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5 Signs You Might Be UGLY (And How to Improve it!)

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Text Comments (5094)
Emmoney (10 hours ago)
Don’t worry fam, I already know I’m ugly.
Ya Boi (13 hours ago)
That first one resonates with me. Fuck!!!
Shadow TFEWar (15 hours ago)
I wanna know why do people see me as a demon in dark
Fern Bush (15 hours ago)
I wear braces + glasses + Im a girl+ I have chubby cheeks + im russian + i have a th lisp + i dont wear makeup = me being ugly
Sabir Mohammed (18 hours ago)
Bro are you gay
wresthling club (21 hours ago)
I dont care what people think about me I will be me fuck at level
MrKehan (1 day ago)
I knew i was ugly wayyyy before i looked in the mirror for the first time
Elijah Spencer (1 day ago)
This is more like how to tell if you’re friend zoned lmao
No ones ugly
yahya ahmad (2 days ago)
u are awesome!!!if any one is else agree?then thumb up......
Ân Trần Thái (2 days ago)
Tbh, this video is stupid :) it’s not that I said this because I am ugly (cuz im not) . The reason number 3 is the stupidest one . What happens if you are handsome and your jokes are really fun that make girls laugh? It makes no sense that because you are handsome, so girls just concentrate at looking at you and deny your jokes by accident. “People say you’re so funny but don’t follow through a proceed flirting with you.” C’mon dude, why do girl have to flirt with you just because you are handsome or not lol 😂. Why can’t you be both funny and handsome. I’m out of here, my point is that this video is stupid remains the same.
-JON SNOW- (3 days ago)
*YouTube why'd you recommend this to me* Wait , Does YouTube know im.....
Elims Yldog (3 days ago)
" scarf growing on your neck " That had me dead. 💀
But acne is the biggest problem
For all of my ugly friends. Don't worry, the sun will shine on us. By the way its not ment to be a motivational line.
A-Shift Drawings (3 days ago)
What if I’m 12... Just an example
Matthew Coloma (3 days ago)
I think you have to be fit but being jacked is intimidating to a lot of women nowadays
angelo massot (4 days ago)
u r shallow as fuck
Donny Emig (4 days ago)
Why did i watch this Comment ur reason below
Eadyt87 (4 days ago)
I am bi, actually girls less attracted to male "handsomeness" its more attractive to them ohter traits like personality, funny, and surely money or wealth. But on the other side in homosexual community, male attractiveness is NUMBER ONE, if u want to know ur ugly or not just see how gay guy react to u not a woman, woman want man to admire them and less wanted to admiring man.
Walter müller (4 days ago)
Anthony Davis eyebrow😂😂😂
Lankku :P (5 days ago)
I’m ugly Well I’m a cat
WAH Luggy (5 days ago)
I'm ugly and in proud, cuz them thots arent after me.
Shaunda Gilbert (5 days ago)
Ugly people can fix themselves up, get a makeover, use makeup, fix their hair, buy a new wardrobe, and they don't have to do these things to please other people, you do it for yourself, an attractive person can get into an accident, and disfigure that gorgeous face, then be unattractive themselves, some attractive people have ugly personalities, that makes them unattractive, inside and out, if you're attractive on the outside, you have to be attractive on the inside. If you don't like the way a person looks, don't look at them, but don't make disrespectful comments.
Kevin Huang (5 days ago)
Heh heh. I’m SUPER ugly by the standards set in this video. I’m a short but buff ASIAN AMERICAN, and so my “hotness” level is automatically diminished 10fold less than any man of any other race in America. Yet I enjoy all sorts of girlfriends, and there are tons of women of all races who are happy having me as a secret guy on the side even if they don’t necessarily want me as their “public” boyfriend. See, I do the things in this video because I feel it “optmizes” my attractiveness in a very difficult nearly nonexistent market for Asian American men. I’d call myself “FAKE UGLY” because though I am “socially” ugly in America, women still always get physical with me because I’m in great physical shape and have a manly personality that makes women feel sexy. Marriage has eluded me SOLELY because of the social factor of race/religion of my girlfriends getting in the way. I figure that if I cannot get married, I’ll at least be as handsome and studly as an “fake ugly” Asian American guy like myself can be!
