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Altered Carbon: 5 Biggest Book To Show Changes

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Lucy points out the five key differences between Netflix's Altered Carbon, and Richard K. Morgan's novel. Watch more Altered Carbon from GameSpot Universe! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3nb0Cg7lKSDy-uy9p8wXOZunFtmpnYZX Subscribe to GameSpot Universe! http://youtube.com/GameSpotUniverse?sub_confirmation=1 Follow Us - http://twitter.com/GSUniverse Like Us - http://facebook.com/GameSpotUniverse http://www.gamespot.com
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GameSpot Universe (1 year ago)
Did you read Altered Carbon before watching the show?
kayla slack (5 months ago)
I read the first book! But I haven’t finished the series
Aye, read the books around the time they were trying to pitch Altered Carbon as a movie script. I like the show very much, and many of the details of the books are kept in the background for inquisitive viewers and curious newcomers to find, which in my opinion is a big sign that the folks working on it knew what they were doing. I also don't mind Reileen at all, she's a cool albeit hamfisted and slightly illogical character, but I was really disappointed that Quell was pretty much dumbed down to be Tak's damsel-in-distress-y love interest and the whole commentary on political power and control have basically been neutered, to not say censored, by making the Envoys into Idealistic terrorists and not keeping them as the brutally conditioned enforcers of a galactic government desperate for order where there is none to be had. I guess it all hit a bit too close to home to risk airing. Addendum: Lizzie is fucking awesome and y'all leave her alone. Sometimes it just be like that in this new world of media, and at least her arc came out good. I never noticed any spooky feminist agenda until hearing the director's commentary on it, so whatever.
Jess Rosenquist (10 months ago)
I stumbled upon the Netflix series and loved it. NOW want to read the books.
Cody (1 year ago)
I watched the show and liked it so much I read the book. I like the show a lot better actually.
Turbulent Thrombosis (1 year ago)
Always read the book first
cloveraby (9 days ago)
Poe>Hendrix anyway
the TOMSTER (19 days ago)
quite a good summary of why I stopped watching the show, but still love the books and btw: for some reason in the german the sex-scenes are not that badly written... seems like the translator really did some work there ^^ but now coming to think of it after watching this: its really more a decision between book and film in general rather then this particular show - there is just some topics where its easier to bring them across clearly in book form, that doesn't work in film.
Luana Bass (21 days ago)
I love that the women in the show, especially the black women Quell and Lizzy, are all vulnerable and strong, intelligent and resilient, the love interest and independent, all in a cyber punk reality. TAKE ALL MY MONEY <3
stardappledgreen (1 month ago)
If Rei isn't Tak's sister, what is their connection? Is she still responsible for getting him put into the Ryker sleeve and working for Bancroft?
РябTV (1 month ago)
political agenda executed. well done
HablaCarnage63 (1 month ago)
All the changes really worked for me.
Buck Rogers (2 months ago)
I came back here to compliment the presenter. Darn good job, miss. Style, pace, substance. Keep it up!
Buck Rogers (2 months ago)
Actually there's a lot of scope for this series and its characters. But I do feel they shud have kept the Envoys part small for the later seasons. As it is, this element made a couple of the episodes super slow. AC could have been a wham-bang speed series instead of up and down. And less preaching from quellchri. I mean there's enough material from politics, crime, morality, social issues, etc., to have at least 10 seasons. Reminds me of Buck Rogers in the 20th Century but with better backstory and tech. And set design. The only major weakness I find is, as always, having an AI character that's neither a hologram nor robot. I mean all and good there's an AI union/poker game in cyberspace, but for them to physically hold stuff and interact like humans? That's silly. An AI being sleeving in and out of a body (human or synth) would be more realistic and powerful as a story tool. Rei and Tak didn't have to be siblings altho I do understand the showerunners wanting an emo arc. They shud not worry too much about not having a Season 2. As always, do a good Season 1 like Westworld and fans will clamour for more. At the moment, reception of AC is kinda lukewarm from the general public. Only those in sci-fi or the ardent book/Morgan fans will rave about it. Season 2 shud be fun with Ryker back and Tak perhaps getting his own body back. Tak looking for his sister could have been a continuing arc instead of ending the way it did, or how the story developed in S1. Rei could just have been another sleezebag Meth with mafia ambitions. Another thing this season did not do is delve deeper into the part where Tanaka is under bribe and taking orders from someone. That itself could have been another arc. The thing about living forever is not that we might lose our humanity, but that we can experience humanity over and over again. And careers. Think about that. What careers you would have over 300 years. Even gender.
