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Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose reunite: Raw, Aug. 14, 2017

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Following a cathartic brawl, The Kingslayer and The Lunatic Fringe put aside their differences to repel common enemies. #RAW More ACTION on WWE NETWORK : http://wwenetwork.com Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: http://bit.ly/1i64OdT Must-See WWE videos on YouTube: https://goo.gl/QmhBof Visit WWE.com: http://goo.gl/akf0J4
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Text Comments (11773)
Ali The Great (2 days ago)
Kinda the same right now the argue and fight
Shrikant Bhandare (5 days ago)
Thank you the Bar
AR fever (5 days ago)
Who are here after they broke up?
AHMAD Tech (7 days ago)
Who is watching after imploding of the shield! AGAIN!!!
Elena Lopez (7 days ago)
What about roman reigns
Weight Overload (5 days ago)
1:55 "what's your problem? Why why?!?" Look who's talking Dean
Weight Overload (9 days ago)
Idk why but I like this more than the shield reunion
The Skodward (11 days ago)
What a beautiful moment
Abu Bakar Bhatti (12 days ago)
Dean And Seth true friends
xd alex (12 days ago)
OtakuGamer87 (13 days ago)
what happened to the Iphone? lol
Akshay Naware (13 days ago)
Rondas Face (13 days ago)
Man Dean looks small here..
Kenneth Hosmillo (14 days ago)
Who iphone is that in the ground? 😂
Daniel Plays (15 days ago)
2:19 someone dropped their phone lol
By Forza (15 days ago)
Now ambrose is the heel
HCH YT (15 days ago)
Everybody put their hands up
Sameer Ali Tech (15 days ago)
I love Dean South
Sachin Mukati (16 days ago)
Who notice the phone
Husain Saleh (16 days ago)
1:38 is that Seth making the middle finger?
Skyrim Marvel94 (20 days ago)
Next turn heels roman reigns
xX PleaseDontJudge Xx (20 days ago)
Did someone notice that there's a phone at 2:21-2:23
The Tiger (20 days ago)
4:40 Smashing the hands But in 2018... Smashing each other
Mithun raj (21 days ago)
Anyone watching after Ambrose heel turn?
Mithun raj (20 days ago)
Angel moral ROFL
Ángel Moral (20 days ago)
No Shut up saxton
Diego Rodriguez (21 days ago)
Best Storyline/segment of the year
Ángel Moral (20 days ago)
Ni de coña callate la boca
Rajeev Kumar (22 days ago)
Who Is Here After Ambrose Turned Heel
NECRO RIFIC (23 days ago)
better lovestory than twilight
NECRO RIFIC (23 days ago)
i came here because i feel terribly sad
wwe weekly News (24 days ago)
the shield
Ravindra Wagh (24 days ago)
ravindrawagh ilaekwwe
Ravan Agnihotri (25 days ago)
Seth Rollins : It's Okay Dean Ambrose : Shut your damn mouth. 😖😞😭
ash 0191812 (25 days ago)
who's here after dean turns on seth
Prince Of All Saiyan (25 days ago)
2 man who can lift big show easily by their own vs 2 man who couldn't even lift mark henry
Uzair Mehdi Khan (25 days ago)
They split up dean ambrose sucks for turning heel
Ashir Ali (25 days ago)
Here after the Heel turn 😓
Avishek Sharma (25 days ago)
Who's here after roman announced leukaemia and dean turned heel and attacked rollins? 😭
basketball princess (4 days ago)
Yeah I really hope if the reunited once again..for the third time -_-......that they will try as a team
Anita Lewis (21 days ago)
Ly Heng (23 days ago)
Avishek Sharma me
ashish kumar (25 days ago)
Today Sheild broke
Who is back after Dean Ambrose stabbed rollins
Prashant Kapoor (26 days ago)
Who came after here dean betrayal
Ly Heng (23 days ago)
Prashant Kapoor me
Who saw the phone on the floor?
devendra kumar (26 days ago)
Who else came here after Ambrose heel turn
basketball princess (4 days ago)
Me... because I love to make myself regret my life
The Real Diva (15 days ago)
Yes, sadly yes.😥😥😥😭😭
Splooosh 2019 (16 days ago)
TBH me even I didn't wanna admit it tho
Genos (19 days ago)
Me, because I love to suffer
Evil Broccoli (25 days ago)
Game it down Dowm (27 days ago)
now they are broken
Jean Salcedo (27 days ago)
Now they are separated .... again
Car Mania (27 days ago)
Didn’t last long.
Car Mania (26 days ago)
Niklas FCB Thing is that if they reunite it’ll be predictable and Roman will turn. But you’re probably right.
