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8 Ways To Make Your EX Regret Breaking Up With YOU! How To Make Your EX Jealous

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Text Comments (3997)
Flavio Fonseca (1 year ago)
Where I can buy that leather jacket ?
Jon doe (1 month ago)
The joe Vargas jacket
Miaazooz05 Abdul jawad (1 month ago)
Istanbul Turkey 😭🤦😅😅😅
JC ISKING (2 months ago)
Flavio Fonseca TRUST ME if your going out your way to make your ex regret dumping you then your allow her to win again!
Noah Mmm (2 months ago)
In a shop
Marian's Channel (3 months ago)
Bazar Vaslui , găsești de toate
Aayushi M (2 hours ago)
Dude I jus love u u r such an amazing man ppl shud b like u
Carlos Rodriguez (6 hours ago)
Bro...thank you. I have been working out. I just got a new job. Much higher pay. I am helping people pass their immigration exams and teaching English to immigrants showing results. She is seeing a new me. Yet she hasnt come back. She now believes that I am out of her league. New woman did come my way now. A beautiful nurse Practitioner
Front Kick (6 hours ago)
Women are parasites! I only let them oral me, never sex their disease traps. Always be a gentleman and give them money to leave.
Karil Ann (20 hours ago)
2:55 😂😂😂😂 “And then the mean lady broke up with him”
Guillermo Gabriel (1 day ago)
This comment may get lost in the shuffle, but hopefully it'll get noticed. This video is definitely what I needed. My girlfriend of 5+ years broke up with me 2 days ago and I've been feeling like crap. I'm heartbroken, confused, and generally lost right now. I've seen a couple of helpful videos on Youtube regarding how to deal with a breakup, but this one in particular has put me in high spirits. I feel like a buddy is doing everything in his powers to cheer me up. Alpha m. is so charismatic and funny that I couldn't help but to laugh, which I haven't been able to do yet. His points are similar to the ones in other videos I've seen, but what I like is his presentation on the matter. I'll probably watch again a few more times to find the nudge I need to get over what's no longer there, no matter how difficult it is for me to accept the reality at this time. Thank you, Alpha m.
Oscar Eribo (2 days ago)
Why don't you do all these things while you are in a relationship? Why should you wait until your girlfriend or boyfriend dump you? In a relationship you have to make your partner feel atracted to you everyday the same as the first day you guys met, if you stop taking care of yourself because you are in a relationship and feel comfortable with anything, defenetely you will be dumped because they are Many girls and guys out there waiting for your relationship to fall so they can take action, take care of yourself and surprise your partner everyday.
Emir EC (2 days ago)
Love u alpha ❤️ always looking out for us
Wealth Milli (4 days ago)
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Yashveer Ramparsad (4 days ago)
Man you’re funny. This is why I love this channel!!!
Sea Dog (4 days ago)
I rubbed tiege hanley on my girlfriend, within 20 seconds 5 men came into my room.
Taha Mesbahi (6 days ago)
How to get her back?
Thu Ha (6 days ago)
No regret if the faults from you... gentlements :))
Big Bill (7 days ago)
I thought he was full of Shit in the beginning but that was real talk.Definetly subscribed.
supa6692 (8 days ago)
King alpha m...
jihyun nam (8 days ago)
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Valentin Briagas Jr. (8 days ago)
A fucking men
One Phil (9 days ago)
Hell yeahhhhhhhh 😎😎😎😎🔥
Shon TV (9 days ago)
click this to get your ex back https://bit.ly/2QpoCRF thank me later
The Socialist (10 days ago)
I just wished my girl the best even though she screws up a lot of her relationships because she dates her sisters ex boyfriends
Gustavo Alvarez (10 days ago)
Literally just clicked on this video so i can comment about the thumbnail. Lol he would be a guy to use his own hands then Photoshop red nails on them for the video 😂
richard bennett (10 days ago)
Why does this guy give hetero advice...