matiqueo brownlee (2 months ago)
Diego OrtizRetana (2 months ago)
fredflinston41 (3 months ago)
Help me out here....the Author is just a feminist c__t who sells out her novel to Netflix while altering it even further to suit her caprice, gets a bunch of cash, propagates her political bias as well, and finally drains her spleen of the bile of her endured loathing of men...Did I get it right ?! LMFAO
MassFragment (4 months ago)
Goes to show you ignorance is bliss as far as Kalogridis is concerned. She wanted to inject her tired out ass philosophy about blah blah women are strong too see! That direction inadvertently came off as: Tak forming bonds with people rather than using them as pawns, as his Envoy training should have dictated. He actually gave a damn about people and those people helped him, be it man or woman. You can unfortunately find (in blog posts by Kalogridis) her desire to inject some bullshit LGBTQWTZô4 narrative into season 2. Hopefully if backfires in unexpected, yet positive ways. I somehow doubt it though.
Taufiq AR (4 months ago)
*Are you a believer?*
bclowser2 (4 months ago)
7:25 - other characters What song is that? Anyone know?
aditya kumar (4 months ago)
Yep the director just went feminism on the show and it feels so bad, at least for me, she could have done it in so many ways where women could have been badass but she had to go feminism.
Alex Mason (4 months ago)
Why the fuck did they add a muslim dude?
JCeePoker (4 months ago)
I'll watch the show, because the trilogy is one of my favorites of all time, but ffs did they murder the theme and plot.
sheldon pereira (4 months ago)
I like the series more mostly because of his recruitment and envoy gf esp the weakness of weapons part
Wintermute (5 months ago)
You can kidn tell it was rewritten by a women. I do agree, that the last one would not have translated well.
kayla slack (5 months ago)
I liked Quell in the show, even though it changed so much. It’s been a while since I’ve read the book and while I did love the book, I think I’m starting to prefer the show. Because the book was kind of hard for me to get through lol. The sex scenes were atrocious, yes, but it just lagged a lot for me.
kayla slack (5 months ago)
I knew the Reileen thing was unfamiliar. I personally hated Reileen in the show lol. She was just rude and like...I know she had her “reasons” or whatever for doing what she did but I just could not stand her character at. all.
JOHN KENNEALLY (5 months ago)
The PC Police have really butchered this great book and story. Retains a bit, but not most of it's greatness. Let's make the world fat, middle-aged house wife friendly one show at a time. Thanks Laeta. I thought the realness of the future world and Quellest story was degraded and way less interesting. The sister part was weird. Ortega's part was cringey. At least they didn't make her a single mother like every other show.
Chandra Star (5 months ago)
So even fans of the books make the books seem like horribly written great ideas. So whilst there's gripes about changes and the obviously forced ending overall the TV is an improvement on the books. No one wants feminism or any ism forced into their entertainment but even less I don't want poorly written characters, plot, etc. Also a comment is a comment, a blog a blog and an essay an essay.
Janet Pagnotta (5 months ago)
I'm halfway through the first audiobook and while im enjoying seeing more of the universe. I agree with yhe showrunners changes. The books sex scenes are just awkward, the raven hotel works well, i miss ortega in the book, and that torture scene in a womans sleeve would have seemed like torture porn and thats why i stopped watching GoT.
Ariel fangirl Mendez (5 months ago)
I'm still waiting for season two on netflix
Dam Jackass (6 months ago)
Abboud..... you mean Apu from the simpsons?
Hunter L Jordan (6 months ago)
It starts at 1:15
swampThaang (6 months ago)
This seems to have a lot of parallels with the matrix. Consciousness in and out from VR, the Agent, the bug.
Alexander Osmanov (6 months ago)
So we have a book butchered by feminism... Wow... surprise... I'm surprised they didn't turn him into a chick. I mean in this particular case you wouldn't even need to think hard on explanation.
