see any inappropriate things...
lilly is not random (3 months ago)
because the girl has her pants down, that’s why
I know
talory Avalos (5 months ago)
I like your crap
Yaya Mia (3 months ago)
Boy you nasty
Oliver Adam (5 months ago)
I love your poop lady
Xxx Demon xxX (1 month ago)
Timothy Thompson (5 months ago)
Ashley Beard (6 months ago)
Poop Shy
The original air date is July 28, 2017 and this goes on Disney Channel and Nicktoons Network.
Hnayr (6 months ago)
girl poop=lol
nat nat (6 months ago)
I love her she is pretty I liked when she was taking a crap and a little fart came out if her bum so preety
Lemar Underwood (6 months ago)
If she was a white girl I would I let her sit on my legs and then do it
Jazyy Rodriguez (6 months ago)
Zulia Imansyah (7 months ago)
XXLittlePeanutxX (7 months ago)
Girls poop?? 😮😮😮
Julian Demaisip (8 months ago)
I need a bucket pls
Angela Albright (8 months ago)
Lollipop lollipop
Irish Tham (8 months ago)
Emiely Fernandez (8 months ago)
_ Epic _ (8 months ago)
This is disgusting
Abdur Raquib (8 months ago)
Linaflor Manning (8 months ago)
Just lock the door!!!!!
Charlie Burton (3 months ago)
why do you do this?
Tearra Nay (8 months ago)
James Benton (9 months ago)
sam kee (9 months ago)
Oh my god this is so relatable. I have 2 younger sisters and they take up the only 2 bathrooms at home and i have to poop at school. My poop is huge and that morning after i took a crap , the toliet clogged and someone came in after i went out of the toliet and saw my big shit. SO EMBARRASSING.
Emma Greene (9 months ago)
Me and my friend were at school and we were out side and we farted and we had to poop so bad it was coming and we went the bathroom and there were so many people we hasd to wate to take a crap and when we got in a stall it took us like an hour to get turd out band we still had to poop I dided and when we got to the classroom we had to fart again and we pooped so many times today
Maher Nadia (9 months ago)
tavarri klyce (9 months ago)
Camryn Moore (9 months ago)
Agree never Take craps at School
Milena Sinicropi-Jessamy (9 months ago)
Aka babytrapgod60400 (9 months ago)
Type skdhdhdgdgfdb chin dndkdkd u fdhxv b xbzzbnzbznn🐰 send this message to my brother Jerrell send this message to tell my brother Jerrell and his brother and his sister and I want to see my favorite brother please
Nelssy Melissa Camacho (9 months ago)
Umm.. I don t, no what to say
Yaya Mia (3 months ago)
Boy you nasty
caydens corner Pryor (10 months ago)
caydens corner Pryor (10 months ago)
caden Steffen (5 months ago)
caydens corner Pryor i know right
Natasha Olerenshaw (10 months ago)
I sir your but
Natasha Olerenshaw (10 months ago)
Lmran Shah (10 months ago)
Joshua William (10 months ago)
So fake
Maher Nadia (10 months ago)
@ @
Maher Nadia (10 months ago)
Shut. up
Maher Nadia (10 months ago)
That. girl. is. stupit
Lucy duchshand cute (10 months ago)
Hahaha LOL 😂
Monica Flinn (10 months ago)
Dude, honestly I don't care if someone walks in, just poop and get out ( my teachers think iam on my phone, but iam actually trying to crap!!)
hana ahmed (10 months ago)
Is that Latoya
IDEK ANYMORE (10 months ago)
She wiggles and then she pooped💩💩💩
dragonmaster 1 (10 months ago)
THING_ 1 (10 months ago)
Conspated bich
Makara Mandamin (10 months ago)
Kitty Lover 101 (8 months ago)
LOL you pooped at school I would just ask to go home And go
LPS Rainbows (10 months ago)
LPS Rainbows (10 months ago)
Fghd Fhjd (10 months ago)
Wow What A Very Weird Video Here..
Rachel McArdle (11 months ago)
bluntXsmoke bluntXsmoke (11 months ago)
How do people even think this is real? Its a "skit", its showing how people act in,school when,they have to shit.
Bendy Bacilio (11 months ago)
sony kavanad (11 months ago)
Natasha Olerenshaw (11 months ago)
YariGames ! (11 months ago)
bluntXsmoke bluntXsmoke (11 months ago)
Shut up
Rh1A (11 months ago)
This video is from LaToya Forever.
Stephanie Conrad (11 months ago)
I'm sorry that happened I get embarrassed when somebody comes in the bathroom too
Jane Cockroch Cockroach (11 months ago)
Jammy 98 (11 months ago)
turns me on
Kate Avery (8 months ago)
OO_ Jammy98 yeah mate Your dirty
Christina Brown (8 months ago)
OO_ Jammy98 eww how

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