Nishant (10 days ago)
How do I get that jacket?😄
Allen Bauman (11 days ago)
I like your videos but to be honest when you start wanting to sell your shit I turn you off LOL
Steven Zhuang (11 days ago)
Thanks for the help
goodlyboony (12 days ago)
WHYYYYYYYYYYY?????? Breaking up with someone means getting over them. This only makes you fall deeper into that post-breakup sad hole. You might feel better for a few moments. But obsessing over a girl/guy after a break up will only stop you from progressing your life and rehabilitating yourself back into your normal life
Sumit Joon (13 days ago)
You don't need breakup to do these things.
Noob Tube (13 days ago)
First minute watching this dude, he's coolest dude ever he should be my teacher
sue carrigan (13 days ago)
There should never be any regrets about splitting up, there's a very good reason why people do what they do
Transis (13 days ago)
You sound legit 😂
Justin Jackson (14 days ago)
Gary Vee has a brother?
Daniel ? (14 days ago)
This guy has really cheered me up 😊
Nikolaos Vergis (15 days ago)
aaron how do you keep your hair from thinning out?
A_ ZerØ (15 days ago)
YeaH!Feel that Sht!?
Biplove Chhetri (15 days ago)
I want revenge ND also some likes😅
Sazzad Niloy (16 days ago)
Alpha m baby <3
Dwi Putri (16 days ago)
You could have have some of this lol so funny
Frederic Moresmau (16 days ago)
isnt that a Little late? i had my Chance to hit the final pain cut a few years ago …
Alfie Lawson (17 days ago)
Or you could fuck her best friend...
R.k.sunny Sana (17 days ago)
lovely advice
Rafi Ashraf (19 days ago)
Guys what’s Tiege Hanley like? I’m thinking of getting it... once I get a job 😂
TheDeezerMan (19 days ago)
I wish I was dead
Dad (19 days ago)
Shut up and take my money!
P SSandhu (19 days ago)
Suvam Paul (21 days ago)
I like that mannnn
Dynestis (21 days ago)
Hi Ba'al
Chris Phipps (21 days ago)
That was great and thank you. My wife left me after 16 years of being together. Hopefully that will give me a little jump start in taking care of myself. I am a little over weight I have diabetes and I’m 43 years old blind in one eye lol and almost that way in the other. She left me for a dude that’s 8 years younger so maybe she won’t care but at least I can fix a better me. Thanks again
Daniel ? (14 days ago)
I wish you all the best!
Shourov Chakma (21 days ago)
I just watch this video whenever I fill bad. Especially the beginning where alpha pretends crying.
KangururrFPV (22 days ago)
Duuuuuude i legit just need a clip of you saying oh my gosh brian. I legit love that saying, i'll set it as my notification tone.... (I need to go to sleep and stop binge watching alpha m. ) xD
FBI (23 days ago)
1:04 LOL. Subliminal Advertisement.
Mark23 Daclan (26 days ago)
Thanks alpha. U made my day ease a little pain. I playback more and more to ease the pain less.
Robot Gucci (27 days ago)
My ex is a bitch
Robot Gucci (27 days ago)
She a thot
Clorox Bleach (27 days ago)
This video heal my virginity
Ron Lambert (27 days ago)
Stevenson Requintin (27 days ago)
I just want to be friends with you man
Marcos Alonzo (28 days ago)
Thanks Alpha! Followed your advice, my ex just left my place and bought me Lunch! Mission accomplished! Ive moved on and realize she wasn't much of a prize to cry about.....Moving on, Thanks again Alpha!
Hunterbigfoot91 (30 days ago)
Lol, blind kittens
Zhemeco Schuller (30 days ago)
Where can I purchase Tiege Hanley products as I am from South Africa
Miora Ciocan (24 days ago)
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Kumar Vivek (1 month ago)
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Mike Marks (1 month ago)
My girlfriend broke up with me and got someone else and this video really cheered me up preciate it
Piyush Rawat (1 month ago)
Is it just me or he really is looking HOT with that beard
O G (1 month ago)
I wish there was a female version of you that helped females 😔you’re great!