Netrunner (7 months ago)
Plot & characters were much bigger and required more than 10 freaking episodes...
Scott Dixon (7 months ago)
Sex scenes in the book are some of the most uncomfortable things i've ever read...
Rayyan Ali (7 months ago)
You forget Quell being not really black.
mary pi (7 months ago)
The torture is ugly
SagicorN (7 months ago)
I like the changes
Branfaol1 (7 months ago)
Hoping for a season 2
W W (9 months ago)
Summary: Women are the creators of the universe. Men are fucking, fighting machines. Analysis: Metaphorically accurate but not intransigently true. Men DON'T have to be what is written about them. Men are whatever they manifest themselves to be. Women can manifest just as well, but via different mechanisms. Does that clear things up? Feel free to blast me on Twitter by leaving your handle.
PC Disciple (9 months ago)
I think the worst part of the show was the ending. I was dissatisfied with the Head in the Clouds scene and how Lizzie came in and almost solo'd the entire map. Like someone said before, Kovacs shouldn't have needed saving. I'd be okay with Ortega's involvement, but having Lizzie made the ending feel more cheap and trite than it had to be.
Szilard Szilagyi (9 months ago)
you sexy thing! read me more kinky s*it! . . . I like it
Metal Gamer (10 months ago)
I didn't read the book, but now I know why I disliked parts of the show. All the parts I disliked were changed from the books. Interesting...
Spider-Cop (10 months ago)
So,Are you a believer?
Kardosh (10 months ago)
That part about torture was hilariously inaccurate.
Jack Carver (11 months ago)
"And then the motion" ok im wet now.
- LollipopSunder - (11 months ago)
Stop spoiling shit from the other books you asshats, you said spoilers for altered carbon, not for the other titles.
Shakaama (11 months ago)
This woman has a horrible voice. Don't you people look over the final video with headphones for quality control? Stupid British accents don't make terrible voices better.
Djarra (11 months ago)
I think the other reason for the changes to Lizzy is that they will have at least one actor who can carry over into the next series.
A Grey (11 months ago)
I think Baby Esther the original voice of Betty Boop would had work for a 1920s hotel instead of Poe. But thats just my opinion.
Kimberly Robinson (11 months ago)
I never read the books, so I wasn't upset about the changes. It is interesting to discover just how much they changed for the series and I can see the rationale behind most of it. You can't have Jimmi Hendrix if the Estate won't let you use his likeness. My biggest disappointment was Quellcrest Falconer and it's not about her character so much as the casting. I can't stand Renée Elise Goldsberry, the actress who plays her, and I never could. She used to be on "One Life to Live", years ago, and I grit my teeth through every scene she was in. I don't know why I dislike her as an actress so much. I mean, the woman's never done anything to me; I don't know her. But, her acting is like nails on a chalkboard to my sensibilities. So, I didn't like the casting there but the concept of the character was cool. I really look forward to them making a Season 2.
Mind Sculptor (11 months ago)
Thank you! Explained everything so I dont have to read the book. Just finished the series and thought to check what was different from the boom. I would also like to state that dont watch that many series only those that people recomend or I find interesting. Now for the person who is more interested in more deep, dramatic, thrill and moral endings-plots of movies/series I find this series to be mediocre. The quality of the production is perfect, the actors did amazing job for playing the characters, video, animation and all the graphic content was stunning the atmosphere felt great. But the plot itself was very shallow, the idea was great it had great potential but instead nothing made me to sympathize or feel any of the characters in the end. Some of the dialogs especially towards the end felt like they were not necessary and dull. Feels like it was rushed to get over with. Nevertheless I would still recomend the series to see what other people have to say about it, and if it was in a theatre I would applaud for the actors and ask some more questions the producers. Thanks for the video, everything was on point and the puzzle pieces were put together keep making good content. Sorry for the wall of text.
Mr. Miracle 1971 (1 year ago)
Love Poi
I bloody loved the show, even with it's faults, I'm compelled to read the books now
M Tea (1 year ago)
the Quell being mashed into the love interest character was one of the weakest parts of this show, horrible decision t shoe horn her into a position where she didn't belong, she felt underdeveloped and out of place
Ed Hecht (1 year ago)
Started reading the book, mid-series. It only muddied the waters! This video clears things up.
