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Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose reunite: Raw, Aug. 14, 2017

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Following a cathartic brawl, The Kingslayer and The Lunatic Fringe put aside their differences to repel common enemies. #RAW More ACTION on WWE NETWORK : http://wwenetwork.com Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: http://bit.ly/1i64OdT Must-See WWE videos on YouTube: https://goo.gl/QmhBof Visit WWE.com: http://goo.gl/akf0J4
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Text Comments (11849)
Goose R (7 hours ago)
Not even surprised that the Bar is that nosy.
Đạt Quẩy (1 day ago)
Taem Việt Nam điểm danh
Xxxchidori (3 days ago)
At 2:20 there's a phone just laying there lol
Alisson The Viper (4 days ago)
I miss Dean Ambrose's old hair
Hamza Khan (6 days ago)
I miss you the beg don Roman reigns
Charlie Iglesias (7 days ago)
This is how we suppose to act.after we fight, we become best friend again. Right boys??😂😂
Logan Johnson (8 days ago)
one of my favorite moments in 2017
XxRYANxX (8 days ago)
August 14th is my birthday🎂🎉🎁🎉🎈👑🎉🎈👑🎂🎉🎁🍰🎁🎇🎂🎉🎁🎂🎉🎁🍰🎁🎇🎂🎉🎁
Im Watching In *2019* 2:17 Did Anyone Saw That Phone😂
sophie crawford (10 days ago)
Great moment but it is so staged it’s unbelievable
2:23 someone dropped their phone
Sayab Khan (11 days ago)
Yes Yes Yes👆👆👆👆👆
Dharampreet Randhawa (18 days ago)
I just love their chemistry especially when they quarrel
Power Star (18 days ago)
I saw a phone out side the ring when Seth and Dean were out
Mitali pal (24 days ago)
silver j (25 days ago)
Who is here after Ambrose is heeel. I love Ambrose though
Sarwan kumar Tajpuriya (26 days ago)
Dollah Dolllah32 (27 days ago)
Why is Sheamus and cesaro whereing dresses i seen jackets that's not jackets
The Assassin (27 days ago)
I just care about the Phone.
Ghostgamer12 Gaming (28 days ago)
Who is here before dean Ambrose turns he’ll on Seth Rollins
Kaneki Sasaki (28 days ago)
The cell phone in 2: 19
Yasin Arafath (29 days ago)
Wow boss Excellent
Martin Sam Dollete (29 days ago)
*I wanna see this again*
Ali Sarwar (30 days ago)
I see the phone when dean ambrose and seth Rollins get down
Patrina Filipaina (30 days ago)
It’s no fun without reigns tho 😢😢😢😭😭😭
Mine Time (30 days ago)
Dean ambrose:how dare you only I can beat up Seth Rollins!!
There is a contineous revenge between dean and seth❕❗
Umar Azhar (1 month ago)
Yogesh Bokde (1 month ago)
I love the shield
aylin kocaslan (1 month ago)
2:20 why is a phone there?
nitesh jangra (1 month ago)
Roman i misss uh
Shhabudin Sid (1 month ago)
Yes DA and sh
Sarbu Deen (1 month ago)
Good Drama
Anthony Marcano (1 month ago)
Best Moment Of The Summer.
MaKinMah (1 month ago)
Look at where we are now
Brayden Christianson (1 month ago)
Brayden Christianson (1 month ago)
xxSOULCLAIMERxx (1 month ago)
This was the last time WWE did masterful story telling. It's been hot garbage since then.
Jalyhia Germany (1 month ago)
Who else was thinking dat they could’ve juhh reunited da first time instead of doin all dat lol
Sanat Naik (1 month ago)
I feel like they both are 2 twin brothers who are fighting for their sandwiches like one of them had the other one's sandwich and then again finally Forgetting everything like nothing happened and reuniting xD
ANKIT KUMAR (1 month ago)
Sheth is best
Nitin vidua (1 month ago)
Whoat a loud pop 04:43
Elion Samson (1 month ago)
OMG August 14 is my birthday
Muhammad Mairaj (1 month ago)
edwin parra (1 month ago)
Did u see the phone
Shafin Hero (1 month ago)
Safvan Makrani (1 month ago)
naic Video
Pontsho Rampooana (1 month ago)
One could just feel the brotherly love between them..
Brandon Yamamoto (1 month ago)
So the truth comes out
Lucifer Morningstar (1 month ago)
"I understand why you have a hard time trusting me,because to be honest...Sometimes I can't even trust myself" this line kinda resumes me
Bandu Hoke (2 months ago)
I love you Dean Ambrose and seth rolence wwe champion best brothers
GORILLA BOY (2 months ago)
Who else saw Ambrose help Seth with his promo... 00:47
Ali The Great (2 months ago)
Kinda the same right now the argue and fight
Shrikant Bhandare (2 months ago)
Thank you the Bar
redemption seeker (2 months ago)
Who are here after they broke up?