Peke (5 days ago)
You can't say that!Everybody is beautiful in their own way!
Tsm Gea4s (6 days ago)
If your reading this your a cutiepie
Sasuke Uchiha (6 days ago)
I agree
Mr.Wallnut (6 days ago)
Me: I don't look that bad *looks at mirror* *mirror shatters into a billion pieces* Me: Oh
I lift everyday and I'm becoming a tank but I still feel like a pussy I have 0 self confidence plz send help
Logan MacGyver (6 days ago)
tje ugly bastard isnt enough descibative
Farhan Hussain (6 days ago)
Nope I’m ugly
Eksetit Xxxtantacion (7 days ago)
Everyday of my life I think I'm ugly I could spend 1000 dollars on an outfit and I'd still be ugly
thot police (7 days ago)
If I had a dollar every time a girl thought I was ugly I would become attractive
You are ugly
hood humor 101 (8 days ago)
Him: if she says "hahaha your so funny jose" Me: girls touch me for no reason all the time i didnt want to think about it but it i am ugly! Him: than your pretty good lookin Me: why does everybody feel the need to lie to me
K1LL3R (8 days ago)
before even clicking this video..my teeth are making my ugly THANK GOD IM MAKING BRACES SOON ;3
Kateline Carrasco (8 days ago)
Idk if people stare at me because I’m ugly or attractive.
airlangga badar (9 days ago)
Spicy Potato (9 days ago)
You know your ugly when you tryna get in a fist fight with your mirror and then end up crying yourself to sleep at night listening to sad music.
Not A Potato (10 days ago)
Slam! (10 days ago)
if your ugly just date the reaper
anthony26 (10 days ago)
Dang it! It ain't available in the Philippines
Vincent[06] (11 days ago)
I'm 12 and I'm watching this, the fu...
Jupiter Rose (11 days ago)
This guy is a douche. Lol what a joke😂 looser!!!!!
Norr (11 days ago)
Fitness style and grooming 🤙🏾
daya muldrow (11 days ago)
This is Stupid Every one is beautiful in their own way
sara zigova (11 days ago)
thats bullshit so many girls fall in love with funny cool guy no matter how he looks
Stelios Kenteroglou (11 days ago)
the best fashion youtuber
Duane Bene (11 days ago)
This guy ain't ugly so he can't talk. If he was ugly then started looking good looking then yes but this is a bullshit video. If you are ugly u can't do anything about it on less you have surgery. Sorry ugly people
pupears (12 days ago)
What the hell is wrong with this guy. He is so rude I saw that's on my watch but like omg what a horrible person.
Jackie Chan Man (12 days ago)
Dang he gonna do jack black like that😂
Hitting Hard TM (12 days ago)
When you aint even funny nor good lookin 😧😩
swank ale (12 days ago)
I get no coochie
Shadoøwfox RE (13 days ago)
I’m decent. Because chicks talk to me here and there
J A (14 days ago)
Im 18 and only middle aged and elderly women always tell me that I'm so handsome....it means I'm ugly. For sure😒
alienboya (3 days ago)
No man, they got real taste and are untainted by the society we will in today.
TheRenzoGuy (14 days ago)
Jose roasting tf out of his fans for 6 min.
RonanJay Dapogracion (14 days ago)
Great. All of these defines me
Krispy Stan (14 days ago)
What if you're naturally ugly? Is there fixing for that? 😔
Alex Robertson (14 days ago)
wow I ticked every box in this video :/
Narbz and SpaZZed (15 days ago)
Why is this in my recommended. Know what? Fuck you youtube.
HowToStrategy (15 days ago)
54Nt1460CD (15 days ago)
I know I'm ugly so i skipped the part of the 5 signs and went directly to the advises to improve hahahaha. Thanks bro. I wish i was so handsome, I know I'll never be so handsome but I'll try all the things you said, I just started to work out 3 months ago and my belly is now flat :D
ツLory (15 days ago)
now I have a prove that I am ugly.