RumChocolates (1 year ago)
There were SO MANY CHANGES from the sourcebook material. I do notice, however, that you go out of your way to want the producers to "explain themselves" when the changes involve black female characters that inherited relatively positive roles. Everyone else you seem to be able to acceptably rationalize away.
alarcon99 (1 year ago)
I'm so glad you went over this. So far it seems i prefer the show to the books. I absolutely LOVE this show and can't wait for season 2
TheMasterCheeze (1 year ago)
the first episode blew me away. I was hooked. then I started to notice all the forced content and subplots and the feminist agenda they were trying to push. I plenty fine with strong independent women(e.g. Sarah Connor, Ripley type) just not wamen. from the sound of it, this director is trying to push a feminist agenda and mix politics with entertainment. once again i am forced to make a decision. either watch it for its glorious matrix, blade runner, inception mash up and ignore the obvious agenda or pass on it to hopefully prevent directors working with these kind of agendas. I will probably watch a few episodes of the next season to see how far down the rabbit hole this director will go to push her agenda. I have not read the books, thats why i watched this video.
Harley Laufeyson (1 year ago)
Ok,so we have Rick Flag from Suicide Squad and Angelica from Hamilton
I thought the book was so much better. But let me make one thing clear☝️I would’ve not read the book had I not thought the show was incredible to begin with.
Freedom Panic (1 year ago)
I actually found the lawyer very sympathetic, for who she was. I thought she was profoundly interesting in the show and an important bridge as far as social classes go.
connorthepom (1 year ago)
Noo his sister looks cheesy and annoying 😔 I'm was looking forward to this but seems like there's some annoying characters
M.G. Heath (1 year ago)
Now I know I can’t skip to the second book. Already started it and don’t want to read the first after this and the series.
Amanda Peterson (1 year ago)
This is kinda a bit like a fanfic of the books, right? But I actually like the path the TV series went rather then the books. I can't wait for the Season 2!!!
N Engel (1 year ago)
So glad these changes were made. Have 0 interest in reading the books now, they clearly seem crap and poorly written. Can't wait for season two!
Berndue Lauert (1 year ago)
Oh see, feminists bringing in their agenda into tht. Wo would have thought...
Dr Thuganomics (1 year ago)
Lol so torture a woman = torture porn lool i didn't got the point but whatever
Gunnar Wilhelmi (1 year ago)
Quellism isn´t a religion, its´n anarchistic social model, read the last book of this trilogy and you understand this.
0pTicaL823 (1 year ago)
So basically the show was ruined by feminists, good job on fucking up a perfectly good novel with your personal misconstrued ideology of what feminism is.
Milind Lokhande (1 year ago)
women are the race, my ass...even if they are...they don't understand what makes a good story work.
Soo_LetsGo (1 year ago)
I would of rather not have Ray as a sister. the book part was better to me.
CthulhuTheory (1 year ago)
Never read the book. loved the show. Don't even care it's filled with feminist and LGBT propaganda.
shirak8 (1 year ago)
I hate when feminism wrecks my stories.
Midnightson (1 year ago)
I definitely think the change to the hotel and making Raeleen the sister instead of some sorta faceless meth crime lord where positive. Just mho.
xMusicx (1 year ago)
Couple of the changes were good but most of them were the weakest part of the show, they dragged on and felt convoluted. That book is considered top 100 Sci Fi ever written, as a average tv writer you should not fuck with it's stories to much until you have the same accolades.
Tamaela Jean (1 year ago)
Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that Quellcrist Falconer's actress, Renee Goldsberry is 47 years old? Talk about baby skin!
Azseth (1 year ago)
I like the show so much less. Feminism is garbage. So glad l read the books years ago.