Niklas FCB (26 days ago)
+Car Mania Without the injury 5 Months. That's very short. Anyway, they'll be together again in 2 years. Then the WWE needs money again and the next reunion could bring in this money. 😀
Car Mania (26 days ago)
Niklas FCB Not really since Dean was out for 9 months. Or is that not included?
Niklas FCB (26 days ago)
Exactly 1 Year and 2 Months. Unfortunately.
nerma sabdani (27 days ago)
Love it at the end Seth Rollins and Dean are back friends again💖👍🙏
Ly Heng (23 days ago)
Ravan Agnihotri (25 days ago)
nerma sabdani Now they are separated. Dean Ambrose attack Seth Rollins on Raw.
Hamad Ali (28 days ago)
Dean is best
luke mitchell (28 days ago)
That pop at 4:42 tho
Darshan Thakkar (28 days ago)
This is awesome moment
Kittiya Laemmer (28 days ago)
Nice boxing
Jarrell Daniel (28 days ago)
Dean needs to be a one 🐺 pack.wolf wolf wolf . Wolf
Ridwan Redmin (29 days ago)
Hay guys
ankush dhuldhule (29 days ago)
Love shield
Farhat Hashmi (29 days ago)
Rajkumar N (29 days ago)
The shield is back and strowman, Mcintyre, ziggler's finish
Avl Shukla (1 month ago)
4:42 One of the loudest crowd reaction I have ever heard.
Bappa Paul (1 month ago)
Yes shield
Bappa Paul (1 month ago)
Roman Reigns is becoming late
Conshirp De boss (1 month ago)
2:20 whose phone is that?
Mt st helens (1 month ago)
Its like watching step brothers again
Tanusri Naskar (1 month ago)
Andy Andy (1 month ago)
Where did Scheels how to get back to normal imma say hell yeah because I think she'll would dominate it WWE Monday Night Raw f*** Evolution f*** the DX f*** the B-Team f*** the grave rioting the shield on the one will be the best of w w e on law believe that
wow I love it
Jalyhia Germany (1 month ago)
Jalyhia Germany (1 month ago)
Ppl would be mad at dean Nd say mean stuff but it’s obvious dat it hurt him, one of his franns dat he called brother Nd he trusted betrayed him den juhh come back Nd expect to juhh be trusted again…it would’ve took me som time to forgive him Nd get over it too
Kunal Naidu (1 month ago)
I love it
Matthew Dusart (1 month ago)
Prashanth shaanu (1 month ago)
The goosebumps moment....
manjutm jain (1 month ago)
At 2:25 theirs a phone down
DJFireHawk (1 month ago)
This really felt like watching a cheating spouse try to convince their SO to take them back against their better judgement lol
ankit ankit (1 month ago)
John Cena (1 month ago)
At 2:16 did any body saw a iPhone on the floor?
TheRyanEmpire (1 month ago)
2:16 a phone on the ground
Sandeep Sandeep (1 month ago)
shield Is back
Roman Empire (1 month ago)
1:38 seth shows his middle finger 😂
TECH WITH ANDROID (1 month ago)
Nyc Subway guy (1 month ago)
Someone dropped their phone
Fary ki vines (1 month ago)
4:42 osm crowd noise
Chidi Ndukwe (1 month ago)
Two little brothers fighting while the guy big dog is watching them
That Was great moment for me
Rani Bhagat (1 month ago)
Roman Reigns. Win
vankaizen (1 month ago)
Rohtash Gurjar (1 month ago)
Rohtash Gurjar (1 month ago)
ARAVIND A (1 month ago)
2:17 who else saw the phone dropped there?
Nice man skirt
Kanu Bhai (1 month ago)
Desiree Baird (1 month ago)
REUNITE 3MB!!!!!lol
Whose phone was there?? Me : if you don't need it please give me😂😂
Gold gamer (1 month ago)
believe dean believe seth believe roman believe shield
Apex Predator (1 month ago)
*4:45** ..best moment in wwe history ..look at the wwe universe !! Amazing*
Samarjeet Mahapatra (1 month ago)
Who is still waiting it on September 2018
Hyplo 2.0 (1 month ago)
Lol was I the only one who saw Seth middlefinger ambrose
Mohammad Alif (1 month ago)
Why somebdy drop his phone
Tessa Murtagh (1 month ago)
2:22 whos phone is that by the baragade
Humais Khalid (1 month ago)
Ohh yeah getting the crazy vibes
Waleed Ahmed (1 month ago)
Haha it just like when ur XE back in your life
cr7 talks and much more (2 months ago)
The shield brothers are best
CrystalGamer _YT (2 months ago)
Roman reigns Has Left the Group Edit:I know Román Dindt left the Shields
Slash10 (2 months ago)
This was a year ago holyshit

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