Anthonio Nesbitt (16 days ago)
This guy is so right
rod (17 days ago)
Im ugly idc what anyone says no one hits on me nobody pays attention to me im sick of it
Eva Adrian (17 days ago)
Want to be beautiful?... U should have money.....money is beauty these day's....
Rutvik Rutvik (17 days ago)
J Cee (17 days ago)
Rosemary Shiny Boban (17 days ago)
Need a partner
aaa aaa (18 days ago)
I am ugly man I don't need your sign's I am 35y never had a girl friend tried to many times I don't blame them I am very ugly But inside me it's killing me
seavey snatched (18 days ago)
_what does this guy know about being ugly? smh._
xXMaxHackerzXx (18 days ago)
how to improve it?... Buy my sponsored product lel
Nejc Ribič (18 days ago)
there are people who says everyone is beautiful the way you are and there are people that tell you straight in the face u're ugly
MrDevilQ (18 days ago)
I just wasted 6:10 mints of my life watching this bull shit
Nightcore Horizon (18 days ago)
Directions unclear lost my testicle inside of myself.
Roberto Martínez (19 days ago)
Eh the ugly chose me i did not choose it
Autumn Foox (19 days ago)
You know what? I love myself. Even if I look like a *burnt chicken nugget* I still love myself.
Mark (19 days ago)
Yo is it bad when a chick calls u adorable😅
dinkalinsky Alexis (19 days ago)
I am ugly
MegaFlame Dinero (19 days ago)
Might Be Ugly... But Im Cool... IM UGLY COOL 😎
adamzulqZ (19 days ago)
I am 50/50.....well i consider myself ugly
where did u get your drugs from..??? from u dante.... ohh!!!
NoSleep 45 (20 days ago)
I’m not ugly yay
Norma Jean (20 days ago)
Surgery it is.
Evalyn Umney (20 days ago)
no one is ugly this video is making people more self conseous about them self this video is probably one reason of suicide
Jodi Gilar (20 days ago)
00:48 does that mean if I was 35 and don't have a girlfriend but boyfriend instead, means I'm ugly..?😌 01:31 what's wrong with Jack Black..? Have you ever heard Tenacious D..?🤨 03:14 the greatest ugliness, sneakily inserting ads and unironically emphasising that it's the number grooming tool to get rid of ugliness..
Jules Verne (20 days ago)
Here is a strange thought: if ugly people came together and built an army, they could wipe out rest of society
Ishaq Sabry (20 days ago)
girls stare me lol...
Eva C. (20 days ago)
He says it all at 2:21. If you work out ,are fit and buff, dress well and are clean, you will have improved your status by 1000%. Men can get away with a not-so-handsome face easier than women if the rest is good. Intelligence is also very sexy. Plus, no matter what you look like, improving even 1 thing pushes you up a notch.
SFNY VIDS (20 days ago)
you know you ugly when a small kid tells you you're ugly and you dont even have beef with him
kyutecumber art (21 days ago)
If Chris pratt was ugly as hell he would still be funny. Sorry
Money (21 days ago)
Not having a lot of likes on your profile picture doesn't mean you're ugly. You could be unknown, unlikable (lol), etc. Social media isnt a good gauge for attractiveness. A lot of people like other people's profile pictures simply because they like the person, or are close to them, or there's something cool & entertaining or unique about their picture.
awkward channel (21 days ago)
xSinfulTruthz- (21 days ago)
“No one is perfect”
David Sprouse (21 days ago)
Im ugly because I'm fat. But I can tell that ill be attractive if i lose weight
Pat (22 days ago)
When a girls say your cute but has no feelings for me 😩
amori leweni (22 days ago)
My man, you always have the right formula..you're the best.
Nuclear Potato (22 days ago)
im fit af m8
Goods Gods (22 days ago)
Ima kill my self

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