Brandi Mitchell (1 year ago)
If youre feeling this, check out this original song inspired by the show. Get some raw, dirty synths for your morning soundtrack. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lW7mt-7qjuE&t
Drew -JD2 (1 year ago)
I listened to book on audible after I watched the show lol
Drew -JD2 (1 year ago)
Also, Richard Morgan has writing and consultant credits on 10 episodes so far. So, we know he is making changes 15 years after he wrote the book. The changes are agreed with by him, and he is getting paid largely by Netflix. Can you be mad if the changes were made by the author? New publications with books happen at the author's request, totally changing parts of a book years later constantly throughout history.
Shaun Daly (1 year ago)
I liked some of the changes, didn't like some of the changes. The feminist female empowerment angle is a bit tiresome as its so cliche nowdays. But overall I liked the TV series & thought it was excellent.
Lord Colin (1 year ago)
The Raven was better.
Veronica Gonzalez (1 year ago)
I read the book right before watching the show. It's one of the very rare times that I've liked a tv adaptation better than the book. I really liked seeing characters like Ortega and the Bancrofts fleshed out a little more, loved Joel Kinnaman as Kovacs-in-Ryker's-sleeve, loved Elliot's part being expanded, and I simply adored Poe. I didn't even mind Rei being written as Kovacs' sister because tv Rei's motivation for getting Bancroft to pick Kovacs makes more sense than book Rei's reasons. The only change that I didn't like is the whole backstory with Quell. Frankly, I didn't care much about her or her history with Kovacs. What we got in the book was enough for me. When I rewatch the show I plan to just fast-forward through most of those flashbacks. Overall though a great show.
POE was definitely a plus!
Grace Chen (1 year ago)
I was so glad that Kovacs wasn't tortured in a female form, that is just disgustingly weird and harder to relate to Kovacs. It was already hard for me to adjust to Kovacs in his original form (played by Leonardo Nam)
derek96720 (1 year ago)
I'm so sick of film directors/producers talking about how much they love the source material, but then go on to butcher the majority of the storylines and characters because it doesn't suit their "vision". Like, seriously, if you have a vision, go write your own stupid work and leave actual good novels alone to be adapted properly and with respect.
lemon ste (3 days ago)
in this case i think it was worth it. you can love a source material and still accept changes need to be made to make it enjoyable and watchable. I have watched this show like 5 times, i'd say it was a good gamble.
Tenebras (1 year ago)
I rly liked the show, but some things where wired to me. Now i know why, some stupid quack shit all over the source material... I guess i should read the books.
MoovieDude (1 year ago)
The series started out strong but completely lost steam after the half way point. Ortega was absolutely unbearable.
SpaceNazi62 (1 year ago)
What I think is funny/weird is that I mentioned yesterday on Facebook that I had just finished watching this and now these segments are coming up on my YouTube feed
Reggie James (1 year ago)
Torture scene alteration was a good choice.
Daphine with an i (1 year ago)
*Seeing as had never heard of the book atil now ... i don’t know why am here*
White Void (1 year ago)
I loved The Raven
Bigg Dealeo (1 year ago)
whats the point of an Envoy if a pissed off during the whole movie women cop has to save him?
angel rivera (1 year ago)
I think that the book readers have unrealistic standards for this show. The people that make the show have to grab as wide an audience as possible. The people that read the book are the last group whose opinion matters because they expect the book to be brought to the screen without some changes. Television have different standards. Some things like having a man turned into a woman to be tortured would never get filmed because it would likely lead to a boycott of the show. When you read, the story is all in your head. The show has too many people to please to be so close to the book.
angel rivera (1 year ago)
I agree with you on that. That is a problem. I never read the books, but from I read about their plots, the show is more fan fiction of the books than a real show about the books because they had to change the universe so much. I can understand changing some scenes and ignoring some plot lines, but not changing it to the point that it stops being the story in the book. There is only one movie that I have seen that was better than the book and that was Jaws. The book was all over the place with all forms of side plots and drama that rendered the shark into the background. I thought that Jaws, the book sucked...
derek96720 (1 year ago)
That's the problem in a nutshell. TV shows try too hard to please people, rather than sticking to their own unique visions. What happens when studios don't take risks and cater to everyone? Poor reviews, weakly written characters, and forgettable story arcs. The most memorable shows are the ones with the stones to actually make a statement about something that isn't the socially-acceptable flavor of the month.