Bala The Critic (1 month ago)
And the mean lady broke up
Arjun. K.Harikrishnan (1 month ago)
Man u wr always there when I need something ..... Great bro
Sergio Villa (1 month ago)
watching this today, but definitely nailed that video dude ! Amazing !!
Yadu krishna Krishna (1 month ago)
There are lots of fish in the ocean...... ;-)
naruto rav (1 month ago)
Every time I break up with an ex I watch this video!!!
Teera Kage (1 month ago)
This guy's style............ God
Stephen Adcock (1 month ago)
I needed this
Zach Shipley (1 month ago)
Soo.... i am currently seeing a girl that lives literally right across the street from my ex lol, i cant wait till my ex finds out hahah. The funny thing is it only took half a day after the break up before i got with the new girl.
Zach Shipley (1 month ago)
+Eagles fan since 2006. karmas a bitch aint it lol
Eagles fan since 2006. (1 month ago)
Tashee Webb (1 month ago)
Helped me so dam much 💯
Miora Ciocan (1 month ago)
Tashee Webb I was in a situation similar to yours. I applied various tips of the love coaches but without success until I met Master G a powerful spiritualist. To tell the truth, I had never really believed in the casting of spells, but the time passed and his absence became really unbearable. I had to take action. Against all odds, the seventh day after work my darling unlocked me on social medias and called me late at night. We chatted all night, we were together again. We were separated for 11 weeks. I will leave you contact whatsapp (+22967355561) in the hope that it helps someone else like you.
iiAm ScareCrow (1 month ago)
I ain't gay but this man is attractive as fuck
Anthony Rojas (1 month ago)
Hundooey does it (1 month ago)
I used to troll your videos and didn't realize until I stopped viewing that they were helping me bed a better dude
Zusanne Gawanas (1 month ago)
I wanna make my bf pay for what he did, watch me....
Goutami Palaka (1 month ago)
Nyc acting you should try in Hollywood
VIJAY K (1 month ago)
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Nyckzon (1 month ago)
How did i not see tiege coming.. hahaha!
The First And Last (1 month ago)
This man is my hero.
Soft soft (1 month ago)
Thank you
Mr DejaVu (1 month ago)
I can sacrifice myself for this guy ....this dude just made my life and get me out of a damn hell.
Praise P (1 month ago)
DHL The gamer (1 month ago)
That helped alot
Raj (1 month ago)
You really are something...man....u rock...just love all your videos...😊😉😉
Dylan Nxumalo (1 month ago)
Be more handsome use tiege Henley 😂😂😂does it ship to Africa?
ORTON AMY (1 month ago)
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Tanmay Kulkarni (1 month ago)
1:04 this helped me move on easily 😂😂😂😂
Sanjeev Sharma (1 month ago)
wow that was amazing
Monkey D.Jimmy (1 month ago)
You want to make her regret it, it’s simple move on not give a damn and upgrade yourself and when she hits u up to say hi tell her to kick rocks
JUSTIN'S MOHANA (1 month ago)
its also goes with the girls.... and I m gonna do these all..
Joshua Lyn (1 month ago)
TT Chub (1 month ago)
Mandy Z. K. (1 month ago)
I'm a woman and watched countless videos about this subject. And man, yours is the best and most effing motivating of all of them. I was exhausted about those looooong cheesy and "motivating" other videos. You nailed it and thanks so fucking much.
Ryan Buckley (1 month ago)
How to make ex miss you: teige hanley
Paolo Gallizzi (1 month ago)
I need to do this starting tomorrow
tyler Peletsky (1 month ago)
My girlfriend just broke up and now I'm just going to ignore it. But now she like my cousin so I need reveng.:( :)
sachin bisht (1 month ago)
Boom 👍
soyourcar (1 month ago)
I don't think you realize how much you genuinely help people, thanks so much :)
Charles Teoh (1 month ago)
Can i get a sick six pack by eating tiege hanley?

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