AHMAD Tech (2 months ago)
Who is watching after imploding of the shield! AGAIN!!!
Elena Lopez (2 months ago)
What about roman reigns
Weight Overload (2 months ago)
1:55 "what's your problem? Why why?!?" Look who's talking Dean
Weight Overload (2 months ago)
Idk why but I like this more than the shield reunion
The Skodward (2 months ago)
What a beautiful moment
Abu Bakar Bhatti (2 months ago)
Dean And Seth true friends
xd alex (2 months ago)
OtakuGamer87 (2 months ago)
what happened to the Iphone? lol
Akshay Naware (2 months ago)
Rondas Face (2 months ago)
Man Dean looks small here..
Kenneth Hosmillo (2 months ago)
Who iphone is that in the ground? 😂
Daniel Plays (2 months ago)
2:19 someone dropped their phone lol
By Forza (2 months ago)
Now ambrose is the heel
HCH YT (2 months ago)
Everybody put their hands up
Sameer Ali Tech (2 months ago)
I love Dean South
Sachin Mukati (2 months ago)
Who notice the phone
Husain Saleh (2 months ago)
1:38 is that Seth making the middle finger?
Skyrim Marvel94 (2 months ago)
Next turn heels roman reigns
Did someone notice that there's a phone at 2:21-2:23
Wrestling Federation (2 months ago)
4:40 Smashing the hands But in 2018... Smashing each other
Mithun raj (2 months ago)
Anyone watching after Ambrose heel turn?
Mithun raj (2 months ago)
Angel moral ROFL
Ángel Moral (2 months ago)
No Shut up saxton
Diego Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Best Storyline/segment of the year
Ángel Moral (2 months ago)
Ni de coña callate la boca
Rahi Gaming (2 months ago)
Who Is Here After Ambrose Turned Heel
NECRO RIFIC (2 months ago)
better lovestory than twilight
NECRO RIFIC (2 months ago)
i came here because i feel terribly sad
vaibhav technical (2 months ago)
the shield
Ravindra Wagh (2 months ago)
ravindrawagh ilaekwwe
Ravan Agnihotri (2 months ago)
Seth Rollins : It's Okay Dean Ambrose : Shut your damn mouth. 😖😞😭
ash 0191812 (2 months ago)
who's here after dean turns on seth
Phillip Littleton (24 days ago)
Malik Brown (25 days ago)
ash 0191812 me
Prince Of All Saiyan (2 months ago)
2 man who can lift big show easily by their own vs 2 man who couldn't even lift mark henry
Uzair Mehdi Khan (2 months ago)
They split up dean ambrose sucks for turning heel
Ashir Ali (2 months ago)
Here after the Heel turn 😓
Avishek Sharma (2 months ago)
Who's here after roman announced leukaemia and dean turned heel and attacked rollins? 😭
videogame444 (23 days ago)
Avishek Sharma why wwe why
Avishek Sharma (1 month ago)
+Seenu Unseen I agree with you. 👍
Seenu Unseen (1 month ago)
It actually made dean's character more good
Josh Tippy (1 month ago)
Avishek Sharma me
ashish kumar (2 months ago)
Today Sheild broke
Who is back after Dean Ambrose stabbed rollins
Prashant Kapoor (2 months ago)
Who came after here dean betrayal
Ly Heng (2 months ago)
Prashant Kapoor me
Who saw the phone on the floor?
devendra kumar (2 months ago)
Who else came here after Ambrose heel turn
Broly execution (9 days ago)
Me :(
Anwarul Kabir NOYON (17 days ago)
Josh Tippy (1 month ago)
devendra kumar me
Shreejal Rajbhandari (1 month ago)
Me :p
The Man (2 months ago)
Yes, sadly yes.😥😥😥😭😭
Game it down Dowm (2 months ago)
now they are broken
Jean Salcedo (2 months ago)
Now they are separated .... again
Car Mania (2 months ago)
Didn’t last long.
Car Mania (2 months ago)
Niklas FCB Thing is that if they reunite it’ll be predictable and Roman will turn. But you’re probably right.
Niklas FCB (2 months ago)
+Car Mania Without the injury 5 Months. That's very short. Anyway, they'll be together again in 2 years. Then the WWE needs money again and the next reunion could bring in this money. 😀
Car Mania (2 months ago)
Niklas FCB Not really since Dean was out for 9 months. Or is that not included?
Niklas FCB (2 months ago)
Exactly 1 Year and 2 Months. Unfortunately.
nerma sabdani (2 months ago)
Love it at the end Seth Rollins and Dean are back friends again💖👍🙏
Ly Heng (2 months ago)
Ravan Agnihotri (2 months ago)
nerma sabdani Now they are separated. Dean Ambrose attack Seth Rollins on Raw.
Dean is best
luke mitchell (3 months ago)
That pop at 4:42 tho

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