G Cooper (1 year ago)
It's difficult to see Geneva Pine as a good guy, much less lovable and worth searching for. I just see the grumpy DA from The Good Wife.
Eric Wilkinson (1 year ago)
Just watched the show and I've never read the books, and this doesn't necessarily give me much incentive to do so either. I will say that overall I enjoyed the show, but, like most, I could feel the PC'ness oozing from the screen. Also, I absolutely HATED the deus ex machina that was Lizzie at the end. It completely took me out of the moment nearly caused my wife and I to turn the show off. In fact, had it happened sooner in the series, we would have. Coincidentally, My wife actually didn't like the show as much as me by the end, which kind of shoots the whole feminism narrative in the foot. Also, as a question for the book readers, are Envoys (the apparently legendary super soldiers, who can see through walls somehow???) as utterly useless as Takashi is in the book? I lost track of how many times he was knocked unconscious. I'm assuming not since, judging by the comments made by the showrunner, most of the decisions made in the show were to empower the female characters by making Takashi less competent. Yay feminism (he said, sarcastically).
nosuchthingasshould (1 year ago)
Waaah waaah...th...waaaah the girls...waah...the girls took my nerf gun...waaaaah. Just so you know what's in the comments.
TheKhopesh (1 year ago)
11:00 I like the book better, because it was FAR more realistic. Men or women, scumbags are scum, and the rich ones get away with it. ALL. THE. TIME. The show's version, however, shows a cringe-worthy female """empowerment""" (read: power fantasy) take where the 23 year old life-long prostitute victim (who was fragile and mentally broken just days earlier) unrealistically becomes some overpowered Mary Sue who easily out-performs (somewhat arguably) the WORLDS MOST SKILLED ASSASSIN. I like my "dark dystopian science fiction with a focus on realistic human behavior" storylines to have, well, believably realistic human behavior. But that was like watching some edgelord thirteen year old goth's bad fanfic take on something, with a nauseatingly "laid on thick" layer of feminist propaganda. Here's why I say this: Male or female, someone who's been so horrifically mentally fucked up just days ago, then thrown into a mechanical body with no actual experience and not but a cheap canned internet-brain-download of a martial arts program shoved in their head is barely going to be able to fend off street punks without relapsing into a mental breakdown... ...let alone out-perform the best, most experienced, and highly trained super assassin alive. Now, making the Yakuza character his sister and an ~almost~ equally a super badass was a great idea. (Clearly the sister was not as good, seeing as how the brother won. This was likely because she spent several centuries living a life of luxury without using any of those skills, where as from the perspective of our main character, he's been using them every waking moment since he was a child.) Now THAT is where the "strong capable female" trope fits in perfectly, and I applaud it's use in that manner. Because here, it's realistically believable (given the setting). Whereas in several other examples, it was eye-roll inducing. I'd be a WHOLE lot more accepting of female empowerment if they'd actually make acceptably believable content the norm, but sadly, +90% of everything we see is just low quality garbage (kinda like the sex scenes were in the books).
dan hemmerling (1 year ago)
okay first of all you are the worst reader of this book in the world! If you had actually put in the Voice of the Man who actually did the audio then you would get a better picture of what the sex scened of the book were actually like! I thought the book was ok because the sex scenes weren't over the top and quite frivolous, whereas you my dear seem to think that it was just a book set for sex scenes! You probably enjoyed 50 shades of Grey!?! I personally thought the book lacked a lot of substance as it seemed obvious (though I did not think of the Virus, addition as I thought that by this time virus's, computer ones wouldn't play a part other than in the computer part of the resleeving. though I must admit that his explanation of the resleeving was not really covered and I was left a bit confused at the beginning and just let my imagination sort of gloss over it like he did! oh, I must have switched off along the way as it wasn't my thing but the voice of the Audiobook was quite compelling. By the last 2 hours of the book when he is talking to himself before he tries to get into the something in the sky, it just drags on! Though I gave up on the series when he was kidnapped and being tortured!
Badboy DCX (1 year ago)
I love sucking on huge glowing *GLOBES*
reggyriot (1 year ago)
Notice the short sentences in the dialog and the two-second average framechange in the series... Wonder where I've seen that before... hmmm...
Xanrn (1 year